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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1174-1175


Chapter 1174-1175

AST 1174 –Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation’s Second Form, Within the Nine Palace, He Was the King!

The Wood Vines from the Five Elements divine Refining Technique was the best skill which Qing Shui was cultivating. It had the strongest defense and posed the greatest threat.

Of course, the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal’s Monstrous Wave was also very powerful but it wasn’t as fast as the Wood Vines nor was the control as good. This spirit energy battle technique seemed to have a life of its own. This was the most amazing part of it.

Right now, Yan Jinyu felt as if she had never known Qing Shui before…

From the appearance and disappearance of the old men, the time taken was the time for a few breaths. They weren’t as easy to deal with as chopping up vegetables!

Yan Jinyu was overwhelmed with joy and surprise. She felt that when she was with this young man, she would feel at ease for some reason. It seemed that her senses were still quite good. Meeting Qing Shui could be considered a lucky encounter for her.

The eyes of the man dressed in white, Wu Clan’s Young Master, were filled with astonishment. He couldn’t believe that the few old men from his clan and from Yang Clan had died so quickly. What level of cultivation was required to be able to kill the few of them within the time for a few breaths?

He couldn’t help but feel a cold chill, let out a shout and want to make his escape. The old man next to Yang Yicun let out a cold snort and said, “Trash!”

With a wave of the old man’s hand, half the head of Wu Clan’s Young Master had become a bloody mess. The latter died just like that without able to let out a single grunt.

The old man looked viciously at Qing Shui, his gaze like that of a venomous snake. A faint hint of red light in his eyes gathered to become a formless sword shadow and with a flash, shot out toward Qing Shui.

Spirit energy, Bloodsword of Will!

Qing Shui didn’t dare to be careless. He circulated the Heart of Roc and the nebula in his consciousness gathered together, turning a majestic spirit energy into a five element wall shield, blocking before him.

A ripple scattered out before Qing Shui and disappeared into nothingness.

Qing Shui’s abilities caused the old man to be shocked. It was because the old man was also very proud of his battle techniques using spirit energy. The Bloodsword of Will from earlier was considered a move that even ordinary grade two State Masters might not be able to receive so easily. Of course, that was if they weren’t State Masters who specialized in spirit energy.

If the old man were to know that Qing Shui’s spirit energy had reached a strength of about 4,300 nimbus and he could neglect 70% of the spirit energy attacks, he might just cough up blood.

“Young man, you do have some capability. I’m surprised. But you will still die!”

The old man said this and slowly took out his weapon. It was a green colored staff engraved with some strange and old 符文s. The images on it formed a small, gorgeous green snake. What was amazing was that the snake’s head seemed to be no different than one that was alive. It was like the head of a real snake. It was about the size of a fist but exuded a cold and eerie feeling. The entire staff seemed to be extremely strange, exuding a strong and cold killing intent.

Seeing that the old man had taken out his weapon, Yang Yicun glared at Qing Shui, “Lad, if you get down on your knees, kowtow to me 300 times and cripple your own cultivation, I can spare you your life!”

Yang Yicun was now harboring great hatred for Qing Shui. Wu Meng was dead and so were two powerful State Masters from Wu Clan. His clan had also lost one State Master. They were talking about a State Master level cultivator. If his clan were to hear of this, he would definitely be in great trouble. The more he thought about it, the angrier he felt. If it wasn’t because he was scared of Qing Shui, he would have torn Qing Shui into pieces like he did to other people in the past.

Yan Jinyu continued to remain calm and wasn’t unsettled by the situation. Qing Shui had only seen her slightly surprised expression before. Right now, she continued to appear graceful and peaceful, just like how she was when he first met her. However, she would occasionally look in his direction.

When Qing Shui saw that the old man excelled in spirit energy, he calmed down. However, a cultivator whose cultivation had reached the level of a grade two State Master was definitely not to be underestimated. Even if his spirit energy was powerful, he could be even stronger physically.

Qing Shui looked at the old man and knew that he’d definitely take action!

Very quickly the skies seemed to have solidified and the old man made his move. That staff smashed toward Qing Shui without any fancy moves. What that terrified Qing Shui was that he didn’t know how he should dodge this simple attack.

Qing Shui wore a grim expression. The old man did have his own tricks up his sleeves. This attack, with traces of heavenly dao, was something which only grade two State Masters could accomplish.

Yan Jinyu and the old men from earlier were only at Peak Grade One State Master and were close to attaining the level of Grade Two State Master. However, they were still Grade One State Masters after all, unlike this old man who was truly a Grade Two State Master.

