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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1080-1081


Chapter 1080-1081

AST 1080 - Undergoing a Complete Change, Tidal Cloud Waves Seal

Although the Big Dipper Sword didn't increase his spirit energy like it did before, Qing Shui felt that his strength had increased qualitatively and that was enough. Sometimes, too much wasn't a good thing and he felt that the current status was good.

The loss of the Big Dipper Sword's effect could be due to the readjustment of his body or that his body was unable to take it. It could be that in the future, if his power settled down, the effect of the Big Dipper Sword would reappear.

Shaking his head, Qing Shui decided to not think too much. Nonetheless, he continued to enter his consciousness to check out that will.

The Nine Continents Mountain was controlled through will. It could be big or small and it could be used to stop the opponent's attacks, including spirit energy attacks. It could also be used to attack and the Nine Continents Mountain which was heavier than ten thousand jun [1] had the power of a Shield Attack. It could crush and push back opponents.

Right now, it could attack with two times his strength and two times his speed. Its attack would have the power of a Shield Attack. It was activated by spirit energy and intent, additionally, it would deplete one's spirit energy!

Could be leveled up!

Could attack and defend!

The Nine Continents Mountain's spiritual Qi completely let Qing Shui's body undergo a complete change. That moment of darkness and blurriness from earlier had allowed the Nine Continents Mountain to enter his body and allowed him to go through a complete transformation.

When Qing Shui saw the setting sun in the west, he was stunned. He had could recall clearly that it was morning earlier but it was now evening...

This meant that the one moment he had felt earlier was actually about half a day!

Located in his upper Dantian, the translucent Crimson Pellet in his Niwan Palace was the size of a marble. The spirit energy it contained even made Qing Shui feel that it was unbelievable.

The Central Palace Blood Essence Pool, his entire body's blood, bones, muscles, and such had all went through a transformation. It was like his cells had gathered together and restructured themselves. The power contained in the Nine Continents Mountain was too great and powerful, causing Qing Shui's transformation to be much more powerful that if he were to experience an epiphany.

The Nine Continents Mountain could be leveled up. This was the power of Sacred Grade Heaven and Earth Spiritual Treasures. When Qing Shui used the Big Dipper Sword, he could reach a strength of close to 900,000 stars. After all, the 20% chance of his attacking prowess being doubled couldn't be considered his true strength. The weight of the Nine Continents Mountain was equivalent to twice his strength and it could also reach two times his speed. Speed was equivalent to power and as long as it was fast enough, even a falling leaf could inflict damage.

Qing Shu had felt that his speed was quite good, and most importantly, the Nine Continents Mountain could still level up. With it doubling his strength and speed, its prowess was still quite terrifying.

A strength of 1.7 million Stars and two times his speed... This was good enough, this was sufficient. Even when in the Ancient Ruins, he could crush the rest of the people. There would still be a restriction due to the world's regulations when in the Five Continents but Qing Shui's Great Golden Buddha Palm and other secret techniques were sufficient for him to be formidable.

Sacred Grade Heaven and Earth Spiritual Objects were powerful enough and could level up. However, he didn't know if its strength would still increase after leveling up. Another thing was that while in the Dantian, the Nine Continents Mountain would be nourished by the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique all the time.

Heart follows intent, rise!

Qing Shui didn't feel much and a small mountain about a hundred meters tall appeared before him. It was the image of the Nine Continents Mountain which was exuding a majestic power.


With a move of his will, the Nine Continents Mountain which was like a small mountain plunged at a rapid speed.


With a huge sound, a crater which was so deep that it was hard to see the bottom was created. The surroundings collapsed, burying even the Nine Continents Mountain underneath.



Rocks and dust flew about and the Nine Continents Mountain rose from the ground, bringing about an even greater crater. A huge sound rang out and even the grounds of the surroundings tremored.


Qing Shui swung his hand. This was a habit of his but he could also use a slapping motion. If he were to use a slapping motion, it could increase the prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain.


