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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 109


AST 109 - Killing Xiantian

’’How should we address you? You can call me Gongyang Yu, I came from Heavenly River City. We are here today to try out the legendary black fish from the Yu He Inn. Please forgive my brother Yan Qi for his earlier outburst.’’ Gongyang Yu smiled as he stood up and explained.

Yu He was bewildered by the sudden change. The originally murderous rage and killing intent had suddenly disappeared, replaced by this smiling Gongyang Yu.

’’My name is Yu He, I shall take my leave here so as not to disturb you, esteemed guests.’’

’’Why are you in such a hurry? Why don't you join us, and we can enjoy the meal together?’’ Yang Yan Qi, from the look in Gongyang Yu's eyes, knew that his brother was interested in this woman, and it was not merely on the level of being interested. Gongyang Yu had to have Yu He.

Yu He slightly creased her brow, as she stared with disgust at Yang Yan Qi.

’’What are you looking at? Are you unhappy? Do you understand the status my brother holds in Heavenly River City? Him wanting you is a sign of glory for you, you bitch.’’ Yang Yan Qi disdainfully smiled. The Yang Clan was a large clan which hailed from Heavenly River City. How could they put a small clan like the Yu Clan in their eyes?

He knew that the Yu Clan possessed a Xiantian cultivator, but that Xiantian expert had already been crippled. Not only that, but what was one Xiantian expert? In his Yang Clan alone, they had the support of several Xiantian cultivators.

’’This is the Yu He Inn, I respect my customers, but I request that you also respect me. Please watch your words, or I will expel you from my inn.’’ Yu He coldly stated.

’’Hahaha! Watch my words? So what if I don't? Let me put it to you plainly. Today, not only must you accompany us for our meal, tonight, you have to sleep with my brother as well.’’

Just as Yu He's anger rose to the limit, a lazy sounding voice drifted over. ’’Which dog from the Yang Clan is barking? It sounds so annoying, why don't they leash the dog at home instead of bringing it out for it to bark at people. Even though it's bark is noisy, I don't believe it would dare bite someone. But then again, it would be good if it bit someone. This way, we would have a reason to kill it.’’ Although the tone behind the voice was lazy, it was filled with force. Qing Shui stepped into the Yu He Inn, as he spoke with a smile that was not quite a smile.

Today Qing Shui had come to the Yu He inn with the intentions of delivering the fish and turtles to Yu He. To think that the moment he stepped inside, he heard the arrogant words of Yang Yan Qi, and upon seeing Yu He loss for words, he naturally stepped out transforming into the hero that saved the beauty...

’’Qing Shui!’’ Upon seeing Qing Shui, Yu He felt much better. It was as if he was an unyielding support that would be there for her no matter what happened.

’’F*k, small boy, are you looking to die?’’ Yang Yan Qi had never felt such a humiliation before. He was the young master of a great clan, never had he been scolded in such a manner before.

’’Sorry, I don't speak dog. Please bark at your fellow dogs instead. If you can't understand, then I will have to hit you.’’ Qing Shui grinned.

’’Boy, go to hell.’’ Yang Yan Qi was incensed. Qing Shui calling him a dog left and right, and totally disregarding him. If he didn't smash Qing Shui into smithereens, he wouldn't be able to resolve the hatred in his heart.

’’Yan Qi, be careful. Don't screw this up.’’ Gongyang Yu was observing Qing Shui, and he could feel that Qing Shui was somewhat different, and should be hiding something up his sleeves.

’’Bad dog, I will have to teach you how to be obedient.’’ Qing Shui laughed out loud. Standing motionless in his original spot, he calmly watched as Yan Qi dashed over, before releasing a single punch.

The punch that Qing Shui released was sent out after the attack of Yan Qi, but strangely, it connected first.

Ka Cha!’’


With a casual punch, the impact caused Yan Qi's shoulder to pop out from his socket, as the bones in his arms crumbled.

’’Huh, he's this weak? He's acting so arrogant in Hundred Miles City, if he wasn't at Xiantian level, he should definitely at least be at Martial Commander level right?’’ Bewilderment painted Qing Shui's face.

The pain of his broken arm caused Yang Yan Qi to sink into unconsciousness.

Only then did Gongyang Yu and Uncle Zhong seriously regard Qing Shui now. Yang Yan Qi was someone at the peak of the Martial General Level. There shouldn't be many who could defeat him amongst the younger generation in Hundred Miles City.

But who knew that, such a youth would actually appear! Not only that, but he only used a single punch to defeat Yang Yan Qi.

’’Little Fellow, what a brilliant fist technique!’’ The man named Uncle Zhong said, with traces of a smile on his face.

’’Thank you for your praise, but that dog earlier was too useless. It only knows how to bark, but not bite. What a stupid dog.’’ Qing Shui sarcastically remarked. Since the three of them had came to make trouble for Yu He, there was no need for him to be polite to them.

’’Wow, what a vigorous youth, but didn't your family members teach you not to mouth off so rudely to your elders?’’ The man named uncle Zhong deliberately released some of his aura as he spoke.

As the last word ’’elders’’ sounded out, his aura condensed into some sort of thick white Qi which was surrounding Uncle Zhong. The pressure it emitted was intense.

’’Xiantian cultivator!’’ Yu He exclaimed in shock. Ten years ago, she had once witnessed her grandpa doing such a thing. This half foot long wall of white Qi, was precisely the Xiantian Qi of Xiantian cultivators!

’’Little lass, you are quite knowledgeable, however, it's too late for the little boy.’’ The solemn face of Uncle Zhong turned bestial as he prepared to end Qing Shui's life.’’

’’Don't kill him please, the matter today has nothing to do with him. I will bear the consequences myself.’’ Yu He pulled Qing Shui behind her as she took two steps forwards to block the path of the Xiantian cultivator.