Qing Shui had initially thought that the old man excelled in spirit energy and should be slightly weaker in terms of physical martial arts. He now knew that he was wrong. The old man was in no way weaker with his martial arts and the reason he had attacked with his spirit energy from earlier was because regardless if the opponent was strong or weak, they would tend to be slightly weaker in defense against spirit energy and in their abilities to withstand spirit energy.

The old man had initially thought that the Bloodsword of Will would be able to deal Qing Shui a serious blow, but he hadn’t expected the latter to be able to neutralize it with great ease!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Controlling with his mind, the Nine Continents Mountain blocked the old man directly!


With a crisp sound, the Nine Continents Mountain was blown away and Qing Shui managed to dodge the attack.

The old man grabbed his staff and swung it again!

Qing Shui was stunned.

A battle armor that appeared to be material, formed on the old man. While it appeared to be thick and heavy, Qing Shui felt that it was definitely very light. That was because it moved like water and air.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

This was the second form of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Only a Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation which had entered the mature phase would truly take on the form of armor. The next form after this would be a true armor formed from origin Qi. It’s said that at that level, it wouldn’t be much weaker than actual legendary grade armor.

This made Qing Shui feel baffled. Logically, the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation should first take the form of armor before gradually and eventually taking the form of a demonic beast. However, in this world, the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation mostly first appeared as the beast form, before eventually taking the form of armor or a battle skirt, but they would still have a connection to the beast form of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. The additional increase in strength and defense would be directly related to the demonic beast the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation had presented when in the beast form.

The old man’s Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was definitely very strong. However, although the increase in strength when it had taken the form of battle armor might not be higher than when the beast form was in the mature phase, the defense provided would definitely be a lot stronger, both in terms of physical defense and spirit energy defense.

The old man’s earlier attack made Qing Shui feel that he had felt a lot of things. The reason he could dodge the earlier blow was a powerful feeling. It was just like how an ordinary person would feel that they would never be able to jump up a height of several meters.

A light breeze appeared under the old man’s feet with a faint glow. His spiritual sense locked onto Qing Shui. Qing Shui knew that the old man was going to attack Qing Shui aggressively from now on.

Emperor’s Qi!

The powerful Emperor’s Qi weakened 20% of the old man’s strength, causing the old man’s countenance to change. The gaze he used on Qing Shui was very strange and complicated. This was too domineering. The old man had never seen such a powerful weakening technique. Moreover, he had made several attempts but still wasn’t able to negate its impact.

Shadowless Steps!

With a flash, the old man seemed to have disappeared. Qing Shui felt a tight feeling on his scalp as he stepped out with his Roaming Dragon Steps.

Nine Palace Setup!

Qing Shui sent out his spiritual sense and their surroundings entered the Nine Palace. He reached out his hand and grabbed Yan Jinyu, who was next to him. He hadn’t expected the old man’s speed to be so fast.

Within the Nine Palace, he was the King!

Although this wasn’t the first time Yan Jinyu had her hand held by Qing Shui, she still felt a little anxious. She knew that Qing Shui was doing this for her own safety, but she felt that she was in a totally passive position right now.

Once the Nine Palace Setup was formed, Qing Shui immediately felt that the old man’s speed had reduced by a lot. Within the Nine Palace, the old man’s advantages were all gone. Qing Shui wasn’t afraid to compete with him in terms of speed. Within the Nine Palace, if the gap in abilities between him and his opponent wasn’t overly heaven-defying, he would have the ability to protect himself.

From the old man’s perspective, Qing Shui’s speed when he had Yan Jinyu with him was much faster than himself. This caused him to almost fall over from shock. His Shadowless Steps was something he was the most proud of. The old man took great pride in his spirit energy and his Dragon Staff Technique. However, the one thing he was the proudest of was still his speed. He hadn’t expected to lose this greatest advantage before a young man, especially when the latter was bringing another person along as he moved. This was equivalent to blatantly giving him a slap in the face.

Seal of Xuantian!

Qing Shui raised his Big Dipper Sword!

A huge silver platform appeared in the sky above the old man, deploying a tremendous stagnating force on the old man.

First Level of Xuantian Seal!

Lowering the target’s speed and reaction, causing the target’s speed to be heavily affected!

Clear Heart Art!

The old man swung the gorgeous green staff in his hand, causing a milky white colored holy glow to spread down from the top. With a wave of his palm, a huge green-colored python was called forth and it smashed against the silver platform on top.


The silver platform disappeared. The old man looked at Qing Shui. Right now, fury was already rising within him. He was weakened and his speed had been reduced a second time in addition when the initial weakening impact had already caused his speed to be lowered. This made him feel that it was unfair.

