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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1166-1168


Chapter 1166-1168

AST 1166 –Hexacolor Rainbow Art of Forging,Reaching Ten Nimbus,A powerful blade

Qing Shui immersed himself in that wondrous feeling. Forging had already become such an enjoyment that he could lose himself in it.


Qing Shui did not know how long he had been hammering, but he finally heard a bright crisp sound, which was then accompanied by a resplendent glimmer. It immediately woke him from his trance-like state;a state where he felt like he was a drop of water in the huge ocean, or a stirring ancient tree, or a bird flying in the sky. It was as if he was suddenly conscious of what he was doing.

The glimmer from the blade was bright. Even though Qing Shui recovered his senses very quickly, he didn't see the colors of the light, but he was sure it was not only five colors. After all, his Ancient Art of Forging could only improve, thus logically, he concluded that it had reached the next level.

Qing Shui did not examine the blade in his hand but rather entered his Sea of Consciousness and looked at the state of his Ancient Art of Forging.

Hexacolor Rainbow Art of Forging!

Under the description, he read something that delighted him. There is a small probability that he would be able to successfully create a legendary grade armor, weapon, or accessory. Qing Shui was amazed by this as he did not expect to suddenly reach the Hexacolor Rainbow Art of Forging. It was indeed a right decision to help Yan Jinyu forge this Four Elements Greencloud Sword. That woman seemed to have good fortunes and associating with her somehow brought luck to Qing Shui as well.

Previously, thoughts about reaching the Hexacolor Rainbow Art of Forging did occupy his mind but as it become harder and harder to achieve, he gradually stopped thinking of when he would reach that breakthrough and how he could do it. For him, the most important thing was to become stronger, the art of forging was actually only secondary.

Now that he had reached this breakthrough, he was definitely worthy of the term Master Blacksmith. In the Western Oxhe Continent, there were probably a very little amount of people who could exceed him in his skills on forging. This was something he was pretty confident about.

Even though there was only a small probability that he would be able to produce a legendary grade armament, the main point was that it was finally possible. Qing Shui didn't know how strong a legendary grade weapon was, but still, it cannot be compared to a divine Artifact. He only knows that legendary grade weapons, armors and accessories were considered top-tiered. He couldn't control his excitement when he thought about it.

That was not the only good news. He felt that his strength had increased after the breakthrough and it was quite significant. His natural strength had increased by a shocking two Nimbus and this was brought by his breakthrough on the Thousand Hammer Technique!

Qing Shui was suddenly enlightened. Using his hands like hammers in the Thousand Hammer Technique required the tactful use of both his arms and hands, as he also need to moderate the synergy of his strength and creativity.

He could even feel some changes in his State of Immovable as Mountains. Qing Shui felt that the enhancement brought by the Seven-colored Pellet had increased from 7x to 7.2x. He could tell that it was probably because he also reached a breakthrough on his Immovable Mountains. He knew that it had increased his strength now by two folds. Additionally,the Immovable Mountains could directly affect the use of heavy weapons in terms of the execution of strokes, as well as the overall aura and grace while using these weapons.

This was a dramatic change for the Ancient Art of Forging. The breakthrough from the Pentacolor to Hexacolor Rainbow Art of Forging could be described as a normal person who suddenly became an immortal.

With the sudden increase of his base strength to ten Nimbus, Qing Shui felt a little lightheaded as this breakthrough came from a fortuitous event and it was a bit too sudden. This degree of increase might be insignificant to others but for Qing Shui, it was different as his overall strength was amplified by his Seven-colored Pellet and Arhat Rosary Beads.

This pleasant surprise really gave him too much excitement, that he couldn't help but to think of Yan Jinyu. She was really his lucky star as he wouldn't be able to reach this breakthrough without her.

After regaining his composure, Qing Shui looked at the blade he had forged. This was the sword that helped him breakthrough to the Hexacolor Rainbow Art of Forging. Even though it was still incomplete, he was already in awe of his own creation.

