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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 103


AST 0103 - Parents Always Worry About Their Children

There had been no news from the Greenwolf Gang. Qing Shui hadn't had high hopes for them in the first place, but Wenren Wu-Gou also said that she would tell Wenren Wu-Shuang to hurry back, and to also assert the vital concern. Therefore, Qing Shui had the highest hope in Wenren Wu-Shuang returning by herself. After all, she was a Xiantian-level cultivator!

Qing Shui really wanted to leave for Heavenly River City this instant, but he was scared that he might miss Wenren Wu-Shuang if she was on her way back. Therefore, he could only clench his teeth and console himself to push through the wait little by little!

Qing Shui felt that he was restricted by this region. He envied those Beast Tamers who had demonic beasts, especially those who had flying pets that could carry people. If he had a flying beast that could carry people, a round trip to Heavenly River City would only take a day.

The only problem was that even among Xiantian-level Beast Tamers, there were only a few who owned flying beasts. The reason was that only Xiantian-level flying beasts were intelligent enough to carry people, especially for long distance trips. After all, one wouldn't be able to experience the praiseworthy benefits of a flying beast on short distance trips. Demonic beasts below Xiantian-level could not fly for a long distance because they did not have a demonic core, so very few Beast Tamers would take the time to tame flying beasts below Xiantian-level.

Unfortunately, for beasts that travel on land, even if they did not sleep and ran as fast as they could, it would still take them a week to arrive. A round trip would take half a month!

Qing Shui went to deliver the black fish to Yu He Inn. This time, he delivered an amount that could last a month, which made Yu He surprised since Qing Shui usually only delivered an amount that was enough for only a week.

’’What happened? Are you going on a long trip?’’

Qing Shui's heart warmed when he saw Yu He's concerned expression. ’’I'm not sure. I'm scared that I might leave suddenly, so I'll help you prepare first.’’

’’If you need any help, you have to find me.’’

’’I will!’’ Qing Shui nodded with a smile.

When Qing Shui went to the Night Fragrance Court and saw Wenren Wu-Gou with a worried frown, Qing Shui knew that she might have not been able to contact Wenren Wu-Shuang.

He originally placed most of his hope on Wenren Wu-Gou, but he didn't think that he would be in this plight. Qing Shui really felt that he was tiny. In this vast world, traveling became a huge problem.

Beast Tamers, like Alchemists, really were very rewarding professions, especially Beast Tamers who own Xiantian-level flying beasts. They are Xiantian-level masters in the first place;plus they own the formidable strength of the flying beasts.

Qing Shui remembered the 3rd Grade Desolate Beast White-Headed Inky Jade Condor that he killed. Unfortunately, there was no demonic core. If it was a Xiantian-level Demonic Beast White-Headed Inky Jade Condor with a demonic core, Qing Shui probably would have lost his life.

The life of a Beast Tamer that could reach Xiantian-level was very hard. Demonic beasts that had lower strength didn't necessarily mean that they were easier to tame. It was not easy to tame Ferocious Beasts and Desolate Beasts below Xiantian-level Demonic Beasts. It would take a long time to tame them because their lower intelligence meant that the success rate was lower. In addition, there were a lot more restrictions on the compatibility.

Although Xiantian-level Demonic Beasts were stronger, they also had higher intelligence. Therefore, if you were strong enough, the difficulty of taming a Xiantian-level Demonic Beast or a wild beast was about the same.

’’There are no easy professions!’’ Qing Shui felt helpless.

Qing Shui had so many Assisting Skills, but there were no divination nor Aviation Talismans. If he had an Aviation Talisman that could take him to Heavenly River City in a flash, then that would be great!

’’If only I had a Xiantian-level flying bison, I wouldn't be fretting like this.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his pounding head and sighed. (Bison will be explained later)

The herbs in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, especially the ones that were planted in the beginning, were already fifty years in age. Both the purity and the effect were better in comparison to normal herbs that were of fifty years in age in reality. The herbs had reached their maximum height, and they would only grow more thick and more moist, deepening in their purity, and increasing their vitality! They would also grow more vigorously, and grow more stalks, which changed with their age!

Qing Shui never thought that the popular mysteriously powerful Alchemist from the rumors was actually himself. This made him tear up in laughter. He was a trainee Alchemist who could not refine any real medicine, at least not yet, but the rumors blew him up to a mysteriously powerful Alchemist!

