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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1013


AST 1013 - Decomposing the Origin Essence Soul Pearl, Second Tier of Area Dominance

However, Qing Shui was still worried. The Arhat Rosary Beads was a Sacred Object of Heaven and Earth that could ignore any spiritual pressure. Regardless of what other people carried, it was a Sacred Object that could ignore the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth.

He quickly shook his head. Qing Shui knew that even on the other four continents Sacred Objects were rare. Moreover, Sacred Objects were also classified into good and bad ones. The Sacred Objects of Heaven and Earth were also above average when compared to normal Sacred Objects.

Among more than a hundred million, there would be one person with a Sacred Object and in ten million people, perhaps there would not even be one who was seen with a Sacred Object of Heaven and Earth. Sacred Objects of Heaven and Earth were the finest among all Sacred Objects.

As a Sacred Object that could speed up the process of cultivating, the Holy Bracelet was very precious. Although, it belonged to the lowest tier of Sacred Objects, a thing like this was rare and scarce.

Nobody would reveal anything about Sacred Objects. Even the use of the Sacred Objects were unknown. Thus, Qing Shui's fear of others owning a Sacred Object that could ignore the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth was completely groundless. The Main Continent might have objects that ignored the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth. However, Qing Shui was certain that it was rare for it to have effects comparable to Area Dominance.

Otherwise, it would not exist on the five continents that was had a strength cap of 5,000 stars. Few people have managed to cultivate to 5,000 stars, the existence of Sacred Objects should be even fewer.

The effects of the Arhat Rosary Beads targeted spirit energy. Ignoring the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth was equivalent to ignoring the pressure from spirit energy attacks. While Qing Shui used the Big Dipper Sword and the Violet Star Thunder God, his strength remained unchanged, but he was still under the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, Qing Shui's current trump cards were the Primordial Flame Ball and Primordial Flame Whip. The power of Buddha's True Eyes had increased significantly. Despite its low realm, it could still be put to great use.

Since time was up and the sun was already half set in the west, Qing Shui smiled and said to Luan Luan, ’’We shall stop today, and get something to eat.’’

’’Great!’’ Luan Luan happily replied.

The meal was quickly prepared. For safety purposes, Qing Shui set up a Spirit Sealing Formation to prevent the fragrance from dispersing. He did this to not attract strong demonic beasts. This made Qing Shui realize that the Spirit Sealing Minor Formation was of some use.

He looked at his daughter who had already matured into adulthood. Luan Luan's remaining lifespan was short. It was less than half of her natural born lifespan.

However, according to the legends, Luan Luan's lifespan could be considered high when compared to other individuals who possessed the Heart of Seven Orifices.

Qing Shui would work harder. In the future, there would be chances to increase her lifespan.

’’Father, when are you going to marry Mother?’’ Luan Luan asked with a laugh while she ate.

’’Naughty girl, you have asked so many times already, you really do want to know?’’ Qing Shui shook his head.

’’Tell me. I know that Mother is not very happy now. Perhaps if Father married Mother, it would be different.’’ Luan Luan chuckled.

’’I am preparing the betrothal gift for your Mother,’’ Qing Shui said softly after a while.

’’By taking down Lion King's Ridge?’’ Luan Luan was astonished.

’’Alright eat your food. I know that I cannot hide this from you, so practice well and I will bring you along. If not, you will have to stay at home.’’

’’Hehe, I know. I will come along with Father when the time comes.’’


Within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui spent some time looking at the Arhat Rosary Beads. Feeling the beads, he was uncertain what material it was made from. It did not look like metal or stone, yet it was also different from wood......

The weight of the beads was not considered light, but it was tough. A Sacred Object of Heaven and Earth was considered a precious treasure. To be able to obtain anything within the Sacred Object class on the Nine Continents would usually result in many grand achievements in the future.

