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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1109


AST 1109 - Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl, The Changes Of The Emperor's Qi Pellet

’’There we have it. Beitang Clan has brought malice upon themselves. We don't need to do anything else. Only when the time is right, will we show ourselves and take control of everything into our hands,’’ the lesser old man said with a smile as he adjusted his clothes.

’’So you're saying we don't need to involve ourselves anymore? Like warning Yinyue and the other clans from making careless moves?’’ the old man said sternly, with a serious expression still plastered on his face.

’’There's no need for that. Did you take the other clans for fools? They will not help the Beitang Clan in their cause. Whatever outcome will come of this - be that Beitang Clan successfully destroys that kid or the other way around - do you think they will turn hostile on so many of us? Besides, that malice of the Beitang Clan is impossible to be shaken away that easily,’’ the head of Yi Clan said as he bellowed with a laughter.

’’Head clan, that fellow Qing Shui swore that he would wipe out the entire Beitang Clan and destroy the Lion King's Ridge. If he is serious about his claims about exterminating the Beitang Clan, what are we going to do?’’ asked the old man known as Mengyuan.

’’You don't have to worry about that. Even though this malice of theirs is strong and brutal, he's not the type to kill innocent people. He will not stoop to the point of destroying the entire Lion King's Ridge because he isn't the type to kill everyone without sparing a few lives. Even if he did have the power to annihilate everyone, he would never do that. However, he will definitely destroy the Beitang Clan if given the chance to do so,’’ the head of Yi Clan said with utmost confidence.

’’I still don't get what kind of family would create such a young man like him. Head clan, do you think Beitang Clan will use the ace up their sleeve?’’ said Mengyuan cautiously.

’’That's quite hard to tell. If Beitang Clan is close to being annihilated, perhaps they will do so in a frenzy.’’ The head of Yi Clan felt a chill down his spine the moment he said those words.

’’That old fool from the Beitang Clan doesn't have much time to live. He has at most a hundred years more. The Lion King's Ridge will be under Yi Clan's rule eventually. Here's to hoping that nothing drastic will change after this,’’ said Mengyuan as he sighed with dismay.

’’Nothing is clear right now. Who knows, maybe the appearance of Qing Shui will allow our Yi Clan to control the Lion King's Ridge much earlier than expected,’’ said the head of Yi Clan as he returned to his usual demeanor.

The pond was clear with mostly redfish and tunas swimming contentedly while occasionally splashing about to dispel the quietness that lingered in the courtyard, which could be heard quite clearly.

’’No one in the Beitang Clan will be able to sleep soundly tonight...’’


Qing Shui and the others stayed on the entire last floor of the inn, which they promptly booked during their arrival. He wasn't afraid that the men from Lion King's Ridge would come for them since he had placed several demonic beasts outside to guard them. After he was settled with the guard duties, he went straight into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Moreover, he had already put down a formation in mid-air right on the entire last floor. The Formation Flag that was floating in the air would stall for some time should anyone enter the floor and trigger the formation.

Qing Shui looked at the Interspatial Silk Sachets on the ground inside the realm and opened them up one at a time. The precious medicinal herbs, crafting materials and medicinal pellets were aplenty. There were some items that he was unfamiliar with and he didn't know what they could be used for. In any case, these items must be useful if his opponents had kept them safely inside the sachets.

However, he was curious as to why he couldn't find any low level Sacred Beast Pills inside these Interspatial Silk Sachets. It would be reasonable if he could find at least one bottle but alas, there were none.

At that moment, he realized that the low level Sacred Beast Pills might have been more precious than he had previously thought.

What kind of item was this?

Qing Shui looked at the ancient bottle that was the size of his fist on his hand. There were ancient patterns inscribed on the bottle but no words were to be found. However, Qing Shui had an indescribable feeling as he observed the bottle. He gathered from the bottle that it must have existed for a very long time.

