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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1009-1011


Chapter 1009-1011

AST 1009 –Battle, Joint Battle With Thunderous Beast, Grinding Cultivation

"Hmm, Crystal Cards, how did I forget about these?"

Qing Shui quickly took out several Crystal Cards that could increase his poison ability, power, speed and defense and subsequently slapped those cards onto his body. These cards were able to increase 60% of his abilities, allowing him to gain some power no more than the strength of 30 stars, which was about 10% of his overall power.

He didn't know whether he should hate the world's regulation or love it!

The world has a regulation that could limit his potential power tremendously but with the Area Dominance and Emperor's Qi, as well as the Heaven Descending Talisman, he could take on beings far more powerful than himself in an alarming manner. Moreover, these debuffing skills had become more powerful, which could still decrease the combat statistic of his opponents in an instant, albeit in their usual manner. Qing Shui was satisfied nonetheless. Perhaps the world's regulation wasn't so bad after all.

There was no time to lose right now. The effects of his battle armor could only increase by 10% but it was better than nothing. Qing Shui evaded the dragon's colossal attack and tapped his Big Dipper Sword on the Berserk Dragon's tail.

Art of Pursuing.

With the ability to ignore the disparity between their power, the Art of Pursuing could not be evaded but could be warded off with some sort of unique item or skill. However, Qing Shui decided to try his luck. It would be ideal if the dragon could not ward off the effect whatsoever.


Qing Shui's arm shivered a little as he deviated the terrifying force from himself. The Art of Pursuing was able to increase his opponent's weight and decrease its speed in the process.

Qing Shui consumed both the Gale Pellet and Agility-Enhancing Fruit, allowing him to move a bit faster than the Berserk Dragon. The strike from his sword wasn't able to inflict a heavy wound on the dragon but he was able to sway its tail away from him, which inadvertently caused the dragon to let out a furious roar.

Combination Sword Technique!


Qing Shui was able to knock back the gigantic beast this time, which led him to think that this was the effect of the Shield Attack. If he were to face an opponent of weaker power, it wouldn't be surprising if he could hit a successful knock-back because of his greater power.

But now, it was different. First of all, his opponent was a Berserk Dragon with a humongous head and secondly, the gigantic beast was far more powerful than himself. In addition to that, the Shield Attack ability had recently upgraded to the third level, increasing the chances of a successful strike by a lot.

Qing Shui felt a rush in his veins when he was able to disrupt the senses of this gigantic and domineering dragon. The dragon has four legs resembling the pillars of a building, with the height about dozens meter tall. The scales of the dragon were violet in color but metallic in texture. It was enormous in size, especially the head –which was ferocious and massive. This was the first demonic beast that Qing Shui thought had the fiercest and most compelling appearance. The Berserk Dragon was as sinister as the Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent he had fought before.

Qing Shui depended on his speed and the Nine Palace Steps to avoid clashing against the Berserk Dragon. However, the dragon had a mighty defense, which he found impossible to break at the moment.


This time, he was able to knock back the dragon some distance. The 20% chance of doubling his attack and activation of the Shield Attack ability had appeared. He continued to swirl around the dragon, finding a possible weakness he could exploit.

The two large eyeballs could be a weakness but he knew it would be inconvenient to land an attack on the area around the eyes. Qing Shui continued to look around the other parts of its body but all of them were covered in armor of scales. Worst of all, he couldn't even break the dragon's armor even under his peak condition.


The Berserk Dragon roared furiously, perhaps due to Qing Shui's constant evasion from his assaults. In the midst of fury, the dragon flailed its gigantic tail aimlessly at Qing Shui like a tornado, covering the surroundings with dust and wind. Qing Shui took a an abrupt step forward and swung his sword with a distinct strength.

Sword of Sixth Wave!


Qing Shui quickly retreated but his expression had eased up a little. The Shield Attack didn't activate and the damage unleashed did not multiply, yet the Berserk Dragon was knocked back by his attack. As long as he could resist against the dragon's attack, he was confident that he could destroy it after a while.

In essence, humans were smarter creatures than demonic beasts. Qing Shui still had many tricks up his sleeves, so he took this battle as a way to grind his cultivation. His power had surged too fast these past few days anyway.

