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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1138-1140


Chapter 1138-1140

AST 1138 –Great Yu Dynasty, Yan City, Cloud Inn

Another thing was that the depletion had been reduced. This was quite a good ability as well and he would be more powerful in a sustained battle. What had made Qing Shui the happiest was the strengthening of the Nine Continents Steps.

The strengthening of the Nine Continents Steps made Qing Shui so happy that he wanted to break out in laughter. Previously, he was only able to use it four times a day, 400,000 Li each time. However, he could now use it for 800,000 Li each time, eight times a day. The two weren’t of the same level and it could be considered an overwhelming change. He was even anticipating the further strengthening it would go through next time. It would surely be even more terrifying. Qing Shui shook his head. One who didn't know how to be content was like a snake trying to swallow up an entire elephant whole.

Of course, the distance for the Nine Continents Steps could be freely adjusted. However, the number of uses wouldn’t change even if the distance was adjusted. Even if one were to use the Nine Continents Steps to proceed by ten meters it would also be counted as one use.

This was a great weapon for escaping and saving his own life.

With how vast the Western Oxhe Continent was, it would be much more convenient to be able to travel using the Nine Continents Steps and it wouldn’t leave behind too many traces. Maybe in the future, he would really be able to use the Nine Continents Steps to travel across the Southern Sea.

Another thing was the issue of cultivation realm. In the five continents, there were only people with up to Grade Five Martial Emperor who had a strength of 5,000 stars. One would only be considered to have reached Grade Six Martial Emperor after their strength had exceeded one nimbus, Grade Seven Martial Emperor when exceeding ten nimbus, Grade Eight Martial Emperor when exceeding 10,000 nimbus. As for Peak Martial Emperor as well as those in the legendary False God realm, Qiu Feng didn’t know about them either. He wasn’t even completely sure that the other information he had provided was accurate.

Grade Ten Martial Emperor was considered the highest level of existence in the Western Oxhe Continent. As for how much strength a Peak Grade Ten Martial Emperor had, Qing Shui didn’t know. A Grade One State Master would have the strength of a Grade Nine Martial Emperor but it was the same for a Grade Two State Master. It was only when one had attained a breakthrough to become a Grade Three State Master would he be considered a Grade Ten Martial Emperor cultivator.

Qing Shui himself had already attained a physical strength of 2.5 nimbus. Under the effect of the Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers, his strength would be doubled.

The Nature Energy increased his physical strength by 70%, the Unmoving Like A Mountain increased it by 50%, the Frenzied Bull’s Strength increased it by 30%, the Heavenly Thunder Slash increased power by 30%, the Shield attack increased power by 40%, the Heavenly Talisman increased power and defense by 50%, the Five Moves Combination Sword Technique enhanced physical strength by 80%, the high grade Focused Concentration increased physical strength by 20% and the Emperor’s Qi increased overall abilities by 20%.

The Big Dipper Sword increased his physical attacks by an additional four times and with the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation increasing his strength by an additional three times, Qing Shui’s strength was at 230 nimbus when he was holding onto the Big Dipper Sword.

Without the world’s limitations, the prowess of Qing Shui’s physical attacks were unleashed. The prowess of his Nine Palace Steps and the Combination Sword Technique could be once again displayed.

However, in terms of physical attacks, Qing Shui’s most powerful attack was still the Nine Continents Mountain. It allowed him to attack and defend with two times his strength and speed and his attacks would have the effect of Shield attacks.

The attacking prowess of 460 nimbus was Qing Shui’s strongest attacking prowess. Back when he was in the five continents, the spirit energy and the attacking prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain which he had relied on were now very different. However, he now had the Arhat Rosary Beads and his resistance against spirit energy was very high.

Although Qing Shui’s current spirit energy attacks were slightly weaker, if he were to not use the Nine Continents Mountain, his spirit energy attacks would be more powerful. With the Heart of Roc increasing his spirit energy by five times, in addition to other factors, Qing Shui’s spirit energy reached 17.5 nimbus. With the effect of the Arhat Rosary Beads, it was further raised to be 35 nimbus.

