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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1010


AST 1010 - Demon Refining, The Diamond Gigantic Elephant That Consumed The Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl

Qing Shui had already taken away the Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb because the poison infused in the web was ineffective against the Berserk Dragon in front of him. Fortunately, the Berserk Dragon was already dying as it continued to struggle desperately from the grasp of death. However, Qing Shui was quite distressed. He was in dismay whether he should use this Berserk Dragon for demon refining or as materials for forging weapons and armors.

The Berserk Dragon was huge and every part of its body was essentially a treasure to him. This was especially tempting to Qing Shui, particularly the skin of the beast. The skin was considered the best material to be used for forging battle armors, battle skirts, or any sort of plated armors.

Speaking of the skin, he was reminded instantly of the Golden-Back Giant Crocodile Emperor's skin. The crocodile's skin had been used to forge his battle armor, which would allow him to gain some great defense once equipped but because of the world's regulation, the effect produced was lessen to a diminutive amount. Even though others would benefit more if they wore it, it would be because they hadn't reached the point where their powers would be limited by the world's regulation. After he pondered for awhile, he decided to abandon the idea of turning it into materials altogether.

Primordial Demon Refining Furnace!

’’Luan Luan, try laying out a formation around the area.’’ Qing Shui went to stand beside Luan Luan and said with a smile.

In the past few days, Luan Luan's knowledge on formations had increased dramatically under the guidance of Qing Shui. Her memory and comprehension of the Heart of Seven Orifices were exceptional as well. Even so, she was still a bit inexperienced, so she must continue to grind her skills with constant diligence.

Qing Shui allowed the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace to grow larger while he continuously infused his Qi into the furnace. In the previous battle, he had gained a bit of proficiency in using the Primordial Flame Whip and Primordial Flame Drill that he had invented recently.

In the case when he had used the Primordial Flame Whip against the Berserk Dragon, he could only force a series of furious cries from the dragon without inflicting any sort of heavy damage on its body. The Primordial Flame Drill was more effective, which had successfully caused the dragon to roar in a more intense and furious cry.

Despite the slight effectiveness, the Primordial Flame Drill could not even break the defense of the Berserk Dragon. However, the Yin Flame within the Primordial Flames was able to burn the soul of the dragon but only for a while as the Berserk Dragon became more enraged and violent.

From that, Qing Shui learnt that he still need to strengthen the powers of his Primordial Flames. He could sense that the flames were at the level where its potential power was starting to be restrained by the regulations of the world.

The Heart of Roc had reached the large success stage, which was still a long way before it could reach the great perfection stage. Qing Shui was confident nevertheless, his spiritual energy was still extremely powerful compared to the other powerful beast tamers or alchemists.

The cultivation of one's spiritual energy was always considered as the most difficult aspect of a cultivation path. He had a feeling that his current spiritual energy was at the same level as the woman in the crystal coffin when he first met her, or even perhaps a bit higher than his. Of course, he also knew that her spiritual energy had been limited by the regulations of the world, just as his.

What kind of power did she possessed? However, Qing Shui became shocked all of the sudden. His thoughts were interrupted when he saw what had happened to the furnace in front of him.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace had already grown so big that it was able to cover the Berserk Dragon completely. The giant furnace subsequently emitted an ancient halo, which prompted Qing Shui to focus his mind on the furnace completely.

High-level Focused Concentration!


The Berserk Dragon had struggled for a while before it became completely motionless. The giant furnace then slowly shrunk down as it subsequently exposed the barren ground, making the whole area seemed bigger.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace became distinct but progressively smaller. Qing Shui's Primordial Flames burned with the highest intensity, shrinking the furnace by half of its size slowly, each process took about 15 minutes before it shrank to another half of its size. However, after four hours, the furnace was finally shrunk to the size of about two meters.

The whole shrinking process became slower but Qing Shui felt that the pressure became more intense. He used his spiritual sense to envelop the whole furnace as this was the first time he tried to refine a powerful demonic beast like this one.