This Arhat Rosary Beads did not require any smelting since it could not get upgraded. The effects were fixed as well, but Qing Shui was satisfied. In the future, his spirit energy would increase by a lot. With the Arhat Rosary Beads, using spirit energy attacks on the five continents would not be subjected to the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth. For example, Primordial Flame type attacks were considered spirit energy attacks.

After cultivating for a bit, Qing Shui regained his peak state and started to decompose the remaining Berserk Dragon's Origin Essence Soul Pearl. The Berserk Dragon, which had the size of a small mountain, had originally decomposed into two Origin Essence Soul Pearls and a Crystal Berserk Dragon Card.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant had already evolved into Dragon Elephant through the use of one of the Soul Pearls. When the Arhat Rosary Beads were previously obtained, he had already used up the crystal card. The only thing that remained was the last Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

The process to decompose was more complicated than the process of refinement. This led Qing Shui to feel a bit hopeless. If he failed, it would then disappear. Even if he succeeded, he would lose half of the Essence's energy. It would be bad if he could only decompose it into one pellet;ideally he would be able to decompose as many as possible.

After his preparations, Qing Shui devoted all of his focus into it. His purpose for coming to the Giant Beasts Mountains this time had been accomplished. This trip had already exceeded his expectations because of the appearance of the Sacred Object of Heaven and Earth class Arhat Rosary Beads. He felt relaxed because he had originally planned to increase the strength of his demonic beasts and himself. Qing Shui hoped that the Spirited Snake Turtle's Area Dominance would increase a level. However, with the Arhat Rosary Beads now, it was not as urgent anymore. However, he knew that it was important for the Spirited Snake Turtle's Area Dominance to increase by a level.

As time passed by, only the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron sounded loudly. Qing Shui closed his eyes and controlled the Primordial Flames in his hands. Thanks to the Arhat Rosary Beads, he felt he had an ample amount of spirit energy. The Primordial Flames were too strong, but it now depleted at a slower rate and would also recover quicker.

This was the first time Qing Shui broke down the Origin Essence Soul Pearl of a demonic beast. However, he was confident since the Arhat Rosary Bead strengthened his spiritual sense by onefold. Hence, decomposing it felt effortless but it required more time.


This time, it produced a sharp and clear sound. Qing Shui happily stopped what he was doing, as his spiritual sense could tell that it had decomposed it into eight pieces. The remaining half of the energy within the original Berserk Dragon Origin Essence Soul Pearl was now evenly distributed into the eight pieces.

Opening up the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron, Qing Shui could see that the eight Origin Essence Soul Pearls were much more faded and had halved in size. He hurriedly retrieve porcelain bottles to store seven pieces.

A piece for each porcelain bottle!

As for the final piece, Qing Shui felt the fluctuation of its energy on its surface. The Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl had about 4,000 stars in strength, but the Berserk Dragon's was better. Even if it increased the same amount of strength, the quality was different. It could accelerate the growth of the demonic beasts and could even make the bloodline superior.

Qing Shui summoned the Spirited Snake Turtle. This demonic beast was still a Spiritual Beast. Now that the energy in the Origin Essence Soul Pearl had been reduced to about 10%, he could test the reaction of the Spirited Snake Turtle.

Using telepathic communication, he found out that it could be used.

The formidability of the Hallow Pill was due to the fact that there was no adaptation period. There was not much of a grace period after consuming the Hallow Pill. Other pills could be consumed after consuming the Hallow Pill, it did not contain any drug resistance.

The Berserk Dragon's Origin Essence Soul Pearl was like an elixir for demonic beasts that posses the Dragon Bloodline. Thus, Diamond Gigantic Elephant's breakthrough, was like receiving the blessing of destiny. For Qing Shui and other demonic beasts that did not carry the Dragon Bloodline, the Hallow Pill was far superior. The Hallow Fruit could be refined into 99 Hallow Pills and if the Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent consumed the Hallow Fruit, how much strength could it gain?

10,000 stars ......

