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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1050-1051


Chapter 1050-1051

AST 1050 –Seven-Headed Crystal Beast, Sees Northern Sacred Lu Continent

Yiye Jiange smiled and touched the Crystal Beast's beautiful head, mumbling something softly. She could also understand the demonic beast's language. After all, she came from a beast tamer clan.

Dressed in a set of snow-white clothes and wearing a faint smile, Yiye Jiange stood before the huge Six-Headed Crystal Beast;this made her appear very sacred. When she stood next to the Six-Headed Crystal Beast, it presented a very harmonious and beautiful vision, and even Qing Shui was stunned. Many scenes, of how it would look if other people were to stand next to the crystal beast, flashed across his mind . However, he still felt that the most suitable was for Yiye Jiange to be standing there.

Qing Shui was very happy. Having Yiye Jiange tame the beast made him feel even happier than if he had tamed the beast himself. The Six-Headed Crystal Beast was more powerful than any of his demonic beasts. Of course, that was excluding the Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm in his Central Palace Blood Essence Pool. Even he wasn't sure if it could deal with this Six-Headed Crystal Beast, but the chances were very high.

Luan Luan tamed the three Five-Headed Windfire Wolves. These three Five-Headed Windfire Wolves were more powerful than Luan Luan's other demonic beasts. They might only fall short when compared to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. This was because they were not as powerful as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's overall abilities.

Over 30 minutes had passed and they had managed to subdue the Six-Headed Crystal Beast so Qing Shui planned to just rest there for now. Qing Shui decided to just set up tents on the mountain slope.

Yiye Jiange was very happy. The Six-Headed Crystal Beast had already recovered from its wounds. It was only subdued because Qing Shui was around. Otherwise, even with everyone here and all the demonic beasts, they wouldn't be a match for the Six-Headed Demonic Beast.

Little Fatty was also becoming insanely powerful!

Qing Shui gave the Hallow Pills, the Crimson Pellet from the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf's Core, and other medicinal pills to Yiye Jiange and told her to give it to the Six-Headed Crystal Beast..

They had already set up their tents not far away and Qing Shui watched as Yiye Jiange fed all the stuff he had given her to the Six-Headed Crystal Beast. She first started with the Hallow Pills, Beast Pill and so on.

The Six-Headed Crystal Beast experienced great growth and Qing Shui continued to sense its progress. The Six-Headed Crystal Beast seemed to be especially excited and it was as if taking two Hallow Pills just weren't enough.

This made Qing Shui think of the Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent in the medicinal herb sacred land…

After the Hallow Fruits were refined into Hallow Pills, each person or beast could only take two of them. The amount of strength gained would be relatively high and it even gave Qing Shui the feeling of reaching the Great Perfection Stage.

When the Six-Headed Crystal Beast saw the Crimson Pellet from the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf's Core, there was a strong craving in its eyes. It was only then that Qing Shui recalled that this Crimson Pellet was the one from the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf's Core.

Nine-Headed Moon Wolf!

The Six-Headed Crystal Beast was a transformation from a mutation of the WindFire Wolf. Most of its blood was still that of a wolf's and with the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf being a legendary divine beast, could it be…

Both were wolf-type demonic beasts with multiple heads.

When Yiye Jiange fed the Crimson Pellet of the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf's Core to the Six-Headed Crystal Beast, she didn't give it much thought. This was because she didn't know that it was the Crimson Pellet of a Nine-Headed Moon Wolf's Core.

After taking the Crimson Pellet, the Six-Headed Crystal Beast leapt up into the air. All six of its heads let out a low howl and rippling circles, that looked like crystals, were emitted from its body.

"Qing Shui, is it going to be alright?" Yiye Jiange asked, feeling worried.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine. This might be a big opportunity for it," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Really?" asked Yiye Jiange with great surprise.

"Woman, I'm jealous. Console me…" said Qing Shui pitifully as he looked at Yiye Jiange.


"Are you looking for a beating? What are you talking about?!" Yiye Jiange blushed and complained.

Qing Shui took her hand, feeling very happy as he looked at how beautiful she was.

Yiye Jiange smiled and shook her head helplessly, letting him hold her hand. She lifted her head and looked at the brilliant Crystal Beast. It was now encompassed by a crystal-like layer.

