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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 110


AST 110 - Crisis

By the time Uncle Zhong felt the prick in his heart, it was already too late for him. An explosion of the primordial flame took place as his heart exploded, and he instantly died.

Even though Qing Shui managed to avoid his vital areas getting struck, the palm covered with Xiantian Qi still managed to strike his shoulder. Flying backwards from the impact, the bones of his shoulder shattered, and his flesh was torn apart as blood leaked out unceasingly. Despite this, all that could be heard as he was flung backwards, was the sound of Qing Shui's maniacal laughter.

In an instant, everyone was dumbstruck. Yu He filled with panic, rushed over to Qing Shui's side as she embraced him. ’’How are you feeling?’’

Qing Shui, who was lying against Yu He's chest, felt extremely satisfied in his heart. Were it not for the temporary boost in speed he gained after he ate the agility-enhancing fruits, then he would have had no way to avoid the deadly strike earlier. Only by putting himself in extreme danger, and matching blows with the man named Zhong, would Qing Shui be able to find a sliver of opportunity.

The blood leaking from his wounds, dyed the whole robe of Yu He red. With his uninjured hand, Qing Shui quickly sealed his acupoints to stop the bleeding, and heightened his recovery rate with his needle techniques. Somehow, it seemed that the Yin-Yang Jade Pendant in his sea of consciousness was shining with a brighter light than usual as it sent out waves after waves of soothing energy, numbing his pain.

Gongyang Yu dumbly stared the the corpse of his Uncle Zhong. Is this the real life, or is this a dream? How could the end result be like this? He was a Xiantian cultivator! Looking around, he noticed that the other patrons of the Yu He Inn had already fled, leaving only the three of them behind.

’’Qing Shui, are you okay? Don't scare me! Please be okay!’’ As Yu He looked at the pale white countenance of Qing Shui, she couldn't control her tears any more.

’’I'm fine, help to pour this powder over my shoulder.’’ Qing Shui fumbled as he withdrew a bottle filled with the Golden Ointment Powder as he handed it over to Yu He.

Yu He accepted the bottle from Qing Shui, and she sprinkled the golden powder on his shoulders. In an instant, waves of coolness wrapped around his whole body, causing Qing Shui to feel very comfortable. The places where his flesh was torn, began stitching itself back together at inconceivable speed. The process was so fast that even the naked eye could observe it.

’’What a miraculous powder!’’ Yu He, upon taking note of the recovery of Qing Shui, happily exclaimed.

Qing Shui, at this moment, was playing through the scenes of the battle earlier in his mind. This was the first time he fought a life and death battle with a Xiantian cultivator. The feeling of taking a life, felt extremely strange. What Yu He didn't know was that Qing Shui wasn't trembling from fear, but was trembling from excitement instead!

Looking at the weak-looking, trembling Qing Shui cradled in Yu He's embrace, Gongyang Yu drew his sword as he approached them. No matter what, his cultivation was at the 10th level of the martial commander realm. He was at the peak of Houtian! In his mind, he had already decided what he was going to do. He would screw Yu He in front of Qing Shui, fondle her and fill her up to his heart's content before killing Qing Shui!

But at this moment, before he could execute his plan, a person suddenly entered!

Yu DongHao!

’’Grandpa!’’ Yu He frantically called out.

’’It's fine now. Bring Qing Shui with you to rest. I will clean up here.’’ The tone of Yu DongHao was gentle and peaceful, but his eyes radiated the sharpness of a sword as he glared at Gongyang Yu, filled with killing intent!

Qing Shui knew that Yu DongHao would show no mercy to Gongyang Yu. Even the unconscious Yang Yan Qi wouldn't be able to escape his wrath.

Although this didn't mean that they were safe from the repercussions from Heavenly River City, at the very least it would delay their investigations.

Qing Shui laid on the bed of Yu He, as Yu He removed his bloodstained clothes, and changed him into a set of pyjamas. The blanket was filled with Yu He's fragrance, and Qing Shui contently laid there, thinking about the direction of which path he should take in the future.

After a moment, Yu Donghao entered, his countenance extremely heavy.

’’They are from Heavenly River City. Not only that, but that youth earlier was the son of the City Lord.’’

The words of Yu Donghao caused the atmosphere to turn heavy. Heavenly River City, was one of the biggest cities in the Cang Lang Country. They actually managed to offend the city lord of the Heavenly River City.

’’They are all dead now. If it's a fortunate event, it is good, if it is a disaster, no matter what we do, we wouldn't be able to avoid it as well. Since the deed is done, there's no need to keep thinking about it. I've removed both Gongyang Yu, Yang Yan Qi and the man named Zhong. It should be able to give us some time before they trace the lead back to us.’’ Yu Donghao calmly stated. His words also managed to ease some of the burden in Qing Shui's heart.

