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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1031


AST 1031 - Powerful Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Manifestation of the Buddha's True Eyes

’’Qing Shui, only those whose spirit energy has reached over 10,000 stars can cultivate this secret spirit technique, Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!’’

When Qing Shui saw the beast image on the opponent's body he was also taken aback. The image was full of spirit energy. It was only after hearing the old man's words that he did understand that this was a secret spirit technique that required the user to have a spirit energy which exceeded 10,000 stars. It seemed that the old man's spirit energy had already exceeded 10,000 stars.

Qing Shui wasn't very clear about the level of his spirit energy. The cultivation that he would usually assess didn't include one's spirit energy. When a cultivator attained a breakthrough, their abilities would be raised, including their spirit energy. However, the increment in one's spirit energy was very low compared to one's cultivation, unless it was a breakthrough attained when cultivating one's spirit energy. For example a breakthrough to Qing Shui's Yin-Yang Image, Heart of Roc...

Qing Shui wasn't afraid of the old man's spirit energy attacks. Even if he had a spirit energy of 10,000 stars, he would only be able to assert about 3,000 stars here...

Qing Shui wanted to laugh at this thought. The Arhat Rosary Beads was very powerful and so was the Spirited Snake Turtle. It was only now that Qing Shui truly appreciated the heaven-defying abilities of the Sacred Items of Heaven and Earth.

At their level, it seemed that many martial techniques had a requirement for one's spirit energy. Moreover, spirit energy would also be one's primary area of cultivation. It could also be said that the prowess of many martial techniques laid in the existence of spirit energy. Therefore, people of this level would choose to cultivate their spirit energy, since this would allow them to fend off attacks using spirit energy.

Qing Shui wasn't worried. His Emperor's Qi was an absolutely domineering existence. The 20% weakening impact even included one's spirit energy. He had tested this out before. Having a 20% weakening effect applied onto oneself would cause them to be weakened by a lot. If they were to know of this, they would probably feel extremely agonized.

Area Dominance and State of One with Elephant were already circulated by Qing Shui.

Instantaneous Dragon Elephant Evasion!

Qing Shui performed the simplest Combination Sword Technique with his Big Dipper Sword. This time around, his speed was amazingly fast. Qing Shui had yet to give up.

Art of Pursuing!

When the other party performed the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Qing Shui could already sense that his defense had been strengthened. That was an overall increase in defense, which was applicable to both physical attacks and spirit energy attacks as well.


Qing Shui retreated rapidly. His attack had struck that phantom image, but it didn't seem to have any impact. The opponent's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was much stronger than the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation set up by the ten Elders he had killed.

This was the first time that Qing Shui had come across and fought against the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Such secret spirit techniques were very powerful and it had exceeded Qing Shui's expectations.


The phantom image let out a loud roar and a faint ray of light flashed. All of the negative effects that he had applied disappeared. Qing Shui's eyes popped out. What was this? Was this Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation dead or alive...

’’Take my Great Golden Buddha Palm!’’

The old man waved his five-colored cane and a huge golden colored hand made a grabbing motion towards Qing Shui. The handprint was like a small mountain and each finger like a mountain peak. However, the hand was extremely vivid and the explosive spirit energy that it caused one to feel great fear.

Qing Shui frowned. The Great Golden Buddha Palm performed now was much stronger than before. There were probably not many people in the five continents who could take this hit. It was a pity that the old man was up against Qing Shui today.

Roc's Might!

A formless spirit energy turned into a whirlwind right in front of Qing Shui. This whirlwind met the golden Buddha palm in the air. It encompassed the palm and spun around it, as if gradually devouring the palm.


A loud explosion rang out before things calmed down. Qing Shui wore a faint smile. This was the first time that he had faced an opponent heads-on with spirit energy.

The old man was extremely astonished. His best skills were spirit energy attacks. That, together with his powerful Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation allowed him to be at the very top of the pyramid in the five continents. His position in the Buddha Sect was the most unique and he was also the strongest in the sect.

The members of Buddha Sect weren't the only ones watching the battle. There was also Demon Gate, Tang Manor, Dragon Emperor Mountain... It was just that they didn't show themselves, but stood a distance away.

Great Golden Buddha Palm!

The old man waved his hand again. This time, two huge palms grabbed out towards Qing Shui. A series of explosions broke out wherever the palms passed by. When compared to before, the confining strength was even stronger this time around.

Buddha's True Eyes!

When Qing Shui performed Buddha's True Eyes, the familiar wave didn't appear. Just as he was feeling astonished, he felt a spiritual wave coming from behind him. It was extremely strong and familiar.

Qing Shui turned to see a huge Buddha image behind him. This wasn't his first time seeing it. In the past, he had seen this Buddha image which exuded a glow and its eyes were always closed. But right now, its eyes had opened. In that moment, the pair of golden colored eyes made Qing Shui feel overwhelmed.

This pair of eyes were righteous, respectable, holy, sympathetic...

A formless power crushed the golden Buddha hands that were gushing over. Both Qing Shui and the old man opposite him were stunned.

Although Qing Shui was stunned, he was even more joyful. He had never understood what the Buddha image behind him was and he still didn't know yet. After it had saved him in critical moments multiple times, he felt that it was related to his cultivation of the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint or perhaps the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

Furthermore, Qing Shui used to be the only one who could see it, but he felt that the old man had seen it too. Was it because one's spirit energy must be at a certain level before they could see it? Or maybe all those who knew Buddha's True Eyes could see it...

In fact, Qing Shui had always found it strange that he hadn't been able to produce golden colored palms with his Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm. He didn't know why. Additionally, there was still the Sword of Sixth Waves which was modified from it. Why was it called the Great Golden Buddha Palm, but yet he could not produce golden palms?

