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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1162-1163


Chapter 1162-1163

AST 1162 –Tantai Xuan who Fled

Qing Shui had one of his hands on her breasts and his other reached over her delicate waist and groped her round, perky and beautiful rear. It was so round and soft, yet at the same time surprisingly elastic.


With the previous wild experience, things went especially smoothly this time. Qing Shui was tirelessly demanding as he changed all sorts of positions. Scenes that were capable of making one's blood surge unfolded before him and he was also one of the creators.

At the same time, these scenes also emerged before Tantai Xuan, who was in another pavilion. She didn't expect to once again witness a similar scene to before. This made her so embarrassed that she wanted to look for a hole and crawl into. It made her flustered.

She shut her eyes tightly and covered her ears while she sealed her spiritual sense. But all these were once again proven ineffective. Those scenes emerged before her again. It was as if she was in the same room as Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan right now.

It was a very strange feeling. She decided that she might as well stop covering her ears and trying to seal her spiritual sense. She could even see herself in front of Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan.

"Can't both of you restrain yourselves for a bit….?" Tantai Xuan muttered to herself, yet it was also like she was expressing her true feelings out aloud.

But everything suddenly changed. As the scene changed, the three of them appeared in the same space of consciousness, much like that pleasant dream among the sea of flowers where Qing Shui and Di Chen met. But the current scene made the three of them extremely embarrassed.

Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan had appeared in the consciousness, standing together with Tantai Xuan. The three of them could clearly see Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan, who were passionately intertwined with each other on the bed.

Although Qing Shui was embarrassed, he didn't seem too surprised. He had witnessed the intimate moments of himself and Qing Hanye before just like this too, only now with an extra audience, Tantai Xuan. This was enough to make one die of embarrassment.

However, the three of them were not in control of their bodies right now. No one spoke and they didn't know even if they could speak either. Furthermore, they couldn't look away even if they didn't want to watch the scenes unfolding before them on the bed. Their sense of hearing, sense of touch, vision and sense of smell were being amplified multiple times more than usual. The air was filled with an indescribable lasciviousness.

Qing Shui now understood why Tantai Xuan didn't want to live in the same pavilion. Yu Ruyan understood now too. She initially thought that Tantai Xuan had only heard something. But now it was clear to both Qing Shui and her now. Their previous indecent performance had been seen by someone……

Qing Shui was gloomy. Never mind if he had to watch himself and his woman indulging in the wild act. It didn't really matter. However, it turned out that there was also a kingdom toppling beauty watching beside him. If it was a man, Qing Shui would definitely have slain him without any second thoughts……

The most mortified among them were still Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan, especially Yu Ruyan. There were no words to describe her current mood. Actually Tantai Xuan wasn't feeling any better than Yu Ruyan. She had seen every inch of this man. On top of that, it was in this fashion. The most speechless part was the fact that she was watching it together with the very same man.

Their intimate acts were no longer within their control. Right now, all the three of them could only watch the couple on the bed going at it untiringly.

Perhaps due to their subconsciousness, it was a lot shorter this time compared to previous time. Even so, it still lasted for more than two hours. The scene before Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan's eyes wavered and Tantai Xuan vanished while both of them seemed to have returned on top of the bed. However, when they were watching just now, their sensations didn't disappear.

Qing Shui was still embracing Yu Ruyan but it was very quiet in the room. In the silence of this moment, they could hear each other's hearts beating. The two of them were embracing, facing each other. He was looking at Yu Ruyan's satisfied but mostly embarrassed expression on her face.

"How could this happen……" Yu Ruyan sighed after a long moment.

"This is telepathic communication between consciousnesses. The chance of it happening is only one in fifty thousand, one in one hundred thousand or even one in a million. The chance of it happening between three people is even lower." Qing Shui was also very gloomy about it actually.

He feared that this would traumatize Yu Ruyan and even him. He recalled last time and those exciting 'scenes' that he had watched earlier. No wonder why Tantai Xuan was acting strange last time.

It turned out that they had been watched long ago!

If both him and Yu Ruyan didn't know the fact that she had seen it, they wouldn't really feel anything. But now, they didn't even know how to speak to each other normally the next time they met……

Yu Ruyan was also extremely embarrassed. "Do you think Sister Xuan can still see us right now?" she asked cautiously.


