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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1019-1021


Chapter 1019-1021

AST 1019 –No One Can Stop Me From Meeting Mo Hongluo, The Head of Demon Gate

Qing Shui watched Mo Zitong who was dashing towards him. For his strength, Qing Shui would be able to settle this by lifting only his pinkie. He humbly took a step forward as he struck out with his hands. His movement seemed slow, yet it was actually fast and it was accompanied by a tiger's roar.

A gigantic white tiger was seen unleashed from Qing Shui's palms, as it immediately leapt towards Mo Zitong. The strength he had unleashed was far beyond Mo Zitong's. It was at least 4,000 stars of offensive power, but he knew nothing serious would happen.

The gigantic white tiger silhouette leaped towards Mo Zitong with an intense killing intention. Even the Heavens and Earth changed colors. The powerful aura immobilized Mo Zitong. Mo Zitong turned pale with fright right at this exact moment. He was already aware of the disparity between Qing Shui and himself, but he now realized that there was no way he could evade.

Qing Shui smiled at Mo Zitong, who was already frightened and shocked. But just then, two waves of powerful auras appeared at Mo Zitong's side in a flash. They extended their arms and shattered the white tiger that Qing Shui unleashed.

Before this, the Tiger form that Qing Shui unleashed was always a huge tiger claw. But now, he was able to unleash a full form. Its might had also been tremendously increased. Although it was still inferior to using a weapon, Tiger Form had its own advantage.

Qing Shui didn't make another move. He only silently watched Mo Zitong who was still in a daze. He knew that he had shocked Mo Zitong too greatly this time, but he knew that Mo Zitong was unharmed. Only a person with unswerving determination could achieve the accomplishments that Mo Zitong had today. The more he experienced things like these, the more his hidden potential and will to fight would be stirred.

Qing Shui was looking at the two old men by Mo Zitong's side right at this moment. The two old men were dressed in black clothes, but their hair was a mixture of black and white instead. Both of them had a perfectly straight figure. There weren't any beard or deep wrinkles on their faces. People who were unfamiliar with them would probably think that both of them were very young.

However, Qing Shui knew that the age of these two old men wasn’t that young anymore. Both of them were also looking at Qing Shui in astonishment. They had no choice but to appear earlier, but this youth was aware of their presence. It was evident that this youth wasn't weaker than them at all.

"Young man, you are simply astounding." The person on the left with dashing eyebrows sighed in amazement at Qing Shui.

"Thank you for the compliment, Old Man!" Qing Shui replied courteously. He was waiting for Mo Zitong to recover from this.

"Speak. Who is it that you want to meet? Tell us." The old man on the right spoke up. This old man had a very sharp nose, and he had a sharper pair of eyes.

Qing Shui hesitated for a moment before he spoke slowly, "Mo Hongluo!"

He watched how the other party didn't blink their eyes at all ever since he uttered Mo Hongluo's name.

The two old men were staring at Qing Shui strangely. Mo Zitong, who had snapped back to reality, looked at Qing Shui in surprise. "You wanted to meet Young Aunt?"

Qing Shui wasn't too surprised either. After all, Mo Hongluo was the daughter of Demon Gate's clan head. Mo Zitong seemed to be about his age, so Huoyun Liu-Li should also be around the same age as Mo Zitong.

"She hasn't been around for many years now,”Mo Zitong only replied slowly after a while.

"She's dead?"

Qing Shui was taken aback. Although he had thought of this possibility, he was still surprised. He kept staring into Mo Zitong eyes right at this moment, trying not to miss a trace of anything. When he thought back to what had happened just now and also Mo Zitong's age, he felt that something fishy was going on.

“I have come all the way here knowing she is still around.”Qing Shui's gave Mo Zitong a pointed look with his sharp gaze, as his powerful spirit energy bore down upon him.


The two old men summoned the Qi aura in their entire body and suppressed Qing Shui when they saw Qing Shui pressuring Mo Zitong with his spirit energy. At the same time, they took a step forward protectively to the front of Mo Zitong.

Roc’s Might!

Qing Shui suppressed the two old men with his enormous pressure. With the Arhat Rosary Beads, the old men's spirit energy attack was halved. The Spirited Snake Turtle also had the effect of reducing opponent's spirit energy attack by 20%.

With these, the spirit energy of the two old men, which were already pitiful enough to Qing Shui, became even more pathetic…

To be competing with Qing Shui on spirit energy attacks was basically courting death itself. The two old men's faces immediately paled, as they unconsciously retreated a few steps backward. Furthermore, this was when Qing Shui was already showing mercy on them.

"My woman wants to meet Mo Hongluo. If she wasn't a relative of yours, I wouldn't be showing any mercy. I have no ill intention. My condition stays the same. I want to see Mo Hongluo," Qing Shui said firmly while staring dead at Mo Zitong.

Mo Zitong also understood why his opponent had gone easy on him last time. Even the two people by his side from the Elder Association were defeated so easily. Just how strong was he? Was Qing Shui showing mercy on him because his woman and Young Aunt were related? If she was related to Young Aunt, then didn't that mean that she was his relative too? Who could she be?

Mo Zitong was currently extremely conflicted. It seemed like this Qing Shui wasn't going to return without meeting Young Aunt. On top of that, Qing Shui didn't seem to believe the news that Young Aunt wasn't here too. What should he do?

Just when he was being indecisive, the aura around him surged. Soon enough, about a dozen elderly men appeared and their strengths were actually around 5,000 stars. One of them actually had the strength of 5,700 stars…

Demon Gate was indeed a supreme sect. Not even the formidable Buddha Sect from the Central Continent dared to act recklessly around them due to their rich background. It was important to know that in the battle between powerful sects, whatever progress was made in the last few centuries would be regressed regardless of who won or who lost.

Qing Shui looked at these old men who had appeared, without much change in his expression. He was looking at Mo Zitong. He wasn't sure if Mo Zitong could make a decision, but he still wished that he could make a decision.

"Qing Shui, Young Aunt is really not around anymore…"

"You're lying. Do you think that my spirit energy from earlier is only for show?" Qing Shui laughed coldly at Mo Zitong.

"Young man, your impudence will not be tolerated here!" A leading elderly man suddenly shouted at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui lifted his leg and immediately reappeared in the air. He stared at that elderly man. "Try telling me that again!"

Qing Shui turned to Mo Zitong again without waiting for the old man to speak. "I have been very patient. I only have something to tell Mo Hongluo. I sincerely hope that you will make the right decision. No one can stop me from meeting Mo Hongluo. You have to know that some sacrifices are unnecessary."

Qing Shui had been emitting a threatening atmosphere as he was speaking. The sudden release of powerful spiritual pressure had caused the old man from earlier to open his mouth, but he wasn't able to say anything. He was looking at Qing Shui with his eyes that were as sharp as a knife, as if he had seen a ghost…

"All of you, go down at once!"

Right at this moment, a voice rang out from afar. Qing Shui looked grave too when he sensed the other party's aura. It was powerful and the aura seemed to have been masked. It was only 5,000 stars, but Qing Shui knew that it wasn't as simple as merely 5,000 stars.

"Clan Head!"

"Clan Head!"



Qing Shui was watching the old man who had appeared at a distance. The old man was only slightly older. He wasn't particularly tall, but he had an intangible imposing aura. It was the aura of a leading man and his strength. Although his hair was white, the wrinkles on his face were very fine. There was a hint of a smile in his wise eyes.

The old man waved his hand. Everyone including Mo Zitong left. Qing Shui looked at him. He didn't expect the head of Demon Gate to actually be an old man who appeared to be particularly friendly.

"Young man, you have really opened this old man's eyes today. Why don't you accompany me for some tea?" The old man invited Qing Shui with a smile.

"That's all I could ever wish for. Please lead the way!"

Qing Shui didn't expect to be able to meet the head of Demon Gate so soon. Perhaps it was due to how he had intentionally expanded his Qi aura earlier. Qing Shui followed the old man and flew to somewhere further.

They were at a manor that was slightly more remote than the others. It was very peaceful and quiet here, without any other manors situated within its radius of 100 meters. The terrain was also higher here, so the other manors around here were visible.

As soon as they entered a room, the old man smiled and gestured for Qing Shui to take a seat. In fact, the moment Qing Shui entered here, he could feel a wave of faint spirit energy around here. It was an indescribable sensation.


Just right after Qing Shui and the old man had taken a seat, a woman came in holding a teapot. She was tall, thin and had a pair of gorgeous phoenix-like eyes.

Her nose was straight and sharp and her skin appeared to be smooth and silky. The loose clothes on her brought out her charm. She was also startled when she saw Qing Shui.

"Lass, this is Qing Shui. Come have a seat and talk. It's rare to have someone to talk to." The old man chuckled.

"Qing Shui, this is my daughter, Hongxiu!" The old man laughed.

Although Qing Shui thought that the woman's eyes were very similar to Huoyun Liu-Li's, he had a feeling that Demon Gate wouldn't let him meet Mo Hongluo so easily. Besides, even Mo Zitong said that Mo Hongluo wasn't around anymore, though he wasn't going to buy that.

"How do you do, Mister Qing!" The woman greeted Qing Shui with a smile.

"Hello, Miss Hongxiu!" Qing Shui greeted her politely then looked at the old man.

"Old man, I am sure you've heard about what had happened between Demon Gate and I. It isn't my intention to make enemies with anyone. I am only here today because I want to meet someone. To fulfill my wife's wish." Qing Shui went straight to the point.

"You wish to see Hongluo?" The old man asked Qing Shui after contemplating for a moment.

Qing Shui saw how this woman by the name of Hongxiu looked at him in surprise when she heard the old man's words. However, she was only surprised but didn't say anything else.

"Old Man, I must meet Mo Hongluo." Qing Shui stated firmly and decisively.

"You know about Hongluo?" The old man sighed.

"I know some, but not into details."

"It was an ill-fated relationship. Why don't you share with me your purpose of coming? Why do you want to see Hongluo? If you have a strong enough reason, I will let you see her." The old man gave Qing Shui a smile.

The old man was also a little puzzled. Qing Shui was trying to fulfill his wife's wish. What relation did his woman have with Hongluo? It had been more than 30 years. This youth seemed to only be in his thirties too.

"Although Huoyun Peng and Mo Hongluo were taken back by the Buddha Sect and Demon Gate 36 years ago, they left their daughter out there. Unfortunately, she is my wife now." Qing Shui explained to the old man, but his gaze was locked on that woman by the name of Hongxiu all this time.

Qing Shui didn't know how many daughters this old man had, but he felt that something was off through the words of the old man from earlier. Especially how he had said that 'it was rare to have someone to talk to'.

That woman called Hongxiu appeared to be surprised, happy and nostalgic, yet she was biting down on her lips. She was trying her best to keep herself from making any noises and stop the tears in her eyes from falling.

"You are Mo Hongluo, Huoyun Liu-Li's mother!" Qing Shui immediately exclaimed while looking at that woman called Hongxiu. The tone of his voice was firm, as he slightly pressured her with his spirit energy.

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AST 1020 –Mo Hongluo, Demon Gate's Plain Sailing

As soon as Qing Shui finished his sentence, his spirit energy bore down upon the woman. But just then, the old man spoke up.

"Qing Shui, you don't have to probe any further. She is indeed my daughter, Hongluo!" The old man shook his head and stopped Qing Shui's probing with his spirit energy. The woman started sobbing right at that instant.

Qing Shui felt relieved in his heart too after knowing that this woman was indeed Mo Hongluo. Things would be easier if he had found the woman. Tears were cascading down the woman's cheeks like small streams right now. Qing Shui was surprised by how much tears a woman could hold.

"Qing Shui, has Liu-Li been well?" Mo Hongluo asked Qing Shui while quivering.

"Liu-Li has been very well. The family that you had given Liu-Li to treated her as their own daughter. They didn't have any children either, only Liu-Li alone and she is like the pearl on their palms." Qing Shui told the woman with a smile.

"And you are Liu-Li's husband?" Mo Hongluo looked at Qing Shui with her reddened eyes.

"Yes. We already have an adorable daughter of our own." Qing Shui had a blissful look on his face when he was talking about Qing Yu too.

When the woman saw Qing Shui's expression, she felt warm in her heart too. After all, she was a woman and she knew what was most important to a woman. So when she saw the look on Qing Shui's face when he talked about Liu-Li's daughter, she calmed down a little too. However, the eagerness of wanting to see her daughter in her heart grew more intense. So much that she felt ill at ease. She wished to see her daughter right away.

Back then, she had no choice but to give the little lass away to someone else. The grief she felt in her heart was still as fresh as yesterday. She had been trying her best to not think about her all these years. But now that she had caught wind of her daughter, she was suddenly losing her control.

The old man stayed silent at one side. He hadn't spoken a word ever since he revealed that the woman was indeed Mo Hongluo. He had a very conflicted look on his face. He was the head of Demon Gate, but he believed that he was a good father. He would accept whoever his daughter loved, even if she was really going to marry someone from the Buddha Sect. He wouldn't mind as long as his daughter was happy.

However, his daughter really loved someone from the Buddha Sect. There was no way the Buddha Sect would approve of this, even if he was going to try his best to make it happen. So he could only bear the pain and reluctantly ground his daughter at home.

The Demon Gate's impression on the others was slightly more negative, or perhaps it was better to say that the Buddha Sect had a better impression on the others. In the World of the Nine Continents, the powerful figures were honored as the leader of a region. There was nothing such as good or bad. However, the Buddha Sect was still very influential. There was no way they would relate themselves with a sect like the Demon Gate through marriage. After all, the Buddha Sect's reputation exceeded the Demon Gate by far on the surface.

The old man couldn't do anything in this situation either, so he could only let his daughter suffer. Qing Shui glanced at the old man then at the woman. He felt that this woman had suffered a lot. She was experiencing the same thing that his own mother did back then.

"Daddy, I wish to see the lass." Mo Hongluo looked at the old man apprehensively after a long while.

Mo Hongluo had considered escaping with Huoyun Peng, but that was more than 30 years ago. They were now aware of the wide gap that existed between them. Unless one of them could rise above the two powerful existences, the situation would remain hopeless.

Qing Shui actually wasn't confident in coming here. That was because even the deepest affection couldn't withstand the ordeal of time. It might be lost in history. Not only that, they had also left Huoyun Liu-Li behind.

Qing Shui wasn't certain if both Huoyun Peng and Mo Hongluo had been wedded. From the look of things right now, it seemed like Mo Hongluo hadn't. It was just Qing Shui's hunch. He wasn't entirely sure. However, her yearning towards her daughter right at this moment was real.

"Qing Shui, it has been more than 30 years. I didn't know Hongluo have a daughter out there. To be honest, I have also been wishing for Hongluo to be able to find a man that she loves to marry all these years and forget about the past. After all, it's hopeless between her and Huoyun Peng. But then again this lass would rather stay alone until old age and refuse to marry anyone." The old man sighed at Qing Shui while looking at his apprehensive daughter.

When Qing Shui thought about how Mo Hongluo had never married anyone else and had persevered more than 30 years, he wasn't sure if her perseverance was for Liu-Li's sake or for Huoyun Peng's sake. Regardless of who it was, Qing Shui was very impressed.

"Aunt, your emotions, and perseverance have greatly moved me. Do you have any wish?" Qing Shui asked Mo Hongluo earnestly.

"I miss my daughter very much and also him. I really wish that all of us can be together. I'd be content even if it's only for a day." Mo Hongluo sighed. But she smiled wryly and shook her head as soon as she finished speaking.

The old man let out a sigh once again. "Qing Shui. Although I don't see myself as a good or kind person, I love my children and family dearly. I have my own friends too and I empathize with them too. Demon Gate isn't any inferior to those sects with a good reputation and we don't commit as many sins as they do, at least during the time when Demon Gate's clan was the senior I knew. But I know that the chances of this lass' wish coming true are zero. No matter how much the Buddha Sect emphasized on benevolence, I know that Huoyun old fellow's heart is harder than mine, at least when it comes to dealing with his children. Perhaps that's because he has many children or because he doesn't have the freedom to act as how he wants to."

Qing Shui understood what the old man was trying to convey. He was saying that it was futile, even if Demon Gate gave their blessing to his daughter and Huoyun Peng. So Qing Shui now knew that the greatest stopping force wasn’t Demon Gate, but rather the Buddha Sect.

This was a great surprise to him. But this was a good thing too, as he had saved quite a lot of troubles. Things would be easier if Demon Gate could help him when the time had come.

"Aunt, Liu-Li is my wife. I will fulfill your wish. I am going to fulfill any wishes you have." Qing Shui stated firmly at Mo Hongluo.

"Qing Shui, do not be hasty. The Buddha Sect isn't as simple as you think. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let Hongluo end up in such situation. It isn't easy for me to see her going through this as a father either." The old man didn't want Qing Shui to rekindle the heart of his daughter that had finally dulled with much difficulty, because if he couldn't do this it would only add up to his daughter's pain.

After Mo Hongluo heard her father's words, her face that was scarlet in excitement cooled down. She gave Qing Shui an agonized smile. "Thank you, Qing Shui. I wish for you to treat Liu-Li well. It has been so many years, I have already grown used to this."

"Aunt, how about I bring Liu-Li to visit you next time?" Qing Shui offered with a smile.

"Really? Where is Liu-Li now?" Mo Hongluo looked at Qing Shui in surprise and anticipation.

“If you were to depart now, you'll be able to meet Liu-Li in half a day." Qing Shui smiled.

"She has come to the Central Continent too?" Mo Hongluo was so worked up that her body trembled in excitement.

Qing Shui nodded his head while smiling.

Mo Hongluo turned around to look at the old man. "Daddy, can I go see her? It has been so many years. I really miss her. Very, very much. I have failed her back then and made her suffer."

"I will return as soon as I see Liu-Li. Don't worry Daddy, your daughter is a grown-up. I know how difficult this is for Daddy too and know what I should do. It's been so many years, do you still worry about your daughter?" Mo Hongluo looked at the old man with tears streaming down her face.

The corners of the old man's eyes were a little moist too. He nodded and looked at Qing Shui. "Qing Shui, this is a reminder from me. Liu-Li will be in danger if the Buddha Sect discovered her identity. Do you understand that? They won't allow Liu-Li to live."

Qing Shui was startled. The Qi aura in his entire body suddenly surged. "No one is allowed to harm Liu-Li. Not even the Buddha Sect. If they dared to do anything, I shall personally exterminate the Buddha Sect with my own hands."

Qing Shui's tone of voice was very calm. The Qi aura in his body was fleeting, yet it stunned the old man. Just what was his strength? It was so powerful that it was sinister. Even Zitong, the number one expert among the younger generation of Demon Gate, was nothing compared to him. The strength that he exuded after injuring the two elders had shocked him. But the aura that Qing Shui had exuded this time was terrifying, even for him.

Mo Hongluo was also stunned, but a happy smile appeared on her face.

"Aunt, I'm going to bring Liu-Li here tomorrow!" Qing Shui told Mo Hongluo with a smile.

"I'm going there today. I can't wait any longer." Mo Hongluo believed Qing Shui the moment he mentioned Huoyun Liu-Li's name. That was because this was the name that she had named her daughter with Huoyun Peng together.

"Go then!"

The old man told Mo Hongluo with a smile when he saw the anticipation in her.

"Qing Shui, please wait for a moment while I prepare!"


Mo Hongluo left quickly, leaving Qing Shui and the old man behind. Qing Shui paused for a moment before speaking. "Old man, are there many people from your Demon Gate in the other four continents?"

The old man lifted his head up to look at Qing Shui. "Not many. The ones in the other four continents didn't amount to much, but they are not willing to return either." He replied slowly after a moment had passed.

"What about the Buddha Sect? How are they in the other four continents?" Qing Shui continued asking in great interest.

"It's the same for them too. The Buddha Sect is about the same as Demon Gate. Otherwise, such situations where one couldn't do anything about the other wouldn't happen in the first place. The waters of the other four continents are profound. Qing Shui, the strength of Buddha Sect among the five continents must not be underestimated. Do not be reckless." The old man seemed to have seen through Qing Shui's intention.

"I understand, Old Man. I wish to know the strength that can be exhibited by the most powerful person in the Buddha Sect of the five continents." Qing Shui inquired after hesitating for a moment.

When the old man heard Qing Shui's question, he looked at Qing Shui pensively and shook his head. "To be honest, I am not too sure either. Many years ago, the strongest from the Buddha Sect could unleash the strength of 8,000 stars. I'm not too sure about now."

So it was 8,000 stars of strength back in many years ago. He wondered if that person had gone to the other four continents or was still around in the five continents. However, Qing Shui wasn't too worried about this 8,000 stars of strength. It would be exceptionally difficult for a cultivator with 8,000 stars to remain here and improve. There must've been some reasons if there was anyone with the strength of 8,000 stars who still stayed in the five continents. Perhaps it was because their strength could no longer be improved, or because they had commitments here. Otherwise, they would have definitely gone to the other four continents.

Just then, Mo Hongluo came out. She had changed her clothes. "Daddy, then I shall leave with Qing Shui now." She informed the old man with a smile.

The old man nodded his head. "Be safe on your journey!"

"Don't worry, Old Man. Liu-Li and I shall visit you again later." Qing Shui said with a smile.

"Sure. You better remember your own words." The old man laughed happily.


Qing Shui rode on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and made their way towards Fair Wind City. He didn't expect things to go this smoothly this time. Not only did he settle the matter with Demon Gate, they were also willing to lend him a hand when necessary. However, he had decided to rely on himself in the end. He couldn't rely on anyone else on this matter. Otherwise, Mo Hongluo wouldn't have been in such pain.

Mo Hongluo stared at the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant then turned around to look at Qing Shui. She was also a cultivator, a quite decent one too. She was a Peak Martial Saint. In a sect like Demon Gate and as the daughter of Demon Gate's head, her strength was only considered as normal and nothing too special.

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AST 1021 –Mother And Daughter Reunited, Emotional Entanglement of 36 Years

Qing Shui rode on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and hurried towards Fair Wind City.

He was thinking about the Old Man's words from earlier. If the Buddha Sect caught wind of Huoyun Liu-Li's existence, they would definitely not allow Liu-Li to stay alive in this world. Qing Shui felt his rage burning at the thought of it. If the Buddha Sect really dared to make any move on Liu-Li, he wouldn't go easy on them.

Qing Shui planned to reveal about Huoyun Liu-Li when he goes to the Buddha Sect. But the Old Man words made him a little hesitant. However, Qing Shui decided to go to the Buddha Sect and meet Huoyun Peng at a later time. He wanted to see if it there was anything the Huoyun Clan could do.

"Qing Shui!"

Just when Qing Shui was deep in his thoughts, Mo Hongluo called out to him softly.

Qing Shui was startled. "What is it, Aunt?"

It didn't take him too long to figure out the situation when he saw Mo Hongluo who appeared to be slightly nervous. Even so, he still asked the question with a smile. She must be either excited or nervous because she was going to meet Liu-Li soon.

"Does Liu-Li know about us?" Mo Hongluo asked nervously. If Liu-Li didn't know about her, would it be better if she stayed clueless forever? It wasn't too bad for things to stay as it is. She was actually content just by knowing that Huoyun Liu-Li had been living well.

"Aunt, Liu-Li knew of your existence ever since she was young. Her foster parents had already told her when she was little. Her name remains as Huoyun Liu-Li too. It was thanks to them that I was able to know about your existence this quickly too." Qing Shui explained with a smile.

"Oh. Does she loathe me then?" Mo Hongluo was extremely tense when she asked this question.

"Not really. Because her foster parents have told her that both of you had done this out of desperation. Liu-Li has only known about both of you recently."

"Qing Shui, can you tell me some more things about Liu-Li? I really wish to know more." Mo Hongluo requested Qing Shui earnestly.

"Liu-Li is a kind girl…"

Qing Shui recounted his first meeting with Liu-Li until now to her. While he was slowly speaking, Mo Hongluo listened quietly at one side with a faint smile on her face.

They had arrived at Fair Wind City before they could even realize it. Qing Shui smiled as he looked towards Mo Hongluo who was acting a little overly cautious. "Aunt, don't be nervous. Liu-Li wants to meet you very much. I'm sure she will be very happy to see you."

"Qing Shui, can we land somewhere further away and go there in a carriage?"


Qing Shui knew how Mo Hongluo felt. She must have felt that she had fallen short of her daughter's expectation. Most of her thoughts had come to a standstill long ago. They dwelled on the day when Liu-Li was sent to the Huoyun Blacksmith Store.

Children that had been abandoned usually thought a lot about their parents. But of course mostly with resentment, unless their reason for doing so was because they had no alternatives.

Mo Hongluo was very excited. She was going to meet her own flesh and blood very soon, that fair skinned and jade-like baby from back then. The child that she had reluctantly given away to someone else back then. The grief and agony she felt back then remained fresh in her memory, it still felt painful even now.

They got into a beast carriage and continued on their journey to the Qing Residence in Fair Wind City. They arrived at the entrance of the Qing Residence very soon and the beast carriage left. Mo Hongluo stood at the entrance as she stared at the manor, feeling very emotional in her heart.

"Aunt, let us go in!" Qing Shui told Mo Hongluo with a smile.

"Qing Shui, is this your home?"

"Yes, I have just purchased this place. It will also be my home from now on."

Qing Shui made his way inside the Qing Residence with Mo Hongluo while they talked. This Qing Residence had no guards. Perhaps they would have some here in the future, but for now he had no plans in doing so.

The moment they entered, they saw a few children fooling around in a distance. Both Huoyun Liu-Li and Luan Luan were around.


Right at that moment, Qing Yu ran towards Qing Shui at lightning speed as soon as she saw him and hugged him. Huoyun Liu-Li also turned around to look in his direction. But she was visibly startled as soon as she laid her eyes on the beautiful woman by Qing Shui's side. She felt kind of strange.

"Lass, have you been naughty?" Qing Shui asked while smiling at her.

"Yu'er has been most obedient. Why would I be naughty?" Qing Yu giggled and blinked her big round eyes.

Mo Hongluo stared at Huoyun Liu-Li without blinking. She could tell that this girl was her own daughter at just a single glance because Liu-Li resembled her very much, especially those eyes of hers.

Huoyun Liu-Li felt the same too. All of a sudden, she seemed as if she had realized something, before she turned towards Qing Shui with a questioning look.

Qing Shui smiled at her without saying anything. Mo Hongluo slowly walked towards her. "You are Liu-Li……"

She was stuttering a little and she looked very emotional. Her eyes reddened within an instant. At the same moment, Huoyun Liu-Li was also staring at this woman blankly. By now, she had already realized this woman's identity. She just didn't expect Qing Shui to be able to bring her here this soon.

"I am Huoyun Liu-Li. Who are you?" Although Huoyun Liu-Li already knew who she was, she still asked the question.

"Daughter, you are really my daughter!" Mo Hongluo's tears immediately trickled down her face, as she stepped forward to embrace Huoyun Liu-Li tightly.

Huoyun Liu-Li was stunned. Her sudden appearance made her feel like she was in a dream. Mother, her birth mother. She felt very strange the moment she was embraced by this woman, she felt that strange connection between them.

"Liu-Li, you are my daughter. Mother has let you down……"

"Mother, I know all about it. It hasn't been easy for you too." Huoyun Liu-Li comforted her, as she looked at the woman whose eyes were already swollen. She wasn't able to hold back her own tears too.

Huoyun Liu-Li thought that she wouldn't have any feelings for her birth mother at first. If it wasn't for the fact that she knew that she was in a hopeless situation back then, she would still hate her. Even so, there was still a little hatred in her heart. If she knew that she couldn't raise her, why did she still give birth to her?

"You're willing to call me Mother? Liu-Li, I am sorry. Do you hate mother?" Mo Hongluo asked anxiously. She was looking at Huoyun Liu-Li happily, yet at the same time her heart was wrenching.

"Yes. I hate both of you for giving birth to me when you knew you couldn't raise me." Huoyun Liu-Li replied softly.

"We were planning to escape to a place where no one knew us, so that the three of us could settle down and live a normal life. But the Buddha Sect and Demon Gate wouldn't allow it and we couldn’t let them discover your existence. Hence, we had no choice but to give you away to someone. That time, my heart felt like it had been ripped apart. I still remembered how you were staring at me back then, crying and shouting. Although you were really little, you seemed like you knew that I was going to leave you. Your tiny hand grasped on my sleeve and you were unwilling to let go…"

When Huoyun Liu-Li heard the story from Mo Hongluo, she felt as if the knot in her heart was undone within an instant. She returned to the tight embrace of this woman who gave her a very strange feeling. She felt very close and dear to her, as if there was an invisible string connecting both of them together. Perhaps this was how blood connection felt like.

"Mother. I found Mother!" Huoyun Liu-Li raised her beautiful tear-stained face and said happily.

Mo Hongluo was very happy. This was her happiest day over her past 30 years. She reached out to wipe away Huoyun Liu-Li's tears, feeling very content. She was very satisfied.

"Now that I have met my daughter, I have no more regrets. I've been thinking about you for all these 36 years, but I didn't dare to see you because the Buddha Sect will definitely not let you get away if they discovered your existence."

"He wants to kill me?" Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Mo Hongluo in shock.

"Foolish lass, how would your Daddy be able to bring himself to kill you? It's the others." Mo Hongluo knew who she was referring to.

Qing Shui was watching them while holding Qing Yu in his arms. Luan Luan had already brought the other few children to the rear courtyard.

Mo Hongluo only let go of Liu-Li after a long moment. There was a contented smile on her face. She then looked at the delicate little lass in Qing Shui's arms. "Lass, you are a mother already."

Huoyun Liu-Li face was still stained with tears as she took her daughter from Qing Shui arms. A happy smile bloomed on her face when she looked at Qing Yu's face. "Yu'er, call Grandma!"

"What is Grandma?" Yu'er asked with a curious pout.

Mo Hongluo pinched her cheek and laughed very happily.

The few of them made their way towards the rear courtyard. The moment they entered, they realized that the Qing Clan and the others were all gathered there. Naturally, they didn't forget to make an introduction. Everyone had known about Huoyun Liu-Li's history, so they didn't really find it odd.

Qing Yi was happily chatting to Mo Hongluo while holding her hand.

Occasions like these were rare. The reunion of relatives. Furthermore, they had been separated since Liu-Li's birth and were only united after more than 30 years. This was heart wrenching even for the others, but they were very happy for them right now.

The happiest person in the room was still Mo Hongluo. She had never thought that this day would come, not even in her dreams. Looking at her daughter who was already all grown up into a slender and elegant woman, she was already a mother to a daughter on top of that, she was very happy and satisfied. Back then, she had actually been worried about her daughter all this time. She didn't dare to speak of her, let alone meet her.

Now that she had come here today and saw her, she was content. But she didn't know if her action would cause the Buddha Sect to find out about her. If they had really discovered something, what should she do?

She knew that the fact her daughter could stay safe and sound until now meant that Huoyun Peng didn't tell anyone about her. No one knew that Huoyun Peng and she had a daughter out there. This made her felt a little warm in her heart. He cared about his daughter very, very much.

Huoyun Liu-Li didn't ask much about Huoyun Peng. She was aware that this was a very dangerous situation. She wasn't going to let Qing Shui blindly take any risks, so she didn't want to reveal her yearning towards the matter.

Mo Hongluo naturally caught on to it. She wasn't going to say anything either because she was already planning to give up after this. Her daughter was alive and well. This was already the best ending. As for her longing towards that man, she could only bury it at the bottom of her heart and keep it buried at the bottom of her heart forever.

Qing Shui and his family gave the mother and daughter some space and went out to the big hall. Many people were looking at Qing Shui curiously, seemingly wanting to ask some questions.

"Little Bei, if you have something to say then just say it. Isn't it hard to hold yourself back?" Qing Shui asked while smiling

"Brother Shui, are you going to the Buddha Sect?" Qing Bei cautiously questioned him.

In fact, many people among the Qing Clan wanted to ask the same question. They were just holding themselves back. By now, they had also gained quite a lot of knowledge on the Buddha Sect and Demon Gate through rumors and were aware that they were formidable sects. Of course, they also knew about the story between Huoyun Peng and Mo Hongluo too, so they had been wondering what Qing Shui would do.

"Yes, I am going there. Why wouldn't I? If I wasn't going to go there, I wouldn't have come to the Central Continent." Qing Shui chuckled.

"But the Buddha Sect is a really formidable sect. Brother Shui, you are able to raise your strength very fast. Why don't you consider putting this on hold for a little longer? Otherwise, not only you won't be able to help sister-in-law, but also put yourself in grave danger." Qing Bei said with a slightly anxious tone of voice.

"Little lass, since when has your Brother Shui done anything that he isn't confident in?" Qing Shui smiled and patted on her head.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that Qing Bei had grown so tall and wasn't that little anymore. "Little Bei, you're all grown up now. Have you found any man that you fancy?" He chuckled.

"Brother Shui, are you thinking of chasing me out of the Qing Clan?" Qing Bei asked him in a pitiful voice.

Qing Shui wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. "When our Little Bei gets married in the future, our first condition to your husband is to marry and live with the bride's clan!"

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