In addition, under the effect of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Buddha Form Reveal and Angry Gaze of Buddha, his spirit energy attacks could reach 420 nimbus. It was slightly weaker than the attacking prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain but was already pretty good.

After getting out of the mountain, he saw a magnificent city in the distance, with great walls that stretched out very far. All the buildings in the city were tall and upright and the scene was that of great prosperity.

The scene in a dynasty was pretty much similar to what it was like in the five continents. There were not many differences. Cities were still cities, City Lords were still City Lords, aristocratic clans were still aristocratic clans. The only difference was that there was an additional powerful royal clan or rather, a powerful clan was crowned with the title of being the royal family.

The cities here were even larger and more prosperous. Looking down from high up in the air, he could see many luxurious looking horse and beast carriages along the wide streets. The whole city was bustling with activity.

“There are so many people!”

This was what Qing Shui felt. The populations in the cities here were huge and it was extraordinarily lively. However, the land area was also wider and there were also adventurers who would participate in high-risk jobs outside cities.

The trade associations set up many shops. There were also many auction halls as well as underground organizations. However, most of them were either not presentable or were associated with some people from different sects.

This was the northeast area of the Western Oxhe Continent. The Great Yu Dynasty was a Grade Two Dynasty located in the northeast side of the Western Oxhe Continent. It was considered one of the top amongst Grade Two Dynasties and had a wide land area. In the Western Oxhe Continent, it took up a very large land area.

There were the most Grade One Dynasties and sects in the Western Oxhe Continent. For the Great Yu Dynasty to be able to stand in the ranks of the top Grade Two Dynasties was already considered very powerful. The Great Yu Dynasty was surrounded by Grade one Dynasties. This was a kind of regulation and balance of powers.

Yan City!

This was one of the five greatest cities in the Great Yu Dynasty. It was situated in the extreme east of the Great Yu Dynasty and its north side was connected with the Great Virtue Dynasty. To its east was the Eastern Sea and the Yan City was considered the northern gate to the Great Yu Dynasty.

The Yan City wasn’t directly connected to the Great Virtue Dynasty. There was actually a large plot of free land between them, the Scarlet Flame Region!

The Scarlet Flame Region was an especially scorching place and the land area was very wide. There were areas with mountains and forests and there were also areas with swamps and deserts. Demonic beasts would roam around the entire place. It was an especially dangerous place.

Qing Shui thought of Tantai Xuan’s sect, the Putuo Mountain. It was considered an extraordinary existence in the Great Yu Dynasty but he didn’t know where in the Great Yu Dynasty it was located.

Back in the five continents, they were located in the Southern Sea. He didn’t know which part of the four continents they would be situated in now. Could it be the Eastern Sea?

The cities here were extremely big and each of them was segregated into many regions. Moreover, Yan City was also one of the five biggest cities in the Great Yu Dynasty. Qing Shui, Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan found a place that wasn’t very far away to stop over.

“Yan City is considered a big city in the Great Yu Dynasty which is second to the Imperial City. There are many powerful factions here and it was even rumored that there are some hidden powers in the Scarlet Flame Region. How about it, why don’t we stop over here?”Tantai Xuan smiled and looked at Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan.

“Okay. Oh, right, where is your sect? When will you heading back?”Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.

“Why? Are you finding me a hassle here?”Tantai Xuan asked calmly, as if there were hints of teasing in her voice. However, she still gave off the feeling that it was hard to get close to her.

“Why would I? I’m only afraid that the people from your teacher would miss you,”Qing Shui smiled and said.

“My teacher is at the south of Yan City. There’s an inner sea there, also known as the Southern Sea,”Tantai Xuan smiled and said before looking forward and pointing.

Cloud Inn!

“Let’s have some rest here first. If you plan to stay in this area, then just stay here. I feel that it’s very suitable,”Tantai Xuan turned and said.

