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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1115-1117


Chapter 1115-1117

AST 1115 –Beitang Clan's Final Trump Card (1)

In just a short while, almost half of the people from Beitang Clan had been wiped out. They were all the main clan members of Beitang Clan. There were about a thousand of them. Furthermore, they were all elites and the backbone supporting Beitang Clan. However, the bloodline that Beitang Clan had put in so much effort to nurture, was now suffering the fate of being massacred.

Right now, Beitang Clan felt as if their hearts were bleeding out blood. Maybe the scene now would remind them of the scene back then when they exterminated Yiye Clan. It looked so similar to the scene now.

Back in those days, Yiye Clan was once also a huge clan. At the very least, it wouldn't be any inferior to Beitang Clan in terms of the amount of clan members they had in their clan. However, they had to suffer the fate of being mercilessly killed by Beitang Clan and in the end, left behind only a pair of children running away for their lives. Today, the people who once suffered at that time were back to demand their repayment. Naturally, Beitang Clan would have to exchange blood for blood.

Including Beitang Yingji, there were only about ten people within the formation. The people outside on the other hand, were being mercilessly slaughtered.

"Beitang Yingji, all of the things which happened back then were all your doings and yet you're right here huddled up like a turtle with both its arms and legs drawn in. Are you not our brother? Are you just going to sit still and watch us get killed?" A member of the Beitang Clan shouted as he was trying to escape.

"Of course, I wasn't involved in the incident back then, why should I die in your place?"


These were all people from Beitang Clan, it was just that because they all had long lifespans, it helped the population in the clan thrive and flourish. From an outsider's point of view, they might be people who came from the same clan but deep down, the relationship between people of their own blood had long since become really distant from each other. But when all was said and done, they still shared the same blood, they were all people from the well-regarded Beitang Clan.

But that was all in the past. Now, under the circumstance where everyone was pushed back into a corner to such an extent, a lot of people were annoyed with the turtling Beitang Yingji and the people who holed up along with him. Those people were all clan members directly related to him, they were all the backbones supporting him in the clan.

Right now, Yin Clan's Head had his brows knitted very tightly. After that, he glanced towards Yinyue Clan's Head. He didn't actually say anything. He just looked at him in silence. He seemed confused, it was as if he was waiting for Yinyue Clan Head's response.

Yinyue Clan's Head got distracted for a while. After that, he slowly nodded his head and shouted loudly along with Yin Clan's Head almost at the same time: "Everyone from Lion King's Ridge, stop every single one of the Beitang Clan who is attempting to run away from the battlefield! If they resist, kill them!"

Everything happened so suddenly. Despite this, the people from Lion King's Ridge who were initially gathering around the battlefield had all begun to go after the people from Beitang Clan. Qing Shui was not surprised seeing such scene. In fact, things would be better this way, if not, some of them would have most likely managed to get away. After all, there were so many people, if they were to take off their Lion King's Ridge attire and hide themselves among the crowd, it would be impossible to search for them.

"Yin Lang, Yinyue Hu, you two actually dare betray Beitang Clan, you two will definitely suffer a tragic death! Just watch, it won't be long before it happens!" Beitang Yingji shouted loudly.

"Haha, betrayal? Since when have I betrayed Beitang Clan? Since when have we been Beitang Clan's slaves? We have always been people from Lion King's Ridge and have never had anything to do with you Beitang Clan. What a joke." Yin clan's head said in a disdainful tone.

"There is a reason to why things ended up like this for Beitang Clan. Beitang Clan has already run out of luck, there's no need for anymore struggle," Yinyue Hu said calmly.

"Do you guys seriously think that Beitang Clan will be destroyed? Just you guys wait, you will find out really soon, get ready to suffer from Beitang Clan's rage! Oh and also, there are still people from Beitang Clan who will avenge us. Hahaha……"

"Are you talking about the other Lion King Devil Slaying Squad? Unfortunately, they left way earlier than you guys."

At this moment, a group of people stepped out. Each of them had Violet Dragon Jade Pendant attached to their waist. When Qing Shui saw it, he smiled. These were people from Violet Dragon Mountain. To think that people from Violet Dragon Mountain would cause such effect in this kind of situation.

"Ah, Zilong Shi you…. You… Why would you guys do this?" Beitang Yingji was so angry he sounded like he was trembling as he spoke.

