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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1059


AST 1059 - He is my Daddy too!

As if she understood what Qing Shui was feeling, Yiye Jiange walked over and asked, ’’Are you jealous?’’

’’I am jealous because someone else hugged you.’’ Qing Shui replied moodily to hide his true feelings.

’’That's my brother. Why are you jealous?’’ Yiye Jiange retorted and threw a glance at Qing Shui. After she said that, she felt her face turned red. She didn't know why she felt this way. It was as if she had grown even more closer to him. She had already decided that even though they were only married in name, she would still choose to be with him.

’’Alright now. I am not jealous. Actually, I am more happy than any of you. You don't know how my heart aches when I see how lonely you were.’’ Qing Shui said as he held Yiye Jiange's hand.

When she heard Qing Shui words, Yiye Jiange felt a warm feeling in her heart. This man had changed her life. If she didn't meet him, she reckoned that she would never be able to see her brother or Luan Luan again.

This was also the man who opened the door to her heart. Somehow, his feelings had reached her even without her knowing how. She had never imagined that the young man who once called her 'Master' would reach this status in her heart step-by-step. When she thought about it, everything seemed like a dream.

’’Well, you should treat me better in the future.’’ Yiye Jiange smiled, gentleness poured from her eyes like water as she looked at Qing Shui.

’’Needless to say. Even if you want to eat my flesh, I'll cut it for you.’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’You're so annoying. Who wants to eat your flesh? Alright, let me introduce you to my brother.’’ Yiye Jiange pulled Qing Shui over and gestured for the others to come forward.

Yiye Jiange walked over to the dazed Ye Tong first, ’’Kid, I'm your aunt. Let me give you something.’’ She gave him a 10,000 year-old peach wood bo staff. This staff was just right for the boy's current strength. As he was still young, it was unsuitable to give him a better weapon as he wouldn't be able to handle it and it would be a waste.

Ye Tong rubbed the back of his head, appearing to be a little reserved. Yiye Jiange patted his head and placed the bo staff, which have a length that reached his brow, in his hand.

’’Thank you, aunt! You're so beautiful.’’ Ye Tong laughed heartily.

’’You are quite a sweet talker, definitely better than your dad.’’ Yiye Jiange praised happily.

At the same time, Yiye Tian held Luan Luan's hand. His face was red with excitement and joy. Yiye Jiange and Ye Tong also joined them. Yiye Jiange turned to the woman and introduced herself, ’’Hi Sister-in-Law, I am Yiye Jiange. I'm his only younger sister.’’

’’Jiange, I know you. Though this is our first time meeting, your brother told me a lot about you. It is great that I finally got the chance to meet you. Now, we are all reunited.’’ The woman said warmly as she held Yiye Jiange's hand, she was also overjoyed.

Yiye Tian smiled and nodded at Qing Shui. ’’Jiange, why don't you introduce your friends to me?’’ Yiye Tian requested.

’’Let me do it!’’ Luan Luan volunteered.

’’Daddy, he is also my dad. He brought me up. He had fed me, clothe me and even cleaned up after me. I have always called him my daddy. And, he is also my aunt's husband.’’ Luan Luan hugged Qing Shui's neck as she introduced him to her biological father.

Yiye Jiange explained briefly about how Luan Luan met Qing Shui. Even though she didn't go into the details, she had covered most of the important points. Yiye Tian looked towards Qing Shui and gave him a 90o bow. ’’Hi, I won't say anything else. It is Luan Luan's fortune to acknowledge you as her father and I really want to thank you so much. No matter what, she'll always be your daughter.’’

’’Dear brother, you don't have to do this. Jiange will skin me alive. Luan Luan is your biological daughter but it does not conflict with the fact that she is also my daughter. No matter how many children I have, in my heart, she will always be as important as my own biological children.’’ Qing Shui used his arms and straightened Yiye Tian from his bowing position.

’’Brother, I still have to thank you. Regardless of the reason, we were unable to raise her ourselves. Just let me give you a bow as thanks!’’ The woman said stubbornly and Qing Shui could not dissuade her, so he quickly stopped her when she bowed down. ’’Sister-in-law, please don't!’’

After everyone was introduced to each other, they all went into the largest hall. The huge hall was filled with all the necessary furnitures but the craftsmanship was a little lacking. After all, carpenters here in a mountain village were not that skillful.

The sumptuous food was prepared very quickly as the women all went to help Yiye Tian's wife. They had managed to make a few delicious dishes with the Fire Leopard.

Qing Shui measured Yiye Tian's strength, the man was an Early Martial Saint. Without Qing Shui's help, Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan would need many more years to reach their current strength, even if both of them had a unique constitution which would help them grow stronger over time. Yiye Jiange may even took several decades while Luan Luan, being more talented, would still need at least ten years.

’’Brother, our parents...’’ Yiye Jiang sighed as she asked despondently.

’’Jiange, before he died, our father told us to never go back and to flee as far as we could. He exchanged his life for ours.’’ Yiye Tian gave a heavy sigh.

’’Brother, didn't you let Luan Luan run away by herself because the Lion King's Ridge were after you and your wife's lives?’’ Yiye Jiange thought for a moment before she asked.