Buddha's True Eyes!


Qing Shui unconsciously unleashed the Buddha's True Eyes, which unexpectedly shocked the Berserk Dragon for a moment. However, the dragon quickly regained its composure and became more violent, opening its jaws and spouted a burning mass of air.

Toxic miasma!

Qing Shui didn't think that the Berserk Dragon actually had the ability to spout toxic miasma with a terrifying high temperature. Even though he wasn't completely immune to poison and fire, the dragon's attack could not cause any damage to him even the slightest.

Sword of Sixth Wave!

Roc's Might!

Binding Talisman!

As time passed, Qing Shui felt increasingly adept in his attacks, including the Nine Palace Steps, which was increasing in strength as well. Basically, he was able to confront the tough Berserk Dragon with equal toughness.

Combination Sword Technique!

The next moment was followed by a series of clashing sounds that echoed throughout the air. The Four Moves Combination Sword Technique was the fastest way to increase in strength due to Qing Shui being extreme proficient in this technique. While using this technique through an actual combat with a dragon, he was able to stabilize the state of his technique, becoming more dextrous as he unleashed his attack against the Berserk Dragon.

The flow of his attack felt nice –it felt like he had finally completed the mastery of this technique. As soon as the Four Moves Combination Sword Technique was unleashed, the explosive force at the moment of attack was subsequently increased as well.

Once again, Qing Shui was able to sense the potent strength of the Nine Palace Steps. However, the Berserk Dragon had a terrifying level of defense, which would prove to be difficult if Qing Shui wanted to kill the towering beast with ease. If it hadn't been for its defense, Qing Shui would have killed it within a few seconds.

The eyes!

Qing Shui had a sudden epiphany that the eyes of the dragon must be the key to his victory. Unfortunately, the dragon has horns on its head and the eyelids were covered in scales. The eye movements of the dragon were unbelievably fast, so it would still be difficult if he tried to assault the dragon through its eyes.


Another metallic roar rang out in the air!

After that, a ray of brilliant violet light gleamed on the Berserk Dragon's body, causing Qing Shui to retreat abruptly. With the exception of the Emperor's Qi, the other debuffing skills had no effect on the dragon, including the Heaven Descending Talisman and Art of Pursuing…..

A demonic beast of such formidable strength has the ability to cleanse its body from negative effects but it could only be used once in a specific amount of time. However, after the cleanse had been performed, the beast would be immune from the same negative effect inflicted previously for a short period of time.

Qing Shui struck another Heaven Descending Talisman on the Berserk Dragon but it was no more effective than the previous one.

In the midst of striking the talisman, he was nearly scratched by the dragon's giant claws. Fortunately, he was able to escape from the near-fatal strike with the Nine Palace Steps and immediately after that, he called out four of his demonic beasts –Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Fire Bird, Thunderous Beast and Five-Headed Demonic Spider.

Four Symbols Formation!

Qing Shui allowed his demonic beasts to stand further away from each other to set the formation while he continued to do his best to hold off the Berserk Dragon. He wasn't worried about himself but more concerned that the Berserk Dragon could inflict heavy damage to his demonic beasts whilst they were attempting to prepare for the formation. Additionally, if they weren't careful enough, they could be killed in an instant –a split-second kill.

Four Symbols Formation!

Through Qing Shui's telepathic communication with his demonic beasts, he commanded Thunderous Beast to replace Fire Bird's position, which would increase the effectiveness of the five elemental magical damage, like Fire Bird's fire element attacks and Thunderous Beast's lightning element attacks.

And with the Spirit Gathering Lamp, Thunderous Beast's attack was instantly boosted. At that moment, Qing Shui kept watch of his demonic beasts' movements as they arranged themselves in a position according to the plan he had communicated.

Ever since he had reached the breakthrough to Martial Emperor, his telepathic communication had become easier and smoother.

The Berserk Dragon wasn't cautious of Qing Shui's demonic beasts, perhaps due to the insufficient power against itself. The dragon took a quick glance at his demonic beasts but ultimately turned its focus on the human in front of its presence with fiery glare, intending to unleash its wrath on Qing Shui.