"Why would I do that? Ask your dead son, he actually killed my grandson because of a woman. It seems to me that you Beitang Clan are just asking for your own death," Zilong Shi said angrily.

"You dotard, my son and the others were all killed by this little bastard. What makes you think that my son was the one who killed your grandson? It was all this little bastard's doing," Beitang Yingji yelled in rage.

"Haha, I'm not being a dotard, Mister Qing dared to kill people from Violet Dragon Mountain right in front of me, do you think that he wouldn't dare to admit that he killed my own grandson? Your son on the other hand, he took advantage of the fact he was stronger than my grandson and bullied him countless times. This time, he even killed him for a woman in the Ancient Ruins."

Even Beitang Yingji himself did not have a clear idea about it. He did not even know if anyone saw it. Violet Dragon Mountain had already eliminated the last few of the squads from Beitang Clan. This made him feel as if he had fallen into a deep abyss all of a sudden.

Zilong Shi wasn't sure if it was Beitang Yingji's son who killed his own grandson. But now, he could only grind his teeth and say it. Furthermore, there were witnesses to it. This young man with surname Qing was just too terrifying. He did not want Violet Dragon Mountain to end up like Beitang Clan.

There were no friends who would last forever, nor would there be such enemies. Let alone Violet Dragon Mountain had never had any disputes with him. It was already good enough if they could get a friend in exchange for the life of his grandson. Let alone at that time, the young man had looked steady. For someone at his age, he was definitely capable of telling that his grandson didn't die by Qing Shui's hand. A person would act differently when they were telling the truth and when they're telling lies. No matter how calm they acted, there would still be some flaws in the way they spoke.

"Patriarch, Patriarch, I know you're nearby. Beitang Clan is almost dead, do you still not want to come out?" At this moment, Beitang Yingji hollered out into the sky.

Everyone was startled. There were still some people who were aware that Beitang Clan had a very old elder. He had long since disconnected himself from the world, so much so that no one was aware of his cultivation.


A depressing sigh was heard. No one knew where it came from. However, everyone felt as if they just got punched in the chest, it felt stuffy.

"Patriarch, Patriarch, these people are planning to destroy Beitang Clan, Beitang Clan is done for." Now, Beitang Yingji no longer carried the usual impressive aura that he always had with him. He was more like a stray dog, a coward who was begging for pity.

When a warrior walked up to this point, he was basically considered to already be dead. He had already lost his heart as a warrior.

A figure appeared from the distance. It was an old man with his back hunched. He was leaning on a walking stick that looked like a dead tree. He might seem like he was casually walking in the air, his speed was as swift as a meteor.

When one met the old man on the ground, they would think that he was just a normal old man past his prime. But now, no one dared to look down on him despite his ordinary appearance.

The old man looked really normal. Both his eyes looked nasty and he had deep wrinkles all over his face. Qing Shui could already tell with his Spiritual Sense that the old man didn't have long to live. Despite his formidable cultivation, he still wouldn't last for as long as ten years. Qing Shui was surprised when he was unable to sense the old man's cultivation. There were only two reasons for this, it was either that the old man was unpredictable or that the old man had special tricks to cover up his strength and aura. In an instant, the old man was already in front of Beitang Yingji. He lifted up his cloudy eyes and looked towards Qing Shui. After that, he looked around. His eyes resembled that of a dead fish. At the time when he was observing the people around, his eyeballs seemed like they were all white.

When one ran into such an old man, they would think that they had just run into a ghost. Qing Shui had a sensitive spiritual sense. He was capable of sensing the gloomy aura that the old man was emitting.

"Patriarch, Patriarch, it's them and also, Yin Clan and Yinyue Clan have also turned on us. Kill them. I want them dead," Beitang Yingji withdrew his formation and shouted in rage.

Pa! 一声清脆的耳光声响起:"看看你现在的样子,还嫌不够丢人吗,这么大年纪了我都不知道你是怎么当上北唐家主的,难道北唐家没人了吗?" A sharp and clear noise of a slap was heard: "Look at you now, do you still think that you haven't embarrassed us enough? Even with your age, I have no idea how you ended up being the clan head of Beitang Clan. Are there really no other suitable candidates anymore?"


Beitang Yingji stunned in shock.