"How can I face her after this……?" Yu Ruyan grew more ashamed the more she thought about it, to the extent that she wanted to look for a hole and crawl into. It turned out that Sister Xuan had already seen them last time. No wonder why she was asking her if she was very happy earlier and said that she was making such weird noises. So she had actually seen everything……


Tantai Xuan was in her bedroom. Her face was so red that it seemed like blood would seep out at any moment. Was there anything more embarrassing than this? Her thoughts were swirling in her head.

The sky was growing brighter. She was a little afraid of the morning coming. She woke up really early but holed herself up in her room all this time!

Qing Shui woke up and went for his morning practice. On the other hand, Yu Ruyan made her way towards Tantai Xuan's room. Tantai Xuan jolted at the knock of her room's door. She opened the door to find herself staring at Yu Ruyan. "Sister Ruyan!"

Yu Ruyan blushed. She held Tantai Xuan's hand as she entered the room and closed the door behind them.

"Sister Xuan, I would like to leave the Putuo Mountain," Yu Ruyan said softly.

Tantai Xuan was shocked. She clasped Yu Ruyan's hand tightly. "Sister Ruyan, we are all women. Do you have to be like that? We've already discussed this, why do you want to make such a decision instead? Could it be that you don't want to be my sister anymore?"

"Sister Xuan, you won't look at me in some other way?" Yu Ruyan asked helplessly. This was the most embarrassing part for her. Although men and women enjoyed se*ual pleasure that was the most amazing thing in the world, this kind of intimacy should only be shared among two people. It would really be upsetting if it was seen by someone else.

"Sister Ruyan, what are you saying? To be honest, I am quite envious of you. Did it really feel that good….?" Tantai Xuan blinked her eyes teasingly.

"Oh I see, so even our holy maiden is also in heat now. Should I call him over?" Yu Ruyan blushed but she was a lot calmer now. This incident seemed to have brought the two ladies even closer together.

"What are you talking about, Sister Ruyan? Listen, we are sisters forever. There's nothing to be ashamed of between us. Why don't we sneak away now? It's awkward to see him……" Tantai Xuan huffed.

"Sure! Use your Sacred Jade divine Stone and wait for me a hundred li away from here. I'll go and inform him first." Yu Ruyan agreed after thinking for awhile and felt like it was a good thing to do too. This incident would be forgotten eventually.

When Yu Ruyan went to inform Qing Shui, he was also a little gloomy. The two ladies had initially planned to stay here for two nights. Now, even Qing Shui didn't feel like it anymore. He wasn't worried about what Tantai Xuan would say, he was only worried if there would be any revulsion between the two ladies. As for the revulsion between him and Tantai Xuan, it would probably never be gone.

"Ruyan, perhaps the next time both of you return here, I may not be around here anymore. Only maybe. So if I'm not here, then don't worry. I will go look for you," Qing Shui said after thinking for a moment.

"Alright, please take care of yourself. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine at the Putuo Mountain!"

"Give her these to consume. The more powerful she is, the more beneficial it is to her too!" Qing Shui passed Yu Ruyan a portion of the things that would be useful to Tantai Xuan and asked her to give them to her. Yu Ruyan's safety would be more guaranteed with Tantai Xuan's strength.

Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan left, without even having their breakfast. Qing Shui was left having his breakfast alone, while sighing at this turn of events that was out of his control. The incident this time had indeed left him speechless. He wasn't even in the mood to talk about it anymore.

As soon as he was done with breakfast, he immediately set off to the Firecloud Blacksmith Store. With the increase in his strength, he found that it was no longer that cold here. By the time he arrived at the Firecloud Blacksmith Store, Yan Yangzhao was already there.

"Brother, I am here to bid my farewell!" Yan Yangzhao announced happily after he saw Qing Shui.

"You're leaving that soon!?" Qing Shui found himself in front of Yan Yangzhao already while speaking.

"Some matters to settle back home, so they are rushing me to return. We are brothers, so I'm not going to thank you in helping me forge the sword!" Yan Yangzhao reached out to pat on Qing Shui's shoulder.