Since he possessed the Nine Continents Boots and the Nine Continents Steps, and the Hallow Fruit ended up in his possession. This made Qing Shui feel good. However, the Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent would be furious.

The Spirited Snake Turtle now was a Martial Emperor demonic beast. The Berserk Dragon's Origin Essence Soul Pearl was formidable, but only two was ever refined. This Demonic Beast Origin Essence Pearl was only a tenth of one piece. Moreover, the Spirited Snake Turtle said in its telepathic communication that it could be used in tempering.

Still, the Spirited Snake Turtle was a strong demonic beast in terms of the vitality of its spirit. This time, he was not too worried, but he quietly waited for the Spirited Snake Turtle to transform.

Very quickly, an oppressive aura emitted causing Qing Shui to be surprised. The aura was strong and the turtle's figure had changed a little. Qing Shui had felt that the Spirited Snake Turtle was a combination of a snake and a turtle. Its head and tail were that of a snake and its body was that of a turtle's. Its current form was just about the same, but the snake head had become sinister. It was more sinister than a python. Its eyes were bone-chilling and its body scattered a dreary killer aura. The most eye catching part of it all was its tail. It was thick and strong and it was covered in small scales.

The scale on its tail was not as big as the scales on the Dragon Elephant. From the look of it, it was not as strong and the size of theirs tails differed by a whole lot.

Qing Shui looked at the head of the sinister Spirited Snake Turtle which led him to think of a legend in the World of the Nine Continents. There were rumors that a Dragon Turtle existed in the deep sea that was not inferior to the Sea Dragon. However, according to the historical records, Qing Shui had not heard of anyone who had seen it with their own eyes. Looking at his own demonic beasts, he already had them all. The Dragon Turtle of the Nine Continents was nothing to be surprised about. Be it a Dragon Turtle, Sea Dragon, Sea Jiao or a Sea Python. It was just a strong demonic beast. It was made into a legend because it was too formidable. It was just like how a few strong people would be worshiped by many.

That moment, Qing Shui felt an odd feeling from the transformation of the Spirited Snake Turtle, he could not help but rush to check up on the Spirited Snake Turtle. He could already feel that the Spirited Snake Turtle's strength had increased by 50 stars and was almost saturated. In a short period of time, it would be difficult for it to increase its strength again.

The strength of the Spirited Snake Turtle was now about 440 stars and it formerly had 340 stars.

Spirited Snake Movement: The ability to increase the overall power of the Spirited Snake Turtle by fourfold.

It increased a little, not bad. It seemed that the Spirited Snake Turtle was naturally strong.

Turtle Spiritual Armor: All of its defense increases by a fold, passive skill, zero consumption!

Now there was another skill. It was even a strong defensive skill. Qing Shui felt that the Spirited Snake Turtle was favored by nature. Sadly, it moved slowly and its speed was not great.

Area Dominance: Second tier, within a kilometer, it negates the Spiritual Pressure of Heaven and Earth, atmospheric pressure, deterrence, seal, toxic venom would be negated ......the effect was directly related to the master's strength.

’’Haha, it is finally at its second tier.’’

All of a sudden, Qing Shui felt that the Area Dominance was related to the strength of the Spirited Snake Turtle. At 1,000 stars, the first tier of Area Dominance was unlocked. Now, with 2,000 stars, the second tier of Area Dominance was unlocked. However, the strength of the Spirited Snake Turtle increased slowly, this could be due to the longevity of the turtle species.

That feeling previously was most likely due to the power up of Area Dominance, or maybe it was caused by something else. Regardless, Qing Shui was satisfied and gave the Fire Bird, Thunderous Beast, and Five-Headed Demonic Spider each one pellet.

As for the remaining four pieces, he kept them aside for Luan Luan.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant would not need it. The strength of the Fire Bird and the Five-Headed Demonic Spider had increased its strength by 50 to 70 stars. Generally, they could not consume the Origin Essence Soul Pearl for a period of time.


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