"It isn't surprising for Beitang Clan to suffer what they're suffering now. I have already long since predicted it. It's just that I didn't expect it to be this early. I still have ten years of life left. Originally, I thought that I would be able to die a peaceful death but it looks like this is going to be tough. In the future, Beitang Clan will be disconnected from the other four continents." The old man shook his head. His voice may have sounded a bit husky, there were no fluctuations in his tone. Even when he was beating up the others before, he still sounded calm like water.

"Patriarch, wouldn't it be easy for you to kill them? With you around, Beitang Clan will be able to get back on its feet very quickly." Beitang Yingji's mind was already in chaos. He was reluctant to let go of the position as both the clan's head as well as the leader of Lion King's Ridge.

"You are no longer fit to be someone from Beitang Clan. Beitang Clan has been destroyed in your hands." The old man immediately thrust his wooden stick towards Beitang Yingji's chest.

Beitang Yingji spat out blood and flew backwards. He was on his last breath. " Beitang Yingji landed right in front of Qing Shui and the group. At this moment, the old man's voice was heard: "Kill him, treat it as finding justice for Yiye Clan. I wonder if we can finally settle the hatred we have shared for so many years."

All of this happened so suddenly and so unexpectedly. When Qing Shui saw Beitang Yingji who was at his last gasp, he knew that he could no longer be saved. He immediately picked him up with his leg and tossed him back to the old man.

"I want the life of everyone from Beitang Clan," Qing Shui said softly looking at the old man.

"Young man, do you want the Beitang clan members across the other four continents to die as well?" The old man looked at Qing Shui.

"I only want whoever's here from Beitang Clan to disappear." Qing Shui shook his head.

"Alright alright, if that is so. In any case, things have already long been decided. Well then, allow me to join in and toy around with you guys for a while." At the moment when the old man was speaking, he seemed to have slightly straightened his back.

"I will kill a few of the people here who deserve to die to make you familiar with my cultivation. Or else, it would have been unfair for you." The old man's silhouette disappeared in a flash.

Qing Shui calmly asked the girls to go into the formation. He was sensing the old man's step effects. Surprisingly, it was similar to the Seven Star Steps. They were similar even in terms of how mystical they were.

"This is the Great Emptiness Step!'

"I hate traitors the most. I hate those who take advantage of people's danger and use the situation in their own favor. I will treat killing a few of you as a warm-up." The old man moved towards Yin Clan and Yinyue Clan swiftly.

Both Yin Clan and Yinyue Clan's facial expressions changed drastically. They felt deep regret in their hearts. Previously, they were trying to flatter Qing Shui. Their intention was to take control and be the foundation of Lion King's Ridge. But now, everything happened too suddenly, for a moment, their facial expressions went through a 360 degree change. They knew that the old man might be planning to take Yin Clan and Yinyue Clan along.

"Stop him……"

A few of the old men from both clans worked together to ambush the old man.

The old man swung the crutch in his hand, which resembled a dead tree. As he did so, a cloud of black smoke condensed into an enormous black monster and charged towards those elderly men. A thick bloody smell started spreading around the area. The smell immediately caused nauseousness. It did not matter if they did not breathe it in. It was as if it was penetrating through the body from the pores.

"Ah, it's poisonous……"


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AST 1116 –Beitang Clan’s Final Trump Card (2)

Very soon, many people were devoured by the 'black-colored demonic beast', and there were also many people who were poisoned by the extremely venomous poison. In such a short period of time, over a hundred people died.

“There’s no need to run. People that I, Beitang Yiyao, wants to kill, won’t ever get to escape.”The old man suddenly appeared before Yin Lang and Yinyue Hu.

He struck out and casually tapped out with his cane. The cane looked just like an ordinary branch from a dead tree. However, Yin Clan’s head and Yinyue Clan’s head were both unable to avoid that attack.

The cane brought about a layer of greyish-black aura. It tapped on their chest, just like how it tapped against Beitang Yingji’s chest. However, this time around, it was an instant kill.

It was a very clean move and the corpses blackened very quickly. This poison was so strong that it made one turn numb just from looking at it being used.

This branch of mine is a 10,000 Years Poison Dragon Wood Heart. You’ll have to be careful.”After killing quite a number of people from Yin Clan and Yinyue Clan, the old man looked at Qing Shui and said.

“Violet Dragon Mountain, since you guys are going this far, don’t think about returning.”The old man then looked toward Zilong Shi and the others before suddenly dashing out towards them.