Good news never left the door, but bad news traveled thousands of miles. These kinds of rumors traveled especially quickly. There were already many people, even those who traveled here from outside the city, who were trying to inquire about how to find this mysteriously powerful Alchemist.

Furthermore, many clans and sects were giving out high prices to attract him. This made Qing Shui sigh about how Alchemists are really f*king popular!

An event happened before this, which is when Yu Donghao went to the Qing Clan Medical Store to give his thanks. This event not only made the Qing Clan stupefied, but also made outside rumors more excessive. There were even rumors of a marriage between the Qing Clan and the Yu Clan. Thank goodness no one knew the purpose for Yu Donghao's visit to the Qing Clan Medical Store.

When Qing Hu learned about how Qing Shui cured Yu Donghao, he reported the news to Qing Luo that very night. The Qing Clan, especially Qing Yi, were immersed in happiness.

’’So the ancient old man who always gave things to darling Qing Shui and taught Qing Shui skills is an alchemist, a master whose skill is out of this world.’’ Qing Shui's fictitious ancient old man was already deeply embedded in Qing Yi's heart.

Helplessly, Qing Shui could only admit it with a nod...

The news of how the Yu Clan, especially Yu Donghao himself, going to the Qing clan made the status of the Qing Clan rise sharply. The Qing clan was not a native clan in Hundred Miles City, so even if their business was popular, they could only be merchants. Furthermore, their business was not hugely popular and definitely paled in comparison to the native merchants in Hundred Miles City. This was another reason Situ Ba was ready to pick a fight with the Qing Clan.

However, it was different now. Who is Yu Donghao? The master of the Yu Clan, who was now a Xiantian-level master again. He was the peak presence in Hundred Miles City.

’’Shang'er, your dad would not let your sacrifice go to waste. You just rest up and recuperate!’’ Situ Ba said to the pale youth lying on the bed.

’’I want to mince that son of a bitch, father. What's the point of me living like this?’’ The deathly pale youth said with despair.

’’Shang'er, your damaged body can be healed. You can restore the damage to your body when your cultivation reaches Martial King. Just work hard and cultivate, Shang'er. As long as you reach the peak of Martial King, these small injuries could be easily healed.’’ In order to ignite Situ Shang's will to live, Situ Ba shifted the ability of a Martial Emperor to the peak of Martial King.

Situ Shang shook his head and laughed, ’’Your son knows his own ability. Don't even talk about peak Martial King. I don't even have hope for Xiantian-level. If it was only Xiantian-level, I would attempt it.’’ Situ Shang's thought of suicide already budded.

’’Don't' feel disheartened, there are a few other methods. For example, an Emperor Grade Great Revitalizing Pellet could cure you. There is also the wild 'Heavenly Sun Fruit' that can regenerate your crippled lower half. It is also said that there are other benefits. Sleeping with a hundred woman in one night wouldn't even be a problem!’’ In order to make Situ Shang continue to live, Situ Ba even put down the reserved quality of a father.

Only the parents always worry about their children!

’’These things that you said might be true, but they are all hopeless. Even with all the wealth of the Situ Clan, we would not be able to buy an Emperor Grade Revitalizing Pellet. As for the Heavenly Sun Fruit, it was only recorded in history books. Father, your child knows your wishes;it is me who has failed to live up to your expectations.’’

Situ Shang's words even caused a wave of grief for Situa Ba, a man made of iron. As parents, especially as an iron man like Situ Ba, he only hoped that his children would grow into a happy and healthy adults under his wings and not suffer any harm, but he could not even achieve this. He was the magnificent master of the clan, but his superior status was like a rope that tied up his hands and feet.

’’Shang'er, there is another more feasible plan. Hurry up and improve your strength. If you can reach Xiantian-level, you can serve for the Medicine King Aristocratic Family for ten years. They would satisfy one wish for you after that. Using the Medicine King Aristocratic Family's ability to cure your injury will be a piece of cake.’’ Situ Ba grievingly said to his hopeless son.

Situ Shang was silent. Maybe he matured through this incident. He nodded towards Situ Ba!

’’Shang'er, as a man, you should not give up your life this easily. As long as your can improve your strength, anything is possible!’’ Situ Ba deeply sighed.

’’I will listen to you, father!’’


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