They couldn't hear much from the outside and could only hear sounds resembling a low rumbling thunder —which weren't very loud but were very deep.

Qing Shui expanded his spiritual sense and sensed as the Six-Headed Crystal Beast's body went through amazing changes as it constantly grew stronger. Various signs of vitality were increasing and it was a rapid transformation.

After the three Five-Headed Windfire Wolves had taken the Crimson Pellet, they had also completed their evolution. Since they were of the wolf lineage, the effect was much greater. Out of the three Five-Headed Windfire Wolves, only two of them evolved into Six-Headed Windfire Wolves, which was a bit disappointing.

Luan Luan looked at the three Windfire Wolves, sensed their powerful abilities and felt especially happy. Right now, Luan Luan could be said to have become an extremely powerful beast tamer.

After consuming the Crimson Pellet and going through the evolution, they were now completely tamed by Luan Luan. Right now, they would exist only for Luan Luan. This was the life of a beast tamer. Moreover, Luan Luan also possessed the Heart of Seven Orifices.

Luan Luan lifted her head to look at Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange, breaking into a smile when she saw them holding hands. She knew that this 'mother' of hers wouldn’t be able to marry any other person for her entire life, and she was especially happy to see the that her mother could tame the Six-Headed Crystal Beast. She felt happier than if she were to tame it herself. This might be because one tended to hope for the people around oneself to become more powerful so that one wouldn’t feel as worried.


A crisp sound rang out. It was akin to the sound of egg shells shattering. In an instant, the 'big cocoon' in the air fell apart and the Crystal Beast’s brilliance appeared. When everyone saw the Six-Headed Crystal Beast, they were all stunned.

It had gain an additional head!

Seven heads!

If it was just an additional head, it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise. It was just that what the Six-Headed Crystal Beast had gained was the seventh head. In the World of the Nine Continents, demonic beasts’strength could be gauged based on the number of heads or tails they had. It was said that the legendary Nine-Headed Snake and the Nine-Tailed Fox were both extremely powerful beings.

Qing Shui’s Ancient Strengthening Technique and Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm were also broken down into three, six, and nine sections.

Seven was a very crucial number. There wouldn’t be anything to be amazed about if it was the increment from five to six heads, just like it was for the three Five-Headed Windfire Wolves. They became a lot more powerful, but it was nothing surprising.

However, going from six to seven was a great leap. Qing Shui’s Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm currently stopped on the sixth wave. The Ancient Strengthening Technique had also started to form a golden pellet when it broke through the sixth heavenly layer to the seventh…

And right now, the Six-Headed Crystal Beast’s seventh head grew right next to the main head. It was about the same size as the main head and looked exactly the same as well. It was hard to tell where it even grew out from and it was exuding an extremely violent aura.

It still maintained the appearance of a Crystal Beast, but now, it should be called the Seven-Headed Crystal Beast. Its size hadn’t changed, but it was much more powerful than before. Right now, Qing Shui didn’t even have the confidence that he could defeat it in battle. He reckoned that it would be hard for him to confine it using the sixth wave of the Great Golden Buddha Palm.

However, Qing Shui should have no problem protecting himself.


Its voice was like a wolf’s howl but not entirely so. With a flash, it appeared before Yiye Jiange and Qing Shui, and it intimately moved a few of its larger heads right in front of Yiye Jiange.

Yiye Jiange petted it happily, unable to hide the joy in her eyes.

“I’m really jealous…”Even if this Crystal Beast’s voice was a female’s, Qing Shui still didn’t feel happy about it.

Yiye Jiange turned around, blushing, as she knocked Qing Shui over the head.

Qing Shui rubbed the part where he was hit and looked at the face which was as beautiful as the setting sun. He once again fell into a daze.

The next day, Qing Shui found a spot for his morning practice the moment he woke up. He was already used to getting up early and not rushing to travel the moment he woke up. He wasn’t the only one who was now used to this. It was the same for the rest. The World of the Nine Continents was very vast and if people wished to go somewhere, most of their time was wasted on travelling which wasn’t even safe. Travelling around was a huge pain since it really required far too much time.

