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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 111


AST 111 - Beauty that can topple kingdoms

’’Is the news reliable? That the Gongyang Clan and Yang Clan from Heavenly River City is currently on their way to Hundred Miles CIty?’’ Qing Shui knit his brows as he inquired about the news from Qing Lang.

Qing Shui was very satisfied and happy with Qing Lang. True friends would only show their worth during the most desperate moments of all. Not only did the Greenwolf gang draw a clear boundary with him, Qing Lang still personally delivered the news about Heavenly River City's movements to him.

’’Thank you, Qing Lang. During these days, don't look for me anymore. Temporarily leave Hundred Miles City.’’ Qing Shui said heavily as he patted Qing Lang on his shoulder.

Qing Lang paused, before momentarily sighing as he departed.

’’At the most, it should only take two more days for those from Heavenly River City to arrive. What should I do!’’ Qing Shui felt extremely helpless.

Frustrated, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Upon entering, his heart trembled as he suddenly noticed the Cloudflame Cylinder, which Baili Jingwei had given him.

Qing Shui still remembered clearly the words Baili Jing wei spoke. ’’As long as you are within the Cang Lang country, at the very most, in just 3 days, there will be people arriving to help you. I too would rush there if possible.’’

Qing Shui knew that Baili Jingwei had an extraordinary background. Thus, he no longer hesitated, and brought the Cloudflame Cylinder out of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

’’Xiu!’’ A extremely sharp, ear piercing sound rang out, as a splendid looking cloud shot out of the Cloudflame Cylinder. It was incomparably radiant, and hovered around in the air, taking a long time to dissipate.

Although the cloud created from firing the cylinder was big, and had reached an immense height, it wasn't to the point there it was visible to everyone in Cang Lang Country. Still, Qing Shui guessed that the comrades of Baili Jingwei should be extremely sensitive towards it, and have some way of communicating once they saw it.

’’Sky Sword Sect, Cloudflame Cylinder! How long has it been since I last saw one.’’ A middle-aged man from the Canghai Clan in Cang Lang Country inclined his head as he cast his vision upon the cloud created from firing the cylinder.

’’Huh? The Cloudflame Cylinder? Why did it appear in the air above Hundred Miles City?’’ In the air, a man riding atop a huge purple-eyed falcon, was murmuring to himself.

Many from Hundred Miles City also saw the cloud created, and those with some experience could deduce that this was a summoning device used by one of the huge sects - the Sky Sword Sect from the Cang Lang Country.

’’What a pretty looking cloud!’’

’’Why would someone from the Sky Sword Sect meet with danger in our Hundred Miles City? Those that possess such a summoning device are all high ranking members of the sect.’’

’’There were actually people who dared to step on the tails of the Sky Sword Sect? How unlucky for them!’’


Qing Shui was stunned as he heard the voices of discussion. The thing he shot up, was actually the Cloudflame Cylinder of the Sky Sword Sect? Then who in the world was Baili Jingwei?

’’Could this be... There will always be pathways for one to take, no matter how dire the circumstances are.’’ Qing Shui actually felt his heart calming down.

’’Let's survive this catastrophe first, no matter what price I need to pay!’’ After which, Qing Shui assured his family as well as Yu Donghao and Yu He, in order to lessen their worries.

’’From your description, the man you mentioned, Baili Jingwei, should be the leader of the Sky Sword Sect. His actual name is not known to many. Instead, he goes by the title 'Sky Sword Immortal'.’’ Yu Donghao explained after he contemplated the information he received from Qing Shui.

Waiting was a form of torture, and especially for someone like Qing Shui, considering the life-threatening situation he was in. During noon time of the second day, a voice filled with immense hatred roared out in the air above Hundred Miles City.

The next moment, a low but heavy voice echoed, ’’Yu Clan, Qing Clan, listen well to I, your father, since you dared to kill my son, I will give you an hours time to appear before me. If the time limit is up and you still haven't appeared, don't blame me for dying the streets of this city red with blood.

’’Wah, the Purple-Eyed Falcon, thats a 3rd-grade demonic beast!’’ An experienced 30 year old male exclaimed with envy.

’’The people from Heavenly River City are here for revenge!’’ Someone shouted!

As Qing Shui and Yu Donghao appeared and saw the Purple-Eyed Falcon, Yu Donghe silently sighed. ’’Even if there were 3 or 5 of him, it's still impossible to defeat that demonic beast, let alone its owner.’’

Qing Shui estimated that the wingspan of this bird was at least 100 meters in width. There was also that sharp glint of light that flickered in the beast's purple eyes, along with its steel-like talons that were as thick as a human's thigh. The demonic beast in front of him, was incomparable in power to the White-Headed Inky Jade Condor he had killed back when he was adventuring in the Million Li Mountains.

’’I'm Yu Donghao from the Yu Clan. May I ask who your Eminence is? Why do you say that the Yu Clan and Qing Clan killed your son?’’ The sound of Yu Donghao's crisp voice inquired.

’’Yu Donghao? I didn't expect that you have recovered to the Xiantian level. No wonder my son and his protector died in Hundred Miles City. Other than you, there's no one else capable of doing this.’’