’’Yu He......’’ Only know did Qing Shui understand how much Yu He cared for him. She was willing to be his shield and sacrifice, just so he could leave safely. Sourness blossomed in his heart, as he cursed himself for being such a stupid fool. Such a good woman standing in front of him, protecting him when he should be protecting her. But, how had he treated her recently?

’’Hehe, nothing to do with him? Then what happened to my brother? Did he fall down and break his arms?’’ Gongyang Yu stood up as a malicious look flashed in his eyes.

’’Your friend attacked first...’’

’’F*king bitch. Today not only will I demolish your Inn, but I'm going to fondle and play with you right in front of him.’’ The beautiful countenance of Gongyang Yu, transformed from an angelic pretty boy, to a devil in an instant.

’’You just signed your death warrant.’’ Qing Shui pulled Yu He aside as extreme anger contorted his features. Never had he felt like killing someone so much before. Not even Situ Bufan had made him feel like this.

’’With just you?’’ Gongyang Yu laughed uproariously as he heard that. It was as though this was the funniest joke he had ever heard in his life.

Qing Shui's icy gaze never left Gongyang Yu's face as his bloodlust surged relentlessly.

’’Uncle Zhong, kill him!’’ Gongyang Yu chortled with laughter.

’’Don't kill him, you all can't kill him. If not my grandpa won't spare the both of you.’’ Yu He frantically begged, looking at Uncle Zhong.

’’Your grandpa? Ha ha, I know Yu Donghao was a Xiantian cultivator 10 years ago. However, now he is only an old cripple.’’ Uncle Zhong laughed manically.

’’You are not to allowed to insult my grandpa!’’

’’Insult? If he is here now, then I would kill him myself.’’ Uncle Zhong coldly snorted.

’’Do you really think that with just a cultivation level at the Xiantian Realm you can be this arrogant?’’ Qing Shui calmly spoke as he regarded Uncle Zhong.

’’Little boy, Xiantian may not count for much in other places, but in this city, I am God. Who can stop me? Come, I will leave your body whole for the crows to feast on.’’ After speaking, he lunged towards Qing Shui, as a layer of silvery light coated his hands. He dove straight towards Qing Shui's heart, with a speed as fast as a phantom.

’’Xiantian cultivators are truly not simple indeed.’’ Qing Shui murmured. However, after he consumed the two agility-enhancing fruits, his speed had already increased to an inconceivable extent. Grabbing Yu He as he stepped aside, he narrowly dodged the attack of his opponent by an inch.

’’Good, good. Even I couldn't tell that your speed was this quick.’’

Qing Shui's movement was as smooth as a earthworm in mud, he executed the freedom steps to it's limit! Finally, after avoiding over ten strikes from Uncle Zhong, Qing Shui had no more space to retreat. Helpless, he could only glance at the palm strikes of Uncle Zhong, which were coming nearer and nearer, as well as the wretched smile on his opponent's face. Summoning all his Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he infused his arms, and sent out both of his palms to meet the attacks of his opponent!


The body of Qing Shui was flung into the air, as he smashed onto the thick stone wall of Yu He Inn, before falling to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Qing Shui bitterly smiled, Xiantian lifeforms were an existence that he did not have the power to win against yet. Using the entire strength of his body, he only managed to force his opponent back half a step?

Uncle Zhong on the other hand, felt immense shock in his heart. Earlier in that strike, he had utilized over 80% of his strength, but to think that he couldn't even kill the brat? His eyes further widened as he saw Qing Shui picking himself up, and brushing the blood from his mouth. It didn't seem like Qing Shui was seriously injured. The killing intent in his eyes got increasingly stronger. If he didn't take the chance to finish Qing Shui before he matured, maybe in the future when Qing Shui was his age, he would become an existence surpassing Xiantian!

Seeing the look in Uncle Dong's eyes, Qing Shui knew that today, no matter what, he had to kill the one surnamed Zhong!

Retrieving another agility-enhancing fruit from his spatial realm, Qing Shui rapidly ate it. His movements were so fast that no one else could even see what exactly was the thing he was eating. Yu He, with her eyes filled of tears, ran over to Qing Shui's side.

Qing Shui gazed gently at Yu He, as he kissed her forehead. Those bloodstained lips of his, left behind a cherry red mark upon the place he kissed.

Feeling the effects of the agility-enhancing fruits activating, he knew that at least for a quarter of an hour, his speed was doubled. He believed that with his speed now, even if he couldn't kill his opponent, he would still be able to grievously injure him.

’’Sigh, the Xiantian stage could basically be considered freaks. They are too strong.’’ Silently, in his hands, a golden needle was clutched within it.

’’Brat, prepare to die now.’’

Qing Shui felt that the aura surrounding the middle-aged man, strengthened a lot this time round. His fist that was coated with a layer of inch thick Xiantian Qi. Uncle Zhong wanted to kill Qing Shui with this strike.

Qing Shui's heart involuntarily trembled with fear as he watched the fist getting nearer and nearer. Despite this, he completely activated the Qi from his Ancient Strengthening Technique in his body as he prepared to make his move.

Strangely enough, Qing Shui felt as if the space around him was being locked by a strange pressure. There was no way for him to dodge the incoming strike. Gritting his teeth, Qing Shui stared defiantly in the eyes of Uncle Zhong.

At the moment of contact, Qing Shui violently lurched his body to the side, avoiding an impact to his vital areas. His right hand, swiftly shot out, clutching the golden needle within, and pierced into the heart of Uncle Zhong. As the needle pierced him, Qing Shui activated the full brunt of his power, and imbued the needle with his primordial flames, which was powered by the entirety of the Qi in his body from his Ancient Strengthening Technique!


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