The bottle was sealed completely. Qing Shui wouldn't know what it was because of the lack of words inscribed on the bottle. He thought about it for a moment before he decided to open the bottle. At that moment when the bottle was opened, a wave of cool air flowed out. The cool air contained a stench of domineering aura as well.

Qing Shui took a peek into the bottle and found that it contained a violet pearl. The pearl was crystal clear and undeniably enticing as a strong spiritual aura fluctuated within it. It was as big as the tip of his pinky finger.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

At that moment, Qing Shui couldn't resist checking on this item. He could tell from the bottle that this item was something of the peculiar sort.

Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl!

’’What kind of item is this?’’

Qing Shui continued to examine further with uncertainty.

If a human were to consume the pearl, the purity of their bloodline would be improved, further condensing the Violet Golden Blood Essence of the bloodline to increase the cultivator's overall power. The amount of power gain would be dependable on the cultivator's personal attributes. However, one would not be able to gain an amount greater than 20% of their overall power. In addition to that, the said cultivator would have a certain chance of acquiring a miraculous effect from the pearl itself.

Most importantly, only human cultivators were allowed to consume the pearl, albeit only one pearl per person!

Bloodline Pearl? Qing Shui was shocked beyond words. It wasn't because he hadn't heard of this item before but he actually knew that this was the legendary seed of the Violet Golden Bloodline, which could allow a human to contain a fraction of the Violet Golden Bloodline. It would be miraculous indeed but these were all just legends - until now. The pearl was real and it was now in front of Qing Shui.

The Violet Qi Pellet Qing Shui had refined long ago caused a few violet colored spots to appear inside his body. He could feel an intense energy emanating from these spots, yet he could not tell what they were exactly. After sensing the pearl for a while, he decided to try consuming it. In any case, he had the Nature Energy, so there was no need to fear that the pearl could be poisonous.

After he had swallowed the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl, he sat down immediately by crossing his legs and began to circulate the divine force to hasten the absorption of the pearl into his Dantian and into his bloodstream!

After this process, the purity and strength of the blood cells would be enhanced according to the consumer's body system, allowing the bloodline of the consumer to improve as well. The blood of the consumer would be strengthened in terms of quality, harnessing an amount of energy far greater than before.

The blood cells in his body began to act up like a pot of boiling water, circulating around his body in an agile manner. Through his Inner Sight, Qing Shui discovered that the violet spots in his bloodstream had multiplied to a greater amount.

Suddenly, the pellet that had coagulated from the Emperor's Qi inside his Dantian began to circulate quickly, emanating an expanse of qi throughout his body. This caused Qing Shui to wonder if the Emperor's Qi would be able to reach a breakthrough at this particular moment.


The Emperor's Qi Pellet moved for a split second, expanding its volume to a size one third bigger than its original. Then at that moment, a thought popped into Qing Shui's sea of consciousness.

The ability to debuff a target by 20% was still there - that did not change but now he was able to increase his overall capabilities by 20%!

20% of that amount was equivalent to nearly 5000 stars, which was nothing compared to Qing Shui's four million stars of attacking power. However, there was something more to the Emperor's Qi than just increasing 20% of his overall power.

The Emperor's Qi was quite domineering as it could be harnessed into his attacks. Even though the attack power would still remain the same, the imposing manner of the attack would be changed drastically. Qing Shui knew the aura would be strong and overbearing, which would be similar to the pressure of the law of heaven and earth

Could it be that the Emperor's Qi had reached such a miraculous level? The Emperor's Qi was also violet in color, so could the Emperor's Qi Pellet be considered to have reached a breakthrough? However, would the Emperor's Qi debuff the opponent's overall power forever?

Qing Shui was dubious about the ability, yet this wasn't the time to think about it now. On another note, the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl allowed Qing Shui to gain about a thousand stars of power, which wasn't a lot like he had expected. Otherwise, he would be able to gain nearly 5,000 stars of power. However, a thousand stars wasn't that bad either. At least that was because of his body constitution. In any case, he would go to the ladies to test how much power they could gain later.

