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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1038-1040


Chapter 1038-1040

AST 1038 –Yu Ruyan Broke Through To Martial Emperor, Meeting Yun Duan, A Man's Tears

"Mm, but it's still too early to go the other four continents. The disparity of power is too great."

Yu Ruyan naturally knew about the conditions required to go into the four continents. Even though she could be considered young, she wouldn't expect herself to become a Martial Emperor one day.

One of the items in the sachet that Qing Shui gave to her last time contained a Five Elements Fruit that matched her constitution –fulfilling one of the conditions required to break through to Martial Emperor. Moreover, she was one of the women in the Portraits of Beauty, so she didn't have to build up her constitution for the sake of breaking through to Martial Emperor. As long as her power was able to reach a certain level, she will become one eventually.

Before they knew it, it was already late. The copulation session lasted for about four hours. Even though Yu Ruyan has a strong cultivation base, she was still rendered weak without an ounce of energy left in her body. She was in heavens multiple times, and it felt like a boat crashing through the waves. At that moment, she felt like she had lost her mind –she was in ultimate ecstasy.

In the end, she couldn't endure Qing Shui's thrust and called out for forgiveness. It was when she called him 'husband' that he finally stopped. She was covered in sweat, but felt extremely satisfied. However, as soon as she realized her feelings, she questioned herself on whether she had fallen so deep into his grasp.

Qing Shui looked at the deep flush in her face. He had always taken notice of her expression whenever he was with her. He saw a mix of emotions on her face, and he could tell that she has a lot of burdens held within her heart.

"Life's too short, Ruyan. You still can't let him go?" asked Qing Shui softly when he saw the pain and a sense of loss in her expression.

Yu Ruyan turned towards him and looked him in the eyes, she then said: "If I couldn't let him go, then you wouldn't be able to find me now, would you?"

Her voice sounded a bit sad. Qing Shui embraced her tightly and said: "Don't think too much. It hurts me to see you like this. You have been marked deeply into my heart, and I'm sure it's the same for you too. Don't even think of running from me for the rest of your life. I will be sure to meet you earlier in the next life."

"You always know what to say to charm me!" said Yu Ruyan as she left a pinch mark on Qing Shui's body. However, she felt better after hearing those words coming out from his mouth.

Qing Shui continued to embrace her without moving away his hands, which he had been placing on her bulbous hips all this time.

"Ruyan, let me perform acupuncture on you. If I can unleash the potential within you, then you will be able to break through to Martial Emperor immediately." Qing Shui knew that now was the perfect time to do so. If she could break through to Martial Emperor, then their relationship wouldn't be as awkward as before.

If he couldn't do it, then he wouldn't know when he would be able to make her understand everything they had with each other. Being caught by Duanmu Lingshuang this time was a good push forward towards their relationship.

The course of acupuncture took another two hours to finish!

Qing Shui was quite proficient in unleashing the potential of others with the use of acupuncture, which was more or less like the exploitation into the depths of one's brain. The more one used the brain, the more intelligent one would be. Thus, such was the effect of the acupuncture towards those who wished to unleash their full potential to reach a breakthrough of their cultivation base.

Yu Ruyan's battle techniques could increase her power by three times. It was only when her powers had surged that her battle techniques were able to boost her strength to such effect. And because of that, Qing Shui wanted her to step towards the world of the Martial Emperor as soon as possible.

The acupuncture was a success. Yu Ruyan was naturally talented, so she was able to increase her overall power towards the amount of 27 stars with the assistance of acupuncture and medicinal pills.

The 20 stars from before was granted by the duo cultivation she had performed with Qing Shui.

With that, Yu Ruyan had reached a breakthrough to Martial Emperor. At this moment, she couldn't control her aura completely, which was expected for those who just became a Martial Emperor. If Qing Shui didn't manage to hold her aura as he stood beside her, the whole room would definitely explode. He packed up his acupuncture needles while he allowed her to get used to her power by cultivating her skills for a while.

Qing Shui looked at the sky and realized it was time for his morning training. He went outside and proceeded towards the backyard because he didn't want to disturb Yu Ruyan while she cultivated her skills by herself.

The whole courtyard was part of Yu Ruyan's private quarters, so no one would be able to enter freely without permission. When he arrived at the backyard, Hu Yanlin was already there for his morning practice. He was practicing the Tiger Form and Back Connecting Fist –techniques that Qing Shui had taught him last time before he left the Duanmu City.

