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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1172-1173


Chapter 1172-1173

<AST 1172 –Sword Completed, The Powers of A Grade One State Master, Turbulent Undercurrents

Hammering and tempering was a process that required meticulous handling of the finest details. This time around, Qing Shui wanted to once again enter the State of No Conscious but it was a pity that this time around, his mind was absolutely clear. He could even count the number of strikes he made with the Thousand Hammer Technique Clearly.

Very quickly, he broke through 10,000 hammers but there was still no change to the Big Dipper Sword. Qing Shui liked it this way as well. When it finally reached 13,000 hammers, the six-colored glow finally appeared, extremely brilliant. It even had a slight rustic glow to it.

There was originally a gemstone embedded into one of the seven indentations on the sword’s handle. However, it was a pity that it had been depleted previously and was left empty. Qing Shui hadn’t found a suitable gemstone to embed into it at a later time. It could be due to the quality of the gemstones. Primarily, it was because there were no high-quality gemstones. Otherwise, the prowess of the Big Dipper Sword would be even greater. He didn’t wish to waste his time on low quality gemstones since the embedding process was troublesome as well.

Right now, Qing Shui looked at the Big Dipper Sword he was holding, feeling satisfied with its attributes.

Big Dipper Sword: Formed from the convergence of unique silver sand of the Heaven and Earth, the materials were then forged into a sword by a skilled blacksmith. The sword has the ability to unleash a lethal damage power as well.

The Big Dipper Sword could also increase the user's power by five times, double spirit energy attacks and increase the speed and attack speed by 20%. There would be 20% chance of doubling the attack damage for each attack, decreasing 20% of the damage received and reduce 20% of the user’s energy depletion. The user would also have a chance to receive an unexpected surprise from the sword.

Qing Shui smiled. Right now, the Big Dipper Sword was only incomparable to the Four Elements Greencloud Sword in terms of the enhancement it provided for the user’s spirit energy. In all, it was still considered very powerful and what he needed to do next was to engrave Seal Formations.

The process of engraving the Seal Formations was very smooth as well. It didn’t further increase the weapon’s attributes and there was only a 10% chance for it to gain the effects of either the Gloom Covering Skies and Earth, Fly Sand Rolling Stones, Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance or Soaring Dragon Sea Quake.

Right now, Qing Shui had an exhilarated feeling. When he held the Big Dipper Sword, his physical strength was at 11 nimbus, his seven-colored pellet increases his physical strength by 720%, allowing his physical strength to reach 1,600 nimbus. If he were to attack with his Nine Continents Mountain, it would be with a strength of 3,200 nimbus and was considered to have reached the lowest grade State Master level.

His spirit energy seemed to have become more powerful. The Big Dipper Sword had doubled the prowess of his spirit energy attacks and they were now at 4,300 nimbus.

All these numbers were just in principle, but he would still need to test them out to be sure. It shouldn’t be wrong. He slowly channeled his Violet Gold divine Force gradually into the Big Dipper Sword, causing a surging force to feedback from the sword to his body.


Qing Shui used the Roaming Dragon Steps, following the flow of the Nine Palace positioning in the air, flashing as he moved from one position to the next, lashing out with his Big Dipper Sword each time. An explosive and shattering power shot out, leaving a faint smell of destruction in the air.

The damage was doubled!

Earlier, when he attacked, he succeeded in attaining the 20% chance, unleashing the prowess of a grade one State Master. However, usually, his usual attacks would only be half of what he had just unleashed. Despite this, Qing Shui was quite satisfied with it.

Wood Vines!

The tip of the Big Dipper Sword fluctuated with a tremendous force and a large spread of huge demonic vines appeared in the distance. It was the same in size as before. They were about 1,000 meters long, had the thickness of an adult’s upper thigh and there were over ten of them. The violet colored demonic vines had many sharp barbed spikes which were half a foot long. Their appearance would send shivers down one’s spine.

Although there were no changes to their size, the speed at which they spread out and their vitality were much stronger than before. They were also more sturdy and had a higher level of endurance.

The explosive and damaging impacts made Qing Shui feel that they were much stronger than physical attacks. Right now, even the Nine Continents Mountain’s attacking prowess wasn’t their match. However, Qing Shui felt that in the future, the Nine Continents Mountain would definitely be more powerful.

Right now, he had finally reached the level of a grade one State Master and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. They were going to enter the inner city soon and by then, the people there would have increasingly high level of cultivation and if he wasn’t strong enough, he wouldn’t be able to speak up.

By the time he came out, the sky had already turned slightly dark. The staff from the inn had already served their food!

