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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1141-1143


Chapter 1141-1143

AST 1141 –Nine Yang Golden Flame, Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Armor, Battle Skirt

Tantai Xuan's gorgeous and beautiful face turned completely red. Unfortunately, no one had been able to witness such a scene. It was only when Qing Shui's side calmed down that her feelings gradually subsided. Furthermore, she was now able seal away her spiritual consciousness and sense.

She did not know what was going on. She was confused to the point where she even started blaming herself. She was afraid that it might have had something to do with herself and could not calm down. When a virgin saw such a scene, it felt just the same as her standing inside their room. The impact given to her was something that she would not be able to wash away for the rest of her life.

Qing Shui was unaware of all of this. If he had known, he would definitely guess that it had to do with the Portraits of Beauty somehow. Other than that, there was no other reasons to explain the situation. It was just that no one knew how he would feel if he had found out that someone else actually saw a live stream of "erotic pictures" of himself……

Yu Ruyan was already deep in her slumber. She was simply too tired. On her face, there was a content and happy smile. It felt good to be protected and spoiled by someone. No matter how strong she may have been, she was still a woman at the end of the day. Anyone would fear being alone.

Thinking of loneliness, Qing Shui remembered some of the things that had happened in his previous incarnation. An old man had been sick, and when he was hospitalized, he saw many family members of other patients visiting them. Even though the old man was rich, no one had bothered to visit him.

After recovering from his sickness, the old man had chosen instead to commit suicide by feeding on sleeping pills. Normally, when one managed to recover from a major sickness, they would bless the gods for being able to stay alive. This old man, on the other hand, had chosen to commit suicide the day before he could leave the hospital.

Only from his suicide note did people eventually discover why he had committed suicide. He was too lonely. Not only did he not have a son or daughter, his partner had also passed away. Being alone, his house lacked a kind of liveliness. There was no longer anything in the world which he had truly cared about.

The reason why he had brought Yu Ruyan along this time was precisely because he was afraid she would feel lonely. Not only did she leave Duanmu Clan, her daughter had established a family of her own as well. That was why Qing Shui decided to bring her along and further improved his relationship with her. He did it forcefully so that he would be able to establish a position in her heart and make her remember him. One would no longer feel lonely when they found someone which they cared about. Now, she would have someone to think about from time to time.

Qing Shui bent his body and kissed her forehead. After that, he quietly walked outside and immediately entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He still had a bit of time left, and he wanted to investigate the Black Tortoise Shell.

It has been said that the Black Tortoise Shell was a shell on the back of a Black Tortoise. Black Tortoise was supposedly a kind of demonic beast that possessed the legendary black tortoise bloodline. Based on its bloodline, the Black Tortoise Shell was also divided into three qualities. Even though the one Tantai Xuan gave him was not that big, it was considered decent in terms of its qualities. The quality of the Black Tortoise Shell was not decided by its size.

Qing Shui saw both the Black Tortoise Shell and the Spirited Snake Turtle inside the pond at the same time. The latter was a Spiritual Type of Heaven and Earth, yet it was unlikely for the Spirited Snake Turtle to be as strong as the Black Tortoise.

Qing Shui prepared some armor while inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Among them, there were battle armor and battle skirts. These armor were all forged with the best materials Qing Shui currently possessed. There were Seal Formation carved on all of them.

What Qing Shui intended to do now was to use the Black Tortoise Armor to refine these armor. As to how many of them he could refine with it, he himself was not clear about it. He was planning to test it first to see if it would really work.

Qing Shui had never been too satisfied with the armor. For someone at Qing Shui's level, the potential of this armor was like icing on the cake.

First off, Qing Shui used the Heavenly Vision Technique to look at the properties of the Black Tortoise Shell.

The shell of a Black Tortoise Turtle possessed formidable physical and spiritual defensive capabilities. It could be used to forge materials, but it could not be used directly from its unrefined form. It had to be smelted and forged at the same time to be used.

The main function about this armor was to help increase one's physical defense. It only provided a minor boost in spiritual defense. Despite so, Qing Shui felt that this armor suited him really well, the reason being that he himself had the Arhat Rosary Beads and Spirited Snake Turtle. All of the spirit energy which attacked him would be weakened by seventy percent. In other words, he would be able to withstand spirit energy attacks used by a low grade State Master.

