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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 105


AST 0105 - Recovery (2)

But who could have guessed that at this moment, Wenren Wu-Shuang actually opened her eyes!

Wenren Wu-Shuang didn't panic upon seeing that her body was naked. She calmly regarded Qing Shui, and it was at this exact moment that Qing Shui inserted the final two needles into the soles of her feet. Although she knew that Qing Shui was helping her to detoxify the poison, she couldn't help but feel slightly angered upon noticing that three needles were inserted in her chest area.

The golden needles on her body were trembling violently, as the poison was forced out bit by bit. The eyes of Wenren Wu-Shuang were glazed over, and yet, the misty look in her eyes only further accentuated her charm.

Two hours later, Qing Shui removed all the needles on Wu-Shuang's body and put on her clothes for her. His hands trembled slightly as he put on the undergarments, but all in all, he managed to complete the task without losing his cool. This was the 2nd time in his life that he was putting on clothes for a woman, but who asked Wenren Wu-Shuang to be in such a state, totally devoid of strength.

After Qing Shui finished putting on her clothes, the pale white countenance of Wenren Wu-Shuang's face turned into a brilliant red. Refusing to look Qing Shui in the eyes, Wu-Shuang kept dodging his gaze.

Tidying her clothes, and putting on a blanket for her, Qing Shui stated, ’’Rest first, I will go look for something for you to eat.’’

Unlocking his door as he went out, Qing Shui realized that everyone was already back in the Qing Clan Medical Store. It was already evening time, and as they saw Qing Shui coming out, they immediately started bombarding him with a multitude of questions.

’’Is she cured?’’

’’Qing Shui, who's that celestial babe?’’

’’Qing Shui did the two of you......?’’

Rolling his eyes, Qing Shui hurriedly explained, ’’The poison is cured, but her body is still weak. Okay, no more random questions, let me explain.’’ Qing Shui, upon getting bombarded by the questions, could only smile wryly as he decided to tell his family something about Wu-Shuang.


’’What? She's a Xiantian cultivator? Is she over 100 years old?’’ Yuan Ying, the wife of Qing Shui's uncle, inquired with awe.

’’Erm, about 21 to 22 I guess.’’ Qing Shui scratched his nose as he explained.

Everyone in the house was thunderstruck upon hearing that. Wasn't that too crazy? A young girl of about 20 years of age actually reached the Xiantian realm? Not only that, she was acquainted with Qing Shui?

But how old was Qing Shui, what was he doing with a girl 5-6 years older than him in that room? Qing Yi couldn't help worrying, ’’Was the motherly love I gave him insufficient.....?

’’Hmmm, she needs to eat something nutritious to regain her vitality, why don't we have dinner earlier? How about... Turtle soup! I shall be the chef this time round so Mother and Aunty can taste my cooking skills.’’ Qing Shui thumped himself on the chest as he exclaimed.

’’It's fine, you should go accompany her. Me and your Aunty will do the cooking. Shui`er, if you want to talk to mother about anything, I'm always here okay?’’ Qing Yi said, as a resolute look flared in her eyes.

The laughter of Qing Shi and Qing Shan followed him all the way up. Gritting his teeth, Qing Shui once again walked up in the direction of the room. Truth to be told, he felt extremely awkward and embarrassed to be in the same room as Wenren Wu-Shuang after what had just happened.

The moment Qing Shui thought of Wu-Shuang, images of her naked body appeared almost immediately in his mind, which caused him to be momentarily breathless. What the eyes have seen, the mind cannot forgot.

He lightly pushed the door open, and saw Wenren Wu-Shuang lying on the bed. Her graceful figure, coupled with the tired look on her face and disheveled hair, would give any man a wild imagination.

’’How are you feeling?’’ Qing Shui forced himself to be brave as he approached and sat by the side of Wu-Shuang.

’’Hmm, I feel better now, thank you. Are you an Alchemist?’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang calmly regarded Qing Shui.

’’I think so, just that I'm still not experienced enough to concoct pills.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’Help me thank those friends of yours, were it not for them, I would have landed in hot water.’’

’’What happened?’’ Qing Shui thought back to the injuries the members of the Greenwolf Gang had sustained.