Ferocious Snake Leaving the Cave!

The old man’s body brought along a series of afterimages as he dashed toward Qing Shui. With gesture of his staff, a huge green snake dashed out toward Qing Shui. The green snake had a hideous head and a huge body. It brought along a green-colored glow with it, exuded a stench that would make one feel giddy and moved in a z-shaped motion toward Qing Shui.

On the other hand, the old man came over from another side, blocking Qing Shui’s route of escape.

Golden Sword!

A golden sword image smashed out toward the green snake!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Using his consciousness to control the Nine Continents Mountain, Qing Shui kept on smashing the Nine Continents Mountain against the snake!

The prowess of the Five Elements divine Refining Technique was its instant explosive force. The Wood Vines was the only one which required a little time.

Primordial Flame Whip!

Qing Shui’s Big Dipper Sword spewed out the primordial flame whip and lashed out toward the old man who was dashing toward him.

The old man didn’t reduce his speed. It seemed that the primordial flame whip didn’t have too great an impact when it struck the old man’s body.

The old man excelled in spirit energy to begin with, his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation had reached the second form and his defense had increased a lot. Even his head was being protected by the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Right now, the old man looked like an old turtle.

Qing Shui was baffled. How was he going to fight?

That green snake had already been smashed into smithereens and he now controlled the Nine Continents Mountain to smash toward the old man.

However, it was a pity that due to their difference in abilities, he could only cause the old man to pause momentarily at times.

It was no wonder the old man was proud of himself. Even if the three old men from earlier were to combine their powers, they wouldn’t even have half the powers of this old man. Even four people of the previous three’s level wouldn’t be a match for this one. Was this the difference between a Peak Grade One State Master and a Grade Two State Master?

After so many repetitions of the same attacks, the old man had a feeling of helplessness. It was because he realized that he couldn’t get near QingShui. He would always be just a little bit away. To cultivators, speed was the most important thing and absolute speed would allow one to attack and defend as they wished.

This was how it was for Qing Shui now. Yan Jinyu was pulled by him and had to experience the terrifying speed he was going through. She had even forgotten that they were in a battle and would occasionally look seriously at Qing Shui.

Golden Sword!

Golden Sword!

Descending Heavens Talisman!

Wood Vines!

Qing Shui continued to attack relentlessly, paralyzing the old man. Right now, he could only engage in a war of attrition!

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AST 1175 –Seventh Waves of the “Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm”, City Lord Manor

Lion King’s Imprint!

Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm!

An astonishing power surged out from the tip of the Big Dipper Sword. That power had surpassed Qing Shui’s expectation. A thought came to his mind as he carefully looked at the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm which he was launching.

Although he was already mentally prepared, he was still shocked when he saw it!

It was because, in that instant, what Qing Shui had sent out toward the old man was seven huge golden Buddha hand prints. Moreover, the seven golden Buddha hand prints formed a shape that was like a huge lotus flower, covering up the old man.


His Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm had attained a breakthrough unexpectedly…

The old man was confined just like that. Of course Qing Shui wouldn’t go easy on him and swung the Big Dipper Sword once again.

Wood Vines, bloodthirsty demonic vines!

The huge wood vines rose up, entangling the old man. However, it wasn’t able to break through the old man’s Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation immediately. Qing Shui let go of Yan Jinyu.

Yan Jinyu could only barely be considered a Grade Two State Master or rather, it was because of the enhancement she received from the weapon that she was one step away from attaining Grade Two State Master. However, she was incomparable to this old man who excelled in speed and was a true blue Grade Two State Master.

The Wood Vines continued to entangle and attack relentless. From this battle, Qing Shui had also gained a new and more accurate understanding of his powers. Moreover, the prowess of the seventh wave of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm had an increment of more than tenfold compared to when it was only at the sixth wave. To think that it could actually confine the old man…

It seemed like the seventh wave was also a crucial point, just like the Ancient Strengthening Technique’s seventh layer. This belong to the higher stage in the later phase and would provide a tremendous qualitative increase to one’s strength.

“Lad, you won’t be able to get through my Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. By doing this, you’re expending a lot of your spirit energy and when it has completely dried up, it’ll be time for you to die!”The old man bellowed out while he was trapped in the bloodthirsty demonic vines.

“I shall see how long your Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation can last!”

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Qing Shui raised his hand and the area around the bloodthirsty demonic vines became like a piece of ocean with huge whirlpools and fluctuating waves. Qing Shui raised his hands again.

Monstrous Wave!