Qing Shui retreated slowly to lure the Berserk Dragon closer to his demonic beasts' attack range. The dragon was now about 1000 meters apart and the Thunderous Beast required 800 meters of distance from its opponent before it could unleash an attack.

Qing Shui wanted to test the Thunderous Beast's power now –as a training to gauge how strong the damage would be.

Demon Binding Ropes!

At the same time, Qing Shui commanded the Thunderous Beast to strike an attack.

The Demon Binding Ropes that resembled a large yellow dragon of the thickness of an adult's leg flung towards the Berserk Dragon. The moment he struck the ropes was the moment a ray of violet light flashed radiantly from the Thunderous Beast's body.


The attack that would hit hard on an opponent landed straight on the Berserk Dragon's body.

Despite the formidable strength of the Berserk Dragon, the Thunderbolt attack was able to send the dragon into a shiver, albeit only slightly, much like a human being bitten by an ant. The dragon could ignore it completely but even a slight sting on the body could be felt clearly though its senses.


The Thunderbolt from the Thunderous Beast was fast enough but not that slow. After two strikes of the Thunderbolt, the Demon Binding Ropes were able to entangle the Berserk Dragon successfully.

The moment has come yet again, the Thunderous Beast was able to unleash another Thunderbolt attack on the dragon.

However, the same violet light radiated from the Berserk Dragon once again, seemingly trying to untangle itself from the Demon Binding Ropes.


The Demon Binding Ropes returned to its owner's hand after being loosened by the Berserk Dragon. At the same time, the mountain-like stature of the Berserk Dragon rose up abruptly like a nimble ape, instilling Qing Shui with a sense of shock and strengthened caution.

With no time to waste, Qing Shui took out the Soulshake Bell immediately.

With the instantaneous use of the Nine Palace Steps, he appeared in front of the Berserk Dragon and dived his Big Dipper Sword with all his might!

Sixth Wave!

Swoosh swoosh…..

The Soulshake Bell began to jiggle abruptly when the Berserk Dragon was at the distance less than ten meters away.

Roar roar…..

Qing Shui was caught by surprise when the Soulshake Bell was able to inflict fear into the Berserk Dragon. Even though the dragon was stricken with fear, it didn't reach to the point where it would flee or die from fright. The 'morale' of the dragon was decreased, however, much like destroying the spirits of defeated soldiers in a war. In a battlefield, a general would not be able to kill a lot of opponents but if that general could manage to kill the commanding general of the opposite force, then the morale of his troops would be boosted, stimulating his troops to defeat the opposite force with one vigorous effort.

Right now, the Berserk Dragon looked like a soldier whose morale had been lowered near to the minimum point.



Each time the Thunderbolt was struck, the effect would accumulate. The Berserk Dragon had no idea how terrifying the accumulated energy from the Thunderbolt was. The dragon couldn't care less right now, because it was more cautious about the Soulshake Bell being held in Qing Shui's hand.

The beast had an expression akin to a human who feared watching the grotesque scenes in a horror movie. Even though the horrible monsters in the horror movie were fictional, humans would still be terrified nonetheless.

The Berserk Dragon wasn't aware that Qing Shui had been shaking the Soulshake Bell more than he needed to. He was afraid that the bell would be ineffective against a large dragon, so he shook the bell until the energy stored inside it had been used up completely. Qing Shui only held it in his hand as an intimidating method against his opponent.

It was time to make a move!

Heaven Descending Talisman!

Qing Shui took out the Heaven Descending Talisman again and struck it towards the Berserk Dragon!




The Berserk Dragon swung its tail towards Qing Shui in retaliation but quickly found its body a bit stiff as it turned to swing its humongous tail. The stiffness was felt clearly and Qing Shui noticed its swing 30% slower than before, seemingly incoherent with the dragon's overall movements.

Violet Lightning Strike!

Qing Shui threw two 10,000-Year Coldsteel Beads he had prepared earlier towards the Berserk Dragon.

These weapons had been refined thoroughly with poison.

He was aiming for the moment when his opponent opened its eyes and used the Violet Lightning Strike to force it open for a short while. The Thunderbolt from the Thunderous Beast was struck earlier in order for the Violet Lightning Strike to accumulate to the stun effect.

Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb!

All of Qing Shui's attacks were unleashed in a flash!

Pu pu!

Undeniably, the Berserk Dragon was quite powerful but it had one weakness –the eyeballs. The eyelids were made of scales, so striking the eyes openly or through sneak attacks when the eyes were closed would be useless. The Berserk Dragon could not be staggered no matter what attack he had unleashed against the towering beast.

If the Violet Lightning Strike didn't possess the ability that could ignore the status of other demonic beasts of the same level, the Berserk Dragon wouldn't be stunned for a moment and create an opportunity for Qing Shui to go in for a strike. Even though the Violet Lightning Strike could ignore the disparity of strength between its opponent and itself, it would only take a moment equivalent to the blink of an eye to stun a Berserk Dragon of such power.

Roar roar……

The dragon didn't die, however. Qing Shui looked at the Berserk Dragon thrashing about in the middle of the Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb and was instantly reminded of the web's toxic element. He knew the dragon would die eventually but it would take an amount of time before the poison could diminish the life out of it.

The Coldsteel Bead wasn’t as large as the dragon's eyeball but it could still sting the eyeball like a stab from a needle. No matter how powerful the Berserk Dragon was, the poison from the Coldsteel Beads would eventually enter its system and destroy its mind.

The Thunderous Beast was a control type demonic beast, so from the beginning of the battle, Qing Shui had been planning on using its abilities to match with his Hidden Weapons against the Berserk Dragon. The Thunderbolt could leave the formidable beast numb, while the Violet Lightning Strike could reverse the course of events in an instant when Qing Shui was found stuck in an undesirable situation.

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AST 1010 –Demon Refining, The Diamond Gigantic Elephant That Consumed The Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl

Qing Shui had already taken away the Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb because the poison infused in the web was ineffective against the Berserk Dragon in front of him. Fortunately, the Berserk Dragon was already dying as it continued to struggle desperately from the grasp of death. However, Qing Shui was quite distressed. He was in dismay whether he should use this Berserk Dragon for demon refining or as materials for forging weapons and armors.

The Berserk Dragon was huge and every part of its body was essentially a treasure to him. This was especially tempting to Qing Shui, particularly the skin of the beast. The skin was considered the best material to be used for forging battle armors, battle skirts, or any sort of plated armors.

Speaking of the skin, he was reminded instantly of the Golden-Back Giant Crocodile Emperor's skin. The crocodile's skin had been used to forge his battle armor, which would allow him to gain some great defense once equipped but because of the world's regulation, the effect produced was lessen to a diminutive amount. Even though others would benefit more if they wore it, it would be because they hadn't reached the point where their powers would be limited by the world's regulation. After he pondered for awhile, he decided to abandon the idea of turning it into materials altogether.

Primordial Demon Refining Furnace!

"Luan Luan, try laying out a formation around the area." Qing Shui went to stand beside Luan Luan and said with a smile.

In the past few days, Luan Luan's knowledge on formations had increased dramatically under the guidance of Qing Shui. Her memory and comprehension of the Heart of Seven Orifices were exceptional as well. Even so, she was still a bit inexperienced, so she must continue to grind her skills with constant diligence.

Qing Shui allowed the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace to grow larger while he continuously infused his Qi into the furnace. In the previous battle, he had gained a bit of proficiency in using the Primordial Flame Whip and Primordial Flame Drill that he had invented recently.

In the case when he had used the Primordial Flame Whip against the Berserk Dragon, he could only force a series of furious cries from the dragon without inflicting any sort of heavy damage on its body. The Primordial Flame Drill was more effective, which had successfully caused the dragon to roar in a more intense and furious cry.

Despite the slight effectiveness, the Primordial Flame Drill could not even break the defense of the Berserk Dragon. However, the Yin Flame within the Primordial Flames was able to burn the soul of the dragon but only for a while as the Berserk Dragon became more enraged and violent.

From that, Qing Shui learnt that he still need to strengthen the powers of his Primordial Flames. He could sense that the flames were at the level where its potential power was starting to be restrained by the regulations of the world.