Hu Yanlin was now a highly skilled Grade Four Martial Saint. Two years of improvement was a powerful feat for a man like him. With the Thunder God Qing Shui had bestowed to him, he could defeat a number of cultivators who were on the same level as him with no difficulty.

He wasn't an extremely clever man, but he was very diligent in his training and cultivation. He didn't possess an extraordinary talent either. Most importantly, he was considered extremely lucky after he had mistakenly consumed a unique fruit of Heaven and Earth. Because of that, Qing Shui considered his luck to be that of a miracle.

Qing Shui didn't disturb him as Hu Yanlin continued to train on his own. Instead, he went to a secluded area and began his own morning training by himself.


During breakfast, Duanmu Lingshuang would glance at Yu Ruyan once in a while, noticing a great difference in her mother just after one night. Her aura was different, as if she had become a woman of endless vigor. Yu Ruyan had become prettier too. However, Duanmu Lingshuang had no idea that her mother had actually become a Martial Emperor after one night of not seeing her.

"Mother, you look so pretty today!" Duanmu Lingshuang said beamingly.

Yu Ruyan let out two timid coughs and said: "What are you saying, you silly girl. People will laugh if they hear you say that out of nowhere."

Qing Shui grinned as he glanced at Yu Ruyan, but was given a hostile stare from her instead. Duanmu Lingshuang could naturally tell had happened between them, given that she was already a mother and had been through the same thing before, because Yu Ruyan's face was flushed red, and it was quite obviously on her cheeks.

Yu Ruyan was quite embarrassed of herself, because her daughter and Hu Yanlin were present in the room. All of the sudden, she realized that Qing Shui was the easiest to turn to –a sign of a woman who had accepted a man into her heart.

During the afternoon, Duanmu Lingshuang and Hu Yanlin left the Duanmu Clan and went back home, leaving the marvelous courtyard in solitude once again. Yu Ruyan would usually stay at one of the courtyards all by herself when no one came to visit.

Qing Shui browsed the scenery around the courtyard before turning to Yu Ruyan beside him and said: "Ruyan, so you've decided to leave the Duanmu Residence."

"No one would provoke Duanmu Clan here. Duanmu Zhen is quite talented, and he is at least more suitable to be the head clan than I am. I will leave Duanmu Clan, and I don't have to worry about Lingshuang and Yanlin anymore. So now I feel very light, free of burden."

Qing Shui held her hand, feeling tremendously reassured by her words. Yu Ruyan gave up her role as the head clan for Duanmu Clan because she wanted to follow Qing Shui and face him properly without causing a scandal amongst the members of the Duanmu Clan. In any case, the Duanmu Clan was more than capable of supporting themselves because they have a new head clan to lead and shoulder responsibility for them.

Qing Shui already knew that her decision was made mainly because of him, so he embraced her and said: "I will not force you to do things you aren't willing to do. I'm not a petty man, but I admit I'm an overbearing man. However, I will not cause trouble for no reason, and I hope that your life will be filled with happiness and joy."

"I know that. I just felt like traveling to the outside world. Staying here all by myself is quite lonely, to be honest." Yu Ruyan touched Qing Shui's face, as she replied him with a smile.


Qing Shui left Duanmu City two days later. Lady Duanmu's power surged once more after consuming another Hallow Pellet, so he gave her a weapon, which promptly boosted her powers by three fold.

Qing Shui had also left her with a formation, which he had allowed her to bestow it to the Duanmu Clan as a parting gift. The moment Yu Ruyan had become a Martial Emperor, she was already on a different level from the members of the Duanmu Clan.

She had never thought that she would be the head clan for Duanmu Clan for eternity, which was why she had been waiting for someone more capable to take over her role. Now that she was free at last, and her powers had surged way beyond her expectation, she was able to see the light of boundless possibility to her life. She could go to the other four continents, where martial cultivators all over the world had been aiming to go. If she managed to go with Qing Shui to the four continents, perhaps she could become happy at last.

As for her daughter, she could always come back for a few days whenever she missed her. Based on the qualifications of her daughter and Hu Yanlin, the chances of them actually going to the other four continents were basically zero to none.

The Duanmu Clan would forget about her eventually. After all, she was an outsider, which was the same for her daughter as well. However, she would still try her best to help them in any way she could.