At this critical moment, Qing Shui's power was able to improve further. His spiritual attack could reach up to 500,000 stars and he could push the limit of his body felt by the law of heaven and earth toward 200,000 stars. If the 20% chance buff was a success, then it would be a little bit more than 400,000 stars. The Nine Continents Mountain could unleash about 400,000 stars and his speed was increased as well.

When the time inside the realm was nearing its end, he quickly went to wash himself before returning to his room. The atmosphere outside was quiet and it was already the next day. If everything went well today, the matters with the Lion King's Ridge would be settled in no time.

Qing Shui's room was the closest to Yiye Jiange's room, so he went over and knocked on her door. It was already midnight, so he wasn't sure if she had slept or not.

’’Who is it?’’ Yiye Jiange's voice rang out. The elegance in her tone was as refined as ever.

Qing Shui was surprised for a moment and quickly replied, ’’It's me!’’

When Yiye Jiange heard his voice, she jumped. Luckily, Qing Shui couldn't see her expression, so she replied him, albeit slightly nervous and said, ’’I'm already asleep, is there a matter?’’

’’Well, dear madame, I'm not going to eat you, if that's what you're thinking. Why are you turning against me like I'm some kind of a wolf? I did tell you that I will wait until you're willing to let me eat you. My words are definitely true. If not, I will swear to the heavens...’’

Before he could finish, the door bursted open suddenly. Yiye Jiange who was already in her sleeping gown pulled him into the room and closed the door quickly. ’’What kind of damn fool chatters away in front of the door in the middle of the night....’’

Yiye Jiange said with an angry expression.

Qing Shui chuckled and said: ’’I didn't think you could open the door that fast. Well, I get to see something nice, so...’’

’’What do you want from me, spill it out!’’ Yiye Jiange wanted to laugh despite being angry with him. She didn't know why she was nervous in the first place either.

Qing Shui looked at the graceful outline of the silhouette draped under her sleeping gown and noticed that her breasts were quite firm and proportional in dimension. He thought they were already exquisite despite being covered by her outer clothings in usual days. However, this time they were different - not only were her breasts finely perked, the dimension of her breasts seemed bigger than usual.

’’My dear, I noticed that you look more beautiful wearing this particular set of clothing. Some parts look bigger,’’ Qing Shui chuckled as he stared at her chest area.

’’Are you looking for a fight? Don't forget what you said before. A promise is a promise,’’ said Yiye Jiange as she gave him a dirty look. She didn't plan on wearing another layer of clothes because she didn't mind donning her sleeping gown in front of him. She also realized that she didn't harbor any ill feelings toward his words earlier. She could sense something else in his words that made her unable to get angry at him.

’’Relax, I'm not going to eat you. Hugging is still fine, right?’’

As soon as those words left his mouth, he extended his hands and embraced her into his arms immediately. The sleeping gown was thin, so he could sense the buoyancy and smoothness of her breasts on his chest. The subtle fresh fragrance of her body traveled to his nose - a smell that he liked a lot. All women have their own scent. The women he liked and their scents were all his favorite kind.

The scent of a woman would always correlate to a certain type of body fragrance. Of course, not every woman in the world would possess a natural body fragrance that smelled pleasant. However, most women would use some kind of perfume to mask their scent whereas only a handful would smell naturally pleasant without the use of artificial odors. The women surrounding Qing Shui had their own bodily scents that were subtle and graceful - perhaps their unique body constitutions determined what their scents would smell like.

The subtle fragrance drove Qing Shui into a trance of nostalgia as he pressed his lips against hers while closing his eyes slightly as if heavily intoxicated. The beauty in his arms was warm to his touch. He could even feel the softness of her body despite a layer of sleeping gown draped over her silhouette.

His breathing had gone a bit abnormal, especially being pressed with the sensation of her supple breasts. The smoothness of his touch behind her back was something that he had been fond of, unable to part his hands away from her polished skin.


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