’’Your Eminence is overestimating my power.’’ Yu Donghao, without fear, looked straight at the middle-aged powerful man who was standing atop the demonic beast.

’’Overestimating you? Your deeds were clearly seen by my spy. Do you take me for a fool? With my strength, I can kill you immediately. I, Gongyang Xuantong, the people I kill today are all fully deserving of their deaths. I'm not bullying the weak with my strength. Aside from killing your Yu Clan, I will also wipe out the entire Qing Clan as well!’’

’’Are you not afraid of Heaven's wrath? If you want to unleash your hatred and anger, you are welcome to take it out on this old man. Don't implicate others who are innocent.’’ Yu Donghao was infuriated as he heard the words of Gongyang Xuantong.

’’Innocent? What bullshit. Do you think that no one witnessed you killing my son and destroying his body? As for the protector, he was someone at the peak of the 1st level of Xiantian, to think that he would fall in your hands as well. You did a great job in concealing your power.’’ Gongyang Xuantong angrily roared.

Qing Shui was incomparably astonished, and he could deduce that if they were not betrayed by members of the Yu Clan, then it must have really been that his actions were seen by a spy of the Gongyang Clan. But this man was saying that Uncle Zhong was killed by Yu Donghao. It means that the spy only witnessed Yu Donghao disposing of Gongyang Yu, and assumed that uncle Zhong was killed by him as well.

’’You are the person rumored to have killed Protector Zhong. Not bad your eyes are full of spirit, you indeed have a talent for cultivating. However, I would rather believe that Protector Zhong was killed by Yu Donghao. It's not possible for a Houtian to kill a Xiantian! But, similarly, I will have you die here today. How dare you touch members of my Gongyang Clan! Don't worry, I won't kill you immediately. I will first let you live in agony before I send you to hell personally.’’

Upon hearing his words, Qing Shui understood that this middle-aged man was going to use them as an example. He want to tell the world that whoever dared to touch members of his Gongyang Clan would end up like them, and have their whole clan wiped out!

’’Old thing, let me tell you something. Don't bully someone when he is young. If I somehow survive this, I swear to the Heavens I will root out your entire bloodline.’’ The sound of Qing Shui's voice was filled with resolution.

’’Don't bully someone when they are young? Fine, because of this sentence, I will surely kill you today!’’

’’That may not be so!’’ A melodious voice rang out from the clouds. No one bothered to listen to the content of the words, as most were already mesmerized by her musical voice.

Almost everyone turned their heads in the direction of the voice. Far up in the clouds, they could see a white dot flying nearer and nearer before finally stopping at a hover in the air before Qing Shui and Yu Donghao, directly blocking the path of Gongyang Xuantong.

’’Wow! Ice Snow Immortal Crane, another Xiantian level beast!’’ Someone exclaimed in wonder.

This Immortal Crane was about the same size as the Purple-Eyed Falcon, the difference was that it was filled with white feathers, and gave people a sense of beauty instead of terror.

’’It is so much prettier when compared to the falcon!’’ A young girl exclaimed in wonder.

’’The Immortal Crane is a 5th-grade demonic beast. It's cultivation level is two levels higher when compared to the demonic falcon!’’ A middle-aged man explained.

’’You know a lot, uncle, are you a Xiantian cultivator?’’


’’There's an immortal standing up there!’’ A child called out!

Qing Shui was long attracted, and even stunned by the beautiful girl. On the snowy white immortal crane, there stood a female cultivator robed in a white-feathered dress.

This girl emitted an indiscernible aura tinged with gentleness. Although her features were veiled, from the incomparably beautiful facial shape, as well as her eyes which were akin to the stars in the skies, was sufficient for people to tell that, this person in front of them, was an absolute beauty. Her long hair was fluttering with the wind, as her ivory jade skin gave off a sense of peerless elegance. Even her feathered dress was unable to conceal the marvel of her perfectly proportioned body lines and figure.

’’There's actually such a goddess in this world, how could other so called beauties be capable of comparing themselves with her!?’’ Qing Shui sighed as a slight sense of blasphemy arose in his heart.

’’How ravishing, is she an immortal that has descended from the nine heavens?’’

’’What a beauty!’’

’’Why is she more beautiful when compared to my woman?’’ A pervy old uncle whispered, as he stared.

’’... go to hell!’’

The Ice Snow Immortal Crane and the Purple-Eyed Falcon were at a distance of 100m apart.

The Purple-Eyed Falcon frantically flapped it's wings in agitation while the Ice Snow Immortal Crane proudly inclined its head, and unleashed a roar of supremacy.

’’Yiye Jiange [1], what's the meaning of this?’’ Gongyang Xuantong knit his brows as he glared at the girl with unsurpassed beauty standing atop the Ice Snow Crane.

’’He is the person who shot the Cloudflame Cylinder, do you still need me to elaborate more?’’ Yiye Jiange emotionlessly replied, the sound of her words which were filled with an unusual melody, drifted over.

’’Do you really think that you can block us with your strength alone?’’


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