Qing Shui knew that the thing he needed most now, was time. Given time, with his spatial realm, he knew he would surely be able to break through to Xiantian!

’’Qing Shui, to think that you are able to kill a Xiantian-level cultivator, your strength really is unfathomable.’’ Yu Donghao praised, as a smile lit up his face.

’’It was only due to good luck, he was too careless!’’ Qing Shui modestly forced a smile on his face.

Seeing how fatigued Qing Shui was, Yu Donghao brought Yu He out, before bidding Qing Shui to rest.

Although Yu Donghao didn't allowed his emotions to show, his heart was shuddering. This youth, just broke the fabled legends that Xiantian cultivators were invincible. Houtian killing Xiantian!

Qing Shui couldn't calm his mind down enough to sleep. Son of the City Lord. Doesn't that meant that the Gongyang Yu was the person Lan Yan`er was betrothed to?

’’Didn't he just created a widow out of nothing? According to the customs of this world, Lan Yan`Er was now a widow.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose, he knew that Qing Hu would surely be ecstatic if this news was known. However, such matters should be best kept secret.


Heavenly River City, Residence of the City Lord!

’’What? Yu`er is dead?!’’ The sound of a voice filled with disbelief, and anger echoed throughout the residence.

’’City Lord, this news from Hundred Miles City, without a doubt, is extremely accurate!’’ An unknown youth bowed his head as he spoke.

’’Wh.. WHO DID IT?’’ The sound of ragged breathing could be heard, as that sturdy silhouette bent over with grief...

’’Qing Clan and the Yu Clan. Even the bodies of Young Master, Uncle Zhong and Yang Yan Qi have disappeared without a trace.’’

’’The Qing Clan and the Yu Clan, I vow to make both your clans disappear from the face of this world!’’ That voice roared with rage.

’’Inform the Elders Association. Dispatch the 5th regiment and get them to await my orders.’’ The City Lord instructed with hatred.



Strangely enough, even though Yu Donghao buried the bodies, the matter of the fight in the Yu He Inn quickly spread, as the news of Qing Shui killing the Young City Lord and a Xiantian cultivator spread throughout the whole of Hundred Miles City.

’’That Qing Shui from the Qing Clan, he is that powerful? He can even kill a Xiantian.’’

’’What a load of nonsense, how could a Xiantian cultivator fall so easily.’’

’’It's true! Not only that, he also killed the Young City Lord of the Heavenly River City!’’

’’So domineering? Let's stay away from him, I think he should be dead soon from the vengeance of Heavenly River City.’’


’’Qing Shui what on earth happened? Are the rumors true?’’ The members of Qing Clan bombarded him with questions the moment he returned.

Without a choice, Qing Shui could only give a brief breakdown of the circumstances and things that happened to his family.

’’You guys return to the Qing Clan Village. I will bear the consequences alone.’’ Qing Shui resolutely stated. After some discussion, the members of the Qing Clan decided to send someone to inform the clan head, after all, he was some who had lived for so long, and experienced so many things, so he should have some ideas on how to avert the disaster.

Wenren Wu-Shuang also came back and encouraged Qing Shui, saying that everything would have a solution. Looking at how worried Wenren Wu-Shuang was for him, Qing Shui couldn't help but feel a weird sense of happiness. The other clans in Hundred Miles City drew a clear line with the Qing Clan. Even the Yu Clan. Other than Yu Donghao and Yu He, the rest of them hated Qing Shui for dragging the Yu Clan down with them.


’’Qing Shui, you even dared to compete with me for Shi Qingzhuang. I will see if you still can survive this time round.’’ Sitting on his lap, was a beautiful looking servant girl. Situ Bufan was fondling her as he pleased, as a dark grin could be seen on his face.

The figure of the servant girl was well proportioned. Tearing apart her robes, he buried his face inside her breasts and started to suck on her nipples, while both his hands tightly squeezed that perky ass of hers.

’’Climb on top of me’’ Situ Bufan gasped, as if he was somehow short of breath.

The servant girl obediently did as commanded, and angled herself on top of Situ Bufan as he tore away his pants, trying to force that half-hard earthworm of his inside the pleasure hole of the girl.

’’Shi Qingzhuang, one of these days, I'm going to play with you to death!’’


No matter how much he tried, he wasn't able to get it hard.

’’Scram, FUCK THIS, useless thing!’’ Situ Bufan screamed madly, as he looked at his already shrunken di*k. It was useless even under the effects of medication. His anger was fearsome to witness, and it was unknown whether he was cursing others, or cursing himself.

’’WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? FUCK OFF!’’ He screamed to the servant girl as a slap landed on her face.


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