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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 113


AST 0113 - Moonstone??

’’Moonstone?’’ Qing Shui exclaimed, wasn't this gemstone a moonstone? It was just that its appearance was much more beautiful compared to ordinary moonstones. It gives off a sort of dreamy sensation when looked at.

’’This name is quite apt, because it really does look like a moon. However, this stone is named Glorious Moonstone!’’

Qing Shui didn't extend his hands, ’’Master, this should be extremely valuable, you should keep it for yourself. Some other random item would suffice.’’

’’Since I've already offered this to you, just accept it. I've worn this pendant for 10 years, and from today onwards, it's yours!’’ After Yiye Jiange finished speaking, she stuffed the pendant into Qing Shui's hands.

As he received the stone, at the moment of contact, he noticed the stone was still warm. Thinking of this pendant that had hung for over 10 years in front of Yiye Jiange's chest, Qing Shui couldn't help but to steal a few glances at that incredible bosom of hers.

As he held the Glorious Moonstone, Qing Shui could smell a faint trace of snow lotus fragrance on it. As he put it on and hung in front of his chest, Qing Shui could feel a comfortable and numbing sensation in his heart.

At this moment, Qing Shui felt that he was a little shameless...

’’Thank you Master!’’ Qing Shui exclaimed hurriedly, as though he could somehow feel that the beautiful countenance behind the veil seemed to be turning a little awkward.

’’Master, tell me more about matters of the Skysword Sect, as well as some other sects and famous big clans in the world of the nine continents.’’ Qing Shui happily continued. Not only had his biggest problem been solved, but he even gained a peerless beauty for a master. How could he not be happy.

’’Okay, let me tell you more about our Skysword Sect. Skysword Sect was once the biggest sect in the Cang Lang country. Of course right now, in name, we are still the biggest sect, but when it comes to actual strength, it's hard to say.’’ Yiye Jiange sighed.

Hearing her sigh, Qing Shui knew that the Skysword Sect had declined. Qing Shui didn't say anything, as he stayed silent waiting for Yiye Jiange to continue.

Seeing the expression on Qing Shui's face, Yiye Jiange laughed. Although that laugh was somewhat shallow, the corner of her lips lightly curled.

’’Skysword Sect has a history of over 7,000 years. Let's not mention those reclusive family clans and great sects that have existed for over 10,000 years. In the Cang Lang country, our Skysword Sect is the biggest sect, as well as the power behind the empire.’’

Qing Shui also heard similar stories in relation with the stuff Yiye told him, but, Qing Shui was extremely depressed. In the provinces of all the continents in this world, all countries are helmed by the power of the sects and great clans behind them. Usually the person in charge was the strongest, and no matter who was in charge, they had to ensure the security and prosperity of the country they controlled.

’’In our Skysword Sect, other than the Sect Master, and my senior brother Baili Jingwei with a status of the Grand Elder, there are 10 other Elders such as myself, and over 100 Protectors, 1,000 Guardians, 10,000 Disciples. Protectors rank below Elders regardless of position or martial prowess. The minimum requirement to be a Protector, is to enter the Xiantian realm. Because of this, in the sect, no matter who it is, as long as they step into the Xiantian realm, they would become a Protector.

Yiye explained the structure of the sect to him.

Qing Shui silently clicked his tongue after he heard that. Just the Skysword Sect alone had over 100 Xiantian cultivators, no wonder it is so powerful. Then again, for a truly powerful sect, it would be strange if they didn't have power on such a grand scale. Also, from the words of Yiye, there seemed to be another power capable of rivaling the Skysword Sect in the Cang Lang country.

’’The world outside is vast and fascinating indeed!’’ Qing Shui sighed.

’’Sometimes, things are not that clear. For example in some countries the great clans and powerful sects work together to maintain the country. The resources and facilities in the country would be evenly split and enjoyed by members of all sides, and territory lines are clearly drawn! When it comes to external enemies, they would all band together in support.’’

