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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 107


AST 0107 - Recipe for Small Revitalizing Pellet - Unlocked

’’I won't enter with you. To congratulate you on your full recovery, I've prepared two gifts for you. Don't look at them until you are home!’’ Qing Shui pulled out a satchel, and contained within it, were two agility-enhancing fruits. He turned his body and departed once the satchel was in Wenren Wu-Shuang's hands.’’

Wenren Wu-Shuang's eyes were filled with astonishment as she regarded the back view of the departing Qing Shui. After which, she inclined her head, looking at the brightly lit Night Fragrance Court, before entering.

Once he was back home, Qing Shui got bombarded with questions from the others. Especially the envious gaze of Qing Shan, causing Qing Shui to perspire madly behind his back.

Qing Yi only said a single sentence, ’’Qing Shui, you better work hard and obtain her love;you must not let her fly away.’’

Qing Shui almost fell out of his chair when he heard that.

The second morning, Qing Shui met with the members of the Greenwolf Gang. This time around, Qing Shui was very pleased with their performance. So after exchanging a few rounds of polite pleasantry, Qing Shui decided to lead them to the Yu He Inn to have a good meal.

Upon further conversation, Qing Shui realized that the name of the leader from the Greenwolf Gang, was named Qing Lang. The similar surname immediately caused him to feel a sense of kinship with Qing Lang. Looking at the wounds on their bodies, most of the injuries were already closed up and healing, leaving behind scars and scabs.

’’Seems like the effects of my Golden Ointment are pretty good.’’ Qing Shui remembered that state of injury they were in before, the rate of recovery was simply too miraculous.

After they arrived at the Yu He Inn, Yu He was shocked by the sudden influx of gangsters that appeared. However, upon seeing Qing Shui, she opened up a room on the 4th level, and instructed the kitchen to cook the famed black fish, and even went so far as to take out a few bottles of aged ’’Widowed Fragrance Wine’’ out for them to enjoy.

Qing Shui only noticed now, that within the 10+ members of the Greenwolf Gang, there were a pair of twin sisters. Their ages were roughly the same as Ding Yuan, their names were Xiao Wen and Xiao Xue!

That fatty, was simply known as 2nd dumbo. Other than the fact that he was a bit slow witted, he possessed tremendous inborn strength.

As for the remaining members, they didn't have any special characteristic for identification, but Qing Shui still remembered them.

’’Like I said, since I've promised you, I will definitely do it. What do you require of me?’’ Qing Shui smiled lightly as he regarded Qing Lang.

’’We want your protection, if we want to consolidate our power in Hundred Miles City, we would definitely need someone strong looking after us. With our current strength, we are easy pickings for almost any of the bigger groups and gangs in Hundred Miles City.’’ Qing Lang said helplessly.

’’What's the purpose of your Greenwolf Gang?’’ Qing Shui inquired, as he furrowed his brows.

’’We would never do something such as bullying the common populace. Mainly, we hunt wild beasts, escort merchandise, hire ourselves out as guards etc.’’

’’Fine. Based on these points alone, I can promise you that. But you have to be careful not to offend those with powerful authority and status, such as the four great clans. After all, my current power is limited.’’ Qing Shui candidly replied.

Although currently in Hundred Miles City, with the aid of Yu Donghao and Wenren Wu-Shuang Qing Shui could said to be an unparalleled existence, he didn't want to create too many big turbulent waves unless he had no choice but to do so.

’’Could you give us more of that Golden Ointment?’’ Qing Lang abruptly stated, causing Qing Shui to be startled. However, Qing Shui swiftly retrieved a third of the Golden Ointment Powder which he had concocted, and passed it over to Qing Lang. ’’In the future, look for me directly if you need my help. Treat me as a member of the Greenwolf Gang.’’


The days quickly went back to their previous peaceful state. However, Qing Shui could only feel a fire burning in his heart. He knew that the days where he would smash his way into the Yan Clan, was not that far now.

Qing Shui was currently concocting the Golden Ointment Powder in a frenzied manner inside his spatial Realm. He was confident that the experience bar would reach 100% today, thereby unlocking the recipe for the Small Revitalizing Pellets.

Before he started today, he was already at 99.8%, now, after half a day of efforts, he finally heard the sound of a system notification.


A crisp sound rang out once Qing Shui's XP bar was filled. To him, this was the most beautiful sound he ever heard in his life, because it signified him finally entering the ranks of true alchemists.

In an instant, the previous greyed-out zone in his sea of consciousness, regarding the recipe for the Small Revitalizing Pellet, turned a golden yellow, as information flooded into his brain.

The recipe required: A stalk of 1,000 Year Old Ginseng, a Seahorse, 100 Year Old Cotton snake, Amethyst, Tea Flower, Epimedium, Eternal Spring Flower, Laevigata, 100 Year Old Fungi, and a 300 Year Old Gallbladder from a Crimson Snake king.

Qing Shui muttered to himself, 1,000 Year Old Ginseng, and 300 Year Old Gallbladder from a Crimson Snake King. Damn, the snake was at least at the desolate grade.

Effects of the Small Revitalizing Pellet:

  1. Able to immensely strengthen constitution of the user, granting a stronger bone structure and cleanse impurities.
  2. Able to raise the strength and speed of the user permanently by 10%.
  3. For a short time, all internal injuries sustained to the organs, would heal at a rapid speed.
  4. The effects of the pill only stack once. Two pills per human, anymore, the effect would be lost.

Upon seeing the effects of the pellet, Qing Shui couldn't help grinning. This pellet, how insanely perverse.

What a pity that there was a consumption limit of 2 pellets per human. Disregarding the rarity of the materials, Qing Shui couldn't help grinning to ear to ear. At long last, he had finally become an alchemist. With this recipe in his mind, Qing Shui's eyes sparkled as he imagined himself drowning in money. Was this how the sons of the rich and wealthy feel like?

Looking at the list of ingredients required, with the exception of the 100 Year Old Cotton Snake, Eternal Spring Flowers, and the 300 Year Old Gallbladder, his spatial realm already contained the rest.

’’F*k!!!!!!!! To unlock the next recipe, the Five Dragon Pellet, I would need to reach 4000% of the experience bar?’’ His mood instantly sank as he stared, dumbstruck, at the information in his sea of consciousness.

’’...... how much time would I need to spend on alchemy to gain the 4000% experience. F*k his mother, who the hell came up with this shitty system.’’

After cursing for half a day, Qing Shui finally calmed down. Luckily he had the aid of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Upon realizing this, he couldn't help but wonder, was there someone manipulating things from the darkness? Everything seemed to fall nicely in place for him. Was is the machinations of fate at work? Hmmm.


The next morning, Qing Shui went to the Yu He Inn. Noting his arrival, the waitresses of the Yu He Inn all paused and greeted him, ’’Young Master!’’ Qing Shui went to the Yu He Inn so often, that it could be called his second home.

’’These are your proceeds for the fish.’’ Yu He smiled as she passed over a stack of banknotes to Qing Shui.’’

Looking at the 50,000 taels of silver worth of banknotes in front of him, Qing Shui smiled in satisfaction. Seems like this sum of money would enable him to obtain the rare and valuable ingredients needed to experiment on concocting of the Small Revitalizing Pellets!

’’You look to be in a good mood today, go take a seat, I will whip up a few dishes for you in the kitchen.’’

Qing Shui happily agreed. Seeing the smile on Qing Shui's face, Yu He couldn't help but let a smile light up her face as well. However, Qing Shui didn't notice that contained within the smile of Yu He, was a sense of deep melancholy.


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