While they were having their meals, in another pavilion, Yang Yicun was chatting with a few other men.

“Young Master Yang, you must think through this carefully. Yan Jinyu is Yan Clan’s young miss. It’s said that she even has a Master from Heaven Secrets Academy backing her up. You need to think through it carefully before you decide to lay your hands on her,”a handsome man in white clothes frowned and said to Yang Yicun.

“Yan Clan is going to fall soon anyway. As for Heaven Secrets Academy, there’s no need to worry. A teacher in Heaven Secrets Academy is of no concern. Moreover, we aren’t going to kill her. We’re just going to use her to scare Yan Clan a little. Her father dotes on her a lot. Basically, we can definitely kill her dad just by threatening him with her.”Untamed flames continued to throb in his eyes.

“Young Master Yang, come out with it. Which clan is Yang Clan working together with? Leng Clan? Rong Clan?”The guy in white clothes looked at Yang Yicun and asked calmly.

“Brother Wu, even if you hadn't asked, I’d tell you. I know that you’d have guessed something. It’s just that this time around, the ones we’re working with are the Yu Clan.”Yang Yicun squinted his eyes slightly.

“You’ve really gotten Yu Clan to work with you?”The man whose surname was Wu looked at Yang Yicun in astonishment.

“Of course. Otherwise, how could I dare to touch Yan Jinyu? How is it, Brother Wu? Yan Jinyu is of top quality. Are you interested?”A hint of maniacal greed flashed on Yang Yicun’s face.

This was definitely a great temptation. Lust was something which could make one lose their rationality. However, at a time like this, especially when it was a lady like Yan Jinyu, one would really be willing to die for it. Moreover, they weren’t thinking of the possibility of dying.

“Then are we going to work together with Yu Clan? Or are we going to take action first?" The man whose surname was Wu swallowed and spoke with difficulty. Right now, his heart was very conflicted.

Wu Clan was also considered a great aristocratic clan in the area and was slightly worse off than Yang Clan. Moreover, their clans were very close and Yang Yicun and Wu Meng were close as real brothers.

It was just that this time around, laying hands on Yan Jinyu was just Yang Yicun’s own plan. He wanted to take action first since it had already been decided for them to go against Yan Clan. This was why he had decided on laying his hands on Yan Jinyu. If Yang Clan and Yu Clan failed to defeat Yan Clan, there was only death waiting for him. If it really were to come down to that, laying his hands on Yan Jinyu this time around would have satisfied one of his wishes. If Yang Clan and Yu Clan were to win, then it would be even better.

Therefore, after much consideration, he made up his mind. He knew that Wu Meng would definitely support him since he was an intelligent person. Since Yang Yicun had already shared his plans with him, Wu Meng would have no option but to not agree.

“Young Master Yang, of course I’ll go along with you. It’s just that Yan Jinyu is a State Master level cultivator. If we were to let her escape, then we’d have alerted the enemies.”Wu Meng was both excited and worried.

“You don’t have to worry about this. Although we’re not her match, two seniors from my clan will join in the action. When the time comes, we’ll cripple her of her cultivation. Brother Wu, why don’t you bring along two from your clan as well? This will add additional insurance to our plan,”Yang Yicun smiled and said to Wu Meng.

“Alright. Shall we let our elders in the family know about this?”After a long hesitation Wu Long asked softly.

“Why do we have to let them know? We just need to do a clean job. The reason I’m approaching you is because Wu Clan is involved in this as well. Don’t you know? You’re a clever person. Is there a need to make it clear to you on whether we should lay our hands on Yan Jinyu?”Yang Yicun wore an expression a gambler would wear.

Wu Meng knew that as well. It was just that the branch he belonged to wasn’t the main branch of Wu Clan. He wasn’t that daring nor was he as crazy as Yang Yicun. He knew that the important thing wasn’t whether they were going to touch Yan Jinyu but whether they would be able to bring demise to Yan Clan.

“Then we’ll take action tonight. Failure will not be allowed!”Yang Yicun’s gaze shot out a glow that was like that of a venomous snake’s.

After having their dinner, seeing that it was still early, Yan Jinyu smiled and said, “Qing Shui, the night market here is quite good. Let’s go and take a look!”


Qing Shui answered without hesitation. He had gotten much stronger and his spirit energy could reach over 4,300 nimbus. Moreover, he had his Nine Palace Steps and Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring. If any accidents were to occur, he’d be able to handle the situation.

The two of them cleaned up and headed out of Yang Clan Inn.

The streets were bright as day and the traffic along the roads was about the same as it was in the day. The huge and clean-looking moon in the sky was especially bright and pure, shining down its light and it seemed to even let one feel purified.