’’Hehe, Qing Shui you must work hard. I hope to see you entering the ranks of Protector soon, and allow this Master of yours to be happy.’’ Yiye somewhat teasingly said, while Qing Shui almost fainted at her request.

’’Master, those Protectors, are they only disciples of the sect who have stepped into the Xiantian realm?’’

’’Almost all of them are, but there are a few external Xiantian cultivators who want to join our sect. As long as their background is clean, and they have a referral from our sect disciples, they would be welcome to join as a Protector. So you must work hard. Between the rank of Protectors and Elders, there are also 20 Reserve Elders. Those 20 are the 20 strongest amongst the 100 Xiantian level Protectors. Reserve Elder means that if one of the current Elders had no way to do his duties due to a variety of reasons, they would step up and take over!’’

’’Master, what is your level of power now? Is it convenient to tell me?’’ Qing Shui asked hopefully.

’’Hehe, 4th level of Xiantian. I'm the weakest amongst the 10 Elders, and the loneliest. They all have over 10 disciples, and I only have you. So you must work hard!’’ Yiye laughed.

Her laughter was filled with an indescribable elegance, as rows of perfect, pearly white teeth could be seen. Qing Shui averted his gaze for fear of blasphemous thoughts arising in his heart.

’’Master, Heavenly River City wouldn't target the Yu and Qing Clan again right?’’ Qing Shui asked with trepidation. He was afraid of the revenge by Gongyang Xuantong.

’’Relax, I will send out an announcement in the Cang Lang Country that you are a disciple of our Skysword Sect. I will also monitor the movements of the Heavenly River City.’’ Yiye gently replied.

She continued, ’’I heard that, 100 years ago, a sentence made by the Skysword Sect would never dare be ignored or defied by others. But currently eldest brother's injuries hold him back... If not for that, our sect's power would go up by another level.’’

Yiye sighed and suddenly looked towards Qing Shui as if she thought of something. ’’Qing Shui, oh yeah, I almost forgot to ask you. How did you kill that Xiantian cultivator from the Gongyang Clan?’’ Yiye's beautiful eyes flickered.

This was also the first time Qing Shui had seen such a big change occur on Yiye's countenance. That calm face like still water was as if someone tossed a stone into it.

’’Why do you think that it was me who killed the Xiantian cultivator, and not grandpa Yu?’’ Qing Shui asked bewilderedly.


These two words of Yiye caused Qing Shui to want to laugh and cry. This goddess, was still a female, and the intuition of a female was always the scariest.

’’Using a needle.’’ Qing Shui took out a 7 inch golden needle which shone with golden light as he answered.

Yiye and Baili Jingwei mutely stared at the golden needle. This small weapon actually killed a Xiantian cultivator? It sounds highly implausible, like a fantasy.

’’Are you sure this thing killed the Xiantian cultivator?’’ Baili Jingwei involuntarily asked.

Qing Shui could only weave another lie and mixed it together with the truth as he answered.

’’I'm a doctor, this needle is actually one of my medical tools to cure my patients.’’ Qing Shui embarrassedly replied.

The two of them ’’............................’’

’’Old man, I will help you recover your body to it's original state.’’ The already amazed, speechless duo, was even more astounded after they heard that.

Qing Shui loved the changes in expressions of Yiye Jiange. For example, her astounded look now was priceless.

’’Initially, I wanted to help grandpa Baili the moment we first met, but I did not have the confidence then. However, now there shouldn't be any problems.’’ Qing Shui continue to amaze them.

’’You can see the states of my injuries?’’ Baili Jingwei asked somewhat puzzledly.

’’I'm a doctor, of course I can see it. Seeing, combined with guessing and intuition.’’ Qing Shui now felt that it was difficult for him to say the truth.

Yiye felt as though she was in a dream. A pre-xiantian cultivator could actually see through the injuries of a 8th level Xiantian Cultivator, and saying that he can cure something that many Xiantian level doctors weren't able to cure.

