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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1068


AST 1068 - The Opening of the Ancient Ruins' Gate, Entering

’’Sister Yu, I feel that God is treating me very well. Back then, I was too narrow-minded and turned down your kindness. I wonder if I still have the right to win Sister Yu's favor?’’ Qing Shui stopped and said while holding her hand.

This time, it was Yu He who couldn't help but be moved. Her heart stirred as she squeezed Qing Shui's hand with all her might. ’’I have never considered anyone else since the moment you held my hand in the Hundred Miles City. Regardless of how you change in the future, for better or worse, you will forever be that person in my heart.’’


Qing Shui and Yu He returned to the tents. There were still many people out and about. Of course, most of the women stayed inside the tents since it was a little chaotic outside.

Yiye Jiange and the rest were also inside the huge main tent. The few ladies were all in there too. Qing Shui greeted everyone after he entered. Wenren Wu-shuang also recounted her experience over this period of time.

Wenren Wu-shuang had actually arrived at the Northern Sacred Lu Continent after a daunting experience that fortunately passed without any major mishaps. She had only briefly mentioned about it during the journey, but Qing Shui still feared for her after thinking about her level of cultivation and the area between the two continents. She'd be quite safe traveling in between the Greencloud Continent and the Central Continent. However, it would be too dangerous for her if she was traveling between the Central Continent and the Northern Sacred Lu Continent.

Staying at the Northern Sacred Lu Continent alone was just like going on a sightseeing tour. Although her cultivation wasn't extremely powerful, she was a Peak Martial Saint, which still constituted a strong cultivator. Cultivators of the Martial Emperor level weren't that easily encountered, so nothing of that sort had happened.

Even so, staying out there alone was still lonely. She had always possessed an apathetic personality and very gloomy mood, so she had rejected everyone. For someone with her circumstances, it was inevitable that she would be targeted by people with some sort of ill intentions.

Wenren Wu-shuang had defeated many hoodlums and men who approached her with ill intentions. After all, these people were no match against Wenren Wu-shuang even if they used their entire clan's strength against her. They were all either crippled or beaten to their death for trying to make a move on her. Wenren Wu-shuang didn't really take it too seriously.

Just like that, she journeyed on and took a break every once in awhile for about three months. Because of her peerless beauty, she had been bothered by a young master from a reclusive clan. At first, he was well-behaved around Wenren Wu-shuang, trying to approach her normally. However, Wenren Wu-shuang didn't give him any opportunity at all.

He was the eldest son from the Longtai Clan, the prodigy of his clan. The Longtai Clan of the Heaven Pavilion was a formidable clan. Longtai Xiang was already an Early Martial Emperor in his mere forties. He was the great hope of the clan. Although he wasn't the most powerful person in the younger generation of the clan, he had the biggest chance of taking over the Longtai Clan.

Just like this, Longtai Xiang had followed Wenren Wu-shuang around for about a month. Even so, the relationship between them didn't improve even a little and, not only that, he didn't manage even a word with her either. To the Young Lord of Longtai Clan who had never had any problem with getting what he had wanted, this was a great challenge. He even felt that the women he had conquered in the past were all nothing but mere mortals.

In the end, there was still a limit to Longtai Xiang's patience after all. For someone of his caliber, it had always been very easy for him to obtain everything he desired. He was the privileged one. With his outstanding talent, there were simply too many people who wanted to win his favor. If he desired anything, all he had to do was to only say what he desired. Sometimes, he didn't even have to say anything at all.

He pursued Wenren Wu-shuang not only for her peerless beauty, but also her steadfast refusal in acknowledging him. This was his passion towards a fresh experience. The more unattainable something was, the more one would desire and cherish it. This was the mentality of most people.

In fewer than two months, Longtai Xiang's patience had worn out. When he wanted to catch Wenren Wu-shuang off guard, she instead caught him red-handed, as she had never let her guard down around him. So without any hesitation, she drew her sword against him.