As Qing Shui thought up to this point, he became unusually excited. This time, he wanted to forge a powerful battle armor for himself and use it alongside with the Nine Continents Mountain. With his own strength, he would definitely be able to use it extraordinarily well. That being said, he would finally be able to battle against a lot of the warriors who were only slightly above him. After all, he was still quite confident with his own battle techniques.

Qing Shui picked out a few of his armor and started forging them. The three armor which Qing Shui picked were all slightly harder than average. They belonged to the kind of armor with soft scales. When mixed together, such a type of armor was said to have the best quality.

It was made of Golden Scaled Beast Leather, one of the best beast leather found in the Interspatial Silk Sachets that he had collected thus far. He left one behind for each of the girls in the five continents. Yu Ruyan also had one. This time, however, Qing Shui was attempting to add in some Black Tortoise Shell to see what would happen.

Once the armor started taking shape, Qing Shui mixed the Black Tortoise Shell into it. This process would still require one's abilities to a certain extent. For example, it would not be easy to smelt the Black Tortoise Shell, as it possessed spiritual nature. It had the ability to neutralize spirit energy attacks.

This explained the reason why many blacksmiths were unable to forge Black Tortoise Armor. Across the continents, powerful blacksmiths have all been powerful warriors, just like how powerful alchemists were powerful warriors. This was because they needed their own Original Flame of Life.

Qing Shui's Original Flame of Life was originally the Primordial Flame. It was only until his Nine Yang Golden Body reached small success stage that he had realized some of the changes. The Primordial Flame transformed into the heart of the fire whereas the flame surrounding it turned into Nine Yang Golden Flame.

Golden Flame was an incomparably powerful flame, it was especially strong when it was part of the Nine Yang Golden Flame. This actually caused the strength of the Primordial Flame to, once again, take another leap ahead. It was a kind of fusion, the result of two energies combining together. After all, the center of the fire was the Primordial Flame, a flame that could harmonize with all living things. Living things were originally formed by primal chaos to begin with.

As time passed by, Qing Shui smiled. He could begin to see the Black Tortoise Shell slowly becoming loose. As long as it was able to get loose, there would be hope. The Yin-yang Image within his sea of consciousness was spinning rapidly to increase the power of the Primordial Flame.

At the blink of an eye, a week had passed. The Black Tortoise Shell had melted into a layer of dull moisture, slowly flowing into the armor. It was a really incredible and unimaginable sight.

Qing Shui was a bit panicked at first, but he very quickly realized that he needed to use spirit energy to control the moisture and blend it into his armor. The process had a high spirit energy consumption.

Qing Shui's eyes were really bright. This was a brand new way of smelting, one that involved the Black Tortoise Shell. Even though it was Qing Shui's first time trying this, he seemed like he was already used to it. He was able to control them as he wished, even though it consumed a lot of spirit energy. For Qing Shui, he was able deal with the energy consumption. After all, he had the Arhat Rosary Beads. Thanks to that, he managed to reduce the consumption of energy.


It was a delicate ringing noise, followed by a magnificent multi-colored light that shone out of the bright, gold armor. The duration in which the light lasted was very short, so much so that Qing Shui was unable to accurately tell how many colors there were.

He enthusiastically moved his sight towards the armor that had just been forged.

Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Armor, increases one's physical defense by a fold and 20% of spirit energy defense. Additional battle technique, Black Tortoise Armor.

Black Tortoise Armor, activated with spirit energy. Energy consumption would increase by one fold. Simultaneously, the wearer would be able to experience a boost in their basic defense by one fold as well as a 20% boost in their defense against spirit energy.

Qing Shui was really satisfied with it. As of now, he was able to comprehend some of the things up to a certain extent. For someone of his level, the weapons and armor were both very rare material, particularly those that helped boost the user's strength by one fold. These items were definitely regarded as an extremely powerful existence. Back then, when his strength was still quite low, some of his armor could provide boost in defense up to several folds. But now, if he were to wear them again, it would immediately lose its effect. There was no denying that there were still items which could help increase the user's defense by a number of folds for someone at his level. But those were just too precious, so precious that they were considered to be at the legendary artifact grade, or perhaps even more divine artifact grades.

Qing Shui's Big Dipper Sword was not just any kind of ordinary object. As of now, the Violet Star Thunder God was already considered to be used officially as a forging hammer. In addition to that, it was also used as a weapon by Qing Shui to cultivate the Thousand Hammer Technique.

Now, he felt really satisfied. The only thing was that he did not have a clear idea of whether a warrior with the strength of a State Master would still be able to boost their strength by one fold if they put on the Black Tortoise Armor. Armor and types of weapons all had their limits. For example, a person with formidable strength would be able to destroy his target's battle armor.

