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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 108


AST 108 - Gongyang Yu's fetish

In the afternoon, when uncle Qing Hu returned, to everyone's surprise, he brought along Qing Hu and Qing Bei as well. Qing Shui felt incomparably joyful upon seeing them!

Qing Hu and Qing Bei, were obviously very happy to see him as well. Especially Qing Bei, she had long thought of Qing Shui as her brother. Now after half a year, they could finally meet again.

Naturally, young people would love the lively, bustling atmosphere of the streets. Qing Shui as their host brought the two of them around Hundred Miles City while pointing out scenic locations, as well as places of interests.

’’Shui gege, this hairpin is so beautiful.’’ Qing Bei pulled Qing Shui along as she pointed to a green butterfly hairpin made of jade.

’’Boss, how much is this?’’

’’Ahh, this young lady has such good taste. This hairpin could be consider top-grade among the merchandise I'm selling. How about 2 taels of silver?’’ The middle-aged female shopkeeper laughed.

Qing Shui paid the price for the hairpin, and handed it to Qing Bei. Looking at the radiant smile on Qing Bei's face, he couldn't help but feel joy blossoming in his heart.

During the night, Qing Yi and Yuanying cooked a scrumptious meal for the Qing Clan members. Upon tasting the black fish and the turtle soup, the ravenous look on Qing's Hu face caused everyone to break out into laughter. Naturally, this was the first time he had tasted the black fish.

Heavenly River City!

In the majestic-looking main residence of the mayor of the Heavenly River City, a handsome youth was sitting in the courtyard, sipping his tea while admiring the flowers. This fellow had jade white skin, thin lips, and a pair of peach-blossom eyes. Somehow, even though he appeared to be lacking any hints of masculinity, and was more to the feminine side, people who saw him would think of him as a pretty boy rather than a sissy.

’’Young Master, Young Master Yang is here in the main hall. An old servant exclaimed.

’’Got it.’’ The crisp sounding voice of the youth was tinged with civility, and filled with penetrating power.

He stood up and walked towards the main hall, which was the most impressive looking structure in the entire residence.

’’Yan Qi, you are here!’’ The youth enthusiastically greeted him once he saw Yan Qi.

Yang Yan Qi was the descendant of the Yang Clan in the Heavenly River City. The Yang Clan could be considered a clan with substantial power, and had close ties with the Gongyang Clan. The two of them grew up together and were extremely close, just like blood brothers.

’’Brother Yu, are you going to the Hundred Miles City?’’

’’Right, I can't wait to taste the legendary black fish of the Yu He Inn. My hobbies are simple... beautiful women and good food! I definitely have to try the legendary black fish out.’’ Gongyang Yu touched his chin as he spoke.

’’Brother Yu, I've heard some news.’’ Yang Yan Qi slowly stated as he looked towards Gongyang Yu.

’’What news? Why are you hesitating?’’ Gongyang Yu asked, puzzled. Usually, Yan Qi was extremely forthright and direct.

’’The little lass which brought humiliation to Lan Yan`er is currently in Hundred Miles City. Not only that, her brother Qing Hu, the one who wanted to woo Miss Lan is also there. They are both currently in the city now.’’

’’What? How do you know of this?’’ Gongyang Yu, asked with some suspicion in his tone.

’’Situ Bu Fan from the Situ Clan told me. His fiancee was seduced by that bastard Qing Shui from the Qing Clan, and not only that, he was defeated by Qing Shui when he went to seek redress. Thus, he wished that by telling you this, you would help avenge him.’’ Yang Yan Qi stated.

’’Hehe, what a useless fellow;he can't even protect his fiancee. Of course I can help him. However, my condition is that I want to meet his fiancee. A woman that's fought for by others, her beauty shouldn't be too bad right?’’

Gongyang Yu licked his lips as he grinned lasciviously.

For a whole three days, Qing Shui brought Qing Hu and Qing Bei, touring every part of Hundred Miles City. In a mere three days, they had already spent a few thousand taels of silver.

Qing Shui, didn't feel too terrible about it. After all, once a person was rich, he would start to flaunt his wealth.