Cloud Inn was an inn which incorporated dining and accommodations into one. Of course, one could stay here or choose only to dine. However, this Cloud Inn seemed to be very grand and had 12 stories. Its decorations weren’t especially colorful but looked very impressive. In one look, one could tell that it was very high class and tasteful.

It was a feeling it gave off. Just from this feeling alone, one would know that Cloud Inn’s business was very good.

When the waiter at the entrance saw Qing Shui and the other two, he attended to them warmly and invited them in. Each waiter here had met many different people and had a good eye.

The interior setup was with the corridors around the outside and with the public dining area in the center. However, the distance between tables was quite far and there were also some seats which were separated. Although they were partitioned simply, the sound-proof effect was considered quite good. In the surroundings, there would be rooms.

The interior area was very big, causing Qing Shui to be astonished. It was impossible for one to be able to see a hotel with such a setup like this in his previous life due to land restrictions.

The three of them took a seat next to a window on the fifth story. It was a relatively secluded spot. They had ordered the food which should be served very soon.

“Miss Tantai, what is the level people in Yan City are at? Are they powerful?”Coming here made Qing Shui feel that everything seemed to be too unfamiliar. It was unlike how it was back in the five continents when he could do as he wished.

Qing Shui knew that he had thought too much about it. Although the Western Oxhe Continent was very powerful and big, Qing Shui’s abilities were also something to be reckoned with. A level of over 400 nimbus was terrifying enough. As for State Masters…How many of them could there possibly be in each dynasty? Out of such a great population, there were only so many State Masters. It went to show that Qing Shui was still considered very powerful.

However, Qing Shui must not let down his guard. Having reached his current level, it was possible for him to encounter State Master level people. After all, he wasn’t the most ordinary person. An ordinary person who didn’t cultivate martial arts would basically not be able to encounter State Masters in their entire lives. It was because even if a State Master were to cross his path, the person wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Furthermore, both parties would basically have no interactions.

The food was served very quickly. It might be because the city was situated close to the sea that most of the dishes were seafood. They tasted quite good and were very fresh. These should be the unique characteristics in the area.

“The City Lord of Yan City is from Yan Clan. This city was also named after Yan Clan. They are very well known throughout the entire Great Yu Dynasty. Other than the royal family, Yan Clan and a few other clans and sects make up the strongest factions,”after a waitress served the food, Tantai Xuan said slowly.

“Other than Yan Clan, what other factions are considered to be powerful in Yan City?”

“I only know that Yan Clan is very powerful. As for the others, it’s a mix of various levels. I’ve only been here for a few years. There are too many factions here…”

Qing Shui: “…”

Qing Shui thought that it made sense. After all, when Tantai Xuan came to this Cloud Inn, the waiters and waitresses here didn’t even recognize her.

At that moment, a group of people came up. They were very loud and chaotic. There were over 30 of them and all of them were strong men with great builds, wearing clothes that cultivators would wear. The group of them walked over to the table Qing Shui and the two ladies were at.

“Hmmm, look. These two ladies are really pretty. No, they can’t f*cking be called pretty. Their beauty would cause the downfall of cities and countries,”a coarse voice rang out.

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AST 1139 –Break an Arm, Too Lonely at Night..

This voice stood out particularly well in this relatively quiet place. Qing Shui knew that the voice was directed at the two women by his side. He lifted his head up to look at the man who spoke.

The man had sideburns and his hair was as thick as a lion's mane. His figure was quite tall and burly. The front of his clothes was left unbuttoned, exposing his steel-like muscles. He was exuding a wave of manly, coarse and violent aura.

He wasn't too bad looking. Although he had sideburns and thick hair, he had prominent facial features. His eyes in particular were beast-like, causing him to look very wild and aggressive. This type of men was deadly poison to some women.

"Young Master Ma, I didn't expect you could actually use words other than 'hot' to describe women. Your description fits too well this time. How can there be such beautiful women in this area that we have never seen?"