The Nine Continents Mountain brought about an air current that was like a tornado. Wherever it passed, the rocks on the ground would be flipped up. Then it came to a stop after less than three hundred meters.

There was a distance restriction to will control and two hundred to three hundred meters was still acceptable for Qing Shui. The Nine Continents Mountain was tempered by fresh blood and it was also being nourished in his Dantian. Therefore, there wasn't a need for him to temper it specifically.

Feeling satisfied, Qing Shui headed back. He was still planning to keep the rest of the people from Lion King's Ridge here and he didn't have enough time to progress further. Otherwise, given that he had gained additional power, he had the abilities to press on.

Nine Continents Steps!

It was just starting to turn dark. Having become stronger, Qing Shui decided to catch some demonic beasts for himself. After all, he still had four bottles of low grade Sacred Beast Pills in his hands. The increase in his powers also made his spiritual sense acuter and he was able to sense a further distance away.

Qing Shui called out the Thunderous Beast and started to move around in the vicinity, searching for a powerful presence. After two hours, Qing Shui succeeded in finding one.

Tiger Jiao Beast!

Qing Shui felt that this demonic beast was about the same level as the Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox. Qing Shui didn't wish to look for an even stronger one since there was a restriction to the low grade Sacred Beast Pills. While it might be fine for Wenren Wu-shuang, Qing Shui felt that it would be a little harder for his mother to manage a stronger beast with her cultivation level. Even if she could succeed, it would be just barely.

The monster with a Jiao head and a Tiger's body was snow-white in color and was a demonic beast with the ice attribute. It also came from a lineage of ancient beasts. Right now, it was easy for Qing Shui to deal with it given his powers, and he easily sealed it into his Demonic Beast Token.

A strength of 100,000 Stars!

A demonic beast like this should be able to unleash a power exceeding 30,000 Stars outside the ruins. Demonic beasts of their lineage had their own unique abilities, like how Yiye Jiange's Seven-Headed Crystal Beast could probably unleash a strength not lower than 150,000 Stars outside the ruins. However, when in the Ancient Ruins, it could only unleash a power of over 60,000 Stars.

Qing Shui had the Arhat Rosary Beads and Area Dominance. However, many demonic beasts had their own unique talents to go against the world's rules and let their own tribe better survive in this world.

When it was about time, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He would need to start preparing things. He had mentioned earlier that he was going to make the people from Lion King's Ridge stay behind. Previously, he didn't have absolute confidence of winning, at least not in the Ancient Ruins. However, right now, he felt that it was not a problem.

Once he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he saw that 'book' and was stunned. He had already forgotten about it when he had tossed into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Right now, it seemed that if he hadn't kept it in the realm, he might not be able to see it again. Something which could be placed together with the Nine Continents Mountain shouldn't be something that was that bad.

Picking it up, the few words written on the covered entered Qing Shui's view.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Qing Shui flipped open the book doubtfully. This was a battle technique and there were not many pages. It was made from tempered beast hide and was very exquisite. He looked through it very quickly. After reading it, he closed his eyes and entered a state of deep thought.

Qing Shui had already picked up the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm which focused on the Wave Essence. This Tidal Cloud Waves Seal was similar to the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, which focused on the Wave Force. As for their differences, he had decided to cultivate the skill and check it out for himself. He could also leave this for Qing Clan and let them treat this as a main battle technique for the clan.

Since he still had a lot of time, Qing Shui decided to try and cultivate it. At the start, he only decided to casually pick it up since he felt that it was about the same as the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm and he didn't need to spend too much time on this. He might as well focus on his Great Golden Buddha Palm.

However, upon thinking that he had sufficient time and of how this Tidal Cloud Waves Seal was together with the Nine Continents Mountain, he thought that it shouldn't be bad. Obtaining too many skills was not a bad thing, and thus he decided to pick it up. It might even be useful for his cultivation of the Great Golden Buddha Palm.