Using his Thousand Hammer Technique, he removed the impurities from the alloy of the Greencloud Stone and the Thunder Rock, refining both metals to create an incredible blade.

It could increase the user's strength by five folds and their spirit energy by two folds. It also gives the user a 20% chance of doubling their attack damage (including damage from spirit energy). There was also a 10% chance that the attack would be imbued with an electrical effect. Using this sword also reduces stamina consumption by 20%.

This was the attributes of the blade, which was more or less close to the final completed form of the Four Elements Greencloud Sword. Usually, there won't be much of drastic changes from this nearly complete form once it was completed. Even at this point, its stats was already far better than his Big Dipper Sword. He was already feeling a little envious, it could boost his strength insanely if he could use this sword.

Qing Shui had an impulse to keep the sword for himself, but he quickly erased that thought. He knew that he would feel guilty if he did that and it could definitely affect his cultivation. Even if he forged this sword for a stranger, he would still give the complete product to his customer, let alone Yan Jinyu. That woman had already brought him a lot of benefits and she was also his sworn sister, so he knew he just had to do his best to forge the sword for her.

Qing Shui felt a little despicable for having the thoughts of keeping the sword for himself. But he had already done well as a cultivator, holding a blade he could use and one which was so much better than his usual weapon, was a great temptation to any cultivator. It was a temptation that was greater than any beautiful woman.

Four Elements Greencloud Sword had four Seal Formation, namely Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Thus, theoretically, it could activate the Gloom Covering Skies and Earth, the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance, the Fly Sand Rolling Stones and the Soaring Dragon Sea Quake. However, he did not know how it would perform these in reality.

Qing Shui didn't stop practicing how to carve seal formations ever since he arrived in the Five Continent and started being able to carve seal formations. He spent most of his time in his Firecloud Blacksmith Store to research and study how to carve these seal formations.

The Fire Snake seal gave the user a certain percentage of success to activate the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance. Once a target is ensnared, they would end up in a horrible fate. Qing Shui was most pleased with this particular seal formation.

Qing Shui did not know how powerful the Tornado Seal would be. He only knew that wind was one of Nature's most powerful arsenal. Winds could come together and generate horrible hurricanes and tornadoes which could level mountain ranges.

As for the Water Dragon Seal, it was the symbol of a sea dragon from the sea. One could only imagine the power that is embodied in such a symbol.

Qing Shui had studied many seal formations. Generally, the nature of each seal was related to one of the Five Elements. Even the Lightning Wind Seal could be categorized under one of the Elements. In fact, everything in this world was categorized under at least under one of the Elements.

Qing Shui only started carving the seal formations after he rested and thought about it for some time. The first seal formation he carved, which was the Fire Snake Seal, went well. As the blade possessed a Thunder Rock, he associated it with Thunder Fire. Because of this, he decided to carve the Fire Snake Seal first.

Qing Shui had to estimate well the size of the seal formations as all of them had to be linked together. If they were too small, the cyclical flow between them would also be small. Whereas, they might conflict with each other if they were too large.

He stopped after a bit of time had passed. He took out a few swords created from Metallic Essence, they were about the same size as the Four Element Greencloud Sword. Then, he started to carve the four seal formations on the swords.

With Qing Shui's current forging skills, he easily upgraded the normal Metallic Essence into Tempered Metallic Essence and shaped the swords to look like the Greencloud sword. They all had the attribute to increase the user's strength by three folds and some additional special attribute. Unfortunately, the material was too inferior, so they would be easily worn down with any expert user.

Qing Shui's aim was to practice carving the formation seals so that they connected well. First, he had to connect the essence between two seal formations. He had to let each seal to have individual cycles before he linked them to create a larger cycle.

Luckily, he continuously practiced carving seal formations all this time and had also practiced how to link two seal formations. However, he had never tried to add a third or fourth seal formation, so he didn't dare to hastily carve one on the Greencloud Sword.

Qing Shui tested adding the third seal formation, guiding the flow from the existing two seals into the cyclical flow of the third. It was like solving a geometrical means mathematical question, it was easy to overlook some details.