Although there was quite a difference between the strength of Wenren Wu-shuang and Longtai Xiang, it wasn't to the extent that Longtai Xiang couldn't retaliate. Wenren Wu-shuang's sword dance's footwork was very special and she had managed to stab Longtai Xiang, who was unarmed.

It was also out of Longtai Xiang's expectation that Wenren Wu-shuang would kill him without any hesitation. Even though he had managed to protect the vital parts of his body, he had still suffered some minor injuries. Wenren Wu-shuang, on the other hand, had escaped.

Although Longtai Xiang wasn't tolerant, he wasn't petty either. For someone like him who had always been well respected, he simply couldn't put up with something like this. He could only blame himself for already treating Wenren Wu-shuang as his own. Wenren Wu-shuang raising her hand against him drove him mad. Over this period of time, his patience had long worn out.

She wondered if good things happened to good people, or if God had bestowed a favor upon her. Over these two months, Longtai Xiang hadn't made any other move on her. Just when he finally did make a move on her that day and was about to succeed, she met Yu He...

Although Qing Shui knew that Wenren Wu-shuang was unharmed, he couldn't help but fear for her after pondering for a moment. After all, Wenren Wu-shuang's strength at that time was still too weak. Now, Wenren Wu-shuang's strength had increased tremendously. If she met that Longtai Xiang again now, killing him would just be like crushing an ant. Her strength was no longer on the same level as his.

At that time, Yu He was leaving the Central Continent for the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. She hadn't expected something like this to happen. He raised his head and looked at Yu He, who had a small smile on her face. He was relieved and grateful towards her. If something happened to Wenren Wu-shuang again, Qing Shui was even prepared to die. Hence, Qing Shui had already kept the Longtai Clan in the back of his mind.

’’Wu-shuang, let me take care of that Longtai Xiang. He must be courting death for daring to make a move on my woman.’’ Qing Shui huffed angrily, seemingly really furious about it.

’’He has been crippled by Sister Yu.’’ Wenren Wu-shuang told him in a soft voice.

’’He's dead?’’ Qing Shui asked uncertainly.

’’No, but he will never be a man again......’’ Yu He answered in a soft voice.


When Qing Shui heard Yu He's soft voice, he couldn't help but shiver. His reaction caused Yu He to laugh. ’’Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything to you even if you do something.’’ She whispered to him in his ear.

Yu He's face quickly turned red as well after she finished her sentence. Her previous statement was very ambiguous. It made Qing Shui's heart race. It was very obvious that she was telling Qing Shui that he was allowed to do anything he wanted to her...

Perhaps this was also a kind of confession towards Qing Shui. Qing Shui whispered something back into her ear that made Yu He even more embarrassed, before excusing himself from everyone and returning to his own tent.

He entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Although the tent made good cover, Qing Shui didn't want to get intimate with his women here, since there were many people around and many experts hidden among them.

The Realm of Violet Jade Immortal!

Qing Shui took a look at the Bodhi Tree that he had transplanted. The Realm of Violet Jade Immortal's greatness was indescribable. The Bodhi Tree was not only unaffected, it thrived in here. It was a pity that it was still too small for Qing Shui to cultivate his spirit energy under its leaves. However, meditating within three meters of the Bodhi Tree would allow spirit energy to increase. The effects were quite decent too.

Many of Qing Shui's techniques had reached a bottleneck. It was unfortunate that they weren't able to breakthrough. He wasn't particularly panicked about it though. Nothing good would come from panic. Sometimes it would be better to just focus on cultivating until the right moment came. Then success would follow naturally and everything would be as easily solved as bamboo splitting under a sharp knife's blade.


