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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 104


AST 0104 - Recovery (1)

Time flowed by quickly, and soon, three days had passed. Just as Qing Shui had decided to go to Heavenly River City, who would have thought that members of the Greenwolf gang actually returned in a two horse carriage cloaked with curtains, rushing all the way back to the Qing Clan Medical Store looking for him.

Qing Shui felt extremely astonished when he came out. The 10+ members of the Greenwolf Gang all had injuries over their bodies, and looked extremely fatigued.

’’Young Master, Miss Wushuang isn't doing too well!’’

Qing Shui frantically walked towards the carriage which the member of the Greenwolf Gang pointed to. Upon pulling away the curtains, Qing Shui could see the lovely visage that had haunted his dreams every night, quietly lying there. Her countenance was bloodlessly pale as her eyes were tightly shut. Those long eyelashes of her's were still as beautiful as before, but seeing Wenren Wu-shuang in this condition, Qing Shui felt as if there were needles stabbing right into his heart.

Activating his Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui realized that the poison in Wu-Shuang was acting up again. The antidote she had ingested had a special effect. It would enable the person who consumed it to fall in a deep sleep. In that case, the rate of poison activation, would also be slowed immensely.

Withdrawing another 500 taels of silver in addition some Golden Sore Ointment, he gave it over to the leader as he stated, ’’Bring the brothers to an inn to have a good meal , and the medical expenses are all on me. Go enjoy yourselves tonight, and come back to look for me tomorrow.’’

The youth hesitated, before accepting the money and leading the rest of the gang members away. Qing Shui led the horse of Wenren Wu-Shuang towards the Qing Clan Medical Store.

Qing Shui then carried Wu-Shuang down from the carriage. This was the first time he had hugged Wenren Wu-Shuang, and not to mention in such a special circumstance. Her body was very soft and light, and her skin was silky smooth. Even through her robes, one could feel her finely-toned muscles.

A whiff of light fragrance akin to that of orchids, drifted over and assaulted the nostrils of Qing Shui. Looking at that enchanting visage of Wu-Shuang, Qing Shui couldn't help but to feel a reaction. This woman, her name also stood for unparalleled (Wu-Shuang), so beautiful that she could topple empires!

’’Qing Shui... Qing Shi dumbly stared at Qing Shui, and at the unconscious Wenren Wu-Shuang in his embrace.

Qing Shui could only bitterly smile, and carried Wenren Wu-Shuang away quickly, trying to avoid the stares of his other family members.

Placing Wenren Wu-Shuang on his bed, and at this moment, Qing Shi frantically rushed into his room, asking, ’’Qing Shui, who is this beauty? She's as beautiful as an immortal.’’

’’......’’ Is he trying to cockblock me?

’’A friend who has been poisoned, so I'm going help her to detoxify the poison. Do not let anyone enter.’’ Qing Shui bitterly smiled as he politely chased Qing Shi out.

Locking the door securely once Qing Shi departed, Qing Shui slowly walked to the bedside as he regarded the sleeping Wenren Wu-Shuang.

Earlier when he activated his Heavenly Vision Technique, he saw that with the exception of her heart, the poison had already spread to the rest of her body. Qing Shui wasn't sure if Wu-Shuang had consumed the Five Dragon Pellet, but he had to do something to save her now.

The current Qing Shui, was in a dilemma. He didn't know if he should be happy or sad. To use his needle technique on Wenren Wu-Shuang, he would have to disrobe her...

’’F*k it, stop being wishy-washy and just do it!’’

Qing Shui started by removing her belt, his hand was careful not stray away to other areas of her body. Involuntarily, his heartbeat started to quicken, as he forced himself to focus on the task at hand.

Qing Shui disrobed almost all the clothing on Wenren Wu-Shuang, only leaving behind her undergarments. Gulping several times, a sheen of perspiration could be seen on his forehead. This was taking more willpower than he had anticipated. Closing his eyes and taking many deep breaths, he steeled himself and proceeded to remove the remaining pieces of undergarments.

Inspecting Wenren Wu-Shuang's naked body almost caused him to have a nosebleed. What was strange was that, there was no indications of other wounds on her body. White as snow, like jade, and with skin as smooth and milky as cream. Qing Shui spent quite some time admiring the curves of her body, especially her soft mounds of snow-white breasts. What an enchanting vision, capable of stirring the soul of any man.

’’......’’ Qing Shui's hand involuntarily extended, stopping just a few inches before the twin peaks of Wenren Wu-Shuang. Oh, how he wanted to feel the sensation of grabbing them.

Qing Shui didn't think of himself as a hypocrite. However, sometimes emotions control the mind before the consciousness can even kick in. Giving in to his desire unconsciously, he squeezed her breasts a couple of times before shifting his gaze down to the place of pleasure between her thighs.

’’I must not.....’’ Thoughts of Shi Qingzhuang and Yu He filled his head as he forcibly wrenched his gaze away. It was only after many moments later before he recollected himself.

Withdrawing his golden needles, Qing Shui inserted them into the three acupoints on her chest. Qi Men, Re Yue and Tianchi! [1] After which, Qing Shui withdrew another three needles, and inserted them on the acupoints around Wu-Shuang's abdomen area and both her thighs.

Using another six needles, Qing Shui began sealing and directing the path of the energy flow, imbuing them with his primordial flames, forcing the poison out bit by bit.

The six needles were trembling violently, as a pinkish Qi with a fragrant smell was released into the air.

’’What a powerful poison, to think that even with the primordial flames, I couldn't force it all out.’’ The helpless Qing Shui gazed at one of the needles inserted on her inner thigh, at the Yin Lian acupoint, near her place of pleasure. [2]

The needle at the Yin lian acupoint, was trembling so fiercely that Qing Shui decided to voluntarily pull it out himself. Retracting the golden needle, a trace of pink-colored blood could be seen leaking out from the wound. What in the world was this poison?

Without much of a choice, Qing Shui could only helplessly seal the remaining poison into the lower part of Wu-Shuang's body. Forcing the remaining poison to her lower body, Qing Shui once again inserted six needles in various acupoint locations to seal the poison, and prevent it from spreading further. At the very least, now, her life wouldn't be in danger.

But who could have guessed that at this moment, Wenren Wu-Shuang actually opened her eyes!

[1] The acupoints near the chest region

[2] The acupoints near the inner thigh


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