This cultivation let Qing Shui discovered that no matter how similar battle techniques were, they would have their own unique traits. It was mentioned that the best way to pick up this Tidal Cloud Waves Seal was to look at the tides and the wave-like clouds in the sky.

Seal Arts like the tides, like wave-like clouds!

Qing Shui didn't really understand that. After all, he had just started to pick it up. It was just that he didn't seem to feel anything. At Qing Shui's level, the harder the battle technique was to pick up, the more extraordinary it was.

Qing Shui's determination and willpower could not be doubted. After one round of cultivation, it was about time for him to leave the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. This made him feel that he really needed to observe the tides and the wave-like clouds.

Not wanting to rest, Qing Shui rushed back in the latter half of the night. Those demonic beasts who didn't know any better stood in his way and were all killed by him. Riding on his Thunderous Beast, he was invincible, causing havoc everywhere he went. This feeling was exhilarating and it had been a very long time since he had been doing things completely without restraints.

Three days later!

Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Steps every day and after using the Nine Continents Steps four times, he would take a look around on his Thunderous Beast. He would also spend some time traveling. In the past few days, he had sealed two demonic beasts.

Mystic Wood Kirin and Golden Cauldron Spirit Crane!

Their abilities were about the same as the one from before. The Golden Cauldron Spirit Crane wasn't only strong but its flying abilities were exceptionally strong. It could be considered a combination of a beast ride and a battle beast.


A sharp cry rang out and Qing Shui lifted his head, looking into the distance. He had initially wanted to leave but after hearing a terrified cry, he decided to go and check it out. If it was someone he knew, he could lend them a helping hand. Therefore, he charged forth with the Thunderous Beast. Qing Shui had absolute confidence in his powers.

This was a rocky terrain and from afar, Qing Shui could see hordes of demonic beasts both in the sky and on the land.

Blood Wolf Vultures!

After seeing this scene, Qing Shui frowned. He had been traveling for the past few days but the dangers in this place was a completely different level than the places he had been to before. Encountering a big group of Blood Wolf Vultures here was definitely deadly for many people. If he had encountered them when he first came, he would also be forced to run as well.

There were no less than 100,000 huge blood red vulture bodies and black-colored wolf heads. They had covered the entire sky.

Wolves' howls rang out loudly and Qing Shui could see that amidst the Blood Wolf Vultures, there were about over twenty people, most of them being old men. There were only two to three young men. When Qing Shui saw one of them, he laughed.

That guy in violet-colored clothes was the person who had challenged him outside the Ancient Ruins.

The people from the Violet Dragon Mountain!

Qing Shui saw that they had set up a formation and was trying to fend off the overwhelming numbers of Blood Wolf Vultures. Their formation was also very shaky, with fresh blood all over the place outside the formation. It seemed that there had been quite a number of casualties but considering that there were no corpses, they must have been devoured completely by the Blood Wolf Vultures to the extent that no bones or dregs were left behind.

Qing Shui's appearance while riding the Thunderous Beast made them very happy.

’’Young Master, look, someone is here! Let's ask him for help!’’ An old man said agitatedly toward the man in violet-colored clothes.

’’Look at the demonic beast he is riding. It must be very strong. The fact that he dared to head over here must mean that he isn't scared of these Blood Wolf Vultures. Young Master, let's give it a try!’’ Another old man said quickly. At the verge of death, nothing else was of a concern.


Everyone looked at the Thunderous Beast which was closing in. When they saw that it was a young man, they were all astonished. However, the face of the man in violet clothes immediately turned pale. The same went for a few other old men. This was because when the man in violet clothes had issued the challenge, they were there too and thus could recognize Qing Shui.

[1] An ancient unit measurement for weight. 1 jun = 30 jin.