Qing Shui looked at Yan Jinyu who was next to him. In such an environment, she seemed to appear even more beautiful. Her snow-white skin was translucent and if he didn’t come to this world, he wouldn’t have been able to see such skin.

Yan Jinyu saw that Qing Shui was looking at her and she didn’t know what to feel. She waved her hand before Qing Shui. Qing Shui regained his senses and said, “Sister is so beautiful.”

When he said this, it was very natural. His eyes appeared very clear as well and there was no hint of greed or lust in his eyes. It was just a feeling of pure admiration. There were already many great beauties around him and he really didn’t wish to get himself involved with other women. Therefore, he didn’t have any expectations with this sister. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become sworn siblings with her back then.

Yan Jinyu really liked Qing Shui’s clear looking eyes.

She, who was dignified and quiet, had seen too many gazes men had cast on her. No matter how well they tried to conceal themselves, she could clearly feel the lust behind their modest gazes. She didn’t like those gazes.

Therefore, she felt that Qing Shui’s gaze was very nice and warm. She also liked his clear and handsome eyes as well as that light violet mark on his forehead. It gave him a lethal attractiveness. Men could also appear very attractive to women.

Every time a thought like this appeared, Yan Jinyu would feel flustered. That feeling was very strange. Back when she had first seen Qing Shui at the Firecloud Blacksmith Store, she already felt a faint cordial feeling from him. She hadn’t felt this way before and that was the first time. She liked that feeling and thus had grabbed Qing Shui to become sworn siblings with her.

Standing next to this guy, walking together with him through the crowd, occasionally talking…This feeling was very strange. She hadn’t felt this way before. If this guy hadn’t become sworn siblings with her, would she be able to be next to him so naturally? Would they be so close together?

Suddenly, Qing Shui looked toward Yan Jinyu and noticed that she was also looking at him. It was because both of them felt that a spiritual sense had locked onto them again. He smiled and said, “Come, let’s bring them for a walk around the streets first!”

Yan Jinyu smiled and nodded. Although this man wasn’t as strong as her, she felt that when she was next to him, she would feel at ease. This feeling came from deep within and she felt as if he would be able to protect her.

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AST 1173 –Five Elements divine Refining Technique, Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines, Qing Shui Demonstrating His Prowess

Just like that, Qing Shui brought his great beauty around with him to look at the night scenery. Compared to the scenes in the day, the places seemed to be more beautiful at night. Of course, Qing Shui was also paying heed to those few spiritual senses that were locked onto them.

Qing Shui purposely looked for places where there were more people. Although the crowd wouldn’t stop them from taking action, they would definitely hesitate. For example, if he were to shout something like ‘assassins targeting Yan Clan’s Young Miss’, they’d definitely panic.

When midnight came, he would be able to use the Nine Continents Steps and when that happened, even if those people were extremely capable, there would be nothing they could do. However, right now, that was still slightly more than two hours away.

Therefore, Qing Shui planned to wait until it was after 1 a.m. before he checked them out and saw if he could get any information. In the worst case scenario, they could just escape. In the blink of an eye, they would be able to reach the inner city and in half a day, they’d probably be able to reach Yan Clan.

“Qing Shui, I’m a bit worried whether anything has happened at home,”after they had walked for a while, Yan Jinyu said.

“We’ll head back after 1 a.m. Right now, we’ll have to settle this first and see if we can get a hold of any information. It might be beneficial for Yan Clan,”Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

“Then let’s bring them to a secluded place right now? I feel that these few spiritual senses are in no way weaker than mine. How are we going to fight?”Yan Jinyu smiled bitterly and said. She was wearing her bamboo hat but Qing Shui could still sense her tension.

“We’ll give it a try. In the worst case scenario, we can make our escape with the rings. There won’t be any problems.”A hint of battle flames twinkled in Qing Shui’s eyes. He had grown a lot stronger and although the opponents had powerful spiritual senses, he still wanted to attempt to fight against them.

Yan Jinyu thought about it for very long and in the end, seemed to speak with great difficulty, “I’m worried for you!”

Qing Shui smiled. “There’s no need to worry about me. Although my cultivation might not be strong, I’m quite good at protecting myself. I can help you as well. Alright, let’s go and see who those people are.”

The two of them followed the crowd and headed for a more secluded spot and then flew toward the distance, where there was a small-scaled mountain range. Qing Shui and Yan Jinyu traveled at great speed, but they felt that those spiritual senses were also rapidly accelerating.