Things were good now and they had too much free time. It so happened that in this barren land, there were no humans;there were only demonic beasts around. Of course, they would occasionally encounter some cultivators or traders who were travelling between Central Continent and Northern Sacred Lu Continent.

Even if they were traders, there would also be powerful cultivators amongst them. Otherwise, there was no way that they’d be able to cross this vast barren land. Even with a strong cultivator, passing through this place was a gamble;a gamble where they would place their lives on the line. No one had the confidence to deal with waves of powerful demonic beasts and if they were to encounter something like that, they could only blame themselves for being unlucky.

Other than spending time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui would also walk around the vicinity. He would look for rare medicinal herbs or fish in the lakes or rivers. His time spent was very fulfilling and the others also needed to cultivate. This was something that Qing Shui requested.

Although Lin Zhanhan didn’t have as bountiful an experience as Qing Shui, and would just cultivate occasionally, he had now fully recovered. However, he had already missed the best phase for his cultivation.

With Yiye Jiange gaining the Seven-Headed Crystal Beast and Luan Luan gaining the three Windfire Wolves, Qing Shui felt much more at ease than before. He would feel safer when they entered the Ancient Ruins.

Although heading for the Ancient Ruins was kind of a tough training and held the possibility of a chance encounter, Qing Shui was more worried for their safety. However, as long as they stayed together, they should now be able to protect themselves.

The other thing was that he now felt more confident in heading to the Lion King’s Ridge. This had been put off for over ten years, or closer to twenty years. It was even longer for Yiye Jiange. The heavy feeling was an extremely huge burden. There were some things which one knew that one must never do, but yet isn’t able to let go off.

In the blink of an eye, one month passed by and he could see a hint of Northern Sacred Lu Continent. The fluctuating heights of a stretch of the mountain range seemed to have no end to it when seen from the sky. It was just a feeling;a feeling of vastitude and boundlessness.

The temperature here was already considered very low and there had even been a few rounds of snow. Each round had consisted of large snowflakes which accumulated to over two feet deep in just a short period of time. Even the paths were blocked.

“We’ve finally arrived at Northern Sacred Lu Continent.”Qing Shui looked out into the distance and let out a long breath.

Qing Shui stood on the top of a mountain, looking toward the distance, and spoke slowly. The last Nine Continents Steps he used had landed them on this mountain peak. The others were also standing there and looking out into the distance.

Their expressions were all different, but they all looked toward this young man who was tall and upright like a mountain!

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AST 1051 –Arctic Wolf City,Who's Acting

When Qing Shui stood on the mountaintop, he could see Northern Sacred Lu Continent in the distance. It was vast and boundless. At the same time, his companions looked at him, each with their own thoughts.

Yiye Jiange, Luan Luan and Lin Zhanhan felt the most conflicted. They had waited for this day yet they couldn't help feeling uneasy. They were at sixes and and sevens because they wouldn't be able to accept the outcome if something went wrong.

Di Qing, Hai Dongqing, Yu Ruyan and the others were also worried. However, what concerned them even more was that Qing Shui planned to go the the other four continents but they could not follow him because they were not strong enough. They felt as though they had failed to meet his expectations.

This was the last stop in this continent before they reached Northern Sacred Lu Continent. Qing Shui now felt a heavy burden on his shoulders. This year would be the most difficult year he had experienced so far;it was also a year which would determine a turning point in his life. After this year, he would face brand new situations. ……

Arctic Wolf City…

Qing Shui and his group found themselves in Arctic Wolf City. It was not as cold and did not snow as often as Cold Ice City, but it was still a snow covered city. Even though the ladies had already covered their faces with their veils, their svelte figures and alluring auras still attracted glances from the many passers-by. In addition, Little Fatty's appearance was also very eye-catching. He stood tall and sturdy like an iron tower, and was dressed like a monk. There was no way he could even look a tad bit inconspicuous.

Qing Shui was unconcerned about his clothes, so he dressed plainly. However, he exuded the sort of charisma that all experts have. Furthermore, his handsome looks along with the vermilion mark between his brows, gave him a unique aura that was strong yet gentle. Thus, he too caused many heads to turn.