The Heart of Roc had reached the large success stage, which was still a long way before it could reach the great perfection stage. Qing Shui was confident nevertheless, his spiritual energy was still extremely powerful compared to the other powerful beast tamers or alchemists.

The cultivation of one's spiritual energy was always considered as the most difficult aspect of a cultivation path. He had a feeling that his current spiritual energy was at the same level as the woman in the crystal coffin when he first met her, or even perhaps a bit higher than his. Of course, he also knew that her spiritual energy had been limited by the regulations of the world, just as his.

What kind of power did she possessed? However, Qing Shui became shocked all of the sudden. His thoughts were interrupted when he saw what had happened to the furnace in front of him.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace had already grown so big that it was able to cover the Berserk Dragon completely. The giant furnace subsequently emitted an ancient halo, which prompted Qing Shui to focus his mind on the furnace completely.

High-level Focused Concentration!


The Berserk Dragon had struggled for a while before it became completely motionless. The giant furnace then slowly shrunk down as it subsequently exposed the barren ground, making the whole area seemed bigger.

The Primordial Demon Refining Furnace became distinct but progressively smaller. Qing Shui's Primordial Flames burned with the highest intensity, shrinking the furnace by half of its size slowly, each process took about 15 minutes before it shrank to another half of its size. However, after four hours, the furnace was finally shrunk to the size of about two meters.

The whole shrinking process became slower but Qing Shui felt that the pressure became more intense. He used his spiritual sense to envelop the whole furnace as this was the first time he tried to refine a powerful demonic beast like this one.

The range of the Primordial Flames was inconsistent as Qing Shui continuously heated the one-meter wide furnace from a different position with fluctuating vigor. This process consisted of refining the corpse of the demonic beast completely before coagulating the essence of the demonic beast into a pearl, which was also known as the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

It was easier said than done. Refining the corpse was already a strenuous feat, not to mention the coagulation of the essence into pearls. Moreover, the coagulation of pearls or crystal cards would have to depend on a certain amount of chance. In most cases, if the essence wasn't enough to form a pearl, it would be turn into a crystal card immediately.

Qing Shui was looking forward to producing an Origin Essence Soul Pearl as the crystal cards could only be used once. Even though the crystal cards were useful, he currently needed the Origin Essence Soul Pearl more, especially the Origin Essence Soul Pearl acquired from such a level of demonic beast.

Time passed by slowly and there was already an abundance of sweat that rolled down from his forehead. He took a time to consume a Vital Essence Pill quickly and continued to refine the demon beast in the furnace.


A dull sound rang out, almost similar to the sound of a bell. The sound was dull yet muffled, seemingly coming from a distant area. It felt great to hear a sound like that because Qing Shui knew that the demon refining process was completed and successful. He stopped happily, despite not knowing what he would get from refining the Berserk Dragon.

He was filled with anticipation!

After when the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace had cooled down a little, he opened the lid without another ounce of patience and looked into the bottom of the furnace. When he saw the contents inside the furnace, he let out a chuckle.

Inside the furnace were two Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearls, which made Qing Shui overwhelmed with excitement. He then analyzed the amount of energy inside the pearls and proceeded to see how they should be consumed.

If the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl was deemed to be too powerful and the power of the demonic beast could not catch up to the energy within the pearl, it would be extremely dangerous . These pearls were the origin essence of the refined demon, they could essentially kill the demonic beast that consumed them via implosion if they were too powerful. However, if the demonic beast was able to absorb the essence of the pearl, that would be ideal. Not only would their powers would surge, they could even inherit some of the powers of the demonic beast used for the refining of these pearls.

He then analyzed the Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

The pearl was formed with the essence of the Berserk Dragon that contained an enormous amount of energy, allowing the demonic beasts that consumed the pearl to gain power. The effectiveness of this pearl would be boosted if the demonic beast that consumed the pearl had a similar bloodline to the Berserk Dragon, otherwise only demonic beasts that were more powerful than the Berserk Dragon would be able to consume the pearl.

Qing Shui realized that his demonic beasts would not have the chance of consuming it after he read the description. If he wanted to use it for his demonic beasts, he would need to think of another way. The Essence Soul Pearl could be refined again, otherwise known as decomposition. However, that would only decrease the energy within the pearl by half.

