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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 11


Chapter 11 - Testing the concealed weapon

For the first time, the enlightenment had changed the strength of Qing Shui from top to bottom and also slightly his state of mind. Now his heart was beating, full of confidence yearning for tomorrow.

He has woken from his enlightenment just now filled with happiness but he hasn't realized that his whole body was stinking and covered with impurities which looked like black mud. When he calmed down he found the extremely unpleasant odor but he knew that was because the ancient strengthening technique cleaning his impurities. When he break through the ancient strengthening technique's first layer it also happened the same, he had a big layer of impurities. If he didn't saw himself on that moment, he would be thinking in how was possible that many dirty things came from his tiny body!

Although at the time when he had his breakthrough into second layer it didn't happened. He didn't believe that it was possible to happen again when he had his enlightenment. Now he knows why it's was praiseworthy having one. It opposed to the heavens, it was something that you couldn't control...

He ran to the mountain stream's brook while sighing with great sorrow. And although the brook was small, it was possible to jump in it.


After washing the black and filth mud of his whole body, he looked at his skin. His skin was smooth, white and delicate. Unlike other children who grew in this enchanting scenery, Qing Shui was the unique that had the body well-proportioned and not looking robust like the other children!

He cannot return naked so he washed his dirty clothes on a stone in the cold shore. He was remembering about the last time this happened;now this time was easier. He cannot help but remember about the novels that he has read. When people pass though, in the novels they had a space ring, a universal bag, money, unique martial arts or they were casually embracing beauties and yet he had lived here for more than ten years in this mountain village and never had heard about those things. Even though this place was isolated, he knows vaguely that his mother travels to many places and even his grandfather who was an expert didn't had these things and even they didn't had heard about it!

Qing Shui didn't have money, but this Qing Family's mountain village was one of the influential ones that you could count with one hand and besides, with a small amount of money was sufficient to live here. The families here were farming and even hunting in their spare time for themselves and it's was natural because they lived on the edge of a mountain. After all ordinary people wouldn't venture for themselves on the deep of the mountain because it was rumored that in the depths there was fierce beasts and even formidable devil beasts!

Qing Shui was smacking his lips when thinking on beautiful women, but then looking at his small body and although in his heart he was ready, his small pen** was saying other thing so he only can let out a small sigh. In his past life he was obsessed with online games so he had not a girlfriend when going to the bed!

He didn't expected coming into this world, and if were not for his mother's love, he believes that he would have committed suicide already. After all, in this world where martial arts were respected, he born with a fatal defect!

For better or worse, he didn't believe that a game of his past life could change his fate. Feeling the breakthrough to the second layer he felt so powerful from his head to his feet and his mind felt especially steady!

Thanks to his enlightenment it was possible for Qing Shui to display at the present stage the peak of the lonely nimble fist. Unconsciously Qing Shui extended his hand and displayed his skilled play and although what was displayed was a blur it was so clear for him. If he didn't gained his insight then the lonely nimble fist would mess with his eyes and mind!

He slowly withdraws his hands and put his clothes already dried. Brimming with a very small sense of satisfaction when looking at his clean body, he looks to the sky, it was already middle afternoon. The wind was brushing his face and although the sun was shining, it was not hot at all!

He slowly climbed to the top of the hill, which was not so far from the Qing Family's entrance door. The Qing Family was surrounded by a natural barrier of mountains, and although they were called mountains, they were not so taller. Inclined they were less than 200 meters!

Standing at the top of the hill it was possible to see far away farmers working on the fields. You could see farms as far as your eye could see. The Qing Family's farmstead radius was also nearly 200 li, so Qing Shui can't help but sigh at how big this world was. One village was already this much big. What scene would he be able to see 200 li from here to outside of the city?

Around the mountain was full of trees and the unceasing chirping of birds. They were bringing thriving life to this quiet hilltop. This let him feel that there were many birds and not only that his place was a beautiful one but also the same time, that this was a good place to practice the concealed weapon!

He grabbed two small stones from the ground and in the same time he felt the flow of qi traveling though his body. Closing his eyes, he started practicing normally the lonely nimble fist together with testing the strength of the concealed weapon technique!

After a cup of tea time, motionless, so much that even his breath was weak. His heartbeat was also changing into slow and gently one that you couldn't hear!

A small yellow bird landed near the feet of Qing Shui bouncing around, like Qing Shui wasn't there!

A sort of black eagle, unfolded his three metes big wings and from that distance it was likely that the eagle would come here, and on the eagle eyes were like was traveling electricity though them!

At this time, the small bird that was chirping near Qing Shui was about to escape flying and in the same time Qing Shui opened his eyes looking at it. Not seeing his left hand he threw a small pebble, and do it so, made a whoosh sound, even when traveling through the air was making a xiuxiu sound!


With a yelling, the pebble passed though the brain killing it!

Qing Shui gently tilted his mouth!

’’So this is the concealed weapon!’’ Qing Shui was looking at the distant mountain, looking the bird falling down!

Qing Shui's face faced towards the west, and in the west was where the Qing Family goes to hunt, in the blue forest. It was called so because in the edge of the forest, the trees were color blue. And because of it, the people called this path the gateway to the depths of the danger zone!

The Qing Family's people can't go to hunt if their strength is lower than the seventh layer, but at the same time you could say that if your strength is on the seventh layer then you could go to hunt all for yourself into the blue forest!

’’I have to look at the dead big bird immediately!’’ Using the excuse of searching the bird, he slowly took measure of the environment!

Having found nothing strange, he slowly starts walking to the area!

Going upwards was easy but going downwards on the mountains was difficult, especially on the west side because he doesn't know it was artificial or natural the small slope, but that perpendicular slope was leading almost to the blue forest!

But because it was not very high, Qing Shui was extremely confident because he knew that this forest doesn't have any fierce beast at all. After all it was on the Qing Family's edge!

Like Qing Shui was a nimble monkey or an ape, he was careful slipping down!

It was not strange that going upwards was the easy part on a mountain but only now Qing Shui understands that saying. Although it was less than 200 meters, he already use half of an hour but also climbed from below took him a quarter of an hour!

From the mountain's foot to the blue forest the distance was 100 meters approximately. Qing Shui could see the big bird falling on the blue forest's edge. Looking that nothing was wrong, he slowly went towards the dead bird!


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