The person who spoke was a man beside the person who was addressed as Young Master Ma earlier on. This man was well-dressed and seemed to be a young lord from some aristocrat clan. He was handsome and had a slender figure. His every movement was graceful, with an air of nobility.

This man flattered this Young Master Ma and put him on a pedestal. This was why Qing Shui could sense that this Young Master Ma was probably the leader here.

The group of people had already reached not too far from Qing Shui while they were talking, but they didn't do anything reckless yet. Qing Shui only gave them a single glance before he went back to eating.

The two ladies didn't even lift their heads to look at them, from the start to the end. Tantai Xuan wasn't wearing a veil today, but she wore a small and exquisite mask that revealed only her eyes and below her nose. Even so, just her chin, lips and her amazing physique could make one stare and be unable to break their gaze. This figure of her was already enough for men to not be bothered by how she looked. They probably wouldn't mind even if her face wasn't beautiful at all.

Yu Ruyan, on the other hand, didn't only have a gorgeous figure, she was also mature and charming. This type of woman was a killer to men of any age group. Qing Shui had a hunch that this group of people should be one of the more powerful groups around here. Otherwise, they wouldn't be this domineering here. They probably had some profound background.

"Liang Qi, how high is the flow of visitors this generation? You think beauties of such caliber will always appear before us? We should be grateful to our ancestors for being able to see them today. I want these two women. The ones in our clan are merely soy pulps compared to both of them," Young Master Ma exclaimed in excitement.

"Young Master Ma, we should be a little more prudent. These people don't look like ordinary people either," Liang Qi said softly to Young Master Ma.

His voice wasn't loud but Qing Shui and the rest heard it very clearly. The two ladies raised their heads to look at Qing Shui. Qing Shui continued savoring his meal, pretending as if he didn't hear anything.

"Let's go over there. We were very loud just now, it's impossible they didn't hear us. Yet they are not uttering a single word. You know what this means?"

"Brother Ma, what does this mean?" a young man from behind asked in a flattering voice.

"This means that they know they cannot afford to offend us. Since they can't offend us, you think we are going to let such a nice fat chance slip away?" Young Master Ma's personality was crude too. If he didn't have his clan behind him, he would have been hacked to death by others countless times.

Liang Qi was about to say something else but Young Master Ma had already led everyone else towards Qing Shui. When he was right behind Qing Shui, he extended his arm with his hand in a claw form and directly slapped on Qing Shui's head.

Qing Shui cursed inwardly. This dumb shit was really too straightforward. It was a pity that Qing Shui didn't put the strength of these people in his eyes. If these people were indeed very influential in this region, then that would be due to the power behind their backs, their clans for instance.

Qing Shui randomly picked one of the chopsticks that he used to pick up his food and sent one of them flying out!


A very soft noise was heard and at the same time, Young Master Ma's blood-curdling scream. The chopstick had penetrated through his palm and was still embedded in his hand. Qing Shui reckoned that he'd be in more pain when he extracted it.

Furthermore, Young Master Ma was sent flying from Qing Shui's single chopstick. Just then, Qing Shui rose up from his seat and looked at them. Although the Yan City was bustling, the influential parties were complicated and tricky. Not every power had a State Master. There were only a handful of State Masters in the entire Great Yu Dynasty.

To be honest, even cultivators with the strength of one nimbus couldn't be easily met. Just like these people, the leading few people only had about ten stars of strength. That was considered to be very powerful as it was the strength of a peak Martial Saint. Although they were not young in age, they weren't that old in age either. Hence, Qing Shui didn't intend to kill them.

It wasn't that he didn't dare to kill. This guy was really trying to kill him just now but Qing Shui wasn't that mad about it. This kind of trash was a mere ant in his eyes. Would anyone throw a fit with an ant? No!

If Qing Shui was going to actually flee, no one would be able to catch him. He simply didn't want to draw too much attention to himself earlier on.

"You are Young Master Ma, right? You dare to snatch my women?" Qing Shui asked calmly. However, his tremendous Qi aura instantly pressed down on these people to the point that it was smothering.