Forget it, let's test it out first!

Qing Shui put the armor on. The armor itself wasn't that heavy. Additionally, he was able to feel an abundance of energy rushing into his body. Even though he did not experience any significant boost in terms of his strength, it felt really similar to when he was holding his own breath. Under that situation, his body's ability to resist attacks would increase by a tremendous amount. Other than that, his mind seemed to feel slightly more refreshing than before.

"Splendid!" Qing Shui didn't hold back with his compliments.

Seeing that he still had a bit of time left as well as plentiful amounts of Black Tortoise Shells, it would not be a problem for him to forge out another two armors. He immediately set off with his task and forged out another two Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Skirts.

The battle skirts had exactly the same ability as the Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Armor, except they looked more beautiful than the battle armor. Previously, both the Golden Scaled Battle Armor and skirts looked really glamorous and unusually gorgeous. But once the Black Tortoise Shell had been blended into it, the armor became different. Not only had its abilities changed, even the outer appearance looked a bit different. To put it in another way, it looked a little less gorgeous but, instead, had a more noble look to it.

This made Qing Shui unusually satisfied.

It was almost time for him to exit the realm. The sky was already bright and it was past the time when he usually did his morning exercise. After washing himself, he immediately exited the realm only to find that the sun was already in the sky. The time for his morning exercise was nearly over.

There was no one inside the room, as both Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan were doing their morning exercises. Qing Shui was able to tell with his spiritual sense. He went out and coincidentally ran into the two girls returning to the house.

Yu Ruyan looked radiant and graceful. She tried to avoid direct contact with Qing Shui's eyes, the reason being it would remind her of all the things which had happened yesterday. At the same time, Qing Shui unintentionally spotted Tantai Xuan who was standing by a corner. She had an extremely complicated expression while looking at him.

If he ever managed to find out that she had seen live erotic scenes of him, he would most likely be able to figure out why she looked so complicated. Qing Shui could also sense that her eyes looked a bit tired.

"Go wash your face and rinse first. I'll get you guys something to eat." Qing Shui smiled and said to the girls.

For some reason, Qing Shui felt really weird seeing Tantai Xuan's complicated look. It has always been said that what a man was thinking could straightaway be told from their facial expression when they looked at a woman. Similarly, the same thing might also happen when a woman looked at a man. It was just that it would feel a bit different. It would not be as obvious as when a man did so. Despite looking a bit weird, one would still be able to feel it just like how Qing Shui was feeling now.

"This is just weird." Qing Shui muttered while eating.

It was quite late by the time they had finished dinner. Qing Shui took out a set of Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Skirt and passed it to Yu Ruyan: "I'm giving this to you. I'll be leaving in a while."

Yu Ruyan smiled as soon as she saw it was a skirt. She received it and asked, "Is Sister Xuan getting one too? It wouldn't look nice if I'm the only one wearing it."

"Yes, gift this to her then. She will definitely reject it if it comes from my hand." Qing Shui passed Yu Ruyan another set of armor.

Yu Ruyan received the armor and immediately squeezed it into Tantai Xuan's hand. She held her hand, "Let's go and get changed."

Tantai Xuan followed Yu Ruyan and went on to get changed. Qing Shui felt a bit upset. He thought that Tantai Xuan's change happened a bit too quickly given that they had not seen each other for only a night. He just could not figure out the reason for the change…

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AST 1142 –Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, Monstrous Wave

Qing Shui was stunned when he saw the two girls walking out. They were already beauties that were capable of toppling over cities to begin with, with the combination of their gorgeous and graceful attire, it helped make them look even better.

"Did you use the Black Tortoise Shell?" Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui in shock. She knew clearly what he was doing at night back in his room. Hence, when could he possibly find time to forge it? But as she reminded herself of the things that happened yesterday, she panicked yet again.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you that I'm a blacksmith," Qing Shui smiled and responded.

"But where did you get the time to forge these?" Tantai Xuan asked confused.

"At night. The night provides sufficient time for me to forge these Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Skirts." Qing Shui replied calmly.

"At night? Weren't you guys……."

Tantai Xuan's tongue accidentally slipped. Even though she held her tongue, everyone was clear now. Only the people involved would know exactly what they themselves did yesterday. Except now, Tantai Xuan immediately lowered her head. It that instant, to Qing Shui's surprise, he noticed that her eyes looked as confused as a dense fog.

