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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1169


AST 1169 - Battle, Prowess of the Four Elements Greencloud Sword, Five Elements Contravention

Yan Jinyu was a little numb to it by now. Qing Shui continued to tell her about how to use the Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring. In fact, she had already known of the abilities it had and letting it recognize her as its owner was the fastest and most accurate way for her to familiarize herself with this object.

’’Let's go meet them. If we really can't handle them then we'll run,’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

Yan Jinyu thought about it and said worriedly? ’’They should be people from Scarlet Flame Region, they were previously Yan Clan's enemies or could even be people who wish to replace Yan Clan. They should have seen that Uncle Zong had left alone by himself. I wonder how he is now.’’

’’People from Scarlet Flame Region?’’ Qing Shui guessed as much, but he hadn't expected that he would come into contact with these people so soon. He wasn't satisfied with his current abilities. After all, the people he would need to go up against were people who were on the same level as Yan Jinyu, people who were going against Yan Clan. Therefore, many of them would be at State Master level.

If he was at the Western Oxhe Continent, didn't know Yan Jinyu, Tantai Xuan and the others, didn't know of any forging skills, it would be very hard for him to encounter State Master level cultivators. Although these encounters seemed to be very dangerous, they were also opportunities. Otherwise, his cultivation wouldn't have grown so rapidly during this period of time.

He didn't regret taking this path. He felt that it was very good. Although there were dangers, there were opportunities as well. He believed that if he were to encounter danger, he would have the abilities to escape if he wished to.

’’Mmm, it should. Let's head up to the sky. They'll probably show themselves very soon,’’ Yan Jinyu said this to Qing Shui, headed into a more remote place and then flew up to the sky.

Qing Shui quickly followed after her. They went up high in the air where ordinary people wouldn't be able to see. The skies would always be the place where strong cultivators fought.

Qing Shui stood next to Yan Jinyu, who had came to a stop and said, ’’Since you're here, why are you hiding yourself? Come out!’’

Silence fell and no one appeared. However, there were many clouds which were thick like smoke. Those places were the only places in the sky where people could possibly hide. Of course, it would be another story if they were to know how to conceal themselves. However, the ’’Art of Concealment’’ was a legendary existence. At the very least, Qing Shui hadn't seen it before.

Qing Shui sent out his spirit energy to the surroundings like formless hands. Very soon, he found a spot. However, it was too far and hard for him to attack.


Qing Shui shot out a coldsteel bead from his hand. He had used the spiritual sense for his Hidden Weapons Arts to lock on his target, who would only be given the option to fend it off face on or keep on dodging until the coldsteel bead's power ran out.


After a series of crisp sounds, an old man walked out from behind a thick cloud. The old man was tall and slender, wearing grey clothes. The old man's appearance was especially ordinary and on the first look, anyone would think of him as such. Only his pair of eyes would occasionally reveal a sharp gaze.

’’Who are you? Why are you following us?’’ Yan Jinyu looked at the old man and asked calmly.

’’Why are we following you? Is there a need to ask this? Yan Clan was the one had put us on the wanted list. We can only live in Scarlet Flame Region. If we don't look for you guys, who should we be looking for?’’ The old man smiled and looked at Yan Jinyu.

Yan Jinyu paused for a moment before saying, ’’The people wanted by Yan Clan are all people who have committed heinous crimes. Yan Clan would definitely not order the arrest of anyone without a reason. You guys have killed the innocent and haven't observed the rules for cultivators.’’

’’Haha, lass, as long as there are good people in this world, there well be bad ones. If there aren't bad people, how would there be any good ones? There's actually no difference between the good and the bad, only the difference between the strong and the weak. Right now, Yan Clan are the ones with the power, then you're naturally the one to be the good people who calls the shots. However, times will change and very soon, Yan Clan will be buried in history,’’ the old man smiled and said.

’’Do you know what righteousness is? What it means by the evil won't triumph the good? Only those who have the support from the people will be able to last. Have you seen any evil-doer who was able to live for very long? It's because you guys aren't suitable for this world and will end up getting eliminated.’’

’’Excuses, those are all excuses. Many places in this world are controlled by the people whom you guys think are evil-doers. Aren't those places still peaceful? To be straight, we've brought harm to your interests and threatened your position. Alright, I don't wish to say too much either. Today, I'll start with you first to get some interest. I'll get my payback slowly in the future,’’ the old man said impatiently.

With that, the old man took out a strange weapon that was four feet long. It was like a staff but yet not one;it was a little like a mace but yet its very tip was like a snake's head.

Yan Jinyu took out the Four Elements Greencloud Sword and said to Qing Shui, ’’Qing Shui, you can just watch from the sides. Keep yourself safe.’’

Qing Shui nodded, not saying anything. After all, with his current cultivation, it was still a little hard for him to deal with this situation. It was because this old man's cultivation should be at the peak of a Grade One State Master and was probably very close to becoming a Grade Two State Master. After all, he had come to assault and kill Yan Jinyu.

The old man looked at Yan Jinyu, swung his weird looking weapon, sending a light blue glow which seemed like a hand, grabbing toward Yan Jinyu.

Spirit energy attack, Tangling Hands!

The old man's cultivation was related to spirit energy. Although this Tangling Hands appeared to be a simple attack, if one was tangled up by it, their movements and speed would be restricted. Then, the old man would be able to use his killer moves without a care.

Yan Jinyu shook her Four Elements Greencloud Sword, bringing forth shadows that seemed to appear like a brilliant sunflower, engaging the opponent's Tangling Hands.