Right now, Qing Shui knew that the Great Golden Buddha Palm which the old man had performed was his Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm. It was just that because Qing Shui had used it in the form of the Sword of Sixth Waves that the other party hadn't realized it yet.

Qing Shui saw that although the old man was using the five-colored cane, he had managed to produce the Great Golden Buddha Palms. Could it be that the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm also required the usage of spirit energy?

This was something interesting which Qing Shui hadn't thought of before. His spirit energy was very powerful, but he hadn't thought of using spirit energy to perform the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm. It seemed that he could try this out in the future. Qing Shui thought of the Great Golden Buddha Palm which the old man had just performed. Qing Shui's spirit energy was stronger than the old man. If he could produce the Great Golden Buddha Palms, then his cultivation would also increase by another notch. Moreover, he had the Nine Yang Buddha Body... Would it make him more suitable to cultivate this battle technique?

The old man was stunned for very a long time. Buddha's True Eyes. To be able to cultivate the Buddha's True Eyes to the extent that it manifested was truly too terrifying. This was when the skill could be considered to have reached its highest level. With the support of spirit energy, the Buddha's True Eyes could see through all disguises and unleash attacks through its eyes. It could attack the opponent's 'soul' and cause spiritual damage. In serious cases, it could leave the opponent in a state like they had lost their soul.

That huge Great Golden Buddha Palm was also considered a disguise. As long as Qing Shui had sufficient spirit energy, he would be able to break through them. Spirit energy attacks were more troublesome than physical attacks since they lacked form. They were like fire. While you could pass your hand through flames and not sustain any injuries, fire cannot pass through your palms unless it burns a hole through it.

It's also with the same theory that allowed attacks that used spirit energy to catch people unaware. The only exception that allowed one to fend off spirit energy attacks was strength. You only had a chance if you were stronger than the opponent. Spirit energy attacks held an advantage since it could be used for long range attacks, which was the reason why cultivators tended to be unwilling to deal with people who excelled in the use of spirit energy. If they weren't careful, they might end up dead without knowing how they were killed.

Great Golden Buddha Palm, Fourth Wave!

Astonished, the old man waved his five-colored cane once again, creating four Golden Buddha Palms, each one of them stronger than the one before.

It really was the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

The more Qing Shui saw how powerful the Great Golden Buddha Palm was, the happier he felt. When this old man performed the Great Golden Buddha Palm, the palms were not only huge, but they could also be used for confinement. If one had sufficient strength, he could crush and whack his opponent to their death. It was unlike how Qing Shui could only use it for slapping his opponents. He couldn't even create any palms. It was just that there was the Wave Essence in the strength of his attacks.

The path of cultivation was very profound and this allowed Qing Shui to know that it was good to get more exposure to things. It would save him from making many detours and could also let his cultivation grow faster. If it wasn't for what he had seen today, he wouldn't have known that he could use spirit energy to perform the Great Golden Buddha Palm.

Sword of Sixth Wave!

Qing Shui slashed out with his Big Dipper Sword once again.

Although attacks using spirit energy were like how one's hand passed through flames, if the power was strong enough, the hand could extinguish the flames. It was like how Qing Shui used his full powers to perform the Sword of Sixth Wave now.

Boom boom......

Consecutive explosive sounds rang out and the golden hand continued to burst. One, two...

When all four hand imprints had disappeared, Qing Shui realized that his Sword of Sixth Waves had nicely fended off the opponent's four golden hands.

What did this represent?

It meant that the prowess of the opponent's fourth wave had the same prowess as his sixth wave...


The phantom image which encompassed the old man let out a loud roar and golden speckles of light started to appear upon the old man's body.

Right now, Qing Shui had gotten increasingly interested in this Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. This huge phantom image seemed to be very practical, since he could sense that its loud roar from earlier had not only increased the old man's strength, it had also recovered a large portion of his depleted energy.

Great Golden Buddha Palm, Fifth Wave!

The old man's five-colored cane was gradually raised!

Qing Shui smiled and instantly, a huge Primordial Flame Whip appeared in his hand. It was about 50 meters long and was as thick as an adult's wrist. It was rustic and unsophisticated, with an ancient feeling. It was like a gray-colored ancient python, exuding a cold and dangerous aura.

Qing Shui had tried it earlier and found that his Big Dipper Sword wasn't able to break through the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Therefore, since the fight had carried on for such a long time, he felt that it was about time to end it.

The Fifth Wave of the Great Golden Buddha Palm was greatly beyond the Fourth Wave. Its speed was also much faster.

Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance!

Qing Shui raised his hand and at this moment, the 50 meters long Primordial Flame Whip seemed to come alive. It meandered as it charged out toward the Great Golden Buddha Palms!



What was it like to have an overwhelming crushing force? Although the last two Great Golden Buddha Palms had depleted ten meters of the Primordial Flame Whip, it only took an instant for it to recovered and become as fresh as before.

Right now, Qing Shui's spirit energy had depleted to less than one-third of his usual amount and his rate of recovery was also very fast. He also had the Yin-Yang Image and the Arhat Rosary Beads. Furthermore, the spirit energy in his consciousness had formed a pellet. Not many people could attain the level in which they could form a pellet in their consciousness. Even the old man that Qing Shui was dealing with had yet to reach such a level.

It seemed like there wasn't a need for his trump card in the Central Palace Blood Essence Pool.

After breaking through the opponent's Great Golden Buddha Palm, Qing Shui lashed out with his Primordial Flame Whip in a flash towards the phantom image of the huge 'Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation'.




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