AST 1081 - No Room for Clemency, Reuniting with Tantai Xuan

As Qing Shui was getting closer and closer, a group of Blood Wolf Vultures charges towards him. Qing Shui on the other hand, calmly took out his Big Dipper Sword and casually swept it. He instantly killed one in one sweep, sometimes he would kill several.

There were quite a lot of Blood Wolf Vultures that leaped towards Qing Shui. But due to the fact that their body size were quite huge, only about ten managed to come into direct contact with Qing Shui. Qing Shui currently possessed a strength worth almost six hundred thousand stars even without his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, if he triggered the 20% chance to double his attack damage, then he would his attack strength to nearly a million and two hundred thousand stars worth of strength.

The group of Blood Wolf Vultures in front was unable to inflict any damage on Qing Shui. After more than a hundred of them were defeated by Qing Shui, the Blood Wolf Vultures retreated. However, instead of retreating back fully, they still surrounded the purple robed man and his companions.

Woo woo......

The Blood Wolf Vulture was a really greedy and bloodthirsty Demonic beast. Qing Shui didn't go after them. On the contrary, he only stayed back and watched the struggling purple robed man and his companions.

Woo woo......

Among the Blood Wolf Vulture, there was one that was slightly bigger than average. Unlike the rest of the Blood Wolf Vulture that had black head, it's entire body was colored bloody red. Qing Shui could tell right away that it was the king of the group of Blood Wolf Vulture. If they intended to defeat the group of Blood Wolf Vulture, they would have to go after the Blood Wolf Vulture King.

But Qing Shui didn't really want to do that. He was never interested in the group's survival. Since the beginning, Qing Shui had never thought of fighting him. The Violet Dragon Mountain was just an existence that represented the hidden strength of Northern Sacred Lu Continent. He wasn't really afraid of them, it's just that after leaving the five continents, his women and members of the Qing Clan would remain behind, hence, it would be best if they just quietly disappeared within the Ancient Ruins.

Even if they suspected it was Qing Shui's doing, they did not have the evidence to prove it was him. This was an opportunity that Qing Shui would not waste. Without getting his hands dirty, he was still able to achieve his goal. If not for the group of Blood Wolf Vultures, Qing Shui would still act on his own accord make sure they could not leave the Ancient Ruins.

’’Sir, we're from Violet Dragon Mountain. Please lend us a hand, we will definitely reward you handsomely.’’ An old man told Qing Shui. He sounded a bit rushing when he said it.

Qing Shui didn't say anything. Instead, he only looked at the halo of the formation that was about to crumble in silent and the gloomy purple robed man. While he was doing that, the purple robed man was also looking back right at him.

’’Sir, please lend us a hand. Previously, it was our fault to be blinded by our pride. The mistress from Beiming Clan was only a concubine of our young master. Previously, it was us who have offended you, please overlook it.’’ Another elderly man said quickly when he saw Qing Shui remaining silent.

Qing Shui wasn't really surprised. A lot of people would do things that they usually wouldn't do at the time when their life was threatened. Who would want to bow down and bend their knees to others? Nevertheless, there are countless people doing it every day all for survival purpose.

Qing Shui continued smiling and remained silent while looking at the purple robed man. As he looked at the gloomy face of the man, he could already tell that this man took his pride really seriously. Trying to convince him to say something like this would be even harder than ascending up heaven itself. Hence, he looked at the man in silent, which made his intention clear, he wanted to hear him say it.

Previously, the elderly men were trying their best to say it on his behalf. Despite being sly foxes that have lived a long age, they weren't able to interpret Qing Shui's intention. The reason why they kept on rushing to say it was all in hope to get Qing Shui to sympathize with them. Alternatively, it was also because they thought that after hearing them said it, the purple robed man might also change his mind and follow suit . This was a psychological effect.

’’Young master, please say something. A man knows when to quit and when to stand on his ground.’’ An old man beside the purple robed man who has been silent the whole time said gently.