’’Initially, I was to go to the Xue Clan to seek out the antidote. I originally thought that my teacher and Alchemist Xue were blood brothers, but who knew that human hearts could change so quickly. Alchemist Xue, was the same age as my teacher. Despite this, when he saw me, he wanted to take me as his concubine. That was his prerequisite before he would cure me. In a fit of anger, I left the Xue Clan, and coincidentally, I ran into that group of people you sent. When I saw the letter you left for me, I immediately rushed back to Hundred Miles City.’’

’’Who would have thought that Xue Dingjiang would actually send men after me, and force me to act despite the poison in my body. He was prepared to save me once the poison in my body acted up, but luckily for me, your friends slaughtered out a bloody path, and we somehow managed to escape. Upon exiting Heavenly River City, my poison started acting up. With no other choice, I used the 'Deep Sleep Pill' that my teacher left for me.’’

’’Deep Sleep Pill?’’

’’It's effects include allowing the user to fall in a state of deep sleep, thereby temporarily slowing the spread of poison tremendously. Although it is unable to be used as a cure, it could lengthen the window of the safe period.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang explained.

’’When I visited the Night Fragrant Court, I was so worried upon learning the news that you've been poisoned by that snake demonic beast. I wanted to rush off to Heavenly River City immediately, but then again, I had no confidence in being able to cure the poison. I hesitated, and eventually decided to send the members of the Greenwolf Gang to look for you. If you had not come back today, I would have surely rushed off straight to Heavenly River City.’’ Qing Shui calmly said, the expression on his face remained unchanged.

Blushing, Wu-Shuang replied, ’’Thank you, I didn't know you would care for me that much.’’ She sighed. Although Qing Shui saw her body, it was to save her life after all.

’’Your elder sister is extremely worried about you, I've already sent someone to notify her.’’ Infusing the Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique into his hands, Qing Shui lightly hit the belly, the thighs, the hips, the shoulders of Wu-Shuang's body. He wanted to lend the aid of the Ancient Qi to stimulate the functions of Wu-Shuang, letting her recover quicker. However, every time his hands touched that soft skin of hers, he would tremble slightly as he went red. Thoughts of her naked body continually flashed through his mind.

Wenren Wu-Shuang, somehow seemed to be able to sense what Qing Shui was thinking of, as she shyly looked away, not daring to look him in the eyes.

’’This is the first time I've seen you going red.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang whispered softly.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly, ’’I'm innocent. I'm not thinking of anything bad. You can't bully a honest guy like me okay.’’

’’You, honest?’’

’’That's right, pure and innocent, honest and handsome. That's me alright.’’ Qing Shui carried on spouting nonsense.

’’Then why did you squeeze me there when you administered the golden needles.....’’

’’......, you could feel it?’’ Qing Shui's mind was near the breaking point. To think that Wu-Shuang knew of it. Had his image in her mind got torn and shredded to pieces now?

’’Of course I could feel it, I just couldn't move, not even my eyes. You are such a horny little devil, taking advantage of me when I'm in such a state.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang got angrier and angrier, her eyes were filled with volcanic flames as she glared at Qing Shui.

’’I was wrong, but I'm a victim as well, a victim of your beauty. I know that doesn't make me any better in your eyes, but you have always been on my mind for the longest time. I couldn't control myself, if I did not take the slightest advantage of you, I can't even call myself a man, you can just castrate me. Only a eunuch would have no reaction if he were in my place.’’ Qing Shui somewhat helplessly replied, as his voice was filled with sincerity.

This guy...

’’You took advantage of me, but you still try to make it sound logical.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang scolded, as she pouted. Somehow, she doesn't seem as angry as before.

Qing Shui could only smile wryly as he continued. ’’Try and see if you can get up from bed.’’

’’I want you to put on my shoes for me. Consider that the price for taking advantage of me. Pfft.’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang extended her jade-like legs over as a tone of coquettishness appeared in her voice.

Qing Shui caught hold of her foot, and applied pressure at her Yongquan, Shaohai, Ranggu, Jinmen acupoints, giving her a sudden intense foot massage.

’’Uhh!’’ Wenren Wu-Shuang involuntarily let out a cry, before hastily using both her hands to cover her mouth, looking extremely adorable.

Qing Shui snickered as he said, ’’Wu-Shuang, custom states that only a husband can help his wife to put on her shoes.’’


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