Even though they had already reached Northern Sacred Lu Continent, they were still very far from the Ancient Ruins so they still needed more time to reach their destination. Since it was everyone's first time visiting Northern Sacred Lu Continent, they decided to go and explore. They could learn more about the local culture and customs as well as find an inn to stay in.

However, something bugged Qing Shui. He had previously killed quite a few people from Bei Ming Clan and Wan Clan which were both Guardian clans belonging to Northern Sacred Lu Continent. Hence, he was worried that Sacred Land of Panacea in Greencloud Continent and people from the other Guardian Clans had also heard news of their arrival. Using their methods and resources, it was easy for them to obtain that information. However, Qing Shui was unsure if they would actually take the initiative to cause him any trouble.

Qing Shui did not want to stir up any issue. He really did not wish to fight with anyone since they just arrived here. After all, they were in a foreign continent and who knows what sort of deep rooted connections the people here have. It wouldn't do him any good if he accidentally offended some obscure experts hidden here. Even though he wasn't afraid, he had to protect the people he brought along with him.

Qing Shui did not know if his enemies had any first hand information about him. After all, he travelled here using Nine Continents Steps Effect so it wasn't that easy to track him down. Even if they wanted to do so, they would need some time.

Suddenly, Qing Shui felt a faint aura heading toward him. He saw a group of people heading in their direction and instinctively felt that they were specifically looking for him.

The faint aura came from a man who looked like he was in his forties. The man appeared upright and righteous, and had a handsome face which gave people a sense of security. Qing Shui also noticed that there were two Elders behind the handsome men. Besides them, there were also four other men who appeared to be guards based on the uniform they wore.

The two Elders hid their own auras, but they were unable to deceive Qing Shui at their level. Qing Shui withheld his reaction. He wanted to see what that handsome man had to say.

"Hi sir, you must not be local!" the man asked in a friendly manner.

"And you are?" Qing Shui did not answer him because it was obvious enough.

"Oh, I've forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Wen Jing and I live here in Arctic Wolf City so I do have some influence here. I saw you on the street and found you rather familiar;it is as if we know each other. So, I'd like to befriend you," the man answered amiably and looked at Qing Shui with sincerity.

Qing Shui laughed. He did not believe that people would extend their friendship for no rhyme or reason. People who appear to be kind to others for no reason usually have an ulterior motive. It was either because that man was attracted to one of his female companions or because that man coveted one of his items. Now, he wondered which item that would be…

Qing Shui observed the man a little more closely. The man did not look suspicious;he looked like a righteous man with clear bright eyes. Yet, Qing Shui could still sense a slightly dangerous aura coming from him. Luckily, Qing Shui had nothing much to worry about. Even if something did happen, he could still keep everything under control, so he smiled and replied, "I am Yan Qing."

Qing Shui did not reveal his actual name, nor did he introduce his companions. Naturally, he did not appear to be friendly.

"Brother Yan, you and your people must still be looking for a place to stay. Come with me. I have an empty property. It is in quite a good location. If you don't mind, I will bring all of you there," Wen Jing said enthusiastically.

"Brother Wen, I don't think that is appropriate. It's too troublesome. We will just look for an inn since we are just staying here for a day," Qing Shui rejected politely. He did not want to act too harsh as he hadn't really confirmed if Wen Jing meant any harm.

"Look, fate brought us together. Since I have the honor of meeting you and you have already called me 'brother', then just come with me. Come on, it is not far. It is very convenient and it is new. It is cleaned everyday and no one has lived in it before." Wen Jing pulled Qing Shui's hand eagerly.

Qing Shui quickly moved his Quchi acupoint away. When the man grabbed his hand, the man gripped the exact spot of his Quchi acupoint.

Was this just a coincidence or was this on purpose?

There were all sorts of techniques in this world, thus there were definitely people who focused on sealing acupoints. There are even people who know techniques to sever others' spiritual energy. Though these were usually rumors, Qing Shui believed them entirely since he himself knew how to seal acupoints.

Qing Shui moved his acupoint away but spotted no change in Wen Jing's expression. He turned and exchanged a look with the others behind him, then he smiled and said, "Brother Wen, we'll stay for one day. You don't have to act like this!"

