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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1015


AST 1015 - Capability, Qing Residence, Arriving at the Central Continent

Before or after they arrived at Qing Residence, it was possible for the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable to make a breakthrough. Since it was a poison beast, letting it consume a Hallow Pill would help it to prepare for battle.

’’Luan Luan, we should head back soon,’’ Qing Shui told Luan Luan in the morning.

’’Ah, it's time to go back,’’ Luan Luan replied. Qing Shui could tell that she had more to say.

’’What's wrong, you can't bear to leave this place?’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’It's not that I can't bear to leave this place but it's great here. Besides, we've left for so long, it's time to go back.’’ Luan Luan looked around and replied with a smile.

’’Let's go then, I still have a couple of things to tell you on the way back.’’ Qing Shui summoned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and helped Luan Luan climb up the elephant. After that, they flew off in the direction of their home.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had a much greater flying speed than the Fire Bird. Even though there were the laws of heaven and earth, the Dark Infernal Flames would still increase the speed of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Hence, it was safe to say that besides being faster than the Fire Bird, the enormous power of the Dragon Elephant made it possible for it to move around as it pleased, like a fish in water.

Furthermore, in the Giant Beasts Mountains, traveling on the Golden Scale Dragon Elephant would save them from unnecessary trouble. Its noble bloodline would even be able to deter other beasts of similar strength.

The Golden Scale Dragon Elephant flew towards the Hundred Miles City. Qing Shui wanted to see if there was a chance to meet Wenren Wu-shuang.

’’What's the matter, dad?’’ Luan Luan looked at Qing Shui with curiosity.

While traveling on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Qing Shui explained the situation between Huoyun Liu-li and the Demon Gate. His daughter had grown up, at least she she was able to handle her own. Perhaps she would be able to assist in the difficulties and tribulations he faced.

’’Sure. Let's go, we must find aunty's parents,’’ Luan Luan said after she heard about Liu Li's past.

’’Please behave according to the situation and remember to listen. Your aunt and her child will still need to rely on your care,’’ Qing Shui said seriously after some thoughts.

’’Yes dad, please rest assured. The Dragon Devouring Mice will be present. Not only that, but I also have more mice, taking care of myself is definitely not a problem,’’ Luan Luan gleefully replied.

’’I understand but still remember to be wary. You are not aware of the might of Demon Gate and Buddha Sect. Please remember to listen and behave. Oh yes, how's your Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear?’’ Qing Shui suddenly recalled the demonic beast he had given Luan Luan.

’’It is now barely a Martial Emperor. It has thick skin and a shocking defense but its speed and attack power are still lacking. If dad did not mention it, I would have forgotten about it,’’ replied Luan Luan after thinking for awhile. The appearance of the Dragon Devouring Mice has caused her to forget some things.

’’I'll give you a Crimson Pellet, allow the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear to consume it first before taking the Hallow Pill. The Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear is bound to become more powerful in the future,’’ Qing Shui replied with a smile.

’’Yes, I relied a lot on this bear before the appearance of my Dragon Devouring Mice. The heavenly fire-armored rock bear could improve its skills swiftly. It is just that I've not used it for so long that I almost forgot about it.’’ Luan Luan happily laughed.

Qing Shui knew that the bear was huge and was very warm. The children in Qing Residence did not engage in battles. Hence, they would think the Dragon Devouring Mice were cute and fun to play with, bringing them out often. In addition, the children had obtained even more powerful beasts in the Sacred Land of Panacea, therefore, the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear had been forgotten.

This bear was really pitiful at the moment.

Luckily, it wasn't too late yet. Furthermore, this bear was still powerful, since it had occasionally consumed some spirit fruits and medicine.

After loitering around Hundred Miles City for a day, they still could not found Wenren Wu-shuang. Even though Wenren Wu-shuang had skills, Qing Shui was still worried about her.

Qing Shui and Luan Luan did not linger and instead took the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and made their way towards Heavenly Palace. They had to go back and gather more people to look for news about Wenren W-shuang, allowing her to wander alone was definitely worrisome.

Qing Shui taught Luan Luan the meditation skill, the spirit energy of a beast tamer was very important, or rather, the mental strength of mankind was important. There weren't many ways to cultivate spirit energy, you need talent, a fortuitous meeting, and perseverance. These factors could increase one's spirit energy.

The improvement of one's skills would improve their spirit energy as well. However, improving one's skills would not lead to a proportionate increase in spirit energy - there were people with great skills but weak spirit energy.

With strong spirit energy, there would be better flexibility, allowing breakthroughs in one's skills. Hence, powerful and skilled people would usually have immense spirit energy, this was the effect of the improvement of skills. Of course, this cannot be compared with people who specialized in cultivating spirit energy.

The meditation skill that Qing Shui had taught Luan Luan was relatively useful, Qing Shui's spirit energy played a great role in benefiting him. In addition, this skill was convenient to practice, it could be practiced anytime, in any posture, whether one was lying down or sitting upright. Qing Shui's great spirit energy came from his recollection of the Yin-Yang Image.

With the Arhat Rosary Beads, Qing Shui's current journey towards the Central Continent Demon Gate was not as apprehensive as before. In addition, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has recently evolved into the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and the Spirited Snake Turtle had also made a breakthrough to the second level of Area Dominance. It now has the ability to break the laws of heaven and earth by 2,000 stars.

Qing Shui's has the abilities of 570 stars, and with the Big Dipper Sword it would be increased to the abilities of 6,000 stars. When combined with the Area Dominance technique's 2,000 stars, his abilities would total up to 8,000 stars. Furthermore, if he was achieved the conditions for his attacking strength to multiply,, he would be able to achieve more than 9,000 stars.