She was there watching when Qing Shui left. He was also watching her until her silhouette vanished in the distant. He was particularly worried about her, as Yu Ruyan's attainment in the Nine Palace Steps was quite strong. Additionally, due to her current power, no one would be able to hassle her around. The Demon Gate and Buddha Sect were also able to assist him should anything happen to her.


Yu Ruyan's cultivation was faster than he had expected. He couldn't possibly go to the other four continents all by himself, because if he could, he would be alone. Yu Ruyan was already preparing herself so that she would be capable of going with Qing Shui together.

After he had left Duanmu City, he didn't stop by the Fair Wind City, but went to the Cloud Adventurer Guild instead. During his last journey, he skipped the chance to meet her, and that was three years ago. He felt extremely guilty for letting her down since both of them were already married. They had a banquet and everything on the day of their marriage.

The Cloud Adventurer Guild had been renovated once after a fight broke out and subsequently wrecked the structure of the building. There were still people going to the guild taking missions and receiving rewards. Martial cultivators preferred to use this method due to this area being a platform to exchange money and items with one another. Martial cultivators could also come here to treat their injuries or sickness after venturing towards their adventure. Qing Shui was more or less unrecognizable amongst the crowd as he stood nearby. It had been a few years after all.

Qing Shui could use his spiritual sense to seek people in the prospering city. As long as he was familiar with that person, he could use his aura to pinpoint their location. Of course, there would be a limit to his range of detection, but it would be normally within the area of 100 li.

Inside his spiritual sense, he could see a sea of tiny dots around his surrounding. These dots were also known as the Flame of Life as they were also flickering in varieties of brightness. The sizes of these dots were vastly different as well, and these sizes were a measure of their life force. The stronger the life force, the brighter the Flame of Life would be.

Qing Shui smiled, because he was able to pinpoint Yun Duan's location. She wasn't in the nearby area, however, but somewhere near the border of the city, which was nearly 100 li away from him.

His silhouette flashed and vanished from his original spot before he used the Nine Palace Steps to jump towards her location. 100 li was essentially quite near for Qing Shui, and he would only require a few moments to reach the end of the line. When he flashed through his destination, he was already at the edge of the Tiger Gorge Mountain. This place was a danger zone where martial cultivators would come to find treasures, but this was also a place where corpses were buried, especially those of the dead martial cultivators.

The surroundings were filled with smaller mountains that were covered in dense green grass. The trees and greenery were flourishing as well.

However, Qing Shui was now a bit suspicious, because his spiritual sense was telling him that there were two speckles of light within the 100 li range. The brighter one must be Yun Duan, but the other one seemed normal. The speckles of light back in the city were all closely-knitted together.

He skimmed through the area with caution.

As he got closer to the source of the lights, he froze. The familiar figure of the woman was still as wonderful as he remembered. She was sitting on the grassy terrain playing with a little girl of about two weeks old. The laughter of the woman and the girl was clear and distinct, creating an atmosphere of harmony and bliss….

Qing Shui was dumbfounded. He calculated the time he had spent with the woman, and it finally dawned on him –this little girl was definitely his child. He could feel it in his veins, and from the way Yun Duan and the little girl interacted, he suddenly recalled the conversation they had together before he left.

"You are a lucky guy. All the nice ladies seem to like you very much," Yun Duan said with a smile.

"You are a nice lady too!" Qing Shui rubbed his nose and let out a snicker.

"If you come back next time, bring your children along. I want to see them. They must be beautiful," Yun Duan giggled.

"Our child will be beautiful too!" Qing Shui chuckled.

Yun Duan blushed instantly after hearing those words.

"Do you think one is enough or should we have two?" Qing Shui asked gently.

"Two. Wait, I didn't say I would make a child with you, dummy!" Yun Duan slipped up for a moment. Her face was flushed in red as she dodged Qing Shui's gaze.

"If Duan'er says she wants two children, then I will make sure to make that happen. We will have to work hard from now on. There's not much time left," Qing Shui laughed teasingly.


When Qing Shui saw the harmonious interaction between a mother and child, tears were already rolling down his cheeks. He thought about Qing Yu, Qing Yan, and Qing Long, who had their father's presence during their growth. But when he thought about his memories with Yun Duan, he couldn't help but felt an ache in his heart…

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AST 1039 –Meeting Yun Duan, Qing Yun

Qing Shui stood at a distance and gazed. He had interacted in the wrong manner with this woman. At first, he thought that she was a woman of loose morals and with her given beauty, he was not polite at all. At the same time, he wanted to aggravate the Feng Clan.

