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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1014


AST 1014 - Mutation, Dragon Devouring Mouse, It's Time to Head for Demon Gate

The Fire Bird's physical strength was now at 310 stars and the Five-Headed Demonic Spider was at 380 stars. The Thunderous Beast had increased the most and now its physical strength had barely reached 300 stars. The other demonic beasts had improved too, but were just relatively weaker.

In the future, he could only let them slowly improve by themselves or to let them take part in actual battles to grow stronger. Actually, demonic beasts would also be able to gradually take in Spiritual Qi to grow stronger as time passed. As long as they were demonic beasts, they would be able to grow stronger gradually and they could even rely on their blood lineage and might end up not having to cultivate much at all.

It seemed that all demonic beasts basically didn't have to cultivate. They would at most just eat spiritual herbs or battle.

Having an increase in physical strength by over 50 stars was not considered little. After cultivating his other skills, when time was almost up, he left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

It was already bright outside and Luan Luan was already up and going through her morning practice in a distance. Morning practice was very important to cultivators and cultivators in this world would all use the time in the morning to go about with their practice, since training during this period would be twice as effective and it would also be easy for one to gain breakthroughs or new comprehensions.

After breakfast, Qing Shui gave the four Origin Essence Soul Pearls to Luan Luan, saying, ’’Let them take these. It can make them a little stronger.’’

Luan Luan smiled and received them without standing on ceremony. She then called out the Spirit Deer, Mystic-Armored Ice Ox, Golden Jiao King, and the strongest Earth Devouring Mouse.

’’Father, do you think the Earth Devouring Mouse would be in any danger if it were to eat this?’’ Luan Luan asked after a slight hesitation.

Qing Shui told Luan Luan to let her Earth Devouring Mouse take one, and thus she called it out. However, she was still a little worried. These few Earth Devouring Mice had helped her a lot and even if she now had several powerful demonic beasts, she still treasured those ten little creatures a lot.

’’I feel that this little creature has extremely powerful vitality. The Earth Devouring Mice isn't an ordinary spiritual creature, so there shouldn't be any problems. Let's just see if the little creature has any confidence.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said to Luan Luan.

’’Mm!’’ Luan Luan seemed to have been enlightened and she fed three of the pills to the other three beasts before walking up to the Earth Devouring Mouse.

Qing Shui had always hated mice the most. However, it wasn't the same for the Earth Devouring Mouse. Although it had the word 'mouse' in its name, it wasn't like a mouse at all. It was more like the extremely cute squirrel from his previous life.

Luan Luan put out the Origin Essence Soul Pearl right before the Earth Devouring Mouse, making a weird sound with her mouth. Qing Shui didn't understand, but could see that the Earth Devouring Mouse was hesitating and struggling. However, in the end, it looked at the Origin Essence Soul Pearl hopefully.

’’Father, it feels that it might not be able to take it well, but can't bear to miss it. It wants to give it a try.’’ Luan Luan looked at Qing Shui and said helplessly.

’’Then just give it a go, it'll be fine!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

Right now, his spiritual sense was very strong and he could clearly sense how powerful the Earth Devouring Mouse was. Although it might be a little hard on the Earth Devouring Mouse for it to accept the Origin Essence Soul Pearl, it would definitely not be in any life-threatening situations. In the end, it would still receive great benefits.

When Luan Luan heard Qing Shui's words, she happily fed the Earth Devouring Mouse the Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

No long later, the other three demonic beasts had an increase in their strengths by over 50 stars, which was about the same as what Qing Shui had experienced. Although there weren't any major differences, the improvements to their battle techniques were on different scales, which meant that in fact, the amount of power they had gain were all different.

Very quickly, a faint violet color appeared on the Earth Devouring Mouse. Qing Shui had checked out the other three demonic beasts and didn't see any physical changes to them. The Spirit Deer had just assimilated the additional power completely. This also let Qing Shui understood that amongst all of Luan Luan's demonic beasts, the Spirit Deer was the one with the greatest room to grow.

Chi chi!