Zilong Shi had a horrified expression. He didn’t want to die and hadn’t expected that Beitang Clan would still have an old monster like this. In fact, it was said in the past that they had an old monster but later on, people said that the monster was no longer around and had died. There were even many people in Beitang Clan who didn’t know of the existence of Beitang Yiyao.

Zilong Shi wasn’t the only one horrified. Many others had similar sentiments. However, they didn’t dare to leave. Right now, no one dared to get the attention of this old monster. Otherwise, death would be the thing that awaited them.

“Alright, you’ve killed quite a number of people already. Let’s start!”

Just as Zilong Shi’s expression changed, already felt like he was bound down. His body felt stiff and he couldn’t move, as if he would be killed by this old monster anytime. Just then, Qing Shui’s voice rang out and he also lashed out with his Primordial Flame Whip towards the old man’s neck.

At the same time, Qing Shui stopped the old man with a flash. Zilong Shi felt the pressure on his body slowly disappearing and he quickly retreated after thanking Qing Shui profusely. He had managed to keep his life and he was thankful to Qing Shui from the bottom of his heart. In that situation, he had basically thought that he was dead meat.

Qing Shui had done this intentionally. It was easy for him to save Zilong Shi and his goal today was met. The feud between Violet Dragon Mountain and Beitang Clan was now set in stone. Qing Shui was not expecting to wipe out all of the people from Beitang Clan today. He knew that there would definitely be people who would manage to get away. These people would eventually lose their lives to Violet Dragon Mountain in the future.

Moreover, Qing Shui also wanted to use Violet Dragon Mountain to suppress the Lion King’s Ridge in the future. The head of the Lion King’s Ridge would change. Qing Shui did not intend on letting either party gain sole control. Moreover, he wanted to be in control of some influences. There would be no issues even if he were to leave the Five Continents. Taking ten years in the other Four Continents would not be considered long to cultivators like themselves.

“Since you’re in so much of a hurry, that’s good too.”The old man struck out his cane towards Qing Shui.

Great Emptiness Step!

Qing Shui wore a smile on his face and performed the Eight Trigrams Steps!

At the same time, he circulated his Nature Energy to the maximum. He wasn’t afraid of poison but the old man’s cane was a 10,000 Years Poison Dragon Wood Heart. He wanted to be on the safe side. Right now, he couldn’t afford any accidents.

The old man looked at Qing Shui’s silhouette and footwork, his eyes lit up with a throbbing gleam as he waved his palm.

Azure Dragon Imprint!

A pitch-black head that was huge and twisted like a Jiao's head opened its big mouth. It released an extremely smelly breath as it flew towards Qing Shui.

Lion King’s Imprint!

Qing Shui used the Lion King’s Imprint directly and a bright golden lion’s head crashed against that pitch-black Jiao’s head.

One of it had spirit energy with strong and intense poison;the other had spirit energy with Nature Energy!


Although both huge beast heads had shattered, Qing Shui’s one shattered later. Therefore, he had gained the upper hand in this clash.

“Too monstrous. To be honest, I don’t even wish to kill you.”

The old man let out a sigh and swung his cane. A thick, black aura appeared in front of the cane. With a flash, he dashed out toward Qing Shui, smashing his cane toward him.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui channeled the powers of the Diamond Buddha Devil Staff into the Nine Continents Mountain and sent it smashing towards the old man directly.

Yin Qi. Qing Shui could tell from just that corrosive chill alone how terrifying this old man was. Moreover, it was also extremely poisonous. Although the old man might not be as strong as Qing Shui, his techniques were definitely extremely evil.

It was a pity that Qing Shui was an expert in dealing with such techniques.

Area Dominance!

A cooling and bright aura spread out with Qing Shui as the center, just like the sun. All evil and poisonous aurae in the surroundings completely disappeared…

This was the overbearing power of Area Dominance. The place where Qing Shui stood would be absolutely clear and pure, rejecting all traces of evil. It was something that was on par with the Nine Palace Steps, allowing him to dominate the area around him!


He channeled his spirit energy onto his Nine Continents Mountain, increasing its prowess by a lot. The old man’s Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation had an external layer which was like a black-colored armor. Although it barely managed to fend off Qing Shui’s attack, the old man was sent flying back several meters.