The range of the Primordial Flames was inconsistent as Qing Shui continuously heated the one-meter wide furnace from a different position with fluctuating vigor. This process consisted of refining the corpse of the demonic beast completely before coagulating the essence of the demonic beast into a pearl, which was also known as the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

It was easier said than done. Refining the corpse was already a strenuous feat, not to mention the coagulation of the essence into pearls. Moreover, the coagulation of pearls or crystal cards would have to depend on a certain amount of chance. In most cases, if the essence wasn't enough to form a pearl, it would be turn into a crystal card immediately.

Qing Shui was looking forward to producing an Origin Essence Soul Pearl as the crystal cards could only be used once. Even though the crystal cards were useful, he currently needed the Origin Essence Soul Pearl more, especially the Origin Essence Soul Pearl acquired from such a level of demonic beast.

Time passed by slowly and there was already an abundance of sweat that rolled down from his forehead. He took a time to consume a Vital Essence Pill quickly and continued to refine the demon beast in the furnace.


A dull sound rang out, almost similar to the sound of a bell. The sound was dull yet muffled, seemingly coming from a distant area. It felt great to hear a sound like that because Qing Shui knew that the demon refining process was completed and successful. He stopped happily, despite not knowing what he would get from refining the Berserk Dragon.

He was filled with anticipation!

After when the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace had cooled down a little, he opened the lid without another ounce of patience and looked into the bottom of the furnace. When he saw the contents inside the furnace, he let out a chuckle.

Inside the furnace were two Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearls, which made Qing Shui overwhelmed with excitement. He then analyzed the amount of energy inside the pearls and proceeded to see how they should be consumed.

If the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl was deemed to be too powerful and the power of the demonic beast could not catch up to the energy within the pearl, it would be extremely dangerous . These pearls were the origin essence of the refined demon, they could essentially kill the demonic beast that consumed them via implosion if they were too powerful. However, if the demonic beast was able to absorb the essence of the pearl, that would be ideal. Not only would their powers would surge, they could even inherit some of the powers of the demonic beast used for the refining of these pearls.

He then analyzed the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

The pearl was formed with the essence of the Berserk Dragon that contained an enormous amount of energy, allowing the demonic beasts that consumed the pearl to gain power. The effectiveness of this pearl would be boosted if the demonic beast that consumed the pearl had a similar bloodline to the Berserk Dragon, otherwise only demonic beasts that were more powerful than the Berserk Dragon would be able to consume the pearl.

Qing Shui realized that his demonic beasts would not have the chance of consuming it after he read the description. If he wanted to use it for his demonic beasts, he would need to think of another way. The Essence Soul Pearl could be refined again, otherwise known as decomposition. However, that would only decrease the energy within the pearl by half.

Losing half of the energy within the pearl wasn't ideal for Qing Shui. He would need his demonic beasts to become stronger than the Berserk Dragon to be able to use the pearl. However, was it possible?

At least not for the time being.

Suddenly, Qing Shui glanced back at the part where it stated about 'similar bloodline with the Berserk Dragon'. He went blank for a moment before he revealed a happy smile. In his mind, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had always been regarded as an elephant but he had almost forgotten that it was also in possession of the Dragon Elephant Force ability.

He picked up the Essence Soul Pearls and kept them aside. After that, he turned his attention towards the violet crystal card inside the furnace.

Berserk Dragon Crystal Card: The force of the Berserk Dragon that could break the world's regulation limitation of 500 stars. Alternatively, this card could grant the user 1000 stars of power, which would last for an hour. After the crystal card has been used, it would vanish.

Qing Shui was shocked by the card but quickly let out a praise and said: ’’Good stuff!’’

Indeed, this was a great stuff for Qing Shui's current situation. Breaking the limitation of the world's regulation of 500 stars would require him to possess the power much greater than that. For example, if Qing Shui already had the power exceeding 10,000 stars, he could break the 500 stars regulation. If he had the power somewhere in between 5,000 stars to 10,000 stars, then it would be useless. Moreover, if he had gone to the other four continents, he would be able to unleash all of his powers with an extra strength of 1,000 stars.

Qing Shui still felt that the card would be more effective if he were to use it in the five continents.