Yiye stared directly at Qing Shui, and saw how honest he looked. It didn't seem as though he was lying. ’’Qing Shui, are you confident in your words?’’

Qing Shui bitterly smiled, and added one more sentence which caused them to believe him!

’’Actually Grandpa Yu was crippled 10 years ago, and not too long ago he was cured by a mysterious alchemist. There was no mysterious alchemist...’’

’’Are you saying that you are that mysterious alchemist?’’

Qing Shui could finally admire the change in expression of his beautiful Master again!

Maybe it was because Qing Shui's gaze was too obvious, but it provoked Yiye to the point where she cast sidelong glances at him. While Bali Jingwei only felt surprise and joy upon hearing that Qing Shui was the mysterious alchemist.

This could be considered the 3rd time Qing Shui had executed his needle technique, his movements were incomparably smooth and familiarized. Yiye stood seriously by the side as she watched her new disciple administer his needle techniques, feeling extremely complicated in her heart...

Baili Jingwei was only wearing long pants, and although his beard was already white, his skin was still as smooth as a baby. Maybe it was because of the extreme disparity in age, but Yiye didn't avoid looking at the half naked Baili Jingwei!’’

The Dantian of Baili Jingwei was contorted into the shape of 'W', but it was still in much better shape than Yu Donghao's. After all, the Dantian of Yu Donghao was totally crippled, while Baili Jingwei could still channel Qi through his Dantian, albeit at a extremely limited amount.

Inserting the needle, the primordial flames technique was greatly effective, as it revitalized the damaged energy channels, and slowly expanded the previously atrophied channels.

Recovering the body and Yuan Qi to it's original state, was the speciality of the primordial needle technique. Using the primordial flames to augment the needle technique while taking into consideration the 5 elemental characteristics of the injury, Qing Shui speedily aided the dantian of Baili Jingwei in recovery. He could only help so much, Baili Jingwei would still need to use his Xiantian Qi to aid in his treatment in the future.

After about four hours, aside from using the needle technique to aid in Baili's recovery, Qing Shui also stimulated Baili Jingwei's potential, and increased his own natural rate of recovery!

Feeling the slight changes in his body, the expressions on Baili Jingwei's face was fascinating to behold - shock, immense joy, disbelief! Yiye Jiange had fallen into a deep state of contemplation!

’’Mysterious indeed, haha!’’ Baili Jingwei could feel that internally, his Dantian had already recovered back to its original state. As long as it was nourished by Xiantian Qi for 3 months, he could recover back his original strength.

’’Qing Shui, didn't I say that we were fated to meet? You are the benefactor of this old man, I won't be naggy and keep thanking you, after all, we are one family!’’ Baili Jingwei happily exclaimed, his countenance currently was akin to an immortal.

Baili Jingwei and Yiye stayed in the Qing Clan's medical store for 2 days. In this 2 days, Qing Shui accompanied the beautiful master on a tour of Hundred Miles City. Through their interactions, Qing Shui didn't have that reserved feeling of disciple and master, as his behaviour and personality got more natural.

’’Master, how did you tame your immortal crane?’’ Qing Shui realized that almost all Xiantian Cultivators had a mount of their own, causing him to be extremely envious.

’’Tame? My Immortal Crane followed me out of it's own will. I don't know how to tame demonic beasts.’’ Yiye Jiange displayed a beautiful smile as she replied.

’’It found you by itself, and followed you voluntarily?

’’Yeah, the Immortal Crane can understand the simple speech of humans, but I don't know why it chose to follow me, although I'm not complaining. Events of such good fortune don't occur often.’’

’’I remember that the <>states that Immortal Cranes love pure, clean and saintly people. That's why very little male cultivators are able to tame one. Since the Immortal Crane decided to follow you, it means that you are pure, clean and saintly.’’ Qing Shui straightforwardly replied with a laugh.

’’You only know how to say such sweet words to make your Master happy!’’ Unsure whether should she be angry or annoyed, Yiye Jiange eventually chose to laugh with Qing Shui.


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