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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 112


AST 0112 - Goddess as a Master!

’’Do you really think that you can block us with your strength alone?’’

As the last word from Gongyang Xuantong sentence was shouted out, four elders, all with heads full of white hair appeared. Despite their age, their eyes were flickering with a bright light, as they exuded an air filled with vitality and spirit!

’’Hahaha, who said that she's alone? Am I not here now?’’ The sound of loud laughter resounded from the distance, as an old man mounted on a two meter tall Purple Liondeer appeared with speed as fast as lightning. The speed of that mount was not much slower compared to the Immortal Crane, or maybe, it was because that Immortal Crane didn't go all out when it was flying earlier.

’’Skysword Immortal!’’ The four of them exclaimed in shock.

’’Sister, that Liondeer, is it very strong?’’ A little girl inclined her head as she inquired.

’’That's the Purple Liondeer. It's speed is considered one of the fastest amongst the land based demonic beasts. Aside from flying or going into the sea, travelling over land or even scaling mountains would prove no problem to it!’’ A busty woman clad in green robes warmly explained to the girl.

’’Baili Jingwei!’’ Although Qing Shui did somewhat anticipate his arrival, he was still immensely astounded!

’’It's my honor that all of you still remember this old man. What? Do you really need me to block you all?’’ Those kind features of Baili Jingwei were akin to the god of longevity. That smile of his seemed to contain mercy and love, just like an immortal.

’’How would we dare. Since respected elder wants to interfere in this matter, we will leave!’’

’’Everyone, leave!’’

The Purple-Eyed Falcon flapped it wings as it flew away, and the four elders lightly nodded their head towards Baili Jingwei, before going on their way.

’’Old man, this young one thanks you!’’ Qing Shui gratefully spoke. He meant every word, and was not just paying him lip service.

’’Haha, Qing Shui, we meet again! Nothing to worry about, it's just a slight effort on my part.’’ The kind smile of Baili Jingwei exuded a kind of imposing and impressive air, akin to the majestic mountains.

’’Old man, how about coming to our place for a rest first, and let this young one thank you properly. And uh, this lady...’’ Qing Shui glanced at the peerless beauty that was capable of toppling kingdoms, standing beside Baili Jingwei.

Seeing her at such a close distance would really cause people heart's to shudder as their souls stirred. Especially that pair of beautiful eyes, they were as beautiful as the twinkling stars of the night, and extremely clear, with a certain depth to them, exhibiting calmness and farsight!

’’This is my junior sister, Yiye Jiange. Hehe, today it was her who had helped you! Later on you must bring out those black fish which you treated me to earlier to compensate her, and allow her to eat to her heart's content. Don't worry, she will surely compensate you with some benefits in return.’’ Baili Jingwei laughed as he teased Qing Shui.

’’I will definitely prepare a good meal for the both of you!’’ Qing Shui shyly replied.

’’Don't mention it. Later on, I still have a request, you can't reject it later okay.’’ The melodious voice of Yiye Jiange once again caused those who heard it to be mesmerized.

Qing Shui instinctively nodded his head, ’’Even if you wanted me to climb up a mountain of blades, or enter a pot of boiling oil to be scalded alive, [1] this young man here wouldn't even knit his brows!’’

’’Haha, you've agreed to it so fast, don't cry later.’’

As Qing Shui invited Yu Donghao and the rest as well, Yu Donghao smiled as he refused. He knew that the Sky Sword Immortal had other intentions, and wished to speak to Qing Shui alone. Thus, he chose to politely refuse instead.

After exchanging some pleasantries with Baili Jingwei, Yu Donghao and those affiliated with him departed while Qing Shui brought Baili Jingwei and Yiye Jiange to the Qing Clan's medicinal store.

’’This is true power. Initially, me and everyone affiliated with me was going to die, but just a mere sentence from the two of them actually made the opponents retreat so easily.’’ Qing Shui was deeply moved.

’’Old man, sorry to trouble you!’’ On their way, Qing Shui's feelings of gratitude didn't diminish. Although to Baili Jingwei, the matter was settled as easily as speaking a few words, but to Qing Shui, it was a matter of tremendous importance that could have led to his clan's annihilation.

’’It's fine. Qing Shui, I've already said that we are fated. You must understand, that I'm happy to be able to help you. When one grows old, their only wish is to help others to accumulate good karma, but naturally I also have my own agenda. After all in this world, there is no hatred nor love without reason. Many things are unreasonable!’’ Baili Jingwei gazed at the surroundings as he indifferently explained.

After they arrived at the Qing Clan medicinal store, only Qing Yi was remaining there. The others were all forcefully sent back to the Qing Clan village, preparing to flee into the western mountains near the village if all else failed. Qing Yi was stubborn. Since this matter was caused by him, he wanted to face the matter together with Yu Donghao and Yu He, while Qing Yi decided to remain behind to accompany him.

’’Qing Shui!’’ Seeing that Qing Shui returned safely, Qing Yi ran up and pulled him into her embrace, as tears streaked down her face. These were tears of happiness!

’’Mother, it's fine now, everything is settled. These two, Baili Jingwei and Miss Yiye Jiange, are our saviors! We will have to trouble Mother to cook up a scrumptious feast to thank them.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

As Qing Yi went to the kitchen, Qing Shui ’’specially’’ went to the pond outside as he retrieved 3 black fish and 2 turtles. Initially Qing Shui wanted to cook the meal personally, but Qing Yi wanted him to accompany the guests instead.

’’Yup, this is the smell!’’ When the aromatic smell drifted over, Baili Jingwei closed his eyes as he reveled in it.

’’Senior Brother, this smell is indeed not bad!’’