Yu Ruyan didn't feel bothered when she heard his words. Tantai Xuan, on the other hand, was extremely upset. Although he was just saying it, she felt displeased in her heart. Since when had she become his woman……?

Between cultivators, especially when the weaker ones met the stronger ones, this kind of pressure could smash the guts of the weaker cultivators and even crush their souls or burst their brains. That was why it was said that experts could kill on a whim. To them, ordinary people were really akin to ants which they could kill disdainfully.

"Sir, our damned eyes were blind. We shouldn't have gotten any ideas on your ladies, sir. Good sir, you have a generous heart. Please spare us this time……"

Young Master Ma crawled on the ground as he spoke while endlessly slapping his own face.

Slapping face was already the greatest humiliation to a cultivator, let alone slapping your own face. If it wasn't for the sake of survival, no one would do this to themselves. This was already putting one in the lowest position. Without any heinous animosity, one would basically not kill and spare the person instead.

Young Master Ma had chosen to do this because he knew that the women by this powerful cultivator's side were definitely untouchable subjects. He had actually tried to kill this powerful cultivator earlier, so he knew that they weren't his match at all. Killing them would be a snap of the fingers to Qing Shui and he was aware that they would possibly lose their lives at any moment now.

From the beginning, Qing Shui didn't have any intention to kill them. Now that these people had put themselves in such a position, they wouldn't have too many achievements in Martial Arts. All cultivators, powerful cultivators in particular, should possess one quality and that is self-esteem. People who grovelled like this and still had great achievements in Martial Arts were basically as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin's horns.

"Each of you break one of your arms and leave. Remember that I will wipe out all of you next time. Do not doubt my words. If anyone who has the slightest relation to one of you comes to find trouble with me, I will take your lives." There wasn't even an ounce of emotion in Qing Shui's voice. People like these had to be threatened to their deaths. He had to make them remember the incident today. Breaking one of their arms should be enough for them to remember this.



The sounds of bone breaking rang out. All of them bowed to Qing Shui and the rest with cold sweat covering their foreheads before they retreated and left. Qing Shui then continued to eat his meal.

"Miss Tantai……"

"Since when have I become your woman?" Tantai Xuan cut him off without even lifting her head.

"Erm, it's a misunderstanding. I have no such intention."

"To be saying that without the intention, what will you be saying if you have such intention…."

Tantai Xuan was merely saying that but it ended up coming out a little weird. She didn't know how to continue all of a sudden, so she could only continue eating.

"I don't have that intention right now, so I don't know what I will say when that time comes." Qing Shui didn't expect this woman would comment on this kind of thing. This made him felt that women indeed have adaptable personalities.

"Alright, let's drop it. Remember not to claim that I am your woman in the future, not in front of strangers either." Tantai Xuan's voice calmed down.

"I apologize. I definitely won't do it again." Qing Shui shook his head. It didn't really matter to him anyway.

"Miss Tantai, do you know the Ma Clan?"

"A little. They are nothing significant and don't pose much threat to you. However, it's better for you to maintain a lower profile. Things are very complicated here. You still have to take care of Sister Ruyan too. Why not let Sister Ruyan return to Putuo Mountain with me? Do you mind if she joins the Putuo Mountain?" Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was taken aback. "No way!"

"Why not?" Tantai Xuan was puzzled. After all, Yu Ruyan would reap great benefits after joining the Putuo Mountain. Among the Great Yu Dynasty, the Putuo Mountain was considered to be a more well-known sect. On top of that, all of its members were female. This made a very big difference. Hence, the Putuo Mountain had a very unique position. She thought that this man should be able to understand the benefits of this.

"Well… I have just arrived here. If Ruyan isn't by my side, I'd be too lonely at night……"

Yu Ruyan instantly reached out and pinched Qing Shui on his waist. Her jade-like face was so red. She didn't expect that Qing Shui would say something like this.

Tantai Xuan was taken aback by his answer too and quickly lowered her head, as she cursed this bastard inwardly. No one had ever dared to say something like this in front of her or speak without any restraint. Her heart was beating very fast but she couldn't say anything either.

