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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1060


AST 1060 - Yiye Jiange's Flustered Heart

When they returned to the house, the sky was already turning dark. Qing Shui didn't know what Yiye Jiange and Yiye Tian talked about, but from their expressions, he could sense that they had reached a mutual understanding.

Luan Luan was elated. She knew that her parents had chosen to sent her away, risking their lives. This was a sort of parental love toward children which wouldn't change no matter what happened. Now, she could also fully be embraced by their love.

Yiye Jiange also looked visibly more relaxed. This had been one of her worries and now it had been finally resolved. This event was quite significant to her, perhaps as important in her heart as annihilating the Lion King's Ridge. If she had to chose between exterminating the Lion King's Ridge and the safety of her brother's family, she would choose the latter without any hesitation.

This fateful incident was really a blessing. Even if she had not hadn't sought revenge for her parents, Yiye Jiange would feel satisfied right now, as she knew that the Yiye Clan had found a successor. If her parents were alive, they wouldn't want their children to seek revenge for them as their safety, and that of their grandchildren, was definitely more important.

However, if there was even a tiny chance to get rid of the Lion King's Ridge, she knew that she could not give up. She found it almost impossible to live on, knowing that her parents' killers were alive.

Qing Shui could sense that Yiye Tian was worried. When he had first met Yiye Tian, Qing Shui had felt that the man seemed to carry a constant worry. Though it did abate a little, it seemed to have worsened when they came back from the mountains. Qing Shui could tell that Yiye Tian had been informed that he would go with Yiye Jiange to the Lion King's Ridge.

Yiye Tian took a broader consideration about matters, as he was older. He was not as impulsive as he was before. After all, their entanglements with the Lion King's Ridge happened so many years ago that it was not something they needed to settle in a hurry.

The fact that Yiye Jiange managed to meet with him here proved that his sister already decided to head for Lion King's Ridge and that she was relying on someone: his brother-in-law, Qing Shui.

Yiye Tian was not afraid of death, but he knew it was unwise for them to risk their lives if they already knew it would all be in vain. He couldn't help feeling uneasy, despite being very grateful to Qing Shui.

People usually don't realize it when they are doing something foolish. If they did, they wouldn't be doing it in the first place. Right now, Yiye Tian could not shake off the feeling that his sister had made a questionable decision. Over the years, he had heard quite a lot about Lion King's Ridge. However, limited by his resources, he knew that the information he had was just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, even that bit of information already gave him the feeling that the challenges before them were like an insurmountable mountain.

After dinner, Qing Shui sat in his own room thinking about some matters. Just then, the door opened. Qing Shui smiled when he saw that it was Yiye Jiange.

’’Jiange, are you looking for me to spend the night with you?’’ Qing Shui teased the beautiful goddess. As her mood was good, this was a chance he couldn't miss. In the past, he could always feel her deep bitterness, but she seemed to have lightened up a lot and now, she was expressing a greater range of emotions.

’’Naughty kid, you are asking for a beating!’’ Yiye Jiange retorted with a smile as she sat down beside Qing Shui.

’’Jiange, I miss you. Come, give me a hug.’’ Qing Shui held her waist and gave her a light hug before letting her go.

Yiye Jiange thought that Qing Shui would continue hugging her for longer, but she didn't expect that he would just let her go so quickly. For a moment, she couldn't believe it but she started smiling.

’’Qing Shui, I already told my brother about our plans. Can we stay here for a few days? We have to show him that we have the capabilities to carry out our plans. Otherwise, he will be troubled.’’ Yiye Jiange smiled as she said this, keeping her gaze on Qing Shui.

’’Sure! How will you reward me?’’ Qing Shui grinned as he looked at the smiling woman in front of him, one who possessed transcendent beauty.

’’I'm already yours, so how else am I supposed to reward you?’’ Yiye Jiange narrowed her attractive eyes, her lips curling upwards in a mesmerising manner.

For a moment, Qing Shui was stunned by her alluring voice and that slightly seductive look. He couldn't control himself and planted a kiss on those se*y lips. Yiye Jiange was startled by Qing Shui's sudden action. People usually opened their mouths when they were shocked.

This was just the right moment. Qing Shui thrust his tongue into her mouth, his kiss wild yet meticulous. Just like an invader, he was trying to get as much as he could from the moment.

Yiye Jiange's mind became blank and her body became very stiff. This irreproachable woman had no prior preparations for this and for a moment, her brain stopped. When she could finally react, she found that he was already kissing her, and immediately felt some embarrassment and shock.

She only felt the same sort of affection after a while. She instinctively closed her eyes, forgetting to push Qing Shui away as she let her emotions take over. She only pushed him away when it became difficult to breathe.

A red, flustered Yiye Jiange touched her own lips when she saw Qing Shui smiling at her. She could see a cheekiness in that smile and a bit of romantic sentiment, so she averted her eyes a little.

’’How was it?’’ Yiye Jiange asked bashfully. Her voice was very soft but she continued looking at him.

’’Great! It's great! This is the best taste in the world! Ohhh, let go! I was wrong!’’

Yiye Jiange pinched the flesh at the side of Qing Shui's waist, a rather sensitive spot. Qing Shui did not feel any pain but just played along. Anyway, having fun with Yiye Jiange was also a way to get closer to her. Indeed their relationship improved quickly in just one day.

’’You are getting audacious. Didn't we agree that you'd let me decide when we'd get intimate?’’ Yiye Jiange said, somewhat happy and angry at the same time.

’’Of course. But we are just holding hands and kissing. We're not doing that really intimate. Unless, of course, you're the one that can't hold back?’’

’’You're really a scoundrel!’’ Yiye Jiange couldn't help but feel that the man before her was really thick-skinned at times.

’’Come, kiss me again...’’


’’Why won't you kiss me!’’

’’I'll get angry if you continue to be like this.’’ Yeyi Jiange said, lowering her head a little.

’’Okay, I promise I'll ask you first next time...’’

Before he finished his sentence, Yiye Jiange ran away. He couldn't help but feel that it would be very hard for him to go all the way with her. He mentioned before that he would let her willingly take off her own clothes for him. Was that even possible in the future?

Qing Shui felt that it would be difficult, because she was Yiye Jiange...


In a flash, they stay had already lasted three days. Yiye Tian already witnessed Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan's capabilities and was shocked when he found out they were that powerful. Mostly, he was in awe. Yiye Tian knew how powerful the Heart of Seven Orifices was. He was also very grateful to Qing Shui when he found out that his daughter would live past her 30th birthday because of his efforts.

He even asked Qing Shui to help him see if Yiye Tong had the same talent. The boy had tamed the three Armored Mountain Boars when he had been very young. However, since Luan Luan already had the Heart of Seven Orifices, it was unlikely that Yiye Tong would also have it. There had never been an instance where there were two holders of the Heart of Seven Orifices within three generations.

Qing Shui checked and shook his head. ’’He doesn't have the Heart of Seven Orifices but still, he is very talented. Luan Luan can guide him in the future if she is free. He will definitely go far.’’


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