This was also considered one of Qing Shui’s stronger abilities. It was an attack which transcended spirit energy. Additionally, it gave extra powers to the Nine Continents Mountain. They basically were able to merge completely. It might be due to the mysterious nature of the Nine Continents Mountain. If it was other things, the spirit energy might not be able to fully merge with them and it might even cause the prowess of the spirit energy to be restrained.

A merge like this had the Nine Continents Mountain as the structure. Many times, it was in order to match with the spirit energy. When one was unable to gather and condense their spirit energy, they would need to use some items as the 'rack'. For example, with Little Fatty’s staff, he could allow the staff’s attacks to be incorporated with spirit energy attacks.

If one’s spirit energy could be fully condensed, most people would just condense it, and the depletion would be slightly higher.

Of course, a person could also tap on some other items. For example, the old man’s 10,000 Years Poison Dragon Wood Heart could increase the prowess of his attacks. It was just that Qing Shui’s Big Dipper Sword no longer had this effect. At his level, ordinary weapons were of no more use. The old man’s 10,000 Years Poison Dragon Wood Heart was one which increased the poisonous effect.

Area Dominance was perfect to deal with evil techniques like this, making the old man unable to perform his greatest attack. Qing Shui didn’t know the percentage of the world’s rules that the old man could ignore, nor did he know about the old man’s techniques and special items. However, he sensed that the old man’s abilities were at about two million stars.

Luckily, Qing Shui had restrained the opponent’s poison, making that old man’s poison useless against him. This caused the old man’s true powers to be reduced by 30-50%, since 90% of people were afraid of poison.

The old man didn’t give up and made a few more attempts. However, the poison all disappeared with no exceptions. If it was just in terms of strength alone, the old man was no match for Qing Shui.

The old man waved his hand!

Instantly, four demonic beasts appeared before him.

Devouring Star Armor Beast!

It was rumored that there were many of this kind of demonic beasts in the other Four Continents but there weren’t many in the Five Continents. The four huge demonic beasts looked a lot like wild buffaloes. They stood there like a fort. They had four thick limbs and striped blue armor on their back. The beasts exuded a cold aura from all over their bodies. They were demonic beasts with an ice attribute, and were suitable for the cold region like the Lion King’s Mountain. They would even be able to stay in the arctic regions.

A strength of one and a half million stars. There were four of them, with one of them having a strength of close to two million stars. The strength of these demonic beasts wouldn’t be that much higher even if they were in the other Four Continents, since the ability of the Devouring Star Armor Beast was to devour the world’s pressure. However, there was a time limit to this and it didn’t seem to be able to last very long. Such an attribute allowed the Devouring Star Armor Beast to be able to survive better in unique places.

Ice Seal of Thousand Li!

The four demonic beasts split into two groups and tried to dash up to Qing Shui, surrounding him. At the same time, they spewed out snow-white chilling aura which would freeze even the air as they passed by.

Flames of Yin-Yang!

What made Qing Shui astonished was that Area Dominance could fend off a small portion of the chill. In certain medicinal books, the chill was also known as cold poison. Could it be because of this? Fire was also known as fire poison…

Thinking of this, Qing Shui felt that the Area Dominance was truly very overbearing. With it being in this strong despite it being at a very low level of mastery, could it become even more powerful in the future? There might even be some mysterious effects.

Qing Shui could be considered to have fully restrained the old man. Qing Shui’s physique was considered special to begin with. Furthermore, with the primordial flames to pit again the ice-attribute demonic beasts, he was able to stop them completely. He was much stronger compared to these demonic beasts and he whipped down on them.

Terrifying cries rang out. Even those thick scale armors were useless. With a whip, Qing Shui sent them flying. The scene of huge demonic beasts being sent flying by the thin Primordial Flame Whip truly created a visual impact.

The old man had initially thought that these four huge beasts would be able to hold back Qing Shui for a while. With him helping, they might be able to successfully suppress Qing Shui. However, he had forgotten that that their attributes were contradicting. While this was normal, Qing Shui was much more stronger compared to the Devouring Star Armor Beasts and his overwhelming prowess was displayed. The damage inflicted was at least 150% and even if they weren’t instantly killed, they would also suffer serious injuries.

The old man was aggrieved. His vicious abilities had been weakened by this lad to the extent that their prowess were wiped out. The old man’s 10,000 Years Poison Dragon Wood Heart was had also seemed like it became a decor piece. Without all these, he was weaker than Qing Shui and there was no fight.