"If we are brothers then there's no need to be so courteous. Since you are leaving, let me give you some little presents. I believe you will find them to your liking!" Qing Shui handed over an Interspatial Silk Sachet to Yan Yangzao.

"Brother, I can't possibly accept this……"

"It's Plum Blossom Wine!" Qing Shui chuckled.

Yan Yangzhao's hand that was initially pushing it away immediately grabbed it with lightning speed…….

"Brother, are you really planning to stay here? Go to the inner city. I will help you out!" Yan Yangzhao frowned as he offered seriously.

The divine Weapon Street was declining anyway. This was not how it used be in the past. The Forging Grandmasters here were only left with their reputations. A few of them had already moved out from here to the inner city a few years ago. There were also generations of Forging Clans and they were much more famous than the ones in divine Weapons Street.

"I will definitely make my way to the inner city but not now. When that time comes, I will definitely trouble you, Brother." Qing Shui gave Yan Yangzhao a smile.

"If you don't look for me when you are at the inner city, I won't forgive you." Yan Yangzhao patted Qing Shui's shoulder with great force.

Qing Shui nodded and smiled, while he gave Yan Yangzhao a pat too.

With Yan Yangzhao's departure, Qing Shui reverted back to his monotonous life, just like back in the day. Stone had been improving rapidly. Over this period of time, Qing Shui had let him consume quite a lot of medicinal pills along with Old Man Wang. The old man still had more than a hundred years of lifespan so Qing Shui taught him a cultivation art to preserve health. His constitution was already fixed, so he didn't teach him the Thousand Hammer Technique.

Stone was cultivating the Tiger Form and the Thousand Hammer Technique but only very minimally. He could be considered proficient now. As they said, the master could only lead one to the door, while cultivation would be up to each individual. Normally, Stone should be able to carry out self-cultivation. As for how far it could go, it would all depend on his own luck!

Both Old Man Wang and Stone had drunk Plum Blossom Wine. Qing Shui had used it for their meridian cleansing. The benefits that they received were enough to last them a lifetime.

Qing Shui couldn't really leave now even if he wanted to, because the pair of grandfather and grandson weren't really that safe. Hence, he was prepared to stay here for now and then think about how to deal with the matters here appropriately.

The Firecloud Blacksmith Store had great reputation now. Many people would come to customize or buy weapons. Over this period of time, Qing Shui had been forging in the blacksmith store. Not only that, he would also forge in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, so the items on the shelves were of much better quality than before.

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AST 1163 –Yan Jin sprays tea in Qing Shui's face, Sworn siblings?

Even though Qing Shui's current forging skill was only to the point that he could double a weapon's stats, this was enough for Firecloud Blacksmith Store's reputation to spread far and wide.

Qing Shui managed to exchanged his skills for quite a number of materials. Whenever he worked on a requested weapon, whether using the materials from the requester or using his own materials, he wanted to be paid in items and not cash. All the requester had to do was to offer something that Qing Shui was interested in whether it was raw materials, medicinal herbs or some bizarre and unusual items.

A few days passed quickly and Qing Shui managed to amass close to 300 weapons, 200 sets of armor and even more jewelry. Normal battle armor could not be compared with Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Armor or Skirts as they lacked the additional boosts. However, once their stats were doubled, they were considerably impressive.

Such armor was only suitable for powerful cultivators as they had the strength to withstand the weight of these things thus they were quite useless for low-level cultivators. However, there existed legendary and god-level weapons and armor which do not follow the laws of the natural world. Oddly, if a normal person managed to get such items, they could use them and become very strong.

Old man Wang's body was improving daily. Other than practicing his usual martial arts, Stone started to practice metallurgy for at two hours daily using the Thousand Hammer Technique.

Both grandfather and grandson were quite proficient in metallurgy now. His hope for them was not that they would become incredibly skillful at forging but that they would be able to lead happy and carefree lives without people being envious of their skills. This was because they did not have anyone to protect them now, neither could he protect them himself.

Usually, people do not attack blacksmiths, unless they themselves were a blacksmith. This was the reason that Qing Shui looked forward to them successfully opening their blacksmith shop though definitely not on divine Weapon Street.