"It's nothing. We are friends from now on. You are my brother and we're one family," Wen Jing said, sounding very sincere and natural, as if he really meant that.

Such situations only had two possible explanations. The first being that it was true, that the other party really felt like family the first time they met. As it was the case when he first went to look for Qing Qing. However, that was because she was his real sister, so the first explanation usually doesn't apply.

Thus, Qing Shui could only conclude that it was the second explanation. This was all an act. The man had probably said those same words to many people before, otherwise he wouldn't be so good at disguising.

"Brother Yan, where are you from? Why did you suddenly decide to come to Arctic Wolf Country?" Wen Jing asked innocuously. From the way they dressed, Qing Shui and his group were clearly foreigners. "We're from Greencloud Continent. We came here to visit our relatives." Qing Shui smiled. He actually wanted to say that they were from a nearby city but he decided to say that they were from a much further place as it was his first time here and he was unfamiliar with this region.

"Greencloud Continent. That's really far from here. Since all of you manage to travel through that wasteland, you all must be pretty formidable!" Wen Jing commented in surprise when he heard that Qing Shui was from such a distant place.

"I won't come here again. It's really too dangerous. Luckily, we have a small treasure with us. Otherwise, we would have died many times over. It's so dangerous, I am even a little afraid of making the journey back." Qing Shui tried his best to imagine a horde of raging demonic beasts, so that he would look like he was frightened.

As they chatted while they walked, Qing Shui noticed that Wen Jing knitted his brows slightly when he saw Qing Shui's fearful expression. When Qing Shui mentioned the small treasure they had, he also saw a slight change in Wen Jing's expression. It was so minute that one would miss it if one was not observing him carefully.

They reached Wen Jing's manor. It was in a peaceful and quiet location but it was still very accessible. A cross junction was just nearby and it provided one of the most convenient routes around Arctic Wolf City.

"Come in. Let's see if you are satisfied." Wen Jing beckoned for Qing Shui and his companions.

The manor was very big and everything looked new, but Qing Shui could sense the presence of the people who lived here before. Unlike what Wen Jing said, many people had lived in this manor in the past and their presence lingered here, perhaps forever.

Qing Shui's spiritual sense was very sensitive. After he practiced Ancient Technique Flames of Yin-Yang (otherwise known as primordial flames), his spiritual sense became amazingly sharp such that he could even sense the last bit of Yin Qi[1] that dead people leave behind. This is why Qing Shui was able to uncover the secret behind this manor. Yet, he was still shocked that the manor did not feel eerie at all;it was as if there was something sealing all the Yin Qi.

Qing Shui understood that he and his companions had been led into a haunted lair which belonged to a few highly skilled bandits. But whether those bandits could prey on what they believed were a bunch of fat lambs, would depend on how powerful they were.

Rock gardens, ponds, bamboo garden and stone bridges…

Qing Shui looked at the ceiling of the main hall and saw a few golden bells hanging from the ceiling. Unless someone intentionally looked at those areas, there was no way to spot the bells. Qing Shui only knew a little about Feng Shui, but when he used his spiritual sense, he could sense where the Yin Qi gathered and the boundaries set by the golden bells. They definitely won't have a restful night today. He decided to take action. In the worst case scenario, he would just leave with his group.

Without rousing any suspicion, he flicked his finger. A thread of qi broke the chain holding the golden bells and they fell noisily to the ground.

Ding Dang!

The abrupt noise was clear to all of them. In a split second, the atmosphere in the entire manor suddenly changed. The air grew cold and a creepy aura surrounded them. Perhaps, this feeling was from all the spirits in the building. According to folklores, people lose their yang energy when they die so they are only left with their Yin Qi. This is especially true for people who were murdered and persecuted. It is said that their spirits will refuse to leave the place where they were killed.

Of course, this is just a theory. Qing Shui did not really care if that was true, but it was undeniable that they could feel a creepy coldness in the manor. Just like in his previous life, old houses which have been empty for a long time tended to make people feel uneasy.


Translator note: Yin Qi is NOT a name. Just like Emperor Qi, it is a type of Qi. Basically, it is the Yin from Yin-Yang. It is usually associated with supernatural phenomenons, ill omens, evil winds, that sort of thing.

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