These past few days, there were quite a few visitors with extraordinary status that visited Hundred Miles City. Sitting on a carriage, pulled along by a Flamekin Oxen, they attracted the stares of the crowd wherever they went. There were two middle-aged men seated in the driving seat. These two were none other than the driver and the beast tamer!

’’Young Master, where do you want to go?’’ One of the middle-aged man respectfully inquired.

’’Yu He Inn.’’ Gongyang Yu lazily exclaimed.

The driver directed the Flamekin Oxen as they stopped outside the Yu He Inn.

’’What a aromatic smell!’’

As the carriage stopped, three people stepped out from the carriage. They were Gongyang Yu, Yang Yan Qi, as well as a solemn looking middle-aged man.

They had used a total of 3 days, and rushed over to Hundred Miles City. The earlier exclamation about the smell, was made by non other than the middle-aged man.

’’Uncle Zhong, even you find the smell alluring. Seems like the reputation of the Yu He Inn is not unfounded.’’ Gongyang Yu was very respectful to this middle-aged man.

’’Let's enter and verify the rumors about the taste.’’ The middle-aged man smiled. The smile on his face did not appear naturally, as if, forced... In fact, he looked even more fearsome smiling compared to when he was not.

The three of them strolled into the Yu He Inn, under the lead of a waitress, they sat down in a corner of the main hall.

’’Give me three, no, give me six of your famed black fish.’’ Yang Yan Qi ordered the waitress attending to them.

Gongyang Yu was eyeing the uniformed waitress. Contained in his eyes, was a hint of an unconcealed expression of lust.

’’I'm sorry, the black fish are sold out for today, could esteemed guest please order something else instead?’’

’’What? Sold out? We travelled over 1,000 miles to reach Hundred Miles City. Why would we even be here if not for the black fish.’’ Yang Yan Qi slammed his fist down onto the table.

Gongyang Yu and the solemn-look man had no changes in their expressions. Gongyang Yu was still eyeing the waitress with a smile on his face, a twinkle in his peach-blossom eyes.’’

’’Sir, the black fish are really sold out for the day, would you mind coming back early tomorrow morning if you insist on trying the black fish?’’ The waitress was still smiling, but traces of nervousness could be seen in her eyes.

’’F*k, a small inn in Hundred Miles City actually has the audacity to put on airs in front of this young master. Do you believe I won't dismantle this building in front of your eyes?’’ Yang Yan Qi shouted, creating a huge commotion.

’’Get the person in charge over here.’’ Gongyang Yu smiled sweetly to the distressed waitress.

’’Yes sir, please wait a moment!’’

A while later, Yu He appeared in front of the three of them.

’’Our apologies, esteemed guests. I've already instructed the kitchens to prepare the dishes for you. They should be served fairly quickly.’’ Yu He, from the words and the aura she sensed, knew that these three customers were people with extraordinary backgrounds.

’’You are the one that decides matters for the Yu He Inn?’’ Gongyang Yu asked. He was immensely aroused by the beautiful features of Yu He.

Gongyang Yu especially loved the feeling of f*king young wives and widows. In Heavenly River City, he had tasted several. With his looks and status in Heavenly River City, he had no lack of women willing to sleep around with him. Once, in Heavenly River City, he had seduced a recently married young woman, and f*ked her right in front of her husband. Powerlessness and desperation eventually drove the man to commit suicide. Other than that, in another case, he had sent his men to drug a newlywed couple, killing the man and kidnapping the woman, before slowly playing with her. However, aside from his fetish for married women, his other hobby, was playing with widows.

Everything about Yu He, her features, her figure, the sound of her voice, and her every actions, deeply attracted Gongyang Yu. Obviously, he had done his research before they came to Hundred Miles City.

’’This Yu He Inn belongs to me, of course I make the decisions here. To apologize, let this meal be on me.’’ Yu He sincerely added.

A radiant light lit up in Gongyang Yu's eyes as joy blossomed in his heart. ’’To think such a beautiful woman exists in Hundred Miles City. I must make her mine for sure. HAHAHAHA if she refuses, I will just forcefully take her. It will be fun watching her squirm and begging me to make love to her after I've broken her.’’


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