On the top of a mountain, Qing Shui and Yan Jinyu were in midair, staring at the approaching spiritual senses. When they got close, they saw that there were four old men and two young men. One of them was wearing a bamboo hat but Qing Shui could recognize him at first glance. His spiritual sense was very sharp.

“Yang Yicun, your name isn’t the only thing which is special. Even your body shape is as well. You can take off that bamboo hat!”Qing Shui smiled and said directly before turning toward the elderly men.

The few spiritual senses from earlier belonged to these few elderly men. Qing Yun sensed that they should be on par with Yan Jinyu when she was holding the Four Elements Greencloud Sword. There was nothing strange for the great clans in Yan City’s outer city to have cultivators of such a level. It seemed that Yang Yicun held quite a significant position in the clan.

When Qing Shui saw this, he seemed to have sensed something. If Yang Clan had nothing planned against Yan Clan, Yang Yicun wouldn’t dare to do something like this. It seemed that Yan Clan really was in danger this time.

Yang Yicun gradually took off his bamboo hat and looked at Qing Shui with a predatory look, “Lad, why are you getting yourself involved in this? Could it be that you’re interested in Miss Yan as well? Do you think you’re deserving of her?”

“Aren’t you guys afraid that my father will wipe out your Yang Clan?”Yan Jinyu asked calmly, not directing her gaze toward anyone in particular.

“Hahaha, Miss Yan, do you still think that you’ll be able to leave today? No ladies whom I, Young Master Yang, have set my eyes on, are able to escape. As for your father, he can’t even save himself now. Yan Clan will disappear very soon.”When Yang Yicun said this, he sounded very proud. It was a craziness that would burst out after suppression.

All along, Yang Clan had to be very careful around Yan Clan and every year, they would have to pay quite a lot of money and treasures as tribute. It was because Yan Clan was the owner of Yan City and all great clans would have to pay tribute to them while Yan Clan would have to pay to the royal family.

“Do you think just Yang Clan alone would be able to go against our Yan Clan? Even if there were three Yan Clans, you wouldn’t be a match for our Yan Clan. Stop your wishful thinking,”Yan Jinyu continued calmly.

“There’s no need for you to try to agitate me. Of course, it’s not just Yang Clan alone. You only need to remember that your clan will be gone very soon,”Yang Yicun spoke with disdain.

“There’s no need to agitate you. If I were to capture you, I don’t believe that you won’t say a single word,”Qing Shui looked at Yang Yicun and said, smiling.

“Lad, the likes of you? You’re better off thinking how you can die faster today!”Yang Yicun grinned and looked at Qing Shui, his eyes filled with malice and ridicule.

The three old men stood in a triangular formation, surrounding Qing Shui and Yan Jinyu. The last elder stood before Yan Jinyu, seeming to be protecting him while prepared to handle any exigencies.

“Sister, later on, there’s no need to feel tense. I’ll protect you. They don’t wish to harm your life for now. We’ll kill one of them first. There’s no need to worry about me.”Qing Shui instructed.

“You must be careful!”Yan Jinyu had already brought out her Four Elements Greencloud Sword and had even activated her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation.

Qing Shui, on the other hand, had taken out his Big Dipper Sword while holding a coldsteel bead with his other hand.

Right now, the aura Yan Jinyu was exuding caused the three elders to be a little taken aback. Next, with three loud roars, the three old men also activated their Demonic Beast Armor Manifestations.


Qing Shui also activated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation but it didn’t cause much surprise. Qing Shui was able to conceal his abilities well and even those old men didn’t think much of Qing Shui’s cultivation but knew that it wasn’t bad either. They could sense his abilities but it just wasn’t accurate. However, they wouldn’t expect that.

Qing Shui took one step and dashed toward one of the elders, concurrently letting out a huge bellow, “Do it!”

Nine Palace Steps!

Although Qing Shui wasn’t very strong, he had the advantage in his footwork and the amazing aspect of the Nine Palace.

He headed right for one of the elders while Yan Jinyu swung her Four Elements Greencloud Sword and dashed toward another elder on the other side.

The remaining elder wanted to take action but with Qing Shui’s spiritual sense, the Nine Continents Mountain instantly appeared and tried to crash abruptly toward the old man, its speed quick as lightning.

The Nine Continents Mountain’s attacking prowess was slightly over 3,200 nimbus but its speed was very fast, causing its prowess to increase by a little as well.

Although the old man was astonished, he returned the attack with his longsword!


Surprisingly, the old man retreated a step and the Nine Continents Mountain was also stopped in its tracks. However, it smashed down once again.

Qing Shui made use of the Nine Palace positioning and managed to barely hold back the other old man. He then shook the tip of his sword!