Half a month passed in just a flash. The seal on the Ancient Ruins would be weakened in less than three days. More and more people were gathered and the number seemed to still be rising. The scene here was spectacular. The human crowds and formidable demonic beasts stretched as far as the eyes could see

During this period of time, Qing Shui also saw the people from the Lion King's Ridge coming. There were actually only 30 people. The Lion King's Ridge was a beast taming sect, so even the 30 people here made a powerful force. After all, every single person among the 30 was an extremely powerful cultivator. Each was equivalent to five demonic beasts put together;that was how powerful they were.

The Lion King's Ridge had drooled over the beast taming secret technique of the Yiye Clan back then. This didn't imply that the beast taming technique of the Lion King's Ridge was inferior to that of the Yiye Clan. Perhaps each had its own specialty. They were probably just drooling over it in hopes of perfecting their own way of beast taming. Besides, the young lord from the main clan of the Lion King's Ridge had some intentions towards Yiye Jiange. In the end, the Yiye Clan's head had destroyed the secret book of their beast taming technique rather than letting it fall into the hands of the Lion King's Ridge.

Even after attaining his current strength, Qing Shui couldn't sense the other party's exact strength. It wasn't that his spiritual sense wasn't powerful enough. Perhaps it was the other party's cultivation technique, or some items they carried that could conceal themselves others' spiritual sense detection.

Qing Shui memorized these people in his brain. When they entered the Ancient Ruins, he was going to make them stay there forever, as a gift to Yiye Jiange to set her mind at ease.

During this period of time, Qing Shui had been explaining how formations coordinated to the few ladies, as well as how to set up formations and the Nine Palace Steps. They tried their best to raise their strength as much as possible. The dangers lurking in the Ancient Ruins were too many. They not only would have to defend themselves from demonic beasts and natural storms, but also from the ill intentions of some people around them.

Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan now owned a Seven-Headed Crystal Beast and a Six-Headed Winfire Wolf. Even if Qing Shui wasn't together with them in the Ancient Ruins, he wasn't too worried. The united strength of the few ladies shouldn't be underestimated.


The Dragon Spine Mountain was located at the dragon's head, which was right in front of the mountain summit. An Energy Gate of about 100 meters tall and wide appeared there. It looked just like the Sacred Land of Panacea's entrance, except that it was a lot more vast here and it would only open at a specific time.

The Ancient Ruins' opening wasn't like the Sacred Land of Panacea. Although the seal of the Energy Gate here in the Ancient Ruins was weakened, it wouldn't disappear. Hence, whether one could enter was dependent on his own strength.

When the Energy Gate appeared, an uproar broke out.

’’The gate to the Ancient Ruins has appeared!’’

’’I wonder how many people can enter?’’

’’Hopefully Martial Saint grade cultivators can enter.’’

’’For a mere Martial Saint to want to enter, keep dreaming!’’

’’Someone should try and see if it's possible to go in.’’


Qing Shui and the few ladies didn't go anywhere near it. It could be said that the Gate of the Ancient Ruins wasn't too small. It was 100 meters in height and width, 10,000 square meters in area. However, no one made any attempts to enter right now.

Qing Shui could sense that the energy on the Grand Energy Gate was gradually decreasing. Its faint oppressive aura and repelling force were spreading out. Although the surroundings were growing chaotic, most people were staring at that Energy Circle.

Just then, three elderly men soared into the sky. The moment they soared, another few dozen silhouettes flew and charged rapidly towards the Energy Gate without any particular order.

Within a flash, a few dozens people all entered. Subsequently, more people got up and made their way into the Energy Gate. Everything was chaotic down there. Every time they got up, there were up to a hundred people flying towards the Ancient Ruins.


A couple of people were repelled out and were confused. Qing Shui tried to sense the people who went in over this period of time. After one of the Peak Martial Saint cultivators entered the gate, he signaled for the few ladies and Little Fatty to be ready.

The person who had been repelled earlier was a Grade Five Martial Saint cultivator.......

Qing Shui signaled the few ladies with his eyes and waited for them to nod before soaring into the sky. The rest of them followed behind him as they flew towards the Ancient Ruins' Energy Gate.


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