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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1044


AST 1044 - After Arriving at the Other Four Continents, We Can Have Eight to Ten Children.

Qing Shui could not help but laugh at Hai Dongqing's childish behavior, so he tried to comfort her with words.

After a breakthrough to Martial Emperor, an aura of power lingered around her. The aura, on a beauty, would emit an aloof energy that made it difficult for people to get close to her.

In the morning, the two of them made breakfast and ate together. Hai Dongqing was very happy as her face lit up with a warm smile, and she gazed tenderly at Qing Shui.

’’Qing'er, after we finish our meal, let's go to visit your brother and Hai Clan's elder.’’ Qing Shui smiled. Time was on their side;they could afford another night's stay before heading to Fair Wind City.

Hai Dongqing nodded gleefully. She knew that it was because of her that Qing Shui was very accommodating towards Hai Clan. He loved her and loved everything related to her. Thinking about it, Hai Dongqing softly approached and kissed Qing Shui across the dining table.

Stunned, Qing Shui lifted his head and gazed at his shyly smiling woman. To the best of his recollection, it was the first time she had courageously taken the initiative.

Qing Shui laughed and embraced Hai Dongqing on his lap. This meal consisted entirely of them feeding each other, of course, not excluding lots of touching, kissing... ...

By the time they finished their meal it was already getting late. Thus, they rushed to the Hai Clan residence. It wasn't far;they could directly take the carriage and the two men driving them were also the ones responsible for guarding the gate.

After half an hour, the carriage stopped at the main door of the Hai Clan residence. Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing came down and headed towards the house;the stones on the road amplified the sound of their footsteps. Most of the Hai Clan members were still living here.

’’Young Mistress!’’

The door guards respectfully greeted Hai Dongqing and she nodded as she walked into the residence with Qing Shui.

Hai Dongqing was originally the clan head, but the position had been passed to Hai Dongying. Hence, people often greeted Hai Dongqing as the 'Young Mistress' and Hai Shiya as 'Miss'. Qing Shui wasn't clear about this, but he did not question it as he wasn't concerned about it. He knew that no matter what happened, Hai Dongqing had an important status in the family.

Upon entering the house, there were children playing around and Qing Shui knew they were Hai Shiya's children as he had seen them before. The kids greeted Hai Dongqing gleefully shouting ’’Aunt...’’

Qing Shui laughed as he heard this appellation. Hai Dongqing blushed as she gently patted the heads of the children and glared at Qing Shui. Hai Dongqing's age was similar to Hai Shiya's, but Hai Dongqing was one generation above Hai Shiya. Hai Dongqing was the aunt of Hai Shiya so the manner in which Hai Shiya's children addressed Hai Dongqing was appropriate.

’’Do not laugh!’’

’’Sure sure, I won't laugh. Tonight I have something to discuss with you,’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

Soon after, they met Hai Dongying, Hai Shiya and Hai Long. After their first meetup, Hai Shiya and Hai Long respectfully greeted Qing Shui as Uncle.

The issue was not whether they were older or younger. Regardless, they had to adhere to seniority in the family hierarchy. Elders had to be respected, but those who were stronger had to be respected as well. They were not reluctant to address Qing Shui as Uncle. At the same time, they were being respectful toward Hai Dongqing. How would she feel if her nephew addressed Qing Shui directly by name?

After greeting Hai Dongying, Qing Shui's sudden visit brought a smile to their faces, uplifting their hearts. The current joyful atmosphere within the Hai Clan was caused by Qing Shui.

’’Aunt, today you look different from usual!’’

Hai Shiya said after taking a long glance at Hai Dongqing and failing to hold back her thoughts.

Hai Dongqing's face blushed red like the crimson sunset against the evening snow. Seeing this, Qing Shui was aroused. She thought that it was probably due to spending the night with Qing Shui. Perhaps that was the reason. Moreover, her niece liked to tease her.

’’Aunt, I'm not talking about that, it's not what you think......’’

Hai Shiya laughed as she tried to explain and Hai Dongqing smacked her perky butt, making a loud noise.

Qing Shui chuckled, ’’Since Qing'er has already made a breakthrough to Martial Emperor, Shiya was probably trying to talk about this. What are you shy about?’’

Hai Dongqing was stunned as she came to a sudden realization and blushed even more. She pinched Qing Shui in anger before calming down and laughing along. The rest were so shocked about her breakthrough that none of them laughed along with the joke.

The people present were all of Hai Dongqing's closest friends and family. Even though she was shy, it wasn't a big deal and Hai Dongying was reassured that Hai Dongqing was happy and blissful. His younger sister had reached Martial Emperor in such a short time. In Greencloud Continent, she was already the family's pillar of support and she still was.

Everyone entered the living room. Hai Clan's Elder no longer concerned himself with the Hai family matters and hence would not partake in any Hai Clan discussion. He led his life gardening, planting and playing with the grandchildren. As one got older, it became pleasant to look at the younger generations;the greater the gap, the closer it felt.

Looking at the current situation, Qing Shui could foresee having to stay for the night. They even invited Hai Clan's Elder for dinner as they wanted to let the Elder enjoy the happy blissful atmosphere. After all, Hai Clan had someone in the Martial Emperor cultivation realm.

This was a surprise for the Hai Clan. They were blessed with incorporeal wealth and potential. If news of the existence of a Martial Emperor in Cold Ice City spread, it would shock many. This would make the Hai Clan the dominant force of Cold Ice City.

Qing Shui knew that several regional forces, such as Demon Gate and Buddha Sect, were tracking his whereabouts. Hence, Qing Shui and Hai Clan guessed that they would have found out quickly;acquiring information was no challenge for these big powers. Furthermore, Qing Shui never wanted to hide anything, even if they did not know about it, Qing Shui would mention it.