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Instantly, a huge spread of ocean appeared around him. Both himself and the old man were in the water. There were waves all around them.

Roaming Dragon Steps!

Amidst the waves, Qing Shui combined his Roaming Dragon Steps and the Nine Palace Steps. Although he was weaker, he managed to gain the upper hand. He lifted up his hand!

Surging Waves Roaring Seas!

Monstrous Wave!

The water in the ocean immediately expanded and terrifying black whirlpools appeared around them. Right now, Qing Shui’s Tidal Cloud Waves Seal had the strongest prowess.

However, at this moment, the other elder had freed himself from the Nine Continents Mountain and was dashing toward Yan Jinyu.

Emperor’s Qi!

Nine Palace Steps, Great Reversal!

Qing Shui ignored the old man who had been forced to be on the defense to save himself in the water and then exchanged positions with one of the two old men who were attacking Yan Jinyu together!

His Emperor’s Qi managed to weaken the strength of these old men by 20%. The fourth old man was standing slightly further away and wasn’t affected. The Emperor’s Qi could be used on multiple targets.

The sudden change caused the old man who was in the midst of a fight with Yan Jinyu to be stunned. Even Yan Jinyu was stunned as well, but she immediately regained her composure. At this time, Qing Shui controlled the Nine Continents Mountain to attack from behind while he raised one of his hands.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, Water Entanglement!

Reduce speed, reduce reaction speed!

The old man swayed for a moment and with the changes to the surroundings and the weakening effect from the Emperor’s Qi, he was almost instantly pierced by Yan Jinyu in the chest with her sword. Next, the Nine Continents Mountain came smashing into him from the back. By the time he was sent flying, he had already died.

From the beginning to the end, all this had happened in the time it took for only two blinks!

The other two old men looked over with pale countenances. The old man who had died had already landed on the mountain peak below them, causing a deep sound to ring out as he landed. The sound was especially clear in such a quiet night sky.

“Young man, we’ve underestimated you.”The old man who hadn’t taken any action till now spoke. He then turned to look at Yang Yicun, whose face had turned pale.

Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui in surprise. This man had already given her far too many surprises. Although he wasn’t strong, he could move about with great ease. He had even managed to hold back a person and seemed to have gotten the upper hand. It seemed that he had still concealed his abilities or that she hadn’t seen through him thoroughly.

Qing Shui waved his hand to call out the Thunderous Beast.

“Old man, a prodigal son like this is not worth you losing your life for.”Qing Shui looked at the old man calmly.

“Young man, you seem to specialize in spirit energy. You shouldn’t have used your full powers yet, right?”The old man who was standing in front of Yang Yicun seemed to still be extremely calm when he said this.

“Alright, today, I’ll show you my spirit energy!”

With that, Qing Shui stopped his hand and pointed out with his Big Dipper Sword!

Buddha Form Reveal, Buddha’s True Eyes!

Violet Lightning Strike!

Violet Lightning Strike!

The Thunderous Beast let out two rapid streams of Violet Lightning Strike, stunning the two old men who had been weakened by the Emperor’s Qi on the spot. Almost concurrently, a series of strong tremors appeared below the two old men.

“Damn it!”The old man waved his hand and sent a huge palm to grab the two old men.

However, it was already too late. The violet bloodthirsty demonic vines had spurted out crazily, entangling the two old men in thick vines. The sharp barbed spikes that were one foot long flashed with a bloodthirsty cold gleam, twisted and entangled crazily.

Nothing could be seen from the outside, nor were there any sounds coming from inside. There was only the swooshing sounds of the moving vines. There wasn’t even a single drop of blood leaking out. The blood must have been absorbed by the bloodthirsty demonic vines!

The huge palm grabbed onto the bloodthirsty demonic vines and broke one off. However, it seemed to quickly disappeared as if it had been electrocuted. When the bloodthirsty demonic vines disappeared, so did everything else. There was nothing left of the two old men.

Qing Shui called back the Thunderous Beast. Right now, there was only the last old man left, together with Yang Yicun and the other man dressed in white clothes.

The old man was really stunned. In just a short moment, two State Master level cultivators who had a strength of about 6,000 nimbus were destroyed just like that. What the old man didn’t know was that the two of them had been weakened by Qing Shui’s Emperor’s Qi to be left with only about 4,500 nimbus of strength. Moreover, they were also paralyzed and both their spirit energy and body resistance were weakened. Qing Shui’s spirit energy attacks could reach 4,300 nimbus and the bloodthirsty demonic vines were very terrifying as well. Even a person with a strength of 6,000 nimbus would have to be skinned even if they didn’t die from the entanglement.

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