One day, Qing Shui looked for Old man Wang and Stone. He told them his thoughts, but he let them decide what to do.

At his age, Old man Wang naturally knew that it was for the best, he sighed and replied, "We'll follow your arrangements!"

"Okay, then let's do it today. Stone, listen to me carefully. With those bottles of medicinal pills, you will definitely reach Xiantian. As for how far you will go in the Art of Forging, it all depends on how many strikes you can make with your hammer!"

"Thank you, mister! I'll engrave your words in my mind." After saying that, Stone kowtowed to Qing Shui in the manner of a disciple.

"Alright! Work hard! We'll meet again if it is fated. Take care of your grandfather. Your lives are going to get better."

Qing Shui passed them all the necessary items and let them leave via the south courtyard even though no one would notice both of them as they were not known in divine Weapon Street.

Qing Shui was left alone in his Firecloud Blacksmith Store. He sat leisurely at a small table, drinking tea. Just then, someone came in. He was a little surprised but it wasn't actually that odd at this time of the day.

Dressed in an eye-catching green elegant dress, the expression on her flawless jade white face was as calm as still water. Her most beautiful features were her pair of eyes, which were as tranquil as a lake in autumn. Whenever she blinked, her eyes twinkled as the bright stars in the sky. Accompanied by her beautifully sculpted nose and high bun, she looked as pretty as a painting.

The person that walked in was none other than the ravishing beauty, Miss Yan. When she saw Qing Shui, a faint smile appeared on her face, "Mr. Qing Shui!"

"Hi, how did Miss Yan find time to visit my small shop?" Qing Shui replied with a smile as he stood up. The woman was scarily powerful, she was even more powerful that her brother Yan Yangzhao. Qing Shui didn't know how she even got so powerful.

"Aren't we friends? So now, you don't even welcome your own friends?" While Yan Jinyu jested, she walked toward Qing Shui. "I'll welcome you any day. Actually, I keep wondering when you'll even appear." Qing Shui gestured for her to sit.

Yan Jinyu paused for a moment realizing how glib Qing Shui was. She didn't think too much about it because if she knew that if she did she would be on the losing end.

"Don't you consider me your friend?" Yan Jinyu asked honestly as she looked at Qing Shui with her limpid eyes.

"Miss Yan, why would you say that?" Qing Shui avoided her pair of beautiful eyes furtively. Those eyes seemed to have a power over him, but he didn't want to stare at her in a daze.

"I find it very odd. Why won't you help me even though you can? I think I'm quite sincere and you even acknowledge that we're friends. But when my brother came, you not only helped him to repair his sword for free, you even gave him that rare wine. You don't know how cocky he acted in front of me when he came home… I am just saying, I am not blaming you. I just don't understand…" Yan Jinyu gave Qing Shui a puzzled look.

If Qing Shui told her that he didn't have the confidence to help her when she came, but he reached a breakthrough when her brother came, he still had no way of explaining why he did not charge him and even gave him wine!

"Uh, actually your brother put me in a difficult position. With his sword on my neck, do you think I could refuse him?" Qing Shui said bitterly with a very convincing act.

"Don't bullshit me. He would never do that. If he really tried that, my father would beat him until he was half dead," Yan Jinyu replied, teasingly.

"Ah. Well, actually your brother and I call each other brothers. I think it is quite alright to give him a gift and help him out!" Qing Shui said, feeling that he had found a good reason.

She had never met a younger man who could banter and talk nonsense with her. It was very relaxing being with this man, so she didn't hate him and even found it interesting talking to him.

"Oh. Since he is my older brother and also yours. Then, I am your older sister." Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui with a tranquil expression.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and said, "It doesn't work that way. We are friends."

"Are you rejecting me?" Yan Jinyu didn't know what to feel, she just found it very strange. When had she ever taken the initiative to start a conversation with someone? She was even trying to use her connections, yet he was still rejecting her.

"Miss Yan, come and have some tea. I could never ostracize you. Seeing such a beauty like you, I can't help wanting to hide you in my pocket… I meant that as an analogy." Qing Shui took one of the snow white cups and poured a cup of tea for her. The tea leaves were high quality oolong that he produced in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. None of the tea in his previous life could even compare.