Qing Shui now understood everything. He could sense that it must have been because this woman heard his and Yu Ruyan's voices of joy which as a result, caused her to not be able to have a good night's sleep. He also understood why she looked a bit pale today. It was most likely she didn't manage to sleep well. While they were having a pleasant night together, she was left alone to suffer in her room……

Qing Shui stared at Tantai Xuan with a strange look. No wonder her behavior towards him this morning was weird. But it couldn't have been just because of something like this, could it? He was still a bit puzzled by it.

Yu Ruyan was so embarrassed that she was unable to show her own face. Last night, she never thought that Tantai Xuan would actually hear them. Which made people wonder, how would she react if she found out Tantai Xuan saw those embarrassing positions of hers and Qing Shui's.

"Alright, time's almost up, we should go!" Even though it was Tantai Xuan who heard them, Yu Ruyan still felt unusually embarrassed. Luckily, Tantai Xuan was a woman, hence in comparison, things would feel much better for her. She started urging them to leave at once to change the topic.

"Alright alright, let's go, I'll send you guys off to Southern Sea."

Qing Shui quickly responded and started stepping up into the sky. He used Nine Continents Steps while he was standing in air. By doing so, not only would he be able to get his bearings more accurately, he would also be able to draw out the full potential of Nine Continents Steps.

Qing Shui noticed that the Nine Continents Steps could also be used on the ground. However, a large amount of spiritual qi would have to be consumed to pass through certain barriers. This would cause the distance that Nine Continents Steps could cover to be greatly reduced.

Qing Shui chose the direction to travel. Qing Shui was actually a bit upset with the Nine Continents Steps. When he first started acquiring it, it could only be used by him. Soon after, the amount of people that could ride on the Nine Continents Steps increased to two, however, they would have to hug each other in order to travel together. Now, it could carry even more people. Even though they didn't necessarily have to hug each other, it was best for them to hold hands and form a circle. Or else, the steps wouldn't be that stable in the middle of the journey. There was also a huge possibility that a situation where the people riding it would end up squeezing each other.

Qing Shui grabbed Yu Ruyan's hand while Yu Ruyan held Tantai Xuan's hand. At the moment when Qing Shui extended his other hand, Tantai Xuan suddenly felt conflicted. She looked a bit panicked, as if she saw Qing Shui's body again. That scene was just like a devil's curse, causing ripples in her mind that had forever been calm.

It seemed like she didn't really know how she could extend her hand to Qing Shui. Now, the only thing that she wanted to do was to get away from this man as soon as possible. In the future, the fewer times they met each other, the better. All the things that have happened were already too much for her to handle.

Nine Continents Steps! ……

After using it four times, Tantai Xuan told Qing Shui to stop using it. They summoned out demonic beasts and flew on. It was already not so far away because the surrounding was a huge ocean.

Southern Sea!

This was the Southern Sea. Despite being an inland sea, it spanned into the distance further than the eye could see. This inland sea was already considered to be quite huge. The Putuo Mountain was on a huge island located within this inland sea.

"Alright, we’ll stop here!" A number of flying beasts could already be seen from far away. There was a young woman on top of each of the beasts. Merely by their physiques, one could tell that these women were unusual.

Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui. After that, she smiled and said, "No man is allowed on Putuo Mountain!"

"Alright then, please take care of Ruyan for me," Qing Shui looked around and said to Tantai Xuan.

"Leave this to me!"

"Senior sister!"

Around ten young ladies approached them and politely greeted Tantai Xuan.

Tantai Xuan nodded her head towards the young ladies then nodded her head towards Yu Ruyan. After that, she looked towards Qing Shui.

For all the female disciples on Putuo Mountain, once they were married, they would no longer be allowed to stay on Putuo Mountain. For Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan, they were not considered to have been married. Other than that, such a rule was not absolute in Putuo Mountain.

For example, the Sect Elder. There were a lot of grannies who already had a lot of descendants in Putuo Mountain. The biggest secret about Putuo Mountain was precisely these old women.

"When you guys are done, come look for me at the manor," Qing Shui told the girls.

"If you want to look for Sister Ruyan, just come here, someone will pass on the message for you."

"I'm not allowed up there. You guys can go first." ……

Qing Shui stood in the sky and looked at the islands in the distance. Even though they were far away, he was able to faintly see the outlines of the islands. Other than that, he was also able to spot the gigantic mountain silhouettes on it.

Qing Shui continued to watch them as their figures disappeared into the island. Even after that, he still continued to stand in the middle of the sky. Considering that he still had quite a lot of free time today, it would be ok for him to wait there for a while longer.