What had been wrong was that she was, in fact, a virgin maiden. Although the both of them were estranged in the end, he never did forget her until they met again. In that moment, he then realized that he unknowingly had her in his heart. He could not deny that he possessed the desire to misbehave as he was her first man and he was not willing to let others get a share. Moreover, men would usually lust before being affectionate.


All of a sudden, as though she felt something, Yun Duan looked towards Qing Shui's direction. She stared blankly while Qing Shui looked at her with a smile and Qing Shui then walked over to her.


A young and melodious voice made Yun Duan, who was stunned, come back to her senses. She bent over and carried the little girl. At the same time, Qing Shui had already walked right before her and his gaze was fixed on the elegant woman, as well as the little girl

"Qing Shui, tell me this is not a dream and that this is real" Yun Duan looked at Qing Shui and said gently.

"This is real!"

Qing Shui smiled and said while walking over to hug her, only to see that the little girl was crying. Hugging Yun Duan, she looked at Qing Shui with fear.

"Naughty girl, you didn't give face to me." Qing Shui quickly released Yun Duan. He then looked at the little girl. Her eyes were so big that the white and black in her eyes were so defined that it looked as though they were pure crystals and her tender face made others adore her.

"Yun Duan, it must have been tough on you. Only after our daughter has grown so big did I come and see you, I didn't even know that I had a daughter.." Qing Shui stood a little further away as the little girl seemed unwilling to approach him.

Yun Duan looked at how Qing Shui was being careful and laughed, "It was not tough. Now that you have come to see me, I do feel very fortunate."

"Haiz… Let me deal with this little girl first or else, she will not let me hug you." Qing Shui rubbed his head.

He took out a pile of food and even killed a wild rabbit in the end to roast. This savory fragrance eventually won the little girl over. Not only did she stop crying, but she even allowed Qing Shui carry her.

Sitting on the grass, Qing Shui carried his daughter in one arm and hugged Yun Duan, who was leaning on him, in the other.

"Why did you come here with our daughter, what if there was danger," Qing Shui smiled at Yun Duan. The independent and strong manner that she had was charming, comparable to the aura of a successful woman from the previous generations. However, she was very meek and docile in front of him.

"It is definitely safe here, I didn't know why but I came here. That was the first time I brought my daughter here as well, I can't believe that I would even be able to see you." Yun Duan raised her head happily looking at Qing Shui.

"Oh, it must be that our hearts interlinked. This little girl looks so beautiful, just like you!"

"I have yet to name her, but her nickname is Ya Ya. What do you think our daughter's name should be?" Yun Duan was happy talking about her daughter.

Seeing that Qing Shui carrying their daughter so tightly gave her a sense of happiness. The way he carried her was similar to clasping. All of a sudden, she realized that this man had matured as he carried her daughter so carefully, akin to carrying the world's most fragile crystal, unable to mask his love for her through his eyes.

"Name her Qing Yun then!" Qing Shui laughed while looking at Yun Duan, a combination of their names.

"Great, now this girl has a name. Look at her nose, it looks like yours." Yun Duan said happily, extending her arms to pinch her daughter's little nose.


Without spending too much energy, Qing Shui was able to get his daughter to warm up to him. Before that, it was his sudden action of hugging Yun Duan that scared the little girl. It was all right now and he had a natural aura that attracted others to be close to him and children liked this type of aura.

The naughty girl was already two years and three months old. This led Qing Shui to feel that he should have visited her when he was back from the Eastern Victory divine Continent. His daughter would probably have been born at that time.

"Duan'er, the Qing Clan has moved to the Central Continent, at Fair Wind City!" Qing Shui felt that this would be considered as good news to her.

"Ah, really!" Yun Duan's eyes lit up.

"Of course. This is a good timing, my mother would like to see you as well as her precious granddaughter." Qing Shui said while wiping the oily fingers of the little girl.

"Qing Shui, I am a little scared." Yun Duan said nervously.

"What is there to be scared of, we have already done the deed and are even married."


Yun Duan laughed bashfully and lightly thumped him.

"When will you be going, I would like to visit as well. I am just afraid that your family would not like me."