Luan Luan was very small when she met Qing Shui. Yiye Jiange was curious to know how the little girl had reached the Greencloud Continent.

’’At that time, we were both afraid that they might catch us, so we decided to separate from one another and ran in different directions. I reached the southwest edge of the Northern Sacred Lu Continent and met my wife there. But, I inadvertently brought misfortune on her entire family. I sent Luan Luan away because I wanted to kill myself but the people from the Moon Palace Sect intervened. That region was controlled by the Moon Palace Sect and they could not tolerate the Lion King's Ridge members acting so arrogantly on their territory. Just like that, I escaped with just some minor injuries but I had lost Luan Luan. Your sister-in-law nearly went insane because of this.’’ Yiye Tian recalled calmly.

Yiye Jiange now realized that the little lass only managed to survive the journey between the two continents because of her Heart of Seven Orifices. Otherwise, it would have been impossible. Her meals were also provided by the demonic beasts that she met during her journey. On the way, monkeys would even feed the girl with fruits.

However, Yiye Tian and his wife, Yi Lan, couldn't help but to feel frightened when they think about their daughter's past. After all, they were unaware that Luan Luan had a special body constitution and didn't know how powerful Qing Shui and his group were.

Luan Luan held on to Yi Lan's arm as she spoke to her brother, Yiye Tong. Luan Luan was very curious about her younger brother. Her parents only had him after they settled down for some years as they missed their daughter too much.

Yiye Tian looked at Luan Luan's White-feathered Falcon. He remembered riding on it to escape and how his daughter also escaped with its help. Moments before, the White-feathered Falcon wrapped its large wings around Yiye Tian affectionately when it saw him. Once again, Yiye Tian couldn't control his tears. He did not know how many tears had fell that day but they were all tears of joy.

Today was a happy day for all. Previously, Luan Luan had introduced Qing Shui as Yiye Jiange's husband. Yiye Tian didn't find it surprising as Yiye Jiange should be married by her age, however, he did not know the details.

After their meal, Qing Shui said that he and the others would be going to the mountains to explore. This was just an excuse for the recently reunited family to spend more time with each other. After all, they must had so much they wanted to say to each other.

Little Fatty was happy that the Yiye family had managed to find each other, while Lin Zhanhan was similarly happy for them. It gave him a small glimmer of hope that there might still be survivors of the Lin family.

’’Grandfather Lin, if we manage to find any other members of the Lin family alive, we would definitely be happy. But that happened so long ago, if all of them had really passed away, I hope you won't feel too disappointed.’’ Qing Shui consoled.

’’I know. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to live till today. I have already moved on.’’ Lin Zhanhan shook his head.

They were at a small mountain peak. The air was fresh and the winter sun brought some warmth. From where they were, they could see all the way over the horizon. With the boundless sky above them, they suddenly felt so small in the very vast world.

Di Qing, Yu Ruyan and Hai Dongqing chatted and every now and then Qing Shui could hear their laughter. Sometimes, one of them would sound angry as if that person was offended by the conversation in some way.

Actually, Yiye Tian came to this place to look for his daughter but was afraid of the people from the Lion King's Ridge. Thus, he had changed their surname from Yiye to Ye. At that time, he and his wife were unwilling to entertain the thought that their daughter would travel through that wide wasteland between the two continents, as they think that she wouldn't survive that sort of journey. As such, they chose to believe that their daughter was somewhere within the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. That was until today, when Yiye Jiange brought their daughter back to them.

Qing Shui smiled as he stroke Yiye Jiange's head when he saw that the corner of her eyes were still red. ’’How old are you? Still crying like that? Let me help you wipe your mucus!’’

’’You're so detestable!’’ Yiye Jiange stomped her leg and complained as she pushed Qing Shui's hand away.

Qing Shui grabbed her hand and said, ’’My dear missus, you are so attractive when you are embarrassed.’’

Yiye Jiange blushed and rolled her eyes. She touched her face, as her expression turned gentle. Before Qing Shui could fully enjoy that sensation, she grabbed his ear and twisted it.

’’Hey! Not so hard! It will fall off!’’ Qing Shui played along with her as it didn't really hurt.

Qing Shui knew that from the moment a man and woman fall in love, a woman would slowly change. Even a woman with an icy personality would eventually warm up. People will change for their lovers, sometimes even without themselves knowing.

When he first saw Canghai Mingyue, she gave him the impression of a beautiful woman with a disdainful look. But now, he only saw her elegance and not that air of disdain.

Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange blankly, feeling a little distracted. She suddenly grabbed a handful of his hand angrily. ’’You may be looking at me but you are thinking of someone else, right?’’

’’Ohhh! Sour-face. Master is jealous!’’


’’You are making me angry on purpose.’’ Yiye Jiange punched him again but quickly soothe him after that. A smile appeared on her face, as if she was a goddess who fell from the skies.

’’I don't have that courage. Your husband is wrong. Please let me serve you tonight.’’ Qing Shui looked into Yiye Jiange misty eyes and chuckled.


After that, Yiye Jiange ran away in embarrassment!


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