Qing Shui, who had nothing to do, took out the Pure Gold Fishing Rod and stood on the surface of Southern Sea. This place was considered one of the deep parts of Southern Sea. It had been a long time since he fished. So he would just treat it as relaxing his mind.

Soon afterwards, the fishing float of the Pure Gold Fishing Rod moved about signaling that a fish was hooked. Qing Shui smiled and pulled the rod up. The fish he got was only a Black Carp Fish that was half a meter long with a thickness of an adult's arm. It was constantly struggling in mid-air.

Qing Shui shook his head and returned the Black Carp Fish back into the sea. It was not possible for the Pure Gold Fishing Rod to capture valuable things all the time. The precondition for it was for there to already be something valuable around before it started. When it was in a situation where there was a lot of stuff, the Pure Gold Fishing Rod would capture the good stuff.

He put the average size Black Carp Fish back. Legend has it that Carp Fish was an extraordinary being. "Carp Fish leaping over a dragon's gate", legend has it that a Carp Fish from the sea would turn into a dragon once it jumped over the dragon's gate. The dragon's gate on the other hand, was said to be a huge gate in the palace of the Dragon King in the deep sea.

Of course, this was only a legend. There was also another saying about Carp Fish having less than a one in ten million chance of evolving into a dragon. Qing Shui didn't really believe it, nor did he doubt it. He had a feeling that this was a kind of belief, a belief that provided hope for the weak.

Not long after, the fishing float signaled that another fish was hooked. Qing Shui pulled it up only to find it to be a Green Grass Fish. Looking at the struggling Green Grass Fish that was less than a foot long struggling for its life, Qing Shui imagined himself as the meat on someone's chopping block. He shook his head and once again put it back into the sea.

Just like this, Qing Shui repeated his actions, captured a fish, then let it back into the sea again. He enjoyed the feeling of not knowing what he would catch and the feeling he got when he finally caught something. Also, he enjoyed the scene when the fish was struggling and the feeling when he saw it getting its freedom once again.

Without noticing, time had passed. Qing Shui's state of mind seemed like it was constantly changing. In one moment, the sea became a thrashing torrentlively, in the next moment, it went back to being calm. Water could provide life and yet it could also bring about death.

Qing Shui passed the Pure Gold Fishing Rod into his left hand and slowly lifted up his right hand. The only thing seen was a surging, enormous wave rising up. Qing Shui on the other hand, looked just like one of the fish within the sea.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

As Qing Shui abruptly swung his hand, a monstrous wave could be seen surging in the surroundings. This time, he finally got to experience the strength of water. The vast fire and water showed no mercy. Both fire and water were equally as terrifying but water on the other hand, was about swallowing everything within it.

Monstrous Wave!

The only things to be seen were a lot of huge whirlpools appearing in the waves of water. Furthermore, those whirlpools looked like bottomless pits. One would panic with only one glance at them.

Whirlpools could already be seen appearing in the surging waves of the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. Qing Shui was already really happy with its ability to entangle. But compared to the current Monstrous Wave, it totally paled into insignificance.

The Monstrous Wave that he comprehended today was one of the actual killer moves of the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. For Qing Shui, this also meant that he had already managed to step into the late-stage of this battle technique. He could decide to kill someone with this technique at a moment's notice if he so desired.

When Qing Shui used the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, he was just like an agile fish within the water. It was just like a duck to water, he managed to draw out the best potential of his strength. Not only this, his enemies would experience a great reduction in their strength. Furthermore, the Monstrous Wave was ridiculously strong.

Qing Shui never expected himself to be able to significantly improve his Tidal Cloud Waves Seal by fishing here. Water benefits all, life and death are separated by a hair's breadth. This was the ability of water.

On top of the Putuo Mountain on the other hand stood two figures. One of them was Tantai Xuan whereas the other one was a beautiful middle-aged woman. This woman seemed slightly more mature than Yu Ruyan. Her slender body looked unusually well rounded. Her chest looked bountiful and firm to the point that it really attracted everyone's attention immediately.

She was wearing a plain colored court dress. Despite it looking plain, there was a kind of indescribable tidiness to it. Her face looked mature and composed. There was no trace of wrinkles on it. Both of her eyes looked moist and carried along a calm and farsighted wisdom. She was just like the bright moon in the night sky.