This meal was celebratory, and one by one, they congratulated Hai Dongqing. They knew that her fast progress was greatly due to Qing Shui.

During the meal, Hai Dongqing mentioned that she would like to visit the Qing Clan together with Qing Shui, as well as inform them that Qing Clan had already moved to Fair Wind City.

’’Aunt, Uncle, since it's rare for you to visit, you should stay for the night and head off tomorrow instead!’’ Hai Shiya told Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing.

Qing Shui nodded. Besides there was no rush and he could afford one or two more days. He took out some pills that were similar to the Tiger Vitality Pill and shared it with them. He had crafted a decent quantity of them. These pills were quite useful, but after taking them, there was a long duration before they could be used again.

It was a short trip anyway. Thus, when the sky began to darken, Qing Shui returned with Hai Dongqing to her manor. He left her to cultivate and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

The battle skirt of Golden-Back Giant Crocodile Emperor had been prepared for her, and together with the Violet Jade Sword made of pure gold, it was adequate for her to replace her previous weapons.

Previously, these battle armor, battle skirt, as well as the Violet Jade Sword were made as spares. Hence, this time there was no need to specially make them for the occasion. Furthermore, most of the time was spent with Hai Dongqing so he used the remainder of his spare time to enter the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal to cultivate.

The Realm of Violet Jade Immortal had reached the seventh level so Qing Shui did not want to waste any time. One day within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal was like 100 days on the outside. Thinking about the future made him more determined to work harder than ever.

Before entering the Realm, he explained to Hai Dongqing that his progress had reached an important stage whereby he had to cultivate every single day. Hai Dongqing knew the importance and hence allowed Qing Shui to prioritize his cultivation because they still had ample time to spend together.

Meals were consumed while cultivation progressed every day. Unknowingly, his abilities had slowly improved with the course of time. By the time he took the opportunity to look back on things, the path he had tread had become long, and continuously wound up and down into the distance... ...

Reminiscing about things that happened in the past, they seemed fulfilling, way more meaningful, enriching and gratifying than his previous life. Men do not wish for glorious achievement but a life with no regrets.

By the time Qing Shui was done cultivating, it was almost the second day. As Qing Shui cultivated, he used Nine Continent Steps before entering the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and after he was done with his practice.

This way, he could utilize the Nine Continent Steps twice a day.

Returning from his cultivation, Hai Dongqing was also cultivating in her backyard, familiarizing herself with her sudden increment of ability. Qing Shui watched her from afar, without making any movement.

After about half an hour, Hai Dongqing then decided to take a break. She lifted her head and glanced around, spotting Qing Shui silently watching her. In a heartbeat, she was full of spirit and energy as she ran towards him. She appeared as though she was treading gracefully in the air, exuding an ethereal feeling.

’’Why didn't you call me when you got here?’’ Hai Dongqing hugged Qing Shui and spoke languidly.

Qing Shui hugged this elegant and delicate woman tightly;only he could see this side of her. In the past when Qing Shui had interacted with her, he could only see her independence, see her as a pillar of support for a family. Never had he dreamt to be able to see such a womanly side of her.

’’Oh my Qing'er is getting more alluring, if this goes on, I predict I'll have to keep staying here,’’ said Qing Shui as he teasingly touched her earlobes.

’’Then you shouldn't leave. Qing'er can support you.’’ Hai Dongqing smiled, beaming with joy.

’’Qing'er knows about the other four continents yes? I've told you about them before,’’ Qing Shui laughed as he tried to divert the topic. Besides, this was the topic he wanted to discuss with her about.

’’Yes I'm aware. Are you heading to the other four continents?’’ Hai Dongqing asked in astonishment, tightening her grasp on Qing Shui's arm.

’’Yes. Hence, we should try not to have any children.’’ Qing Shui smiled. Hai Dongqing was not aware of the reason hidden behind his words.

After hearing what Qing Shui said, Hai Dongqing was stunned. Her body could not help but quiver and her heart felt bitter. She knew the situation with the other four continents and the five continents. He's heading towards the other four continents. If she was pregnant with his child, then she would not be able to go to the other four continents.

’’Sure, we shall not have children. Qing Shui, Qing'er will be your woman forever,’’ Hai Dongqing replied as tears fell uncontrollably, small crystal beads trailed down her cheeks.

’’My dear, why are you crying?’’ Qing Shui tried to pacify her but the tears wouldn't stop flowing. They were impossible to stop.

’’Do you dislike Qing'er.......’’

’’What nonsense are you spouting? You don't know how much I cherish you and how much I want to protect you my dear.......’’

’’Don't try to hide things from me, do you not like children.......’’

Qing Shui looked passionately at Hai Dongqing and laughed: ’’ Nobody said that, I already have a number of children and I love children.’’

’’Why do you not want me to have children then? I love kids as well.’’ Hai Dongqing glanced at Qing Shui nervously.

’’If we have children here, you'll have to stay here for at least twenty years. Don't you want to head to the other four continents with me? We can have children there, we can even have eight to ten of them.’’

’’Do you think I'm a pig, eight to ten!’’ She felt relieved after hearing Qing Shui's reassuring words. She lifted her head and saw his smirk, and she suddenly came to the realization that she had been teased.

’’What a jerk, all you do is bully me! Qing Shui, I want to head to the other four continents but I'm aware of my lack of strength.’’ Hai Dongqing felt a sense of disappointment, she too wanted to go to the other four continents. If she reached Qing Shui's level, they would probably remain at the other four continents in the future.


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