Losing half of the energy within the pearl wasn't ideal for Qing Shui. He would need his demonic beasts to become stronger than the Berserk Dragon to be able to use the pearl. However, was it possible?

At least not for the time being.

Suddenly, Qing Shui glanced back at the part where it stated about 'similar bloodline with the Berserk Dragon'. He went blank for a moment before he revealed a happy smile. In his mind, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had always been regarded as an elephant but he had almost forgotten that it was also in possession of the Dragon Elephant Force ability.

He picked up the Essence Soul Pearls and kept them aside. After that, he turned his attention towards the violet crystal card inside the furnace.

Berserk Dragon Crystal Card: The force of the Berserk Dragon that could break the world's regulation limitation of 500 stars. Alternatively, this card could grant the user 1000 stars of power, which would last for an hour. After the crystal card has been used, it would vanish.

Qing Shui was shocked by the card but quickly let out a praise and said: "Good stuff!"

Indeed, this was a great stuff for Qing Shui's current situation. Breaking the limitation of the world's regulation of 500 stars would require him to possess the power much greater than that. For example, if Qing Shui already had the power exceeding 10,000 stars, he could break the 500 stars regulation. If he had the power somewhere in between 5,000 stars to 10,000 stars, then it would be useless. Moreover, if he had gone to the other four continents, he would be able to unleash all of his powers with an extra strength of 1,000 stars.

Qing Shui still felt that the card would be more effective if he were to use it in the five continents.

He kept the card safely and looked at the sky. Half a day had passed by, so he decided to look for medicinal herbs around the surrounding area with Luan Luan before he would continue fighting with the demonic beasts.

At night, he set up a tent somewhere in a wide field surrounded with the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. He allowed his demonic beasts to keep guard at night but he still needed to go into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as well.

Within the past few days, there were more or less improvements for both the demonic beasts and the humans. However, today was the biggest reward he had ever reaped within this 40 days. A demonic beast corpse of the strength of 10,000 stars was already valuable, not to mention the Essence Soul Pearls he acquired from the demon refining.

After Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he went to take out one Demonic Beast Essence Soul Pearl from the bottle immediately. He wanted to see what kind of reaction the Diamond Gigantic Elephant would give. Demonic beasts had a talent and that was having strong reaction towards danger, which was why the world was filled with vast treasures hidden within the nature. That was why it was also rare to hear a demonic beast killed from self-implosion.

When the Diamond Gigantic Elephant saw Qing Shui took out the Essence Soul Pearl, a strong aura was instantly released from its body. Qing Shui could clearly feel the thirst of his demonic beast as it gazed on the pearl in his hand.

"Can you take it?"

Qing Shui communicated with the elephant telepathically while he was still thinking about the Dragon Elephant Force. The elephant really seemed to have the dragon bloodline. It was also said that the Dragon Elephant would match greatly with a dragon but that was just a rumor from the legends.

Qing Shui received a reply from the elephant that it would give it a try and that it had a feeling that everything would be fine. He hesitated for a moment but ultimately allowed the elephant to consume the pearl. Most importantly, he had a feeling that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant would be able to endure the power of the pearl due to the might of the Dragon Elephant Force.

Qing Shui had backup plans too, so it shouldn't be a problem to allow the elephant to consume the pearl. As he fed the Essence Soul Pearl to his elephant, his heart beated increasingly fast, overcoming his emotions with nervousness and anxiety.

A few breaths of time after it had eaten the pearl, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant immediately soared through the air, stunning Qing Shui for a while. He gave chase quickly, as he feelt extremely nervous to what would happen to his demonic beast.


The Diamond Gigantic Elephant would let out a loud cry from time to time. The body of the elephant was glowing in golden light as an abrupt raging energy burst within its body that continued to increase even now.


A series of blood veins akin to that of a spider web appeared on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's body. Qing Shui clasped his hands together and tried to communicate with his elephant telepathically and he was given the answer that it would be able to endure the ordeal by itself.