"My family and mother will like whoever I liked. There is no 'your family' or 'my family'. We are all a family." Qing Shui said gently.


Back at Yun Duan's Adventurer Guild, it was already noon. The Yun Clan were exceptionally happy to find out he was here. Previously, the development of the Yun Clan's Adventurer Guild was very fast. Yun Duan held great influence there, Qing Shui's method at that time shaken up everyone.

Yun Tong was the younger brother of Yun Duan. He adored Qing Shui and he was even more affectionate seeing Qing Shui now. Previously before Qing Shui left, he had quite a few items for Yun Duan. Yun Tong had also benefited directly and his strength had increased with a great speed.

The strongest were respected, strength determined everything!

Having a little child was slightly inconvenient. They had to put the little girl to sleep in the night first before being able to be intimate. Seeing that her daughter was asleep, Yun Duan turned red.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they could not help but hug as soon as they latched the door of the hall.

The kiss from Qing Shui made Yun Duan's entire body go soft. Her two hands hugged Qing Shui with such a strength as though she wanted Qing Shui to be kneaded into her own body.

His arms grabbed what was substantial, rich and exceptionally ample. Although she had a child, her peaks were still delicate. This made Qing Shui secretly surprised, she could be considered to be a heavenly beauty.

"Let me suck them!"

Although Qing Shui had frequently sucked on them in the past, he rarely said it aloud. Now that he said it out, it made her heart beat faster, it was a type of frenetic and exciting feeling that could not be described. Seeing her beloved man burying his head in her own bosom, she felt a wave of pleasure.

Yun Duan leaned over on the couch with Qing Shui mounted on her back. They were tightly joined together at the hips like glue. The powerful weapon continuously went in and out amidst the mess. It was a stimulating sight to behold.

He stopped as Yun Duan's body twitched. After embracing tightly for a while, Qing Shui then carried her to take a shower. Another round of se*ual intercourse was unavoidable. Qing Shui was previously not satisfied yet, but Yun Duan could not stand to repeat it again.

After an hour long shower, they headed back to the room. Qing Shui carried Yun Duan over then looked at the little girl who was fast asleep. He felt peaceful in his heart and even thought about how watching this woman like this was not a bad idea at all, it is too bad that he couldn't in this lifetime.

It is no wonder they said love was selfish. Qing Shui felt that with him constantly on the move for the past few years, he couldn't be by his children’s' side. Just like this little girl now, he didn't even know when she was born.


The next day, both Qing Shui and Yun Duan bid farewell to the Yun Clan and headed to Fair Wind City. Seeing the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Yun Duan was despondent for a moment. Although she wasn't very powerful, she was had a lot of knowledge and experience.

She did not know how strong this man is now but his Demonic Beast seemed powerful.

Qing Shui saw the look on Yun Duan: "the elephant from the past had evolved into this."


Yun Duan's Adventurer Guild was operating smoothly and she has a decent amount of strength. Although he could not be by her side that often he should at least get her to integrate into the Qing Clan. After all, she is now a Qing Clan member.

"Stay in the Qing Clan!" Qing Shui hugged Yun Duan who was leaning on him as they sat on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Yun Duan nodded her head and laughed. She had waited for this day for a long time. She could leave her Adventurer Guild to Long Lingyun to manage.

The nearer they were approaching Fair Wind City, the more nervous Yun Duan got.

"Sister Duan, my Mother is easy-going. She pampers her children, grandsons and granddaughters. She would even treat her son's wife as her own daughter. Just relax a little."

As Qing Shui hugged Qing Yun and Yun Duan as they walked into the Qing household. There were very little people in the front courtyard. It was nearing noon and seeing Qing Shui walking in with a beautiful woman, they were all shocked for a moment. When they saw the little girl, they were then relieved as she looked a little like Qing Shui.

Qing Shui had said that he had women outside, this should be one of them since there was a child.

With one look, Qing Yi walked over and smiled. Seeing this lady beside her son who was a little uncomfortable, Qing Yi looked to the side. All the woman this brat had were stunning.

"Mother, let me introduce to you. This is Yun Duan, and this is your granddaughter Qing Yun."

"Girl, this is your home in the future. If this brat dares to bully you, just let me know." Qing Yi laughed while pulling Yun Duan's hand.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and at the same moment, he saw Huoyun Liu-Li's mischievous grin from a distance.