"Ruyan, what is your plan?" Qing Shui smiled and asked her.

"I'll listen to whatever you say!"

"Does that mean you are reluctant to part with me……?"

"Are you both done?" Tantai Xuan gloomily cut Qing Shui off.

Yu Ruyan gave Tantai Xuan an embarrassed smile and then glared at Qing Shui.

"I would like to cultivate with Sister Xuan at the Southern Sea for a period of time." Yu Ruyan knew that staying here would only tie Qing Shui down.

"You've made up your mind?" Qing Shui continued asking while smiling.

"Yes. If you miss me, you can go there and find me……"

"Fine then, you may go. I'm going to buy a manor here, so that we'll have a home in Yan City first. If both of you want to find me, you can come here anytime. We'll go see where we can buy a manor." Qing Shui agreed with Yu Ruyan after thinking about it.

Tantai Xuan was still a trustworthy individual. Besides, he could send them to the Putuo Mountain. The Putuo Mountain doesn't restrict the freedom of its disciples. It was still greatly beneficial for Yu Ruyan to join the Putuo Mountain. She was also doing this for herself since Qing Shui knew Yu Ruyan actually had a very strong personality, she wouldn't want herself to be a decorative vase here.

It was also for this reason that Qing Shui had agreed to her request.

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AST 1140 –Manor, Black Tortoise Shell, Embarrassed Tantai Xuan

Searching for a manor was a very simple task. As long as one had the money, this kind of thing could be settled very easily. He found a manor in the northwest. It was relatively more secluded here but only comparatively so. After all, it was still a bustling area here.

This manor was bought through an auction. Before the auction house could even auction it, Qing Shui had already bought it. There were usually a few prices tagged on auction items, one was the base price while the other was the fixed price. If the seller had stated a fixed price, then the auction house may sell it directly at that price.

If the seller insisted that it had to be auctioned, then there was a possibility that it wouldn't be sold off or it might be sold at the base price. But of course, it was also possible that it might be auctioned at a much higher price than the base price or fixed price

Although Qing Shui had spent a fortune, he didn't really feel anything. He had quite a lot stashed in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and had indeed accumulated a little too much over these years.

In the world of cultivators, money can't buy you good things. Luckily, this kind of manor could still be purchased with money. This was mainly because this wasn't the most ideal location. Even so, it was still sold at a sky high price.

The manor wasn't small. There were no less than six courtyards in the front and rear. In every courtyard were two smaller manors. Every manor consisted of a building and a garden of its own. Within the garden, there were flowers, plants and trees, rock garden, pond, pavilion and an arch bridge. Otherwise, it wouldn't have fetched such a high price.

"Qing Shui, why are you buying such a big manor for yourself?" Yu Ruyan asked Qing Shui while she walked around the courtyard.

"This is our first house in the Western Oxhe Continent and will forever be our home. It's better if it's a little bigger and relaxing. If we can't live in all of them, then we can rotate around. We can live in this courtyard tonight, then the next one tomorrow……" Qing Shui answered casually.

"Sister Ruyan, you have to be cautious. Well… having a huge house isn't necessary a good thing." Tantai Xuan, who had been quiet all this while, spoke up just then.

Qing Shui shook his head at Tantai Xuan. "Although I already have a few wives, I don't easily pick up just anyone."

Tantai Xuan's anger welled up in her heart. Although her emotions weren't observable on her face, she was inwardly cursing Qing Shui as a bastard endlessly. The look in that guy's eyes was blatantly telling her that she didn't amount to anything in his eyes…….

A woman's heart is very strange. Tantai Xuan had met him once at her home but her memory of that incident was very hazy. On top of that, she had only recalled it when he reminded her. Back in the Ancient Ruins, he had greatly helped her and she was also unexpectedly embraced by him………

It was for this exact reason that she actually hadn't been able to find an equilibrium in her heart all this while. For a situation like this to befall a woman who had always been as clean as ice and as pure as a jade, it was quite a big shock.