In order to achieve such a potential in the five continents , one would require 50,000 stars. Additionally, Qing Shui still had the immense ability to weaken skills, as well as a spirit energy attack skill, together with the results that the Arhat Rosary Beads and the Spirited Snake Turtle can bring about. These were some of Qing Shui's trump cards.

He can go, there's nothing to worry about anymore.

The time taken to head back home was short and he completed the joourney within a month. However, Qing Shui has been out for about four months, Qing Long was also a few months old already.They were bound to be many asking Qing Shui how the journey was.

In order to allow his family to feel reassured, Qing Shui had already told his family everything that had to be told. However, Qing Shui had decided to leave again soon. This time, Qing Shui changed his decision, he decided to bring along Huoyun Liu-Li, Luan Luan and Qing Yu. The more times Qing Shui left, the more chances the Qing clan members would gain to go and experience the world. It was time for them to head outside and make a breakthrough.

The Golden Scaled Dragon elephant was big enough to allow many people to sit and travel on it. The Qing Clan all came and even though they won't have to be separated, he couldn't help but feel helpless.

Qing Shui had told them everything about the four continents that were not parto of the five continents, telling them about the conditions that they had to adhere to go to the other four states. It was generally impossible for his grandfather, mother and most of the Qing clan to adhere to the conditions set, hence Qing Shui predicted only a few would follow.

For his own children, although they had the required level of talents, they still needed more time. Hence, even if some of his women had the ability to achieve the conditions he had set, they would most likely still have to stay behind. This was good news to him, with them staying back, he would be more reassured.

After thinking about the issues, Qing Shui could only sigh. Besides, thinking about these things now was still a bit early. Even if there was such a day, he could still go back and meet them. Before leaving, he had to help them gain a powerful standing in these five states. He needed to do this in order to feel relieved.

At the current moment, it was still best to think about ways to settle Liu-Li's and Jiange;s issues. Yiye Jiange was the was as Lin Zhanhan they were all victims of the Lion King's Ridge.

After confirming the people who were going to embark on the journey together, the whole family went along and Cang Wuya followed as well. Fei Wuji remained in the Heavenly Palace and Elder Ge stayed back to oversee the situation. This formation was a skill that every disciple of the Heavenly Palace had to learn, as well as the Tiger Form and Nine Palace Steps.

’’Qing Shui, I'm still worried, Demon Gate and Buddha Sect are so powerful. If any of the Qing Clan gets injured, how will I be able to let have a peace of mind?’’ Huoyun Liuli said.

’’Don't worry, things are probably not as difficult as it seems. We're not going to attack them, we're just there to meet people.’’ Qing Shui had already thought about it, he would not allow Qing family to get involved. This matter had to be settled by him and his Demonic Beasts. The ideal situation would be one where they did not have to fight.

Not resorting to violence seemed impossible as Demon Gate and Buddha Sect would usually not let others influence them. If Qing Shui wanted to request to meet someone or try to resolve the issues between them, people would definitely think that he's out of his mind.

Besides, Qing Shui never had the intentions to change the relationship between them. He just wanted to help accomplish Liu-Li's dream. Anybody would want to look for their biological parents, see how they look like and understand why they chose to abandon them at that time.

Qingqing and Guo Polu were now back in the Guo Residence thanks to Qing Shui's wishes. With the Four-eared Macaque, as well as things left behind for the Guo clan, the Guo family would be able to become part of the feudal vessels in Greencloud Continent.


Central Continent!

Qing Shui and his group took two months to travel to the Central Continent alone, this time forging forwards with a high profile. Traveling by a beast in the air and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant would make anyone astonished when they saw such a view. When it moved, a strong aura would cause many people of great power in the Central Continent to feel unsettled.

Luan Luan's Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear had consumed the Hallow Pill during this period of time and had also taken the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl once. However, the origin essence soul pearl did not belong to the Berserk Dragon King, his soul pearl had already been used up.

The Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear only had abilities of 270 stars, The passive battle technique it had in the past turned into the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock, increasing its original potential by three times. Passive battle skills did not consume energy.

Thick Skin: Doubles the defense of the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear, passive battle skill, zero energy consumption.

It's previous unique aspects did not change, thus it had two powerful passive battle techniques.

Flame of the Great Earth: The Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear's powerful fire attack resulted in tripling the power of the fire attack.

Berserk: Physical attacks under the state of berserk will triple in power, the attacks will have a lacerating effect.

This way, the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear could have up to 3,000 stars in attack power. It was already very powerful and this beast had greater potential and capability when compared to other beasts at the same level.

The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable had finally evolved to become one of his greatest and most powerful poison beast after consumption of the Hallow Pill. It achieved the abilities of 250 stars.

Five Colored Poison: Increase the abilities of the physical body and potency of poison by four times. Passive battle technique, zero energy consumption.

Qing Shui felt happy watching the sable consume the Hallow Pill twice and watching its passive battle technique evolve twice. This time, the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable could once again become a fearful existence. Even if the effect of this sable could not be compared to Luan Luan's Dragon Devouring Mouse, the sable was still a fearful existence because it was also a formidable poison beast.

Five Colored Poison: Attack includes five colored toxic.

Spiritual Sensitivity: Increase speed by three times, passive attack skill, zero energy consumption.

Indeed, after consuming the second Hallow Fruit and improving his ability, Qing Shui felt that the trip to the Sacred Land of Panacea was worth it. What's most worth was mastering the Nine Continents Steps effects.

Having arrived at the Central Continent, the first stop was to head to the Demon Gate. Qing Shui felt that the Demon Gate was the start of a breakthrough and he recalled that the son of the demon still had an elder. At that time, he gave a chance to the Demon gate because of Huoyun Liu-Li.


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