"Yun Duan, it has been tough on you. The child has already grown so much and yet this rascal didn't know." Qing Yi pulled Yun Duan's hand, looking at the child Qing Shui was carrying.

"Mother, it wasn't tough. I am very happy and Qing Shui was busy with his things." Yun Duan replied with her face flushed.

"You brat, what is good about you? There are so many girls that like you. You have to treat them well. Are you listening?" Qing Yi grabbed Qing Shui's ear.

"I know, I know. Ah, be gentler Mother, it's going to fall out," Qing Shui said exaggerating.

Qing Yi laughed and had Yun Duan to familiarize herself with everyone. The little girl was unfamiliar at first, however there was Qing Yu and Qing Long, hence she did not cry. Huoyun Liu-Li then pulled Yun Duan along with Canghai Mingyue and Di Qing to chat.

"Come, talk to Mother." Qing Yi pulled Qing Shui to a side after seeing both mother and daughter.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and could make a guess at what his Mother wanted to ask.

"You brat, don't you realize there are more and more women around you, all of them are excellent. Aren't you wronging them by doing this?" Qing Yi laughed while looking at Qing Shui.

"Mother is to be blamed for having such an outstanding son…"

"Pu, how can you still say this, aren't you ashamed?" Qing Yi smiled and hit him.

"There are others outside, bring them back."

This was what she wanted to talk about.

"There is one more. Hai Dongqing from the Hai Clan, at the Cold Ice City." Qing Shui was still not telling the truth.

"I am puzzled about how you turned out to be such a philanderer. Alright, you've grown up. I hope that you will treat them well. It is your fortune that they have all fallen for you."

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AST 1040 –Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings, Coiled Dragon Statue?

Qing Shui could only smile wryly at his mother's words. Qing Yi also couldn't hold back her laughter. The expression on her son's face seemed really helpless.

For Yun Duan to come to the Qing Clan, this was like a permanent home to her. The few women could also look after one another now that they were living together. At the same time, this could also be considered making Yun Duan's status known. Influential figures naturally knew of this situation and they had nothing to fear about the less influential figures.

Qing Shui was already making preparation to go to the other four continents in the future. So naturally he had to settle the matters here properly before he left. Then there were also the Demon Gate and Buddha Sect!

This was also the reason why Qing Shui had never unleashed his wrath on the Buddha Sect. He didn't want to make the relationship between them to grow strained. With Little Fatty with him now, he naturally had nothing to worry about.

Over these few days at the Qing Residence, Little Fatty's strength had increased tremendously once again. Qing Shui's medicinal pills were to help enhance his strength and stimulate his body's constitution.

Since Qing Shui could concoct those medicinal pills like the Violet Qi Pellets, naturally he would concoct more to ensure that there were at least enough for the Qing Clan. Even if they couldn't consume those now, the medicinal pills could be stocked up for future use.

Qing Shui glanced at Yiye Jiange and Di Qing. He hoped that they would be able to join him to the other four continents when the time comes. Yu Ruyan too. He hoped that they would have attained the required strength by that time. However, he could only sigh when he thinks about the remaining time.

He must go this time. If they couldn't make it this time, they could only wait for another five years. Although the span of five years wasn't long, it wasn't short either.

Five years were enough for some things to change. Even if he could leave right away, he was still a little worried. He still had a little more than one year.

In this more than one year, he had to settle the Lion King's Ridge. He also had to pay a visit to the Ancient Ruins in between before going to the other four continents. If he missed this chance, he'd have to wait for another five years. However, he wanted to go over there as soon as possible because Di Chen was alone and he was worried.

"What are you spacing out for?"

Qing Shui turned around and saw Yiye Jiange by his side. Her snowy white dress and her otherworldly temperament caused Qing Shui to once again be in a daze.

Yiye Jiange reached out and pinched Qing Shui's waist. Qing Shui had a forced smile on his face while holding on to the delicate finger that was pinching him on his waist. Yiye Jiange only tried to pull her graceful jade-like hand free from Qing Shui's grasp.

"If we're not from the same clan, I would have definitely thought that you didn't need to eat." Qing Shui chuckled mischievously.

Yiye Jiange's face was tinted red. "Who said that I'm from the same clan as you, you little pervert."

