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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1070


AST 1070 -Thunder Mountain, Violet Lightning, Thunderous Beast's Evolution, Formidable

Bang bang!

Immense thunder resounded endlessly. The smallest lightning strike had the thickness of a tank and was also violet in color.

Qing Shui, who had just hurried here, discovered the giant Thunder Mountain. Violet Lightning endlessly struck the mountain, the rocks on the surface were blackened by the strikes.


Qing Shui observed the Thunderstones that shone brightly in the darkness. How much time had pass before the lightning could refine the stones into its current form? If the Thunderstones here were used to forge weapons, it would result in a formidable product with special effects. These effects could include collision, attack debuff, etc.

However, no one had been able to retrieve the Thunderstones that were unparalleled in hardness. Qing Shui stood at a distance as he observed the roaring Violet Lightning strikes that scattered all over the place. To see something that valuable but could not be retrieved made him felt depressed.

There were many uses for Thunderstones but unfortunately, it was impossible to retrieve. Not only could he not get it, he also felt horrified by its destructive power. There were not many who could withstand that kind of strike.

Just when he was about to leave, the Thunderous Beast's spiritual sense was transmitted over from within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as it wanted to come out. This made Qing Shui curious, but he quickly thought of why.

Qing Shui released the Thunderous Beast and asked what it wanted to do by communicating with it telepathically. The answer he received made him shocked. The Thunderous Beast replied that it wanted to absorb some Violet Lightning. This way it could cultivate and increase its own strength.

Qing Shui had a headache as he thought about this. The Thunderous Beast's name had the word 'thunder' and its attacks were 'Thunderbolt', 'Violet Lightning Strike', etc., its resistance to lightning was undoubtedly strong. However, the lightning here was unlike any other. Even Qing Shui, who possessed the Arhat Rosary Beads and Area Dominance, did not dare to attempt to receive the power of the thunder and lightning strikes.

Qing Shui inquired several times. Soon afterward, he had a better understanding of the Thunderous Beast.

The Thunderous Beast had originally been 300 stars in strength. With the Violet Thunder Protection, its strength was close to 2000 stars. With that kind of strength, if one came into direct contact with the thunder and lightning, they would be annihilated. However, this was a Thunderous Beast.

With unease in his heart, Qing Shui watched as the Thunderous Beast flew towards the Thunder Mountain. Not even 200 meters flight in, a Violet Lightning strike, with the width of a tank, struck the Thunderous Beast's body.

The loud bang and screams of pain which Qing Shui expected never occurred. The giant Violet Lightning strike seemed to have been absorbed by the Thunderous Beast's body. Soon afterward, the Thunderous Beast fired a Thunderbolt.

The Thunderous Beast continued to fire. It's body emitted a luminous violet glow under the effects of the Violet Lightning. Within the heaven and earth, coupled with the giant thunder and lightning that spread everywhere, the Thunderous Beast was like a sprite that traveled in between.

Violet Lightning would strike the Thunderous Beast continuously, some would disappear but some would let off a crackling sound. The Thunderous Beast did not head to the center of the Thunder Mountain, instead, it headed near the perimeter of the lightning field.

Qing Shui was in tremendous shock as he watched the Thunderous Beast traveled back and forth in the Violet Lightning. The dark space did not swallow the Thunder Beast. Its body seemed to have grown a bit, as its strength also grew. Its violet body seemed to have gained a violet aura.

The Violet Lightning field was rare around this area. Even if an explanation as to why the Violet Lightning field appeared was asked, it could not be answered. Most people would come to observe the marvel and lament a little. At most, some would drool at the Thunderstones, as they felt the pity of being unable to retrieve them.

Even beasts that were of the Thunder type would not be able to withstand the Violet Lightning strike. The result would be annihilation. The Thunderous Beast grew up in the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus, it was the Emperor amongst the Thunder-type beasts. In this situation, even if it did not have complete immunity to thunder and lightning, the thunder and lightning attack received would not be greater than 10%.

This was a perfect opportunity for Violet Lightning Tempering. To the Thunderous Beast, Violet Lightning was a like top quality wine. Each Thunderous Beast had one chance to use Violet Lightning Tempering, thus a typical Thunderous Beast would search for a Violet Lightning when it became mature enough. That was because a Thunderous Beast would truly become a real Thunderous Beast after Violet Lightning Tempering.

If a normal Thunderous Beast encountered one Violet Lightning occurrence within a couple hundred or thousand years, it was considered fortunate. However, the Thunderous Beast had inherited memory. Inherited memory would lead them to locations with Violet Lightning for cultivation when they were mature enough.

To encounter a Violet Lightning here was the Thunderous Beast's fortune. Locations that had a Violet Lightning before did not have it periodically. Once every several ten or hundred years was the norm. So, for such a large amount of Violet Lightning to occur here was extremely invigorating. Qing Shui knew about this information only after he communicated telepathically with the Thunderous Beast.

Qing Shui could feel the Thunderous Beast's change and he was full of anticipation. The utility of the Thunder Beast after it powered up was a defiance to the natural order. It could, without a doubt, challenge existence that were many times greater than itself.

Two hours have passed!

Qing Shui was ecstatic because Violet Lightning Tempering was better the longer it was. A typical Thunderous Beast would be able to temper itself for seven and a half minutes, maybe even a bit longer. In a normal situation, being able to absorb one Violet Lightning strike was already enough. Not that they were not able to absorb more but there were not that many Violet Lightning strikes to absorb.