Many black holes, black whirlpools, exuded a terrifying engulfing prowess!

Water brings growth to wood!

The appearance of the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal caused the bloodthirsty demonic vines to have become even more powerful. They continued to twist about, entangle and lash out. Qing Shui’s control of his spirit energy was considered quite powerful.

The old man continued to shout, as if attempting to agitate Qing Shui, making the latter anxious so that he would have the opportunity to make his escape.

Yan Jinyu watched from the side as the old man was tangled up by the bloodthirsty demonic vines. Even if she wanted to attack, there was nothing she could do. She could only watch from the side, not knowing how to describe the overwhelming astonishment she was feeling.


Suddenly, the bloodthirsty demonic vines exuded a powerful aura and brilliant violet light. There was a blood red glow in the violet light. The old man let out a terrible cry and after a strange series of sounds rang out, there was nothing but silence.

The Big Dipper Sword’s 20% chance of doubling the attacking prowess had appeared. The doubling of attacking prowess included spirit energy attacks. Under the confinement of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, the bloodthirsty demonic vines’had their attacking prowess doubled and they managed to breakthrough the old man’s Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. With his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation broken through, the old man wasn’t worth a mention. Qing Shui was very clear how scary the bloodthirsty demonic vines were.

Clearing out the Nine Palace positioning, Qing Shui picked up the weapon and the interspatial silk sachet the old man had dropped. The interspatial silk sachet was a high quality one and hadn’t been destroyed by the bloodthirsty demonic vines.

At that moment, Yang Yicun was slowly moving back.

“There’s no way you can escape. Come back!”Qing Shui reached out his hand and a huge water current entangled Yang Yicun. With a shake, Yang Yicun was brought right next to Qing Shui.

Yang Yicun’s face was extremely pale and he looked as if he was about to burst into tears. He had lived a luxurious life since he was young, getting whatever he wanted. His talent wasn’t bad either but the only thing was that he had yet to encounter any setbacks before. It was the first time he had encountered such a situation and even the two powerful Elders who had doted on him the most had died. He knew that he was doomed. However, he was scared of death or rather the terror before death itself.

Death wasn’t scary but the process leading to death and the fear one had toward death was what that was scary!

“Speak up! Which other clans are working together with you to deal with Yan Clan. If you lie, I’ll let you have a taste of what that old man earlier went through. It should be very comfortable to get entangled by the demonic vines.”Qing Shui smiled and looked at Yang Yicun.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”Yang Yicun quickly said. At the mention of the bloodthirsty demonic vines, his face had turned even more pale.

“Miss Yan has an idea what’s going on and will be able to tell if you lie. If we feel that you’re not speaking the truth, I’ll put you through the demonic vines. Moreover, there’s still Soul Search. You’ve heard about that, right?”Qing Shui’s calm words sounded like the most terrifying words in Yang Yicun’s mind.

“It’s Yu Clan, it’s Yu Clan…”Yang Yicun shouted!

Yan Jinyu shuddered, “To think that it’s Yu Clan. It’s no wonder Yang Clan dares to take action.”

“Are there any other aristocratic clans taking part?”Qing Shui put aside Yu Clan and asked Yang Yicun.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. Don’t kill me, I don’t wish to die…”Yang Yicun broke into tears, with snot flowing out from his nose.

Back in Yang Clan Inn, Qing Shui had experienced first hand how cold this guy’s gaze could be. He was of quite a decent level of cultivation too. It was a pity that Qing Shui detested people like him. It was because Yang Yicun wasn’t a guy who knew when to yield and when not to. He was a person who would be arrogant when he had the upper hand and was like a coward when he didn’t.

Yang Yicun died. People like him couldn’t be left alive. For some people, it wasn’t that their lives would be spared as long as they didn’t resist. Qing Shui only let him die a faster death. He then took a look a look at the scene and then toward Yan Jinyu, saying, “Let’s go. People will be coming very soon.”


Qing Shui called out the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and left the place with Yan Jinyu. There was still some time before the second day arrived. Seeing that Yan Jinyu was not herself, he asked, “Is Yu Clan very powerful?”

Yan Jinyu let out a sigh, “Yu Clan is very powerful. Everyone knows that Yu Clan is very mysterious but usually don’t have many interactions with others. To others, they are more like a secluded aristocratic clan. I hadn’t expected them to set their eyes on Yan City.”

“Can Yan Clan not win against Yu Clan?”Qing Shui felt that Yan Clan shouldn’t be simple either. After all, they could stand at the top of Yan City for many years.

Although for the past few years, their development had been slow, they should still have strong foundations.