She wasn't a petty woman and it wasn't like she had some feelings for Qing Shui from that. She had merely become curious about Qing Shui when they were in the Ancient Ruins. Her curiosity had stemmed from Qing Shui's strength, rather than other factors.

It could be said that other than her own brothers, she had pretty much never interacted with any men. Even her sect, the Putuo Mountain, was all women. The married ones would leave the sect. Even if they left the sect, they were still part of it. Every single woman of the Putuo Mountain was exceptional. With the Putuo Mountain behind them, they were able to marry members of aristocratic clans and most of them were the primary wives.

It was also for this reason that the Putuo Mountain had a very high position in the Great Yu Dynasty. This was because the wives of many members among the royal family were from the Putuo Mountain!

Qing Shui rubbed his nose awkwardly when he saw that Tantai Xuan was ignoring him. He didn't know what was going on right now. Perhaps it was because they had met a few times and also because she was one of the women among the Portraits of Beauty. She could pretty much be considered a friend now.

"Alright, Qing Shui, you're a man. Be a little more magnanimous." Yu Ruyan was watching Tantai Xuan who refused to look at Qing Shui. At least her expression was calm and it didn't have any changes in it.

Qing Shui didn't particularly feel that he was against her. He didn't have that much of a desire to conquer this exceptionally beautiful woman. Even if there was a slightest bit of that desire, the Portrait of Beauty would probably be the reason behind it.

But he would never get himself involved with Tantai Xuan for this reason alone.

He had the feeling that Tantai Xuan was a woman whose personality could not be ascertained. There was a saying that a person's personality was similar to the look in their eyes. This was what it means by the eyes are the mirror of soul. Her eyes were somewhat elegant, refined, sacred as well as slightly deep and impressive.

She was quite refined and didn't gossip. She stood aloof from worldly affairs. She was somewhat elegant, intelligent and so pure that no one could bring themselves to taint her. Her voice was very similar to Di Chen, sacredly melodious.

Perhaps he felt this way because he missed Di Chen!

Tantai Xuan very rarely took the initiative to speak to Qing Shui. Now, she didn't want to speak to him even more. This man was getting too brave…….

"Alright, alright. I'm giving this to you!" Qing Shui hesitated for a moment before passing a ring to Tantai Xuan. It was the Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring.

Tantai Xuan only stared blankly at Qing Shui without accepting the ring. Her eyes were filled with bewilderment as she looked at Qing Shui, seemingly asking him the reason behind his action.

"Don't overthink it. This is for your survival since you'll be spending a lot of time with Ruyan in the future. This is for the sake of Ruyan's safety!" Qing Shui laughed and explained.

Qing Shui then explained the function of the Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring. This time, he finally saw ripples in Tantai Xuan's beautiful eyes that were always calm. She seemed to be very fond of this ring. But she still hadn't reached out to accept it.

She looked at the ring, then at Qing Shui and shook her head. "I like this ring very much. But it's too expensive so I can't possibly accept it."

Tantai Xuan's tone of voice was very firm. She seemed to be thinking about something else.

"I've said it already, I am giving you this for the sake of Ruyan. Treat it as a reward for helping Ruyan!"

"I don't need any reward for helping Sister Ruyan. I don't help someone for rewards. So I can't have this." Tantai Xuan continued shaking her head but the look in her eyes contradicted her words.

"What a stubborn woman. We are pretty much friends already. Treat it as a gift from a friend then." Qing Shui told her.

"We don't have that deep of a friendship. This ring is too valuable." Tantai Xuan told Qing Shui in a very serious tone while looking at him.

Qing Shui choked, "Forget about it then, I'll take it back!"

"Well, I like this ring a lot." Tantai Xuan hurriedly said when she saw Qing Shui about to put the ring away.

Qing Shui was gloomy. He even felt like this woman was messing with him, although it didn't really seem like it.