Very quickly, the Earth Devouring Mouse cried out, the violet light getting increasingly stronger. Qing Shui observed with his spiritual sense, and saw that this little creature's body was really strong.

’’Mmm, its body is starting to change.’’

Although there was strong violet light on the Earth Devouring Mouse, he could still clearly see the transformation to its body.

This was the strongest one out of all ten Earth Devouring Mice. It had only grown stronger after having taken the precious ’’Crimson Pellet’’ and other medicinal pills. This time around, it had grown a lot stronger and its head now seemed even more metallic, its forehead very round. However, right in the middle of the forehead, a violet colored spiral horn that was about a foot long grew out.

Its four claws also looked sharper now. Right now, the Earth Devouring Mouse still wasn't very big. It was only slightly bigger than a cow from Qing Shui's previous life, but the sharpness and strength of its claws were not to be undermined.

Chi chi....

The Earth Devouring Mouse's cries grew increasingly agitated and Luan Luan looked at it with unease. She occasionally glanced at Qing Shui, who appeared to be very calm. After about 15 minutes, the Earth Devouring Mouse gradually quietened down.

Luan Luan knew that it was alright now. The violet light also gradually dissipated. When Qing Shui and Luan Luan saw the Earth Devouring Mouse, they were both astonished.

It was because the Earth Devouring Mouse had completely changed in appearance. It now had a violet colored scale armor which couldn't be seen earlier due to the presence of the violet light. However, they could now see it clearly. Its upper body looked like a violet colored lion with a scale armor, but its four limbs were very short yet extremely thick and sharp. The scale armor on its entire body made it appear very magnificent.

Right now, it looked like a small diamond beast. When Qing Shui saw the current Earth Devouring Mouse, he smiled, ’’Luan Luan, you're really lucky. It has gone through a mutation.’’

’’Mmm, to think that it actually became a Dragon Devouring Mouse.’’

Luan Luan found it unbelievable as well, and her expression reflected huge surprise. The Chance of such a situation occurring was very low and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had only gone through a mutation previously because it had dragon's blood in it and thus it wasn't strange.

It was a bit dangerous for one without dragon's lineage to use the Berserk Dragon's Origin Essence Soul Pearl. Of course, it could also cause dragon's lineage to appear in one's body, but the chance of that occurring was extremely low. The success rate was even slimmer.

Some mouse-typed beasts in the world of the nine continents had dragon's lineage. For example, the Fire Dragon Mouse and the Heavenly Dragon Mouse. However, these were only rumors.

Therefore, he had to say that Luan Luan was truly lucky. Another thing was that the Earth Devouring Mice's spiritual type was also very powerful. To think that it could successfully undergo mutation with a dragon's lineage.

This time around, the mutation caused the Earth Devouring Mouse, or rather, the Dragon Devouring Mouse, to have its physical strength increased to 200 stars. Qing Shui was astonished at how powerful it had become with the mutation and looked at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique in great interest.

Dragon Bloodforce: Increases physical strength by four times, passive battle technique, zero depletion.

Powerful, as expected of one of the dragon's lineage. Its soaring growth made even Qing Shui jealous and this was even before it had used a Hallow Pill.

Incisive: The Dragon Devouring Mouse's incisive attack. Its powerful teeth and claws could easily breakthrough existences which were many times more powerful than itself, its attacking prowess increased by multiple folds.

It had inherited the incisiveness of the Earth Devouring Mouse. Just this ability alone was extremely powerful, and it could let the attacking prowess be increased.

Rapid Shadows: When performed, it increases speed by three folds, and attacking prowess when attacking under high speed is increased.

When Qing Shui saw this, he gasped. Its speed was amazingly fast to begin with, and if it were to perform Rapid Shadows, and with speed being a strong factor of power...

Penetration: Attacks hold powerful penetration force, attacking prowess increases.

Laceration: Attacks hold powerful lacerating force, attacking prowess increases.

Violet Armor and Violet Horn: Strong physical defense, horn extremely sharp.

Mouse King Commandment: Can command all mouse-typed demonic beasts to listen to its command.