The purple robed man grit his teeth and shot a glance at Qing Shui with his gloomy eyes. He gripped both of his fists tightly, so much so that his palm got wounded by his fingernails. From a young age, he always got whatever he wanted. He would never have thought that he would run into such an embarrassing situation. He tried his best to hold it in, but he still couldn't help but looked at Qing Shui with both his eyes.

For people from Supreme Aristocratic Clan, nothing comes more important than their face. Deep inside the purple robed man's heart, he'd rather throw away his life than throw away his pride. Otherwise in the future, he wouldn't be able to establish anything in the Continent. If today, he admitted his mistakes, it would only leave behind fears in him. This would drive him mad.

He was clear about what would happen. Qing Shui coldly looked on from the side. He was really unhappy with how highly the purple robed man took his pride. Nevertheless, if the purple robed man really did say something, Qing Shui would still not lend him a hand.

Sometimes, having too much sympathy would only result in one's loss. Depending on the situations, it might be a wiser choice sometimes to be bloodless. It's best stifle dangers in the cradle.


The halo of the formation has been destroyed!

’’Protect Young Master!’’ An old man screamed loudly.

’’Mister, please lend us a hand. I swear on my life that I will give you something valuable in return......’’


Qing Shui looked on as the man in purple robe tried his best to kill the Blood Wolf Vultures. Both of his eyes looked as if they're breathing out fire, it was as if he had been driven mad. His cultivation level was decent, almost at the same level as Qing Shui before he entered the Ancient Ruins. But now, it could be said that they had a huge gap in strength. If they're outside, even before entering the Ancient Ruins, Qing Shui could still have easily handled the purple robed man with his Spiritual Battle Technique.


It was a short and depressing snort, an elder man's head got blown apart as a result from the attacks of the Blood Wolf Vulture. Yet until this moment, there were still a few elderly men around the man in purple robe trying to convince him to apologize to Qing Shui.

The man in purple robe on the other hand, he was madly massacring the Blood Wolf Vultures in the surrounding and didn't seem to give the least bit of concern to the words of the people around him. Both of his eyes looked bloody red. It might have been that he didn't want to sacrifice his pride, or he was thinking for his future, he was reluctant to admit fault, so much so that he hated Qing Shui more and more.

One died!

Yet another one died!


Up until the end when only the man in the purple robe was left, everything has been decided. Qing Shui still didn't act. Instead, he looked on at the man in purple robe who was driven crazy and felt absolutely nothing.

He didn't have the slightest sympathy for people like this. Everyone has to be responsible for whatever they did. Furthermore, Qing Shui himself was aware that this person would pose a threat to him alive.

Everything turned quiet. Qing Shui collected the Interspatial Silk Sachet scattered on the ground. Wars were the best time to collect loots. In fact, the fastest way to get rich was by killing people and stealing their loots. But of course, a gentleman knew to earn money the right way despite how much they loved it, even if it was about killing people, they should still only kill those that were meant to die.

Almost twenty days of the one month time limit had passed. Occasionally, other people who entered the Ancient Ruins could be spotted. During this time, Qing Shui felt that he had already used up all his luck. Other than finding some medicinal herbs, he wasn't able to find anymore stuff.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared and swiftly moved past Qing Shui. Qing Shui found it really familiar, but he only managed to see it momentarily. He instinctively rode on the Thunderous Beast and followed after it.

The silhouette has already passed through the tall mountain in front. Qing Shui also followed along and leaped towards the mountain. At the time when he arrived at the mountain, he realized that the silhouette was staring right back at him.

’’Why are you following me?’’

Qing Shui spotted the familiar body figure.

The woman wore a snow white plain cloth. She had a really slender and beautiful body. The aura which she exuded felt somewhat pure and holy.

Her pupils looked so pure and holy that it could drive one crazy. It looked really graceful, it was free from vulgarity and was accompanied by some sort of profound magnanimity to it.