What he didn’t know was that Qing Shui had yet to utilize his Emperor’s Qi. Otherwise, he would be even more astonished.

The old man calmed down and looked at Qing Shui from afar. His expression was calm, as if he still had some hesitation. When Qing Shui saw the old man’s expression, he felt a little uneasy. He didn’t know why.

Seeing that the ladies had already entered the formation, he calmed down a little and looked at the old man. “What are you still hesitating for? Now that things have come to this, if I don’t die, then Beitang Clan would be the one to disappear.”

“Young man, actually, I really have a way to kill you and it would be over very quickly.”The old man lifted his head to look at Qing Shui and then took out a red colored Demonic Beast Token.

“Oh, if that’s the case, why aren’t you taking action?”Qing Shui looked at the Demonic Beast Token that the old man was holding.

“Do you know what demonic beast is in this Demonic Beast Token?”The old man didn’t answer Qing Shui but asked calmly.

Qing Shui shook his head and didn’t say anything.

“Golden Ni Lion, a real Golden Ni Lion.”The old man looked at Qing Shui and spoke these words clearly. At least, many people were able to hear him clearly.

Golden Ni Lion…Qing Shui was stunned. This was the old man’s true trump card and also Beitang Clan’s greatest trump card. But why had they not used it all of this time? To think that they were even hesitating at this point…Qing Shui was puzzled.

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AST 1117 –Golden Ni Lion, 15 Minutes, nimbus Strength, Buddha Torched Eyes

Another thing which puzzled Qing Shui was that the old man's abilities even in the other Four Continents wouldn't allow him to tame a Golden Ni Lion. Qing Shui knew a little of the Golden Ni Lion. It was an extremely strong demonic beast which has dragon's blood or some other ancient blood lineage.

The old man had every reason to feel confident. If it was really a Golden Ni Lion, then the results of the fight would be more or less settled. Of course, Qing Shui would have no problems in escaping but, could he? He would need some time to activate the Nine Continents Step, but he wasn't sure if he would have that time.

Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring!

If that happened, it should be still possible to escape with the ladies using the Sacred Jade divine Stone Rings. Thinking of this, Qing Shui felt a little more relieved. At most, they could just hide if he really couldn’t handle it.

It wasn’t as if Qing Shui didn’t believe what the old man's words. That old man, as well as the over ten people whom Qing Shui had killed, were all old monsters from the other Four Continents. In addition, the world’s regulations in the Sealed Northern Ice Emperor Region was slightly weaker than in other regions. The horrible weather here caused people here to have better physiques when compared with people from other areas.

“Since you have the Golden Ni Lion, why didn’t you use it earlier?”Qing Shui activated his Focused Concentration and asked as he looked at the old man.

“You should know that with my abilities, I’m not able to seal the Golden Ni Lion into this Demonic Beast Token. Additionally, one of the Golden Ni Lion's limbs is seriously injured. However, don’t doubt its abilities.”The old man looked at Qing Shui and said.

Qing Shui didn’t know why the old man was telling him all these things. All the others in the surroundings could hear him as well. They all listened anxiously since it also concerned their own life and death.

The old man looked at Qing Shui and said with a smile, “This Golden Ni Lion only has 15 minutes of lifespan left but it was jointly sealed by other members of the Beitang Clan and myself in the other Four Continents. Therefore, the moment it comes out, it will kill me.”

Qing Shui now understood the reason. This Golden Ni Lion which had 15 minutes of lifespan left hadn’t been tamed by the old man. He had only wanted to let the Golden Ni Lion use this 15 minutes to cause a massacre.

It wouldn’t be strange if the Golden Ni Lion were to kill the old man since he was the one who had sealed it and they were enemies. It would then continue to attack the strongest person in the vicinity. This was due to a demonic beast’s instincts, since those who were powerful would be a threat to them.

The old man might not have wanted to bring this out until the very last moment since letting the Golden Ni Lion would mean that he would die. However, now that things had come to this stage, he had decided to let the Golden Ni Lion run wild for this 15 minutes. 15 minutes should be sufficient for it to wipe out at least half the people around here.

“Sir, can I ask you a question?”Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.

“Go ahead. As long as it’s something which I can say, I’ll definitely tell you.”The old man looked at Qing Shui calmly.