What Qing Shui had read up until now made him feel that this Dragon Devouring Mouse was simply an assassin and was extremely terrifying. Whoever was to have it as their opponent would have a terrible headache. It could only perform simple physical attacks, but the prowess of its physical attacks could be increased by up to four folds. This should be in order to make up for the fact that it could only perform simple physical attacks. Qing Shui felt that it was very terrifying, and at the same time, was very sure of the Dragon Devouring Mouse's lineage.

Moreover, it could command other mouse-typed demonic beasts in battles. Luan Luan could make use of the Dragon Devouring Mouse to form up a team of mouse-typed demonic beasts. It would definitely be a very terrifying sight.

Qing Shui was also very happy and let Luan Luan fed it a Hallow Pill.

Qing Shui had given her quite a number of Hallow Pills, and Luan Luan fed it excitedly. Two Hallow Pills immediately let the Dragon Devouring Mouse's power explosively escalated to 400 stars.

Most importantly, the second time it took the Hallow Pill, the Dragon Bloodforce changed to increase physical strength by five folds, passive battle technique, zero depletion.

Right now, the Dragon Devouring Mouse's power was very terrifying and under the effect of the Dragon Bloodforce, its strength increased to 2,400 stars. The other battle techniques allowed the prowess of its physical attacks to be increased by four folds, allowing the Dragon Devouring Mouse's power to reach 12,000 stars.

Qing Shui's original intention was to let Luan Luan have another Martial Emperor demonic beast, and the Martial Emperor level Earth Devouring Mouse was very powerful. However, he hadn't expected it to mutate into a Dragon Devouring Mouse with its escalating powers to be extremely astonishing. However, under the world's rules, it would only be able to unleash a power of 6,700 stars.

Everyone in the five continents were restricted by the world's rules, and thus right now, the Dragon Devouring Mouse was one of the existences at the peak of the five continents. It wouldn't lose out even when compared to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

’’Luan Luan, are you happy?’’ Qing Shui smiled and watched as Luan Luan stroke the Dragon Devouring Mouse with smiles on her face.

’’Happy, I'm very happy. Father, it can now help you to fight in battles.’’ Luan Luan said excitedly.

Qing Shui smiled and pet Luan Luan on the head. He knew that this daughter had always wanted to help him in his fights.

Luan Luan had always been putting in great effort in her cultivation, only to realize that each time Qing Shui was in battles, she could only watch from the sides. Right now, as a Martial Emperor, she knew that her Dragon Devouring Mouse could be used in battles.

What followed was for them to constantly gain battle experience in the Giant Beasts Mountains. Qing Shui would also refine demons or collect demonic beasts' materials and medicinal herbs. They explored many caves and such as well, but didn't come across any other good items.


In the blink of an eye, two months passed. Both Qing Shui and Luan Luan had gone through tremendous changes and their demonic beasts had become much stronger than before. As for the other Earth Devouring Mice, they won't be able to power up within such a short period of time.

However, Qing Shui's Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable had surprisingly become stronger. This was something which had happened ten days ago. The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable swallowed the Core of a Black Flames Poisonous Armored Beast. As a result, it powered up tremendously and its physical strength increased to become 18 stars.

Five Colored Poison Passive: Increases physical strength and venomous nature by two times, passive battle technique, zero depletion.

Five Colored Poison: Venomous Five Colored Poison would be released together during attacks.

Agile: Increases speed by two times, passive battle technique, zero depletion.

To think that it had two passive battle techniques. Seemed like there was plenty of room for future grown.

Qing Shui was surprised. This was also an unexpected stroke of luck. In the past, the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable had been Qing Shui's trump card and when he went to the Southern Viewing Continent, it was the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable which had given him great confidence. Later on, the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable ended up not being able to provide him with support in battles, but to think that it can now join him in his fights again. He looked forward to seeing his poison beast in action.

The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable wasn't that strong yet since it couldn't use the Hallow Pill. It had just taken a demonic beast's Core and thus couldn't use the Origin Essence Soul Pearl either. Moreover, there wasn't much time left. Qing Shui decided to head back. It was time for them to head for Demon Gate.


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