“I’m not sure. Our clan is also very wary of the Yu Clan. Most important, they shouldn’t have gotten to know that the Yu Clan is intending to take action against the Yan Clan. We must rush to bring news back to them before they take action so that we can do the necessary preparation.”Yan Jinyu seemed a little anxious, seeming as if she couldn’t wait to return to Yan Clan immediately.

“Don’t worry, we’ve asked earlier. Yu Clan hasn’t taken action against Yan Clan yet. We’ll be able to arrive at Yan Clan first thing in the morning tomorrow,”Qing Shui assured her.

Very soon, the next day was here. Calling back his demonic beast, Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Steps!

After eight consecutive times, they arrived in Yan City’s inner city. Although it was still nighttime, the inner city seemed to be even brighter. Compared to the outer city, it was more prosperous, the population was more dense and the buildings here were especially big and tall. Big buildings had several tens of stories and were majestic like castles.

The city had an even more rustic feeling and large sized demonic beasts would fly past in the air every now and then. Those auras shocked Qing Shui. The place had a lot of hidden talents and the strong factions were even more concentrated here.

Although they had arrived at the inner city, they were still a distance away from the City Lord Manor. Yan Jinyu called out her own demonic beast, the Xuantian Wind Crane. It was a very good mount but its battle prowess was ordinary.

The Xuantian Wind Crane moved at its greatest speed toward the City Lord Manor. Qing Shui didn’t say a word on the way but just closed his eyes and rested. He was actually sensing his Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

Earlier, before he had attained a breakthrough to the seventh wave, what he hit out would all be struck out in a row. Right now, the prowess of the seventh wave had not only increased by a lot, it could also change positions.

The seventh wave of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm was strongest in term of its confinement powers. Of course, its damaging prowess was quite good as well. However, he didn’t know why the old man ended up being confined back then. Since it was a rare opportunity, he followed up to kill with his Wood Vines.

Therefore, Qing Shui planned on entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to cultivate his Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm after they had arrived at the inner city. This, combined with his Wood Vines, would be a good ultimate technique.

The appearance of the second form of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation caused Qing Shui to feel pressured. If it was a Peak Grade Two State Master, Qing Shui would probably be unable to do anything even if the opponent stood there and did nothing.

Power. This was power. Before absolute power, everything else was weak and useless. However, Qing Shui still had hope. The Heaven Secrets Pill Yan Jinyu had given him could increase his abilities by a lot.

City Lord Manor!

This was also where Yan Clan was located. When the sky was just starting to lighten, they could already see the manor from afar. The City Lord Manor took up a very big plot of land, with a length and width of not less than ten Li. There were many tall pavilion buildings, arenas, artificial mountains, lakes and even rivers…

The Xuantian Wind Crane landed at the entrance to the City Lord Manor. This was a regulation. After keeping the Xuantian Wind Crane, Yan Jinyu headed into the manor with Qing Shui.

“Young Miss!”

The two rows of guards greeted Yan Jinyu respectfully when they saw her.

Yan Jinyu waved her hand and led Qing Shui to the hall which wasn’t far away. These people stationed at the City Lord Manor’s entrance were all very strong. Most of the time, the people who would come would be either married ladies or kids. The arenas and martial halls and other things were located at the backyard.

Quite a number of people passed through the City Lord Manor’s courtyard. Most of them were servants. It was still early after all. There were also people who were cultivating. Yan Jinyu led Qing Shui directly to the hall.

If Yan Jinyu hadn’t been mistaken, her father should be cultivating in the main hall!

Four middle-aged men stood at the entrance to the hall.

“Young Miss!”

“Is father in?”Yan Jinyu asked directly.

“The clan’s head is in! He said that when you returned, you can enter directly!”a capable looking middle-aged man quickly said.

“This person cannot enter!”Another man stopped Qing Shui.

“He’s not an outsider. Alright, I have something to discuss with father,”Yan Jinyu didn’t show her anger but just said calmly.

With that, she grabbed Qing Shui’s sleeve and entered!

The main hall was the greatest hall in the City Lord Manor. In the front hall, there were documents as well many tables and chairs. It should be the place where the clan would hold meetings. Usually, the City Lord could also deal with some work here.

Yan Jinyu brought Qing Shui in. This main hall was made from Metallic Crystal Stones and was especially sturdy. Most training chambers would tend to be made from such materials.

Upon entering deeper, Qing Shui realized that it was much bigger in here than it was outside. This place was a training ground. It was empty, tall and wide. Right now, he could see that there was a man standing in the distance. Qing Shui had only seen him after sensing him. It was because that person was exuding a profound essence.

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