"Well Young Lady, what should I do? You said that you liked it, I gave it to you but you didn't want it. Now that I'm putting it away, you are not letting me to. Then why don't you tell me what to do?" Qing Shui laughed, seeing that she liked it. His intention was to give it to her anyway. That way, her chances of survival with Yu Ruyan would greatly increase.

"I would like to exchange it with you for something but I don't have anything that is as valuable as this ring." Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui. She didn't want to owe him a favor.

Qing Shui naturally saw through it. This woman was quite a feminist!

"I have a decent piece of Black Tortoise Shell here that can be used in forging. It's a quite a nice material but it's only useful to forge smiths. I wonder if you'll like it?" Tantai Xuan took out something that looked like a tortoise shell. The patterns on the tortoise shell were simple but they were glistening. It was more than a meter wide and long in size and about half a foot thick. This thing looked like part of a tortoise's carapace.

Qing Shui laughed as soon as he saw this tortoise shell. This woman didn't know that he was a forgesmith. If she knew that this tortoise shell could be used in good ways, she would definitely be able to exchange this with him without any qualms. Right now, she felt that there was too much difference in the value of this tortoise shell and the ring.

"This tortoise shell is very important to me. At least its value isn't lower than the ring, since Ruyan and I both have this ring. If there was only one of this kind of ring, then it would be more valuable. This is fine. If you don't have any objections, we shall consider this a fair trade." Qing Shui allowed no further discussion as he took the tortoise shell and shoved the ring into her hand. He could feel her shivering the moment their hands came into contact with each other.

The manor was considered bought. Qing Shui spent another fortune to employ a few guards and housekeepers to manage the manor since this place still had to be cleaned and taken care of when they were out.

The two ladies still had to return to Putuo Mountain. Qing Shui asked them stay a night here and he would send them there the next day. The two ladies very quickly agreed to his proposal.

Yu Ruyan was going to share the same bedroom with Tantai Xuan that night but there was no way Qing Shui would allow her to do so. She was leaving tomorrow and it would probably be a long while before they saw each other again. Over this period of time, the two of them were stuck together like glue. They really felt a little reluctant to part with each other all of a sudden.

That night, Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan drowned themselves in euphoria and indulged in each other's lingering touches. Qing Shui was wildly demanding and Yu Ruyan was also very passionate tonight. As long as Qing Shui made any requests, she would satisfy them all.

Half of the night passed just like that. Qing Shui used almost all the positions and movements he knew and it was pure ecstasy. Yu Ruyan welcomed it all shyly, even though some positions made her feel a little embarrassed. For instance, when Qing Shui made her kneel on the soft and fluffy bed and stick her plump and perky rear up high……

Yu Ruyan had only followed his wishes after Qing Shui gave her quite a few compliments. She had her whole head buried under the blankets while Qing Shui admired her plump, fair and gorgeous rear. The attractive view before his eyes made his blood surge. For such a graceful figure to be displaying such a se*y pose….

Qing Shui kept ramming against her wildly. Without realizing it, the blanket that was covering Yu Ruyan's head had fallen off. He watched that misty beautiful face that was tinted with an intoxicating redness and those eyes that were already lost in pleasure…….

They continued their pleasurable activities without sleeping much the whole night. However, Tantai Xuan, who was just next door, was feeling depressed. She regretted the fact that she had stayed in a room that was close to theirs. A cultivator had very good hearing. Every bit of the noise clearly traveled into her ears, including those embarrassing words.

This wasn't the most embarrassing part yet. She tried to seal her spiritual sense and sense of hearing but soon realized that it didn't do any good. Those sounds crept into her mind like a magical spell. The thing she couldn't stand the most was seeing the hazy figures of Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan indulging in the acts. She could even vaguely make out some of the details, including that 'thing' on Qing Shui's body that shocked her.

These images invaded her mind. At first, she thought she was hallucinating but she eventually found out that she wasn't. Everything was real. It was no use even if she closed her eyes. She was even more ashamed about the fact that her body got extremely hot and she felt very restless. Furthermore, she also discovered that her undergarment was already wet…….

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