"My God! Another failure!"

Qing Shui looked at the massive pile of weapons he had wasted with his failed seal formation carvings.

He was able to link the cyclical flow between three seal formations quite confidently. However, each time he added the fourth formation seal, it would shatter the entire sword. Swords don't get easily damage through impacts with other swords but conflict within the internal energies of the sword can easily shatter it.

Qing Shui calmed himself down and thought deeply.

"Five Elements Talismans… Does this mean that I have to follow the general principles of the Five Elements."

Under the sequence of Gold, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, the elements engender each other, while also countering an opposing element. The Fissure Seal belongs to Earth, the Tornado Seal belongs to Gold (Wind is generally considered under the Gold Element), the Fire Snake Seal belonged to Fire and the Water Dragon Seal belonged to Water.

The Fissure Seal engenders the Tornado Seal and the Tornado Seal engenders the Water Dragon Seal. Whereas, the Water Dragon Seal counters the Fire Snake Seal while the Fire Snake Seal engenders the Fissure Seal!

Suddenly Qing Shui understood something after he contemplated about it more. The Four Elements Greencloud Sword has to follow the flow of the Four Elements. Qing Shui picked up another sword and started carving.

This time he carved all five elements on the sword this time. The reason Qing Shui failed previously was because he could not handle the countering elements with his current standard.

Then he tried again, as he put in every effort he had. He failed again but Qing Shui smiled because he knew that he was on the right track. There wasn't anything wrong with the Four Elements, it was just the limitation of his skills. If he added one other seal formation, it might not activate but it could at least reduce the conflicting energies between the Fire Snake Seal and the Water Dragon Seal.

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AST 1167 –The Powerful Four Elements Greencloud Sword

From there, Qing Shui continued carving. Although he kept on failing, he was able to get a sense of how it should be each time and then he would cross this barrier.

Time passed by unknowingly. When a five-colored light ray was emitted, Qing Shui let out an exhalation. He looked at the longsword which was ordinary to begin with but now was flowing with colorful lights and felt a great sense of satisfaction.

It was a success!

Qing Shui looked at this valuable Four Elements Long Sword.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Four Elements Metallic Sword. Increases user's strength by threefold and increases a small amount of spirit energy. It has a 20% chance of doubling the prowess of the user's attacks and a 10% chance that there would be an effect which might be either Gloom Covering Skies and Earth, Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance, Fly Sand Rolling Stones or the Soaring Dragon Sea Quake. Its impact would be affected by the sword's size and the cultivator's abilities.

This sword was made from poor materials and could spoil easily. Diamond or other materials could be added to strengthen it!

Carving these Seal Formations was actually so that the powers from these four talismans could be unleashed. The success rate was still 10%. 10% wasn't considered low. There would be an average of one hit out of ten tries. However, it would also be possible for there to be two consecutive successes or even the possibility that there wasn't a single success even after 30 or 50 attempts.

Diamonds weren't considered the most top notch and precious, but they were still very valuable. At least, Qing Shui didn't have any diamonds on hand. However, these things could be purchased. It was just that they could only be acquired through trade and he would need to get them through connections.

As for adding other things, Qing Shui felt that the golden extract essence and 10,000 Year coldsteel weren't bad either. However, the diamond should be absolutely necessary. After all, this was something which must be added since it had been actually refined for that.

Just to be safe, Qing Shui once carved several swords. As they said, one would be unfamiliar at the first attempt, familiar at the second attempt and become a master at the third attempt. Qing Shui carved on over ten swords, each taking him about half a day. His determination was really strong.

He took a break, had some food and after he was well rested, he carved on another sword to warm up before he worked on carving on the Greencloud Sword.

Although Qing Shui wasn’t considered to be well-trained in this, he had gained familiarity in the process through his practice. If there were no accidents, he shouldn’t fail.

When the familiar five-colored lights flashed again, it wasn’t just five-colored lights. Including the sword’s body itself, it was six-colored lights. In that moment, the colorful glow was brilliant. Qing Shui finally relaxed. The glow this time was more brilliant than ever.