"Xuan`er, this young man has unlimited potential. Even though I have seen quite a lot of young prodigies, compared to him, they're a hundred or thousand miles behind." The mature woman's voice sounded a bit hoarse. However, her voice still carried charming kind of rhythm that was hard to describe with words. At this moment, she was speaking while looking at Qing Shui using the Monstrous Wave.

"Yeah, that's most likely it!" Tantai Xuan didn't seem to be surprised.

"Xuan`Er, what's wrong? You seem to be distracted, if you have anything on your mind, speak up. I will solve it for you," the woman said with a smile.

"Master, I don't have anything on my mind," Tantai Xuan chuckled.

"Little brat, you're old now. Do you seriously think that I won't know if you have something on mind? But since you refuse to tell me, I won't force you." The girl's smile was warm like the wind in spring. It felt as if it had the ability to help soften one's tendons.

"Oh yeah master, why don't you let Sister Ruyan cultivate with me!" Tantai Xuan said with a smile.

"It's up to you. I assume Ruyan shares quite a deep relationship with this brat. Master wishes that you won't fall into it too soon. Your mind used to always be calm. I may not have a clear idea of what happened but I hope that you won't fall in love so early," the woman said softly.

"Master, I didn't, I have said before that I will not get married to anyone," Tantai Xuan said hurriedly.

The woman shook her head and smiled, "My disciple is an extreme beauty. It would be a waste had she not gotten herself married to someone. In fact, one who never experiences love will never be considered to have a complete human. It's only after one experiences love that they will be able to see through some things. It's only through love that they will they be able to call their life a perfect life. Hence, despite hoping for Xuan`er to not fall into it so soon, I will still support whatever decisions you make."

"Master, you're making fun of me again! But well, master, you're still the best." Tantai Xuan would behave like a small girl only when she was in front of this woman. "That little brat is worried for Ruyan. You and Ruyan should convince him to leave." The woman smiled. She left after she finished speaking.

All along, Qing Shui was standing there trying to comprehend the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. After that, he would use it. It's as if he was obsessed with it.

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AST 1143 –Longevity Fish, Infatuated Fish, Infatuated People, divine Weapon Street

It might not have been that long, Qing Shui's Tidal Cloud Waves Seal had already gone through tremendous changes. Now, it could already be considered to have reached an advanced stage.

Qing Shui only came to a stop after he could no longer perceive the mysterious sensation. He was aware that without the earlier sensation, his cultivation would slow down immediately. This was one of the important factors of cultivating, the sensation of comprehension!

It had always been emphasized that cultivation was 99% hard work and effort, while the other 1% was from comprehension. That 1% from comprehension was something that a martial artist could not cultivate without. It was said to be more important than the 99% of hard work and effort spent on cultivating. Just like what happened today, one morning of comprehension was equivalent to at least ten years of hard work spent cultivating.

The surroundings became really quiet. While reflected on the scene from back then, Qing Shui took out his Pure Gold Fishing Rod to once again relieve his boredom. By doing so, he would be able to calm his mind even further.

Fishing could help practice one's patience and temperament. The reason being that such activity required a calm mind. At the moment when the fishing float once again moved up and down on the surface of the sea, he immediately pulled it up.

After that, Qing Shui was stunned.

It was a silvery green colored fish. This fish looked really weird. Physically, its look resembled that of a carp fish. However, its head was bigger. The most unique feature about this fish was that it had a mustache which looked just like that of a flood dragon. With all this, it looked particularly weird. Nevertheless, Qing Shui felt incomparably happy.

Longevity Fish!

Longevity Fish was a unique aquatic species. It was not in the slightest inferior to the Golden Medicinal Turtle in Qing Shui's Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. However, the Longevity Fish was a single-use consumable type ingredient. Its body contained a mysterious energy that could help with recovery and curing diseases. The most important use of it was that by consuming one Longevity Fish, one would be able to increase their lifespan by ten years. Each individual could only consume a maximum of ten Longevity Fish within their lifetime.

The Longevity Fish wasn't large in size. It was less than a foot long, yet they were still capable of surviving within the ocean safely without being threatened by other species. This species itself also had a particularly long life. It's said that they could live up to a thousand years and that the longer they lived, the more precious they would become. They could also be used to make medicine.

Qing Shui joyfully threw it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He thought to himself that today was quite a rewarding day. It would have been much better if he could catch a few more of them. If this happened, he would be able to make them reproduce within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui continued to fantasize while fishing at the same time. He was really confident with himself to the point that he didn't really care if he got something good or not. It was just like when a person was no longer hungry, they would start to get a bit slower in consuming their food. Nor would they feel really eager to eat their meal even if their meal had been really delicious.