He kept the card safely and looked at the sky. Half a day had passed by, so he decided to look for medicinal herbs around the surrounding area with Luan Luan before he would continue fighting with the demonic beasts.

At night, he set up a tent somewhere in a wide field surrounded with the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. He allowed his demonic beasts to keep guard at night but he still needed to go into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as well.

Within the past few days, there were more or less improvements for both the demonic beasts and the humans. However, today was the biggest reward he had ever reaped within this 40 days. A demonic beast corpse of the strength of 10,000 stars was already valuable, not to mention the Essence Soul Pearls he acquired from the demon refining.

After Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he went to take out one Demonic Beast Essence Soul Pearl from the bottle immediately. He wanted to see what kind of reaction the Diamond Gigantic Elephant would give. Demonic beasts had a talent and that was having strong reaction towards danger, which was why the world was filled with vast treasures hidden within the nature. That was why it was also rare to hear a demonic beast killed from self-implosion.

When the Diamond Gigantic Elephant saw Qing Shui took out the Essence Soul Pearl, a strong aura was instantly released from its body. Qing Shui could clearly feel the thirst of his demonic beast as it gazed on the pearl in his hand.

’’Can you take it?’’

Qing Shui communicated with the elephant telepathically while he was still thinking about the Dragon Elephant Force. The elephant really seemed to have the dragon bloodline. It was also said that the Dragon Elephant would match greatly with a dragon but that was just a rumor from the legends.

Qing Shui received a reply from the elephant that it would give it a try and that it had a feeling that everything would be fine. He hesitated for a moment but ultimately allowed the elephant to consume the pearl. Most importantly, he had a feeling that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant would be able to endure the power of the pearl due to the might of the Dragon Elephant Force.

Qing Shui had backup plans too, so it shouldn't be a problem to allow the elephant to consume the pearl. As he fed the Essence Soul Pearl to his elephant, his heart beated increasingly fast, overcoming his emotions with nervousness and anxiety.

A few breaths of time after it had eaten the pearl, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant immediately soared through the air, stunning Qing Shui for a while. He gave chase quickly, as he feelt extremely nervous to what would happen to his demonic beast.


The Diamond Gigantic Elephant would let out a loud cry from time to time. The body of the elephant was glowing in golden light as an abrupt raging energy burst within its body that continued to increase even now.


A series of blood veins akin to that of a spider web appeared on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's body. Qing Shui clasped his hands together and tried to communicate with his elephant telepathically and he was given the answer that it would be able to endure the ordeal by itself.

Qing Shui stood at the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus just in case when the situation had gone awry. It shouldn't be a problem to use it on his elephant, so he quickly locked his spiritual sense on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to watch over its condition. Once he noticed anything wrong, he would stop the elephant immediately.

Eventually, the elephant was wrapped in a subtle layer of blood mist. Blood drops drizzled from the sky as the elephant was completely covered in blood. Qing Shui was bewildered and anxious when he saw the bloody Diamond Gigantic Elephant.



Qing Shui shifted his body when the elephant roared. Even though the surrounding was covered in bloody mist, what he saw had shocked him completely. The elephant's enormous head had changed yet again. This time, its head completely become a head of a Jiao.

He had long before imagined this appearance he was looking at. But to see it with his eyes still made him unbelievably shocked. He couldn't even describe the amazement he felt when he saw the transformed head.

The powerful energy of the origin essence had allowed the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to transform its head. But this was just the beginning. The cries of the elephant had completely changed to a distinct and loud roar.

It was unknown when the elephant had an extra 20 meter long tail that was as thick as two adult's arms. The tails kept smacking around, as they subsequently released a subtle bloody aura to the surrounding....

Roar roar.....

Qing Shui could see it this time. The giant body that was covered in blood miraculously changed, as if something was growing out from its body. However, he didn't have any idea what could grow on its body at that moment.

Scaled armor!

Qing Shui saw the silhouette of a scaled armor on the elephant's body. The scaled armor formed slowly and it was amazing to be able to witness the change in front of his eyes. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was fine now but he didn't expect that the Essence Soul Pearl could bring forth such an enormous change to his demonic beast.



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