The old man's Tangling Hands were scattered off and with a flash, Yan Jinyu dashed toward the old man.

The old man seemed to be stunned to have his Tangling Hands stopped. However, he reacted very quickly and with a wave of his hand, a light colored glow appeared under his feet and he quickly dodged.

Waving his hand again, a huge thick grey-colored gas crept out toward Yan Jinyu.

Cultivators trained in spirit energy tended to choose primarily from one of the five elements and then chose some other to cultivate as well. Right now, Qing Shui could basically be sure that the old man's primary cultivation was in the earth elemental spirit energy.

The earth element prioritized force, power and strong defense.

Yan Jinyu looked at the earth Qi which was getting closer to her. This earth Qi seemed more like walls made of soil, covering the world. It came with quite a terrifying force.

A majestic force burst out from Yan Jinyu and the Four Elements Greencloud Sword in her hand sent out a wide sword glow which was like water.

Azure Water and Clear Skies!

A huge wall of water formed a barrier. This wasn't all. A huge water dragon appeared from the waters, spinning. In just a moment, the overspread earth Qi immediately broke down and dissipated.

Earth originally contravened water but the Four Elements Greencloud Sword had increased Yan Jinyu's spirit energy by quite a bit. Moreover, the Soaring Dragon Sea Quake was activated. Even though her water powers were contravened, she also managed to resolve the overspread earth Qi.

The old man now had his eyes wide-agape in astonishment. According to his information, it should be very easy for him to deal with this lass from Yan Clan. However, it didn't seem to be the case right now. He swung his hand once again.


Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

A huge demonic beast image appeared on the old man. It looked like an ape-typed demonic beast. They were considered to be spirit-type with powerful spirit energy. It seemed that this old man really did primarily cultivate in the area of spirit energy and had great mastery in its use.

Yan Jinyu didn't dare to let her guard down and quickly activated her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation as well!

Her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was a huge demonic beast which looked like a crane. It was elegant and appeared to be very intelligent.

Yan Jinyu dashed toward the old man with the grace of a crane!

Sword Overturning Earth!

The old man let out a loud bellow, swinging his weapon consecutively. Two huge demonic beasts which were like two earth dragons appeared. They had been formed from his spirit energy. One of them circled around the old man while the other dashed toward Yan Jinyu.

The enormous earth dragon exuded killing an aura, dashing toward Yan Jinyu in a zigzag motion. Its huge, hideous looking head occasionally spewed out rocks that were sturdier than metallic essence.

Yan Jinyu continued to swing her Four Elements Greencloud Sword. Each time she did, a huge sword Qi appeared, like a huge wall of water that was extremely sharp.

Boom boom...

Endless explosive sounds rang out!


Yan Jinyu let out a cry and spun the sword in her hand. Everything seemed to be very profound at that moment. A brilliant light glow shot out toward the earth dragon's neck where the dragon's reverse scale was at.


The earth dragon's enormous head was chopped off by this bright sword glow. The entire earth dragon instantly disappeared in the air.

Yan Jinyu was protected by a layer of glow while she moved around with a profound set of footwork. Qing Shui felt that it was very similar to his Seven Star Steps but it was just similar.

The old man started to panic a little. Those who primarily cultivated spirit energy tended to have the advantage of long range attacks but were afraid of close combat.

The old man swung his hand and another huge stream of earth Qi flowed toward Yan Jinyu. This earth Qi seemed to be like boiling water, exuding boiling waves of aura.

Essence Fire of Earth!

When Qing Shui saw this, he let out a sigh. Earth contravened water but water contravened fire. Yan Jinyu clearly cultivated a powerful sword technique that was of the water element. The old man's head was muddled. Although this attack was very powerful, much more than the earth Qi from earlier, it was a pity that it had been contravened and thus its prowess weren't fully unleashed.

Water Ripples Sword Imprint!

Yan Jinyu didn't stop charging. Sweeping out her Four Elements Greencloud Sword swiftly multiple times, steams of huge sword imprints that were like water ripples were sent out. The Waves Sword met with the over-spreading Essence Fire of Earth.

After a slight tussle, the earth Qi disappeared. Just then, Yan Jinyu hit out another stream of Water Ripples Sword Imprint.

Right now, she was already very close to the old man and the circling earth dragon was ready to attack anytime!

Just then, a huge ripple of power appeared from the tip of Yan Jinyu's sword tip, following after the Water Ripples Sword Imprint!

Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance!

Suddenly, several tens of huge fire snakes appeared around the old man or rather, fire pythons. They even had sizzling electricity force on them.

Qing Shui smiled. He hadn't expected that the prowess of the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance with the Four Elements Greencloud Sword was many times stronger than the one he had with the other ordinary swords.

Terrified, the old man wanted to dodge but it was too late. He could only let the earth dragon coil up around him to protect himself. However, this time around, the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance contravened the earth dragon.

With a huge crackling sound, the exploded prowess made even Qing Shui feel terrified. To think that the prowess unleashed just by Yan Jinyu was already so terrifying!

Huge flames soared in the skies, dissolving even the clouds in the surroundings. It even created deep rumbling sounds of thunder and terrifying crackling sounds. Violet colored thunderbolts kept flashing.

In that instant, the places covered by the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance became like hell!

When the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance disappeared, so did everything. The time for the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance was not long and would only last for the amount of time it took for a few breaths. However, its prowess was astonishing.

It might be because of the five elements contravention.


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