He has succeeded!

After the glow on the sword’s body disappeared, it became rustic looking. The bit of golden extract essence, 10,000 Year coldsteel, violet jade and other materials which had been added in at the point of forging couldn’t be seen. Right now, there were only some ancient 符文s on the surfaces which exuded a world weary aura. The entire sword appeared rustic and impressive, bearing a silvery grey color.

It looked very nice and could be used by both males and females. Qing Shui quickly looked toward this brand new weapon!

Four Elements Greencloud Sword!

It was forged by repeated tempering of Greencloud Stone, Thunder Rock and other materials. The useless residues were removed during the tempering process, refining the energies from the Greencloud Stone, Thunder Rock and other materials.

It increases the user’s strength by five fold, spirit energy by twofold and there was a 20% chance that the prowess of the user’s attacks would be doubled, even for spirit energy attacks. There was also a 10% chance that there would be an effect which might be either Gloom Covering Skies and Earth, Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance, Fly Sand Rolling Stones or the Soaring Dragon Sea Quake. Its impact would be affected by the sword's size and the cultivator's abilities.

The depletion of the user would be reduced by 20% when using this sword.

It was only now that the sword could be called the Four Elements Greencloud Sword. The sword had been completed. Qing Shui couldn’t help but want to try it out, but he didn’t do so. That was because some weapons were very strange. After one person had used it, for a very long period of time in the future, it could be such that the other users of the sword might not be able to wield it well.

Qing Shui dismissed this thought. Thinking of this made him want to laugh. It was because it was akin to a virgin female, whereby the first time was very important. Legendary grade weapons and divine artifacts seemed to all have this aspect to them, which was to recognize their owners. It was as if they would be stamped with the ownership label after they had recognized their first owner.

Therefore, Qing Shui could only try out those which had been forged by ordinary metallic essence. He rose into mid-air and tried to use them, slowly channeling his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique in the swords. The metal swords which appeared to be a little rustic now had a hint of glow but it was very minute.

Basic Sword Techniques!

Qing Shui practiced stance after stance and very quickly, over ten moves were completed. However, there was still no sign of the “Four Elements”. Just as Qing Shui was distracted, a strong ripple suddenly appeared on the tip of the sword!


Several tens of thick and huge fire snakes appeared over ten meters before the sword, instantly forming something that was like a cage made of the fire snakes. The sounds and energy exuded caused one’s heart to beat faster.

Qing Shui stopped, feeling very satisfied. The entire process from the point of the energy fluctuation to the appearance of the fire snakes was very short but it did occur. If one could notice this beforehand and excelled in speed, they might be able to avoid being hit fatally. However, it would be very hard to escape from the attack unscathed.

Overall, it was considered to be quite a powerful weapon. Putting down the sword in his hands, he checked out the sky. Unknowingly, it was already about time for him to head out.

Qing Shui washed up and had a change of clothes. He was in a good mood. He had gotten a lot stronger and he could also reforge his Big Dipper Sword later. It might be able to increase his abilities to the level of the lowest grade State Master.

Qing Shui didn’t know if it was still possible for him to power up his Big Dipper Sword further. He felt that right now, it was very easy for him to forge weapons which could increase one’s strength by fourfold and he would need some luck to make weapons which increased one’s strength by five fold. It was just like when he was helping Yan Jinyu to forge the Four Elements Greencloud Sword. He had just attained a breakthrough to the Hexa-color Rainbow Art of Forging and thus the attributes to this sword were considered very good. Right now, it would be very hard for Qing Shui to forge another Four Elements Greencloud Sword which was exactly the same. It would take some luck.

Thankfully, Qing Shui had always been one to be considered quite lucky. This was a mysterious ability. Rather than luck, it would be better referred to as Qing Shui’s abilities!

When Qing Shui exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it was already day outside but it was still early. Qing Shui went for his morning practice but when he arrived at the backyard, he saw that a lady was already there, dancing with her sword.