Qing Shui stood at the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus just in case when the situation had gone awry. It shouldn't be a problem to use it on his elephant, so he quickly locked his spiritual sense on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to watch over its condition. Once he noticed anything wrong, he would stop the elephant immediately.

Eventually, the elephant was wrapped in a subtle layer of blood mist. Blood drops drizzled from the sky as the elephant was completely covered in blood. Qing Shui was bewildered and anxious when he saw the bloody Diamond Gigantic Elephant.



Qing Shui shifted his body when the elephant roared. Even though the surrounding was covered in bloody mist, what he saw had shocked him completely. The elephant's enormous head had changed yet again. This time, its head completely become a head of a Jiao.

He had long before imagined this appearance he was looking at. But to see it with his eyes still made him unbelievably shocked. He couldn't even describe the amazement he felt when he saw the transformed head.

The powerful energy of the origin essence had allowed the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to transform its head. But this was just the beginning. The cries of the elephant had completely changed to a distinct and loud roar.

It was unknown when the elephant had an extra 20 meter long tail that was as thick as two adult's arms. The tails kept smacking around, as they subsequently released a subtle bloody aura to the surrounding….

Roar roar…..

Qing Shui could see it this time. The giant body that was covered in blood miraculously changed, as if something was growing out from its body. However, he didn't have any idea what could grow on its body at that moment.

Scaled armor!

Qing Shui saw the silhouette of a scaled armor on the elephant's body. The scaled armor formed slowly and it was amazing to be able to witness the change in front of his eyes. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was fine now but he didn't expect that the Essence Soul Pearl could bring forth such an enormous change to his demonic beast.


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AST 1011 –Evolution, The Formidable Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant


The blood colored mist on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's body dispersed. The scale armor covering its body had fully formed. It was different than the violet scale armor on the Berserk Dragon. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant's was golden in color and looked a little similar to the Berserk Dragon, only its body was a lot smaller in size.

It also looked very different now compared to before. It looked more bold and powerful, fully covered in shiny golden armor scales. The dragon head on it looked slightly ferocious, its four limbs and tail were thick and powerful.

If he hadn't seen all this with his own eyes, it would be very difficult for him to believe that this was the same Diamond Gigantic Elephant from earlier. Qing Shui was extremely happy right now. He was sensing the current strength of the 'Diamond Gigantic Elephant' as he looked at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique activated.

Its physical strength had reached to 800 stars. The gain of 500 stars in physical strength had rendered Qing Shui speechless. When he thought about how the Diamond Gigantic Elephant could be considered to have undergone a complete transformation this time, he no longer found it strange. He was clueless on what he should call it now. He didn't know if it could be considered a Dragon Elephant, so he decided to still call it the Diamond Gigantic Elephant for now since he was already used to it.

Dragon Elephant's Might, a passive battle technique. Permanent increase in physical strength by 70%.

Formidable was all Qing Shui could feel right now but it was still within his expectations. After all, the dragon's bloodline within its body was being thoroughly stimulated right now and the Origin Essence Soul Pearl's energy was also great enough.

This had immediately allowed the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength to reach to 6,400 stars. However, under the rules of Heaven and Earth, only the strength of 5,000 stars could be exhibited. Even so, it still had battle techniques that doubled its offensive power again. With these, it could exhibit about 5,800 stars.

Mighty Dragon Elephant's Recklessness, threefold attack. Ten targets at most.

It had doubled compared to before and the name had changed. This could allow the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's attacks to reach more than 19,000 stars. But due to the rules of Heaven and Earth, only a strength of 6,500 stars could be exhibited.

That was good enough. Qing Shui felt very content. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant could become his capable assistant once again and participate in battles. This had raised Qing Shui's confidence by quite a lot again.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp, Grand Perfection Stage. Tenfold physical offensive power. A certain chance of paralyzing opponent's limbs, immobilizing them.

800 stars of physical strength, the name had also changed to Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp. This meant that the Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp was 8,000 stars of strength but what made him happy was the certain chance in paralyzing opponents at the end of the description. This had once again made the Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp into a formidable technique.

Instantaneous Dragon Elephant Evasion: An instantaneous leap within a distance of 1,000 metres!

The powerful battle techniques were upgraded once again, by increasing their range.

Diamond Sