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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1016


AST 1016 - Purchasing A Manor, Deep Waters of the Central Continent, Ming Clan

Coming to the Central Continent this time around, Qing Shui had a strange feeling. First he would set foot on the Central Continent, then find a place to purchase a manor and take it to be the home for the Qing Clan on the Central Continent in the future.

Qing Shui was not in need of money and could come and go at ease around the Five Continents with Flying Beast or Demonic Beasts. However, many people around him did not have a Flying Beast, especially some from the Qing Clan.

Yiye Jiange, Canghai Mingyue and Di Qing had one. Luan Luan could ride on the Golden Jiao King, she even had ’’Bai Bai’’ but it was a little slow in speed now.

Qing Bei's Flying Beast was even weaker. However, With their strength and their Flying Beast's strength, Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou would generally not leave the Qing Clan. Liu-Li also had the Golden Winged Thunder Condor. Hence, Qing Shui need not worry.

The most important thing now was to select a location on the Central Continent. Qing Shui had already thought of it when he came. The location could not be too far from Cold Ice City, Duanmu City or Cloud Adventurer Guild.

It could not be too far nor too near as it had to be as near to the Demon Gate as possible. Therefore, Qing Shui had set the location at Qingfeng City. He thought for a long time before settling on it.

Solving the problem of Huoyun Liu-Li is not something that could be done within half a day. This was a guess that Qing Shui made, yet he hoped that it would be solved earlier.

When selecting Qingfeng City, aside from it being a good location, it was also because of its name. There were a few cities around the area but when he heard of Qingfeng City, he decided to purchase a manor here.

With money, it was easier to handle things. Qing Shui was able to find a manor very quickly which was in the heart of Qingfeng City. Right in the front of it was one of the few famous streets of Qingfeng City with flourishing commerce. It was indeed a good location.

The manor was pretty good and was even brand new. Qing Shui did not know the reason why it had not sold yet. The one who introduced him to it was a middle-aged man the coachman took him to, when he asked to go somewhere that he could find a property agent.

The coachman brought him straight to the middle-aged man who looked about forty years old and was a Xiantian cultivator. However, he gave off a sense of culture and astuteness.

With a look, one could easily tell that he probably managed the commerce or was some person in charge. His name was Dai Ze and he handled things as an intermediary like how agents in his previous life functioned.He also functioned like an auction hall that did not conduct auctions.

After talking to Dai Ze, he then knew that the manor in the area was the property of the Ming Clan. The manor was not for sale for money. Instead, it could only be exchanged for an item of equal value.

’’Mr Qing, how is it? If you would like this and feel that you can exchange something of equal value, I can make the arrangements for you.’’ Dai Ze smiled at Qing Shui

In this area, if people wished to sell an item, they could either head to the auction hall or register at Dai Ze's. It was because Dai Ze's Dai Clan Chamber of Commerce was very popular. People who wished to purchase things would tend to come to the Dai Clan Chamber of Commerce. The seller would list out their items and their prices.

The Dai Clan Chamber of Commerce would draw a commission.

’’Mr Dai, I shall have to trouble you to help me contact the Ming Clan,’’ Qing Shui said He looked up the requirements of the price and found that it should be a Medicinal Pill, a stone, or something that could help in treating an illness or an injury. The seller had a patient and if that person could be treated, there would be other rewards aside from the manor.

This interested Qing Shui. There were various ways, but they had nothing to do with money. It seemed that the Ming Clan was not short of money. For Qing Shui to take out an item the value of the manor would be an easy task.

For the time being, Qing Shui had the Qing Clan stay at a nearby inn. However, he headed to the Ming Clan with Dai Ze, traveling on a beast carriage.

The Ming Clan was not far away and was on a street. However, this street was too wide and long, probably tens of kilometers wide. Such streets were not common in Qing Shui's previous life.. Streets over a hundred or even a few hundred meters wide could be easily seen in the Nine Continents. Along the side of the street stood manors, a Chamber of Commerce and shops. On the streets were also an unending flow of all sorts of people.

The manor of Ming Clan looked similar to the one he saw previously. However, it was more lavish here, the previous manor he saw was brand new.

There were four guards at the gate of the Ming Clan. Seeing Dai Ze, they all came up to him respectfully, ’’Mr Dai!’’

’’Is the Head of the Ming Clan around?’’

’’Yes, I will bring you to him,’’ a guard who was about thirty years old quickly replied.

The guard did not ask who Qing Shui was. It seemed that Dai Ze was very respected by the Ming Clan and he could bring anybody here.

The new manor that Qing Shui saw briefly had the same features in the courtyard as the Ming Clan manor he was seeing now. A fake mountain, a lake and a stone bridge. It only lacked a tablet at the gate as well as other decorations. Usually, those who stayed here would then decorate the place with such things.

Very quickly they reached the hall of the front courtyard. There were not many people in the Ming Clan. However, Qing Shui felt a great number of strong auras. Especially one which had reached the peak of Grade 1 Martial Emperor.

It was almost a thousand stars of strength.

Ming Clan, the strongest clan of Qingfeng City apparently had the existence of a Martial Emperor. Although Qing Shui felt that the thousand star strength Martial Emperor would be unable to withstand a single blow, that was not an issue. The Martial Emperors of the Main Continent could not be seen easily anyway.