Yan Jinyu!

Her weapon was a longsword and her sword moves were very mysterious. It wasn’t light and agile, nor was it a sword dance. Her sword moves were very strange, it was as if each attack had its own unique feeling. It was as if they held the powers of the world.

This was a feeling, borrowing the force from the world. It was like if one stood in a high place and looked afar, while one’s vision might not actually have become better, the person would be able to see further away. This was what it meant by borrowing force. It was a mental state and was commonly seen. However, there were different levels to it. Using weapons was also one way to do that but it was considered a minor form. What Yan Jinyu was doing was a major form. Legends had it that powerful experts could crush mountains and rivers with a wave of their hands, borrowing the aura and pressure from the world, flipping seas and great rivers. They could even knock down the stars in the skies.

Yan Jinyu turned to look at Qing Shui, smiled, nodded and returned to her sword practice. Qing Shui, on the other hand, continued to look Yan Jinyu while she was doing her sword practice, as he casually practiced his Taichi Fist.

He had already reached quite a good level in this area but it seemed that he was still not comparable to Yan Jinyu. The only thing he could bring out in this area was his Taichi but it was still a far cry from Yan Jinyu’s.

However, Qing Shui was very happy. It was because he seemed to have sensed something new. Therefore, while he practiced his Taichi Fist, he continued to sense Yan Jinyu’s aura and the charms she was exuding.

These were things which couldn’t be picked up and required one’s individual comprehension. Qing Shui had already gotten to the level of introduction and had even gotten some comprehension. Unknowingly, the fist force he was demonstrating was getting increasingly stronger.

Qing Shui’s Taichi mental state had just increased and was still in the phase where he was required to stabilize it. Right now, he finally seemed to have stabilized it.

“The transformation you go through is really unbelievable. From the first time I met you until now, you’re at least twice as strong as before.”Yan Jinyu put away her sword, walked up next to Qing Shui and said with a weird look.

“I’m just lucky to have attained some breakthroughs!”Qing Shui smiled and stopped. It was about time anyway.

“You never speak a word of truth. Let’s go get some food and then prepare to head to the inner city!”Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui and said, smiling.

“This is for you. Test it out and see if you’re satisfied with it!”

Qing Shui took out the Four Elements Greencloud Sword and passed it to Yan Jinyu.

When Yan Jinyu saw the Four Elements Greencloud Sword, her beautiful eyes shone. She liked the rustic Seal Formation prints on it. It appeared to be a little old but was pleasing to the eyes and very sturdy. It wouldn’t lose out to any luxurious looking weapons. It had its own impressive aura.

Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui and then slowly took the sword. When she saw the little bit of glow flowing through the Four Elements Greencloud Sword, she looked at Qing Shui in surprise. Her tender lips opened slightly and Qing Shui could even see her pink and tender tongue. Her shocked expression caused Qing Shui to be stunned.

This lady was very beautiful. Hers was a serene beauty, not a flamboyant one. However, no one would be able to ignore her. Her existence was one which could unknowingly bring harm to a country and its citizens.

When Qing Shui regained his senses, he saw a faint pink glow on her cheeks. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Elder Sister is so beautiful that it’s almost a match for my wife…”

Yan Jinyu was taken aback by Qing Shui’s words. Beautiful ladies tended to think highly of themselves. She smiled and looked at Qing Shui, “Is Miss Tantai from Putuo Mountain your wife?”

“No!”Qing Shui said directly.

“Qing Shui, then do you wish to marry her?”Yan Jinyu asked softly.

“I don’t. I already have a lot of wives.”

Yan Jinyu: “…”

Yan Jinyu looked at the sword in her hand and turned away from this topic, “This is really surprising. To think that your forging abilities have already reached this level. This sword can allow me to be about the level of a Grade Two State Master.”

Yan Jinyu couldn’t conceal her excitement. Her previous weapon increased her strength by less than fourfold but now, with the Four Elements Greencloud Sword, her prowess increased by a lot. This additional one fold was really a lot. Moreover, her spirit energy, depletion and 四法 all went through a tremendous change.