So, the Thunderous Beast's maximum absorption of Violet Lightning was an uncertainty. Not only it absorbed the Violet Lightning, it also used the Violet Lightning to temper and cultivate itself. However, there were not many Thunderous Beasts that could use the Violet Lightning to temper to this degree.

Qing Shui was aware that he had made a huge profit but he was not certain to what extent was the Thunderous Beast's growth.

The first day at Ancient Ruins started off with a success. One Nine Continents Steps landed Qing Shui nearby the Thunder Mountain.


The Thunderous Beast roared into the air, the sound was like an explosion of mines. Its body was laminated with a Violet Lightning aura as if it was a surreal illusion. A strong pressure was emitted from its body as a silhouette blinked out of the Violet Lightning. Instantly, it had arrived at Qing Shui's side. It gave off a vigorous and active feeling.

Without communicating telepathically, Qing Shui could feel that the Thunderous Beast's current strength changed from its original 300 stars to 800 stars.

After almost four hours had passed, the Thunderous Beasts growth was terrifying. It would seem that the Violet Lightning was like a miracle pill for the Thunderous Beast. Its original strength had risen by almost three folds.

Qing Shui could not resist using Heavenly Vision Technique to see.

Violet Thunder Protection: The Thunderous Beast's unique ability that activates automatically to septuple its strength with zero energy consumption. When the Thunderous Beast is under physical attack, it has a chance to paralyze the enemy. At the same time, it can reduce the enemy's attack by 20%.

Qing Shui was stunned. The ability was just like the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's Dragon Elephant Force. Even its original strength was similar to that of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. It would seem that the current Violet Lightning Tempering was a similar to how the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had awakened its Dragon Bloodline to evolve into a Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

It had not even been six hours since he entered the Ancient Ruins and Qing Shui had already profited substantially. If he had gotten anything else in his remaining time here, the trip to the Ancient Ruins was already worth it.

Thunderbolt: A thunder attack emitted from the beast's core, with a 1500-meter attack range. The attack causes a slight Paralysis effect as well as Deceleration and Reaction Delay debuffs. These effects are stackable.

The distance had been increased by almost a fold. However, the attack only had slight paralysis, deceleration and reaction delay effects. Although Qing Shui felt that these effects should have been strengthened by a little, it probably would not be too much, given how these effects were stackable.

Violet Lightning Strike: Harnesses the core's power and releases a powerful lightning strike to disable the opponent, resulting in a three-fold strength attack. It has a one hundred percent chance to paralyze the enemy, with the length of the paralysis depending on the opponent's abilities. This skill can be used twice every twenty-four hours.

Violet Lightning Strike's attack was raised by a multiplier of three, not additional of three folds. Furthermore, the skill can be used twice every 24 hours. This made Qing Shui curious whether it was able to use Violet Lightning Strike once every 12 hours or if it was able to use it twice sporadically within a 24-hour window. It could even be two consecutive uses.

This was a crucial point that Qing Shui decided to experiment with. Overall, he was happy or considerably happy. Adding the effects of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it would be more powerful. Qing Shui already had the answer but he was not certain.

Lightning Recovery: The Thunderous Beast grew up in the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus, harnessing an extremely powerful self-recovery ability. Using Lightning Recovery, the Thunderous Beast can immediately heal 70% of the injuries on its body. Its natural restoration speed will also increase by tenfold for an hour. After two uses, the cooldown time will be two hours.

There was no change to this ability and Qing Shui was not surprised as Lightning Recovery was already strong. It becoming any stronger could not be justified. However, he was ecstatic since the Thunderous Beast had several new skills.

Violet Lightning Armor: Battle Armor formed from condensed Violet Lightning. Can withstand 30% of physical and spiritual attacks!

Qing Shui was speechless. The Thunderous Beast belong to the crowd control class, so it needed to prioritize its survivability. Today, a formidable battle skill had appeared. Violet Lightning Armor was super defiant to the natural order. In addition to Violet Thunder Protection's 20% reduction, the result was a total of 50% reduction in damage.

With the current formidability of the Thunderous Beast, it would already have a huge impact due to its ability to control. If something was dragged by the Thunderous Beast, the result would be death.

Violet Thunder Chain Lightning: Launch a formidable Violet Lightning chain to attack an area. A successful attack has a chance of paralyzing the opponent!

Qing Shui wants to laugh. Violet Lightning Strike was strong but it was mainly used to paralyze the opponent. The damage was caused by its own strength. The Thunderous Beast could use it even without the Violet Lightning Tempering since it was an innate ability. However, Violet Thunder Chain Lightning was different. This ability was a result of the Violet Lightning Tempering. It was either an absorbed, awakened or evolved ability.

This Violet Thunder Chain Lightning could not be as terrifying as the Violet Lightning that occurs in nature. The space of the Thunder Mountain's in mid-air was covered in darkness and the center was the Violet Lightning. The Thunder Mountain was made up of a special rock. Otherwise, it would not be able to withstand the Violet Lightning strikes, nor would it be able to produce Thunderstones as a result of the strikes.

Qing Shui looked at the last ability while being perfectly content.

Thunder Flash: Passive ability, permanently increase speed by five-folds.

After Qing Shui recovered from his shock, he looked at the cheerful Thunderous Beast right in front of him. When it had gotten the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus, its size was about one meter. Now, it had grown to about the same size of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. The pure purple made it look especially noble.

The Thunderous Beast's current speed was by far faster than both the Fire Bird and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Qing Shui finally realized he had been cycling his mounts, from the Fire Bird to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and now to the Thunderous Beast.


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