It was not that Qing Shui didn't want good stuff, he was just aware that it was not that easy to capture good things. He was already considered to be really lucky to be able to capture one of them.

Right at this moment, Qing Shui lifted up his head and saw both Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan approaching him in a rush.

"Now then, you don't have to worry anymore, do you? I knew it, you wouldn't want to leave without seeing Sister Ruyan for the last time. Do you really have that little faith in me?" Tantai Xuan asked calmly.

"No, it's because I felt that this place was quite a nice place. That's why I decided to do some fishing here. I am so happy that I just managed to capture a Longevity Fish just now! The Southern Sea indeed has a lot of good stuff!"

"Continue bluffing!" Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui without any traces of a smile.

"Look, another one just took the bait! There you go, another Longevity Fish." Qing Shui smiled and pulled up the rod.

This time, everyone got startled!

It was another Longevity Fish!

Qing Shui looked at the struggling Longevity Fish before moving on to look at the two surprised ladies. After a while Tantai Xuan responded, "Previously, did you really capture a Longevity Fish?"

"Yeah!" Qing Shui answered seriously.

"Well, then it isn't weird. This time, this fish took the bait on purpose. Longevity Fish often appear in pairs. If you're really able to capture one, the other one would let itself be captured on purpose. If only one of them got captured, it wouldn't be able to live for more than three days. The Longevity Fish is also known as the Infatuated Fish," Tantai Xuan explained slowly. Her voice sounded really pleasant to hear. Except it made people a bit lost in terms of what she was thinking.

Qing Shui too didn't know that things would turn out this way. Previously, he was still upset for only getting one Longevity Fish. Everything was fine now, for all he knew, he might really be able to raise a whole school of Longevity Fish.

Tantai Xuan was a bit stunned, the reason being that she knew quite a lot about the Longevity Fish. Apparently, only those who're infatuated in love would be able to capture Longevity Fish. Longevity Fish possessed really strong spirituality. It had already been made pretty obvious with the fact that they were able to survive in the dangerous ocean without any battle capabilities.

Tantai Xuan found it really hard to consider this man an infatuated person. He had quite a few wives. If someone was really infatuated with love, how would they have more than one wife.

Qing Shui threw the other Longevity Fish into the pond in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. This time, he finally managed to find peace in his mind. He looked at the two girls, "You guys can head back now, I'm about to leave."

Qing Shui stepped forward and embraced Yu Ruyan before he began madly nibbled on her. Tantai Xuan, who was standing at the side, wanted to give him a beating. This man was so unbridled.

Her heart had never been so confused. No man had ever done this in front of her……

Actually, most of the time, men would often be pretentious when they were in front of women. Or maybe, it was safer to say that they would try harder to make themselves look better, particularly when they were in front of the girls they liked. If they didn't like a girl, they would act more naturally.

Little did they know that the more they tried to pretend, the more unpleasant they would make people around them feel. A lot of people also knew that this had to do with something called k"Rejecting what was near to them and seeking those that were far away." Despite this, it's hard for them to control themselves. It's only when one stopped having any extra thoughts towards a woman that they would begin to act more naturally or maybe, even go as far as to ignore the woman.

This was exactly how Tantai Xuan as feeling now. This man had already repeatedly ignored her a number of times. Even though she hadn't really had much interaction with men, she still knew about them generally. Also, she could tell a thing or two about it from his expressions.

When Yu Ruyan got nibbled by Qing Shui, she blushed and pushed Qing Shui away. She glared at Qing Shui with a bitter face and after that moved on to look at the unnatural Tantai Xuan. She felt so ashamed that she was almost unable to show her face.

Qing Shui left!

Both Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan were still standing there. Yu Ruyan looked at Tantai Xuan with an embarrassed look. Nevertheless, Tantai Xuan held Yu Ruyan's hand and smiled, "You will definitely be happy with him."

"Hm, Sister Xuan, why are you siding with him this time?" Yu Ruyan was really shocked. Even though Qing Shui didn't directly offend Tantai Xuan this should have definitely upset her.

"Longevity Fish is also known as the Infatuated Fish. Only people infatuated with love are able to capture it. Only those who have unyielding love are able to capture it. When someone like this dedicates their feelings to a person, they will never change them. This will never change." Tantai Xuan smiled as she explained.