Qing Shui told her about the sword’s abilities. In fact, Yan Jinyu could also sense most of it, but she wouldn’t know about the things like the 四法 unless she tried it for herself.

“Qing Shui, this sword is too precious. Sister likes it a lot. Tell me what you need, I’ll see if I can satisfy your request.”Yan Jinyu gave it some thought and said very seriously.

“You want to stand on ceremony with me?”Qing Shui smiled as he looked at her.

“No. I can’t bear to return it to you. I’m just very happy. Being your elder sister, I haven’t given you anything before but yet you’ve shown me a lot of kindness.”Yan Jinyu said, finding it a little embarrassing.

“Then you can call me elder brother…”

“You can go die! Don’t even think about it.”Yan Jinyu gave Qing Shui a slight punch and said.

In this moment, a rapturous mood filled the air.

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AST 1168 –Heavenly Secrets Pill, Qing Shui’s Opportunity, The Area of Yang City, Spiritual Sense Locked On

Qing Shui controlled the outrageous thought in his mind. He felt that it was the right decision to become sworn siblings with her. At least for now, he could use this reason to erase some of his inappropriate thoughts toward her.

Men are born to be amorous. Beautiful ladies would always be a fatal weakness for men, especially for a capable man. Capable men would never have a shortage of women and would frequently meet ladies who they would fall for.

Sometimes, falling for someone can be very simple. Just by the clothes the person was wearing, a single gaze, voice, a simple action, a disposition, how a person carried himself or herself or even an expression. There were countless possibilities.

Amongst the ladies Qing Shui knew of, there were those who had made his heart beat faster but yet they were only considered friends. Qinghan Ye, Ye Guyan, Long Lingyun…

Qing Shui even felt that he basically had no interactions with them anymore and if there were no accidents, their paths might never meet again. Liking something new was an instinct. Qing Shui didn’t approve of liking new stuff and discarding the old and he wouldn’t dislike the old either, especially when it was applied to people. The longer people got to know each other, the closer they would get and the more they would consider each other family. Family ties was something that couldn’t be cut off. Only beasts would throw away old partners after they have taken a liking to new ladies. For his own women, he would try his best not to take a liking to someone new.

“I’ll give you this. This was something given to me by my teacher. It’s the Heavenly Secrets Pill. Each pill will increase your physical strength by one nimbus and only one can be taken each year, with a maximum of ten per person. It doesn’t increase a lot of strength but I hope that you won’t despise it. Compared to what you have, your Elder Sister doesn’t have much to give you.”Yan Jinyu handed Qing Shui a small porcelain bottle that was the size of a fist.

Qing Shui was so agitated that he trembled. The Great Yu Dynasty really had good stuff. Increase one’s physical strength by one nimbus was considered little?

Qing Shui had his seven-colored pellet, Arhat Rosary Beads, Buddha Image, Nine Continents Mountain…but other people only had their weapons and Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. The increase brought by their martial techniques was comparatively lesser, especially when compared to Qing Shui’s seven-colored pellet.

None of them knew how powerful Qing Shui’s seven-colored pellet was. For every increase of one nimbus of strength others would receive, Qing Shui would get eight nimbus worth. If he were to take into account other factors, it would be even higher. Qing Shui’s physical strength would actually include what he got from the seven-colored pellet since it was something passive and permanent, increasing over seven fold additional physical strength.

Therefore, Qing Shui’s physical body as very strong. As his cultivation increased in the future, it would get even stronger. This was how terrifying the seven-colored pellet was. However, Yan Jinyu didn’t know about that. After all, to her, increasing one nimbus or several nimbus of strength a year was nothing much. However, Qing Shui had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It was just a pity that each person could only take up to ten pills and gain ten nimbus of strength from the pills. Qing Shui was very excited. If he wasn’t mistaken, there should be ten pills in this bottle and he would be able to let his strength increase to 20 nimbus very soon…

Qing Shui received it, “I like this very much. I shan’t stand on ceremony with sister then. Have you already taken ten of it?”

“I have. This is considered a benchmark in Great Yu Dynasty. Only those who are Grade Five Martial Emperors or higher are allowed to take it. In Great Yu Dynasty, after we’ve taken the amount we require, we can use the rest to exchange for other useful items.”Yan Jinyu smiled and said.

As expected of a large faction. The things which they could bring out were different. To Yan Jinyu, an increase of one nimbus worth of strength was nothing. This went to show that Great Yu Dynasty should have better things.

However, to Qing Shui, getting an increase of one nimbus worth of strength was a huge amount. Even with the breakthrough he attained with the Hexa-color Rainbow Art of Forging, he had only gotten an increase of two nimbus for his physical strength.

“Then I shan’t stand on ceremony either. This thing is very precious to me and if I were to choose, I’d rather choose the Heavenly Secrets Pill over the Four Elements Greencloud Sword.”Qing Shui said happily. This lady was really a bearer of good tidings to him.

What Qing Shui didn’t know was that the Heavenly Secrets Pill was also very valuable in the Great Yu Dynasty and Yan Jinyu had only taken one. This was what her teacher had given to her and this bottle was the reward for attaining Grade One State Master level. And she had given it to Qing Shui…

Qing Shui sensed that this medicinal pill was very powerful. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said what he did to Yan Jinyu. He felt that the Great Yu Dynasty could compete with a Grade Four Dynasty. Moreover, after what Yan Jinyu said earlier, Qing Shui didn’t give it much thought and just felt that it was quite little for a person to only be able to take ten of them.

Seeing that Qing Shui liked it, Yan Jinyu felt very happy as well. She had really wanted to give Qing Shui something. After all, even a Grade Two or Grade Three State Master would like this sword a lot. At their levels, a weapon was quite important for a State Master level cultivator.

“Mmm, oh right, Qing Shui. I still have some Greencloud Stone here. It’s probably not enough for another sword. This sword was also forged from Greencloud Stone. Can it be smelted?”Yan Jinyu suddenly thought of something and brought out some things, showing them to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui’s eyes lit up. The Greencloud Stone was considered quite a precious material and he was still troubled over the fact that there weren’t sufficient materials for him to forge the Big Dipper Sword. With this, it should be about enough!

“Since it’s not enough to forge another sword, I’ll take it!”Seeing that Yan Jinyu was really giving it to him, Qing Shui didn’t stand on ceremony.

“Come, let’s go grab some food and then make a move!”Yan Jinyu happily tugged Qing Shui’s sleeves and headed for the manor.

The two of them had unknowingly gotten much closer. Of course, a large part of it was due to the fact that they had become sworn siblings. They were friends to begin with but now, they had more interactions. For example, Qing Shui could give this sword to Yan Jinyu, leading her to feel from the bottom of her heart that this guy was very reliable. It was because she knew that Qing Shui’s own weapon wasn’t as good as this one. She could sense it.

She understood well how important a weapon was to a cultivator. She could sense Qing Shui’s true heart and thus could tug Qing Shui’s sleeves, feeling at ease.

Yan Jinyu was still the one who cooked this time around.Qing Shui gave her a lot of the fragrant fruits, making her both happy and worried. She was afraid that in the future, she’d only be able the food that she cooked for herself. She was worried that she would eat too much, not because she’d grow fat but because she didn’t like the feeling of eating a lot.

Yan Jinyu got Uncle Zong to bring them back on the draconic horse. It required quite a bit of time to head to the inner city and even powerful flying demonic beasts would need ten days to half a month.

“Elder Sister, there’s a faster way to head to the inner city but you’ll have to make a little sacrifice.”Qing Shui didn’t wish to waste time on traveling and toward Yan Jinyu, there wasn’t a need to hide anything from her.

“Sacrifice what?”Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui, stunned.

“I’ll need to hold your hand. We’re now siblings, you won’t let your imagination run wild, right…?”