’’Naturally. This time round you will discover what the word 'delicious' truly means, and that there's still something many times more enjoyable compared to cultivation.’’

Upon hearing these words, Qing Shui involuntarily cast a glance at Yiye Jiange. It seems as though this celestial looking beauty was a maniac when it came to cultivation.

The meal was prepared swiftly after, as the dining table was filled with a variety of herbs, the famed black fish, as well as turtle soup. The appetizing smell permeated the entire room, and rousing their appetites.

During the meal, Yiye Jiange finally removed her veil which caused Qingshui to be extremely awestruck!

This was truly what a perfect beauty looked like. What peerless beauty, what a countenance which was akin to radiance, what refined and exquisite bone structure, all of these descriptions were insufficient to describe her beauty!

’’Ah if only Wenren Wu-Shuang was sitting beside her, that would truly be a beautiful view.’’ A thought unconsciously sprung up in Qing Shui's mind.

Only after Yiye Jiange noticed Qing Shui staring absentmindedly at her, did she discover the clearness of his eyes, filled with an unmasked admiration.

As for the food on the table, Baili Jingwei displayed a natural expression as he sighed, praising the food with every mouthful, while Yiye Jiange ate elegantly, nodding her head with every bite!

Qing Shui gazed at the slightly oily lips of Yiye Jiange. Her lips were red and full, and it seemed to be shaped in a mysterious arc. That arc did not represent disdain, nor happiness, but yet, it was inconceivably beautiful and hard to describe. Her whole set of features belonged to the category of unparalleled beauties who had the looks to topple kingdoms. It was even more imposing when compared to Ding Bao's exquisite little face, and even had a faint trace of something magical within it.

’’Qing Shui, do you still remember that you promised me something earlier?’’ Yiye Jiange lightly smiled.

’’Naturally, I will definitely do what I've promised!’’ Qing Shui exclaimed. After all in exchange for them solving the problems for him today, Qing Shui was prepared to pay any price, not to mention just merely agreeing to any conditions Yiye Jiange wanted to ask of him.

’’I want to accept you as my disciple!’’ Yiye Jiange slowly explained, as her beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly at Qing Shui.

’’Ai!’’ Baili Jingwei bitterly glanced at Yiye Jiange.

Qing Shui stared mutely at Yiye Jiange, suspecting if his ears had problems, as his eyes were filled with confusion while he stared at the beauty which was capable of toppling kingdoms.

’’Well you said it before, that you would promise to do anything. I don't need you to climb up a mountain of blades, or enter into a pot of boiling oil for me. I just want to accept you as my disciple.’’ Yiye Jiange put on her veil again, obscuring her features.

’’I can agree to this, but I have a condition...’’ Qing Shui felt extremely astonished, and didn't know whether to be happy or depressed.

’’If I can be the disciple of such a beautiful expert, it can be considered that I have very good fortune!’’

’’What condition, tell me directly.’’ Yiye Jiange casually spoke. Qing Shui felt that listening to her talking was very enjoyable.

’’After becoming your disciple, I hope to continue remaining in Hundred Miles City. I will look for you after I've settled my matters here. Is that okay?’’ The clear eyes of Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange unblinkingly.

’’Of course. I feel that you are incredibly mysterious, which is why I want you as my disciple. Not only that, the status of you being my disciple can be considered an umbrella of protection in the Cang Lang country.’’ Yiye Jiange lightly smiled as she spoke to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's heart trembled slightly as he looked gratefully towards Yiye Jiange.

’’Do you need me to kowtow to acknowledge you as my master?’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose.

’’It's fine, just offering tea would do. Hehe, Jiange is my smallest junior sister, her future accomplishments know no bounds. Currently, her position is elder of the current sect leader of the Skysword Sect. Because you are Jiange's only disciple, in the future, she would would have you helping with the sect matters, and would no longer be alone.’’ Baili Jingwei joyfully laughed.

Qing Shui hurriedly offered the tea with both his hands as he bowed to Yiye Jiange, ’’Disciple respectfully offers tea for the old and esteemed Master!’’

Yiye Jiange accepted the tea, slowly sipping it as she replied, ’’You don't need to say the words old when addressing me... I'm not that old...’’

Qing Shui didn't realize that Yiye Jiange has such a side to her, as he hurriedly replied. ’’Right, right. Master is so young and beautiful, with looks that could topple a kingdom, unmatched beauty throughout all the generations. Flawless perfection, like an immortal descending from the heavens, as ravishing as a heavenly celestial...’’

’’Okay enough, I don't feel any sincerity when I hear your praises.’’ Yiye Jiange laughed.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, ’’The words of this disciple are all true, what a pity that the majority don't dare to utter these words, but luckily now that you are my Master, I can sincerely praise the old and esteemed you.’’

’’Still calling me old?!’’

Qing Shui, ’’......’’

’’After listening to your many sweet words, no matter what, Master should give you a gift for entering into my tutelage. Hmm, let me think about it.’’ Yiye Jiange knit her brows as she pondered.

’’It's fine if you are unwilling, I don't need anything!’’ Qing Shui upon seeing the heavily furrowed face of Yiye Jiange, could feel his heart melting.

’’What, I'm not such a petty person... I'm just trying to think of the most suitable item for you, but currently I'm not carrying a lot of treasures on me, so this is just a gesture.’’


’’This is for you. This is a pendant with mystical effects. Wearing it can increase your defense. When you arrive at the Sky Sword Sect in the future, I will prepare another big gift for you.’’

As she spoke, Yiye Jiange removed a silvery-white pendant from her neck which had a precious stone embedded within. The stone was a sky-blue color in the shape of a crescent moon!

[1] climb up a mountain of blades or enter a pot of boiling oil to be scalded alive - chinese saying referring to doing something impossible.


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