“What is the strength of the strongest person you’ve seen in the other Four Continents?”Qing Shui was very curious about the strength of the people in the other Four Continents and also wanted to know if there was anyone in the False God or divine Realms.

The old man fell silent for a moment before saying slowly, “In the other Four Continents, the strongest person I’ve seen is one with a strength with ten thousand nimbus.”

This time around, the old man’s voice was so soft that only Qing Shui could hear it. It was clear that the old man didn’t wish for the others to hear what he said. Qing Shui understood and replied in a voice which only the old man could hear, “How much is ten thousand nimbus?”

“Ten thousand stars is the equivalent to one nimbus!”

Qing Shui was stunned. Ten thousand stars were equivalent to one nimbus. What a terrifying strength this was. Even if he were to reach the other Four Continents, the strongest attack he could make would only be about several hundred nimbus. There seemed to be a very great gap.

“Thank you!”

Qing Shui didn’t question the old man about the realm a person with a strength of ten thousand nimbus was at. He knew that the old man wouldn’t speak further. A strength of ten thousand nimbus made Qing Shui’s heart go into a turmoil. What kind of situation was it in their other Four Continents? He wouldn’t think that there were Martial Emperors everywhere in the other Four Continents but rather, most of the inhabitants should still be ordinary people. However, some major sects such as Formation Immortal Sect would probably have very powerful characters amongst them.

It might be that one would only be able to pursue the peaks of martial arts in the other Four Continents.

“Young man, are you ready? 15 minutes. If you can hang on for 15 minutes, it’s your win.”The old man looked at Qing Shui and gradually activated the Demonic Beast Token he held.


The scene that followed caused everyone to feel stumped and horrified as a violent aura slowly spread out. Next, a huge demonic beast which was a hundred meters long appeared. The beast was covered in golden color all over. Its huge body was like that of a lion but it had a stretched ratio compared to a normal one, its tail was like that of a fish and was very long. It was several tens of meters tall but it had a big head like that of a Jiao Dragon. Even the horns on its head were several meters long.

To think that golden-colored flames would be coming out from all over its body!

This was a seriously injured Golden Ni Lion?

Qing Shui could only sense the pressure gushing toward him. However, what made many astonished was the next thing which the Golden Ni Lion did!

After letting out a huge bellow, it swallowed the old man in one mouthful…

Putting aside the fact of whether the old man had any strength to retaliate, the old man had at least smiled and looked at Qing Shui as he let the Golden Ni Lion swallow him up.

Everyone panicked, but they didn’t dare to move recklessly. Only those who were near the Golden Ni Lion started to shout and run away but their shouts seemed to have alarmed the Golden Ni Lion.

With a flash of its huge figure, it appeared next to the people who were anxiously making their escape. The lion spewed out golden-colored flames from its mouth, turning these people into ash.

The Five Elements Golden Flames was the sharpest flame and it could destroy almost everything. Entering the golden flames would subject one to an experience similar to being cut up by countless spinning blades…

With that, many people didn’t dare to move anymore. It was as if those who were more anxious to run would die first. In such a short moment of time, over a hundred people had died again. Qing Shui stood there, unmoving. As long as the time passed, they would be fine.

Actually, he could also use the Sacred Jade divine Stone Ring to enter the formation and then use the ring to temporarily leave the place with the other people, returning after 15 minutes. However, he knew that he mustn’t do that now. He needed to inspire a sense of awe in the rest of the people here.

There wasn’t much time left. When the others didn’t move, the Golden Ni Lion suddenly dashed out towards Qing Shui. Qing Shui was shocked. The old man was so confident that after devouring him, it would definitely attack Qing Shui next.

Qing Shui casually struck out with the Nine Continents Mountain to block the beast for a short while before quickly calling out the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, the Thunderous Beast, and the Six-Headed Demonic Spider. The situation wasn’t looking good and the aura exuded by the lion made Qing Shui on tenterhooks. There must be a reason why the old man was so confident.


The Nine Continents Mountain was slapped back by the Golden Ni Lion but it remained intact. Qing Shui controlled the Nine Continents Mountain to move above the Golden Ni Lion, ready to smash down anytime.

Descending Heavens Talisman!

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Fiery Golden Eyes!

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui didn’t say anything more. As long as there were things which could be used to weaken it, he just dished them out, using as many as he could!

In the middle, he even used the ring to moved several times within a small area.


The Demonic Spiders called out by the Six-Headed Demonic Spider went up and surrounded the Golden Ni Lion.

It would be fine if he could tide through these 15 minutes. Qing Shui felt that using the demonic beasts such as the Thunderous Beast and Six-Headed Demonic Spider was a good choice. The latter was able to summon many demonic spiders, including some four-headed ones. All of them dashed out toward the Golden Ni Lion without fearing death.

The Golden Ni Lion continued to roar out furiously, killing a large number of the demonic spiders. During this time, the Six-Headed Demonic Spider also continuously shot out spider webs to entangle the Golden Ni Lion but there wasn’t much effect. Although the Six-Headed Demonic Spider was very powerful now, its web could only come into contact with the Golden Ni Lion’s body for just a short moment before they were burned.

The same went for the Corrosive Poison Web. Qing Shui knew that the gap between their abilities was much too great.

Flying Spider Silk!

After using this, its speed would increase by six times. This ability would last for 15 minutes. It could be used three times every day.

The Six-Headed Demonic Spider continued to spew out its corrosive web all over the place, allowing the other demonic spiders to be able to either make use of the webbing to either dodge or entangle the Golden Ni Lion. Although the Golden Ni Lion was strong, it would need to take some time before it could completely burn and destroy all these demonic spiders.


It might be because the demonic spiders or the Thunderous Beast’s Thunderbolt had infuriated the Golden Ni Lion but it started to dash in a straight line, leaving a tunnel of golden flames with it standing in the middle. It looked just like a demon from the deep abyss.

Golden Flame of Life!

When the demonic spiders got close to the fire tunnel, they would be burned to ash.

The weakening effects from earlier still had some effect. At least right now, Qing Shui had less of an urge to escape.

Diamond Buddha Devil Staff, fourth stance, roiling five seas!

The brilliant golden staff was like a slope as it smashed down towards the Golden Ni Lion.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui controlled the Nine Continents Mountain and smashed it down on the Golden Ni Lion!


The Thunderous Beast continued to attack with its Thunderbolt. Qing Shui didn’t wish to let it use the Violet Lightning Strike right now. Although it had a 100% chance of inducing paralysis, the gap between their strengths was far too huge. If the paralyzing effect wasn’t even effective for a short moment, it would be useless.


The Golden Ni Lion spewed out a huge golden fireball against the golden staff. An explosion occurred and the golden staff shattered in the air.

Even after it had been weakened, the Golden Ni Lion was still much more powerful than Qing Shui. He couldn’t accurately estimate its strength.

Buddha’s True Eyes, Buddha Torched Eyes!

The huge Buddha’s eyes suddenly opened, his eyes as if golden spheres of light. It was extremely brilliant.

Qing Shui once again formed signs with his hands.

Diamond Buddha Devil Staff, fifth stance, heaven crushing!

A golden staff that wasn’t much bigger than earlier appeared. However, this time it was a pure golden color. There was even a sitting Buddha image on it, exuding a heavy and dignified aura.

Qing Shui’s spirit energy was slightly faint now.

Biting down on his tongue, he pushed down with his hands!

The huge golden staff pressed downward at a rapid speed, moving much faster than before.

Violet Lightning Strike!

At this moment, the Thunderous Beast and Qing Shui communicated through their consciousness and it used the Violet Lightning Strike.


An instant of paralysis was induced and the huge staff smashed down hard with an overwhelming pressure just as the Golden Ni Lion was about to spew its golden flames.

Boom! Roar!

Qing Shui performed this attack with is full power and he had even used his final trump card, the fifth stance of the Diamond Buddha Devil Staff. He wouldn’t have been able to perform this in his earlier condition but his Buddha’s True Eyes had the ability to allow him to ignore the restrictions of his level and perform this attack.

Buddha Torched Eyes!

This wasn’t an attack but it allowed him to increase his strength for a breath’s time, allowing him to use techniques which he couldn’t use normally.

The Golden Ni Lion was struck and sent backward for over a hundred meters, its expression a bit dispirited. During this time, the Thunderous Beast’s Thunderbolt continued to land on it.

With the Golden Ni Lion’s abilities, it basically could ignore an attack like the Thunderbolt. However, the Violet Lightning Strike from earlier had given it a tough time. The Violet Lightning Strike had targeted its eyes. Although it had thought that it would be able to avoid the attack, it actually only missed its eyes but still struck its body.

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