“You’re the one letting your imagination run wild!”Yan Jinyu said that and then stretched out her hand with a weird expression. Although she appeared to be calm, her heart was actually very erratic. She hadn’t felt like this before and hadn’t even held hands with her own brother when they had grown up.

“I’ll need both hands…”Qing Shui took one of her soft hands and said.

Qing Shui could sense that she was very nervous. She was the Young Miss to Yan City’s Yan Clan and was extremely beautiful. She should have quite a number of suitors. Moreover, there should be even more people and more talents in Great Yu Dynasty. He felt that she should have a boyfriend or even a fiance. However, she seemed to be very nervous at the moment. It shouldn’t be that bad to be just holding hands. Moreover, they were siblings in name.

Qing Shui took her soft and beautiful hands and leaped into the air. Yan Jinyu lowered her head slightly, as if not willing to meet Qing Shui’s gaze.

Nine Continents Steps!

After one Nine Continents Steps, Yan Jinyu looked in surprise at the city under them, then at Qing Shui. She was once again astonished by this guy. He held too many secrets. They did it for another repetitive seven times and although it didn’t bring them to the inner city, they had already covered half the journey.

“Right now, I can only travel this distance within a day. Based on what you say, we should be able to reach there tomorrow. We happen to be above a city. Why don’t we go down and take a look?”Qing Shui smiled and suggested.

“Alright!”Yan Jinyu smiled and then gently drew back her hands.

Qing Shui quickly let go and then the two of them descended. Qing Shui thought of how traveling this way would even save the need to have a flying mount.

Yang City!

Although this was Yan City, there were still some other names for the certain parts of the city. For example, the area they were in was known as Yang City or rather, the area around Yang City.

There were over a thousand cities in Great Yu Dynasty. Other than the imperial city, Yu City, the Yan City was one of the five largest cities in the dynasty. Not only were they powerful, they had a considerably large land size as well.

Every city was very luxurious and over the years, Qing Shui had passed by many cities. He had only passed by them briefly each time and he did the same for Yang City as well, staying for only a day.

“Has Sister came here before?”Qing Shui spoke out casually, as if he wasn’t really asking a question but just calmly making a statement.

“I haven’t. I haven’t been to many cities in Yan City either. However, I often look at maps and stuff. The world is too big and even if I spend my whole life traveling, I might not be able to go to many cities.”

The two of them chatted on their way and time passed by very quickly. Right now, they were just spending some time walking around in Yang City.

Suddenly, Qing Shui had a feeling as if he had been locked onto by a spiritual sense. Even Yan Jinyu seemed to have sensed something similar. He asked softly, “Sister, did you sense anything strange?”

When Qing Shui asked, Yan Jinyu’s countenance changed, “You sensed that too?”

“I’m not too sure, that’s why I’m asking Sister.”Qing Shui said calmly and the two of them continued to walk as they spoke. They didn’t stop nor look around.

“We’ve just arrived here and have traveled in this manner. By rights, we shouldn’t have been followed so quickly.”Yan Jinyu seemed to be unable to understand this.

“Sister, do you have confidence? This person’s spiritual sense seems to be very concealed. The person must not be weak.”Qing Shui followed Yan Jinyu as they went through the crowd.

“The owner of this spiritual sense should excel in spirit energy. In the past, I wouldn’t have confidence but right now, with the sword you gave me, I do. I just don’t know how many of them are there.”Yan Jinyu relaxed her frown.

“Put this on!”Qing Shui took out a Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring, grabbed her hand and put it on. The moment it was put on, a gold needle in his sleeves pricked Yan Jinyu’s fingertip and blood seeped into the Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring.

Recognizing owner just through blood was an item of legendary grade. Qing Shui hadn’t planned on giving it to her initially since he didn’t have many of them anymore. He still needed to save one for Di Chen. These things were hard to come by. He had also planned to save a few of them as family treasures in the future…

However, having met such an encounter and this was his sworn elder sister whom he had completed the vows with before the gods, he eventually decided to let her have it for her safety.

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