There were many benefits to drinking tea, even in his previous life. Some people would even say that one could survive three days without rice but not even a single day without tea. The fact that many people drank tea daily showed the importance and significance of tea drinking. Tea can keep one awake and boost one's thought processes and memory. Tea can alleviate exhaustion and improve one's metabolism. It could also help maintain the health of one's heart, blood vessels, digestive tract, etc.

The tea leaves which were cultivated in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had even greater benefits. That tea could help recover one's spirit energy. If one drank it often, it could even increase the amount of one's spirit energy, albeit only by a little but it was better than nothing. It also had a detoxifying effect.

Yan Jinyu felt a little unhappy after that younger man got the better of her but when she smelled the fragrance from the tea, she was astonished. She took the cup of tea from Qing Shui and took a few sips before looking at Qing Shui, amazed.

She had tried the wine that her brother got from Qing Shui but this tea tasted even better than the wine though it wasn't fair to compare them. The tea and that wine were the best she had ever tasted. To top that off, this tea seemed to have beneficial effects. As a daughter of the Yan Clan, she had tried all sorts of valuable teas and wines, yet none could compare to what this man had.

"Miss Yan…"

"You sound too polite. Since we are friends now, don't call me like that in the future." Yan Jinyu smiled at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui really didn't understand this woman. She was so collected, in terms of her mannerism, expression and eyes. Her beauty was the sort that would bewitch the people around her but Qing Shui felt that women like her were like poison. The allure of such women was even more potent than those flirtatious and licentious women. Once a person fell into their trap, who knows when he could get out.

He was confident, but he did not wish to try, nor did he have the mood to try!

"What should I call you?" Qing Shui smile as he took a sip of tea.

"I don't care, you can decide." Yan Jinyu also took a sip of tea.



"Younger Sis Jinyu!"

"No!" Yan Jinyu realized she was feeling the urge to beat him up.

"Little Niece, Jinyu!"


Tea sprayed from Yan Jinyu's mouth, directly onto Qing Shui face…

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Yan Jinyu put down the tea cup and quickly wiped Qing Shui's face with her handkerchief.

After she wiped his face twice, Qing Shui took the handkerchief from her and said, "I'll do it!"

The faint fragrance on the handkerchief was like the smell on her body. After he cleaned his face, the handkerchief was a little wet. "Your handkerchief is dirty, why don't you give it to me? I can use it as a towel…" he smiled.

Yan Jinyu was dumbfounded. She reached for it, but she couldn't help blushing when she remembered how she had spat her tea in his face.

"You look decent and proper but why do you like to spout nonsense?" Yan Jinyu couldn't hold back her laughter when she thought about the names Qing Shui came up with.

"I don't dare to say anything now, I'm afraid you will help me wash my face again."

"Stop saying that! I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Your punishment is that you must call me Sister Yan," Yan Jinyu said, taking the good opportunity she had.

"Why do I have to change the way I address you. If you really need help, just tell me and I'll definitely help you. We are friends." Qing Shui actually didn't want their relationship to get closer at this point in time.

"No! You need to call me Sister Yan!"

"I can. But then we must go through the ceremony to be sworn siblings. You will be my sworn sister in the future and I will treat you as such." Qing Shui found that it wasn't a bad thing, after all this sister was also a powerful cultivator.

Yan Jinyu was a little startled at first, but she smiled and said, "Alright. Close the door. We'll start the ceremony!"

"But, we must get a witness!" Qing Shui laughed.

"That's not necessary. Heaven and Earth will be our witness," Yan Jinyu replied.

The courtyard they were in was exactly in the right position. Since Qing Shui had made this proposition, he decided to go through with it. He closed the door and went to the center of the courtyard with Yan Jinyu. He kept telling himself that he was not the one to use their connections and that he wasn't a woman pleaser, it was this woman who tried to use her connection…

"Am I older or are you older?" Qing Shui grinned at Yan Jinyu. This felt unreal to him, he had no idea why Yan Jinyu would want this.

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