The white scarf covered up almost all of her face, leaving only both of her pupils, which even Qing Shui himself was entranced to, exposed. She was a woman whom people already found exceptionally beautiful before they even saw her entire face. What's more beautiful about her was the aura which she exuded and the feeling that she gave to others.

Tantai Xuan!

’’No wonder I find the body figure somewhat familiar, it's Miss Tantai.’’ Qing Shui summoned back the Thunderous Beast and greeted her with a smile.

The reason why Qing Shui found her a bit familiar was due to the Portrait of Beauty which he acquired not long ago. The woman drawn on the portrait was none other than her. It could also be said that her charm as well as her appearance in the portrait was totally identical to that of her in real life.

’’You are?’’ Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui in suspicion.

Qing Shui felt that this was the first time when he felt this offended. Considering that Tantai Xuan didn't seem to be pretending, she seemed to really not recognize Qing Shui. He had no choice but to say helplessly: ’’My name is Qing Shui, I have been to your house before. And I have seen Miss Tantai once too.’’

’’I remember now, grandpa seems to have a really good impression of you. I'm sorry, I didn't manage to recall it previously.’’ Tantai Xuan explained embarrassingly.

’’It's nothing, it's normal, I never expected Miss Tantai to remember me either. I feel really happy to be able to see you here.’’ Qing Shui actually meant what he said. The reason why he said this somehow had to do with her strength.The woman was able to achieve four hundred thousand stars worth of strength when she was in the Ancient Ruins. At the time when Qing Shui was in Southern Viewing Continent, she must have seen Qing Shui as a small fry based on his strength then. That was why he found it perfectly normal that she didn't remember him.

Qing Shui felt really puzzled after sensing Tantai Xuan's strength. He felt that even the people from Tantai Clan might not have an idea about the true extent of her strength. As he dwelled deeper into his thought, the more he found her mysterious.

In comparison, Tantai Xuan was even more shocked than Qing Shui, it's just that she didn't express it out, the reason being that at the moment, she couldn't tell for sure how strong Qing Shui was.

’’Sir, you must be kidding. I'm also really happy to be able to see you again.’’

Tantai Xuan's voice resembled the voice of nuns who were chanting buddha's scripture in temple. It had a pure and holy charm to it.

’’You must have only came here after the Ancient Ruins opened!’’ Qing Shui said after a few thoughts.

’’Yeah, I arrived here on the second day the Ancient Ruins opened. At that time, there were already very few people coming into the ruins. However, there were quite a lot of them who stayed outside. You came here from the deepest part of the ruins.’’ Tantai Xuan nodded her head as she explained. After that, she looked at Qing Shui in suspicion.

’’It's not that far away, I do not dare to delve any deeper into it as I'm afraid I may not be able to make it back out. Did you come alone?’’

’’Yeah, I only rushed here after receiving informations about it. This place is a bit far away from Southern Viewing Continent. The people from my clan were already unable to make it in time.’’

’’We don't have much time left. Miss Tantai, how long are you planning to stay here for?’’ Qing Shui felt that if he didn't have the Nine Continents Step Effect here, he would need to ride on his mount to rush back towards the exit.

’’I found a Ten Thousand Years Demonic Lotus nearby. It's really important to me. I am planning to leave only after I take the Demonic Lotus.’’ Tantai Xuan explained after thinking for a while.

As Qing Shui saw her expression, he already knew that the Ten Thousand Years Demonic Lotus wasn't something that could be easily acquired. She must have most likely attempted to get it a few times but with no success.

’’Do you need my help? If we don't rush back now, we wouldn't be able to get out in time.’’ Qing Shui said with a serious tone.

’’Near the Ten Thousand Years Demonic Lotus, there is a Five Elements Water Jiao King that is a lot more powerful than myself. I have tried countless times to get the lotus but all attempts only ended in failure. I don't feel good giving up on it at a time like this.’’ Tantai Xuan let out a sigh.

’’Do you know roughly how strong the Five Elements Water Jiao King is?’’ Qing Shui didn't rush to promise anything.


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