The Central Continent was a place where the good and bad were mixed together.. It was considered the most flourishing and sophisticated of the Main Continent. There were many hidden talents here, he never expected he would meet a Martial Emperor on his first day here.

Now Qing Shui felt that the waters of the Main Continent were very deep. If he did not have the strength he had, he would not have known of the existence of the Martial Emperor at the Ming Clan. Just like how the nobody in the Ming Clan knew about the martial user with over five thousand stars strength that was in their home.

Qing Shui did not know what the feeling was. The more powerful he became, the more he felt inadequate and in danger, the more he felt that the Main Continent was very scary. Thinking about how he could overcome all the dangers back at the Central Continent with his former strength. If someone like the Martial Emperor of the Ming Clan showed up, he could easily have no hope of reprieve.

’’Ah, it's brother Dai. Come on in, take a seat inside.’’

Another middle-aged man walked over and said amiably.

’’Brother Ming, after becoming the Clan Head, we brothers have not had any time to drink,’’ Dai Ze laughed.

’’How could it be? Hmm, who is this?’’ the man asked curiously after seeing Qing Shui.

’’Oh, this is Mr Qing. He would like to buy your manor,’’ Dai ze quickly replied.

’’Oh, come. Please come in, we shall talk inside.’’ The man indicated at the hall not far away to them.

Qing Shui laughed while greeting the Headof Ming Clan and headed towards the house. He did not expect the Head of the Ming Clan would be so young. He probably had a strength over ten stars and that was considered pretty good after all Qingfeng City is not well known.

The hall was very big and spacious with expensive tables and chairs. Yet there was calligraphy on the walls, giving a luxurious feel with the scrolls.

’’Come, come. Sit, sit!’’

Very quickly, someone brought tea over.

’’Mr Qing, since you are interested in purchasing the manor, I believe that you know our criteria,’’ the man said gently, giving an amiable feeling.

Qing Shui had wanted to exchange the Medicinal Pill or other items directly. However, when he thought of living at Qingfeng City, the strength of the Ming Clan should be strong. Although it would not seem like anything to the Qing Clan now, he was still an outsider and he knew that it would be hard to deal with. Sometimes, one would not only need to look up but would also need the support of the others below.

’’Clan Head Ming, I have the Medicinal Pill, Treasured Stone, and some other items with me. However, I heard that someone in the Ming Clan is sick and coincidentally, I happen to be a physician. I consider myself to be quite competent. Clan Head Ming, please decide which would you like.. I could satisfy you anytime,’’ Qing Shui replied calmly

Hearing what Qing Shui said, Ming Chen was stunned. Seeing the younger man before him, there was nothing out of the ordinary. From the start, the young man gave a very steady feeling. There were no big changes to his mood and to be able to purchase the manor, he should be an aristocrat's son.

However, hearing that Qing Shui could treat illness, Ming Chen shook his head slightly. Too young. There were so many physicians that came claiming that they were very strong. Yet, they were unable to do anything about it and could not even treat the illness unless they found the rumored Panacea. However, the Ming Clan did not have the means of purchasing it or exchanging for it.

Just as he was about to reject the offer, Dai Ze chuckled, ’’Old Master has had so many physicians see him, why not let Mr. Qing here try. If not, we could always try other methods.’’

Ming Chen shuddered. He knew that Dai Ze's strength was not strong however he had a very strong insights. Moreover, the Dai Clan was a big clan in Qingfeng City. Perhaps this young man was exceptional

’’I would have to thank you for the trouble brother Qing,’’ Ming Chen immediately addressed him differently.

’’Hehe, no worries. I am here for the manor. Everyone has something they need. Clan Head Ming, please bring me to see the patient. I would like to move in earlier as my family is still at an inn.’’ Qing Shui stood up laughing.

The three of them then walked towards the backyard. Qing Shui heard that it was an Old Master, the Old Master of the Ming Clan and they were headed to where he sensed the strongest aura.

Could he be the expert?



Turning a bend, they walked right into a smaller courtyard. An old man was sitting leisurely at a table while drinking his tea and reading. Hearing the voice, he lifted his head.

’’Greetings, Old Master!’’

Dai Ze bowed towards the old man to greet him.

However, the old man looked at Qing Shui. His eyes shone with an extraordinary splendor however it was gone in the next moment. However, Qing Shui saw it but did not know the reason for it.

’’Litte Ze, you are here. Chen Er, this is?’’ the old man stood up slowly and asked.

’’This is Mr Qing and he is here to check on your your injury. He has strong medical expertise.’’ Ming Chen replied quickly.

Qing Shui did not think that Ming Chen would say that. Ming Chen did not know how good Qing Shui's medical expertise was. However, Qing Shui believed that he had had many physicians see him before and it was all futile. He reckoned that the old man had already rejected seeing physicians. If not, Ming Chen would not have said that.

Seeing that the two of them looked up to the old man with such adoration and respect, he looked over to the old man and could very quickly tell that the injury of the old man.

While practicing, one of the important Meridians broke and it stopped him at the peak of Grade 1 Martial Emperor.


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