She knew it too that Qing Shui was saying that she was otherworldly. Even so, she still felt warm in her heart when he heard this little man. This little man had decided to march onwards to even the Lion King's Ridge for her sake. Furthermore, it was a decision that he had made since more than a decade ago…


Yiye Jiange instantly knocked on his head. "Do not call me Master."

When Qing Shui saw Yiye Jiange huffing angrily, he scratched his head. "Little Sister Jiange, let's go shopping!" He said hurriedly.

Yiye Jiange laughed out loud. Her laughter was so melodious that it was alluring, and she also didn't know how to react. They were in a very good mood after this banter and she went outside together with Qing Shui. Not too long after that, Di Qing, Canghai Mingyue and Yun Duan who had Qing Yun in her arms joined in too.

With the little lass, there were six of them. Qing Shui took Qing Yun in his arms and they exited the Qing Residence together. The four women were all beauties of the universe. In addition to Qing Shui, who could also be considered a beautiful man and a little princess who looked like a doll, they were quite conspicuous on the streets.

There was almost no one who knew Qing Shui. Average people couldn't reach to such heights. They could only know some details about him through some special existences in the Fair Wind City. Even if he was going to battle one day, it would be in the high altitude, where ordinary people couldn't see.

This was their first time coming out in the Fair Wind City. They weren't really planning to buy anything. They just wanted to feel the atmosphere around here. But the little lass in his arm would want this or that occasionally. Qing Shui would buy anything she requested.

Qing Shui always felt that he had fallen a little short of this little lass' expectation as a father. Yiye Jiange and Di Qing had thrown a few glances at Qing Shui. The sight of him holding his daughter was especially harmonious and pleasant to look at.

It was needless to talk about Yun Duan. Canghai Mingyue was also looking at him with a smile. Without realizing it, this man had been subtly changing over all this time.

Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings!

Qign Shui saw the signboard that suspended in front of the enormous building. This building had caught his attention because it looked very simple. This caused it to stick out like a sore thumb among the other vibrant and beautiful buildings.

The words on it were done with vigorous brushstrokes. They appeared to be simple yet impressive. He could tell that this was the work of a great expert at just the first glance and it seemed to have some age. This was probably a long established store.

When Qing Shui came to this world, he was very interested in antiques and paintings. He was interested in finding some magic treasures. He had no knowledge of antiques and calligraphy paintings but he had powerful spiritual sense, so he'd still come in and take a look around since he happened to stumble across these.

"Let's go in and have a look!" Qing Shui smiled at the other few women.

After the women nodded, Qing Shui led them inside with little lass in his arms. The inside of the shop was very wide. It was about 30 meters in length and width. This Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings store had five floors.

The moment they went in, they were assaulted by the scent of books and scrolls. Qing Shui was very fond of this kind of scent. It was kind of like the fragrance of books.

There weren't a lot of people in the spacious hall. The area of a thousand square meters seemed very empty, with only a few dozen people. A few guards stood at the entrance and there were also a few guards in the middle of the store.

The guards were all Peak Xiantian, and there was also an Early Martial King among them. This made Qing Shui felt that the Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings might have some interesting things.

Since the store name had 'Fair Wind' in it, this most likely implied its relation to the 'government'. It seemed like this place had some connection to the City Lord of Fair Wind City.

The first floor was probably filled with the most substandard objects. He was looking at the variety of items. Each of them appeared to be very old fashioned. There were sculptures of demonic beasts, household utensils, furniture, calligraphy paintings……

They were of different sizes and colors. If these items were brought over to his previous world, they would be priceless objects. It was a pity that they could only be average objects in the World of the Nine Continents, with very little collection value.

Objects of more than 1,000 years could be easily found here. They were nothing special even if they were above 1,000 years old. A Xiantian cultivator could live for about 500 years. Cultivators above Martial Saint level had the lifespan of more than 1,000 years.

So these 'antiques' of 1,000 years old didn't hold much value. He went along the side of the store, taking his time to look at those strange sculptures of demonic beasts. Some of them were made out of bronze, gold, silver and stone…

Qing Shui scanned them with his spiritual sense and discovered that they were nothing of interest. Some of them had faint Spiritual Qi on them, but they didn't pique his interest. So after scanning them, he switched his target to the flight of stairs that led to the second floor.

Qing Shui signaled the few women with his eyes and then went upstairs with the little lass in his arms.