"Sister Xuan, tell me, how many girls can this infatuated person dedicate his infatuated love to?" Yu Ruyan looked at Tantai Xuan confused.

"I don't know. You should have experienced this before. Alright, let's stop talking about this, in any case, you two are already in such a relationship. Sister Ruyan, you will definitely be happy in the future. Even my master has a really good impression of him. ……

Qing Shui headed back with his Nine Continents Steps. Actually, he felt really happy, if he wanted to meet Yu Ruyan, he could just go back and forth between the two places in a day. Before his Nine Continent Steps got upgraded, it would require him a number of days to go there. But now, he could go back and forth almost instantaneously by utilizing Nine Continents Steps.

By the time he arrived at the courtyard, it was only the middle of the afternoon. This was good because this meant that he was alone in Yan City. He wouldn't go as far as calling himself lonely, what kind of loneliness had he not experienced before?

Now, the only thing he wanted to do was to increase his strength and become a State Master as soon as possible.

The thing he wanted to do now was to be the State Master of Great Yu Dynasty, the peak Grade Two Dynasty State Master as soon as possible. Then, he wanted use the strength of Dynasty to look for Di Chen. If not, he felt that any hope of him finding Di Chen would be very slim.

He walked out of the house. In front of the house was already a luxurious street. On both sides of the continents, there were a lot of luxurious streets. Within them, all sorts of people would move back and forth along the streets doing their own important things.

Previously, he rejected Formation Immortal Sect's kindness. The reason being that even though it was a huge sect, he felt that it had already begun to crumble. Most importantly, Qiu Feng was the weakest among the Formation Immortal Sect. He was reluctant to get himself involved in the battle between sects.

Qing Shui thought about things to do while walking along the street. After all, he already had more than enough time to cultivate in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Hence, he made up his mind to do something in Yan City. It would be best if he could attract people's attention with his strength and befriend them. Most importantly, the things that he did must be able to benefit himself. For example, with a wider network, he would be able to find Di Chen. Or maybe, it could also help him in improving his strength.

At the moment, he already had quite a few things that he could present to the world. Qing Shui continued to walk while thinking and eventually found himself along a luxurious street.

divine Weapon Street!

When Qing Shui saw the name of the street, he felt really weird. Only after walking in did he find out that there were a lot of blacksmith shops along the street. Nevertheless, it was not that each and every one of the buildings were all blacksmith shops. Among them, there were still others such as restaurants. Basically, in every one hundred meters, there would be a huge hall for forging metals. They gave off really powerful auras, with just one glance, one could already tell that those were high grade weapons and armor. Compared to the Firecloud Blacksmith Store, these stores were a lot bigger.

For Sale!

Not long after Qing Shui entered the street, he saw a sign with the words For Sale on it. He entered the store and saw that it was a smaller Blacksmith Store. Nevertheless, it was still a lot bigger than the Firecloud Blacksmith Store in Hundred Miles City. It was just that it was one of the smallest here.

divine Weapon Street was really wide. People walking along the street were basically warriors. Qing Shui could even sense powerful warriors here with his Spiritual Sense.

There were people here who forged weapons and armor as well as accessories. Of course, some forged all of those. The street was a well known street in Yan City. Qing Shui intentionally made note of the divine Weapon Street on the map of the Great Yu Dynasty.

It was said that many years ago, this street had once forged a lot of divine weapons and armor. It was also since that time that this street started to be known as the divine Weapon Street. This was a kind of glory. However, as time passed, production of divine quality items started to decline, leaving behind only the name of the street.

After all, divine weapons were still legendary weapons. Even during that time, not many of them actually appeared. Forging divine weapons seemed to also require a lot of luck. Nowadays, it was very rare to hear people forging divine weapons or armor. Nevertheless, the weapons and armor forged here were still quite outstanding. A lot of people would forge their weapons here.

Suddenly, it hit him that he could open up a smith shop here. Whenever he was free, he could practice his forging skills or do something else like carving seals. Besides that, he could also get a better understanding of the incidents revolving around the Great Yu Dynasty. For he knew, one day, he might hear news of Di Chen.

As Qing Shui thought about this, he walked towards the store which was for sale. It was in a decent location. It was just a bit small. The front part of the store was a forging hall. From Qing Shui's perspective, it was already considered quite large. It was just that when compared to those he had seen before, it looked a bit run down.

Qing Shui took a step into the blacksmith shop. There were very few people here. The weapons in here also weren't really that eye-catching. An old man could be seen beating something inside and the heavy hammering noises could be constantly heard.

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