The stairs were made out of violet colored wood. This type of Violet Pearwood was above 1,000 years in age and was stronger than ordinary steel. He could feel how solid it was by stepping on it. It didn't make any hollow thumping noises that could be heard when stepping on ordinary wood.

The moment he reached the second floor, he sensed that the Spiritual Qi here was more intense compared to the first floor. There were also guards here, but the weakest of them was Early Martial King while the strongest among them was Grade Six Martial King. Through the increase in strength, Qing Shui could tell that the objects here were more precious than the first floor.

It was a little more narrow here compared to the first floor, but there were a lot more people on this floor. Other than their collection values, antiques and calligraphy paintings could form a type of 'Ancient Qi' that could bring great benefits to some cultivations. Sun Yan for one could absorb the Spiritual Qi in precious stones. Hence, many people wished to get their hands on something valuable because antiques with Spiritual Qi were very rare. There were many useless Qi. It was also very difficult to sell them to suitable buyers. Although the profit was great, it was difficult to earn.

Qing Shui took a look at the objects with Spiritual Qi on them first, but then discovered that none of them were really useful. He shook his head. Just when he was about to leave at the end, he instead discovered something that didn't really stand out.

It was a coiled dragon carved out of jade stone. The craftsmanship was quite exquisite but unfortunately, there wasn't even the slightest trace of Spiritual Qi on it. The only thing about it was that it was quite beautiful to look at, slightly impressive and magnificent. On top of that, the dragon carving was quite vivid and lifelike.

Coiled Dragon Statue!

Qing Shui picked up the thing that looked neither like jade nor stone. But he smiled. It was about a foot long and was vivid and lifelike. Even so, it could only be considered as an attractive item. However, attractive things were abundant in the World of the Nine Continents. This was nothing special.

"Lass, is this attractive?" Qing Shui chucked at the lass in his arms and smiled at her.

Qing Yu was touching it with her tiny hands, as she happily agreed that it was attractive.

Just then, a middle aged man approached them from the counter. "Sir, how can I help you?"

"How much is this jade stone?" Qing Shui casually asked.

"Well sir, you really have a fine taste. This is the Coiled Dragon Statue. There's only one in our store. The owner has specially ordered that this Coiled Dragon Statue is to be sold to only the destined one……"

"That's enough, just tell me how much this stone is worth. I don't have all day here. My daughter is quite fond of it so I'm thinking of buying it for her to play with." Qing Shui told the middle-aged man while looking at the little lass. These salespersons made sales with their mouth. They could convince people that black is white, especially in this kind of antique stores. Although he didn't know much, he knew that these people were sly.

Qing Shui could only guess about this Coiled Dragon Statue. He wouldn't be surprised if there was only one of this Coiled Dragon Statue in the store because many things here had only one in stock. For things like these without any Spiritual Qi, no one would pick them up even if they were strewn across the streets.

Even Qing Shui himself couldn't be sure of this Coiled Dragon Statue so this middle aged man standing before him was definitely only blabbering on mindlessly.

"Well, I'm going to give you a 20% discount. That'd be 1,000 taels of silver!" The middle aged man said in a serious tone.

If this was an authentic Coiled Dragon Statue, like the one that Qing Shui had in his mind, he wouldn't mind paying 1,000 or 10,000 taels of gold or even more than that. 1,000 taels of silver was nothing to Qing Shui. However, it was still necessary to haggle when making purchases.

Just like now. If people said 1,000 taels of silver and Qing Shui agreed to it, then the other party would definitely think that they had sold it with a too low price. Then they might find an excuse to not sell it, or sometimes even if the buyer offer higher price, they wouldn't want to sell it.

"200 taels!" Qing Shui said, without even batting an eye.

In fact, that Coiled Dragon Statue would be sold at 100 taels if it was another buyer. But he could tell that Qing Shui and the women by his side weren't average people through their temperament and aura.

"900 taels. I can't go lower than that!" The middle aged man said with a smile.

"Boss, if it wasn't for my daughter touching it, I wouldn't even want this. 300 taels!"

Qing Shui's reason almost made the other few women laughed out loud. The cheeks of that middle aged man across him twitched.

"The little princess is as fair as a jade. So adorable. For your daughter, I shall offer it at 800 taels." The middle aged man spoke through his gritted teeth, seemingly with great pain.

The few women behind Qing Shui laughed. They couldn't hold it in anymore. The owner was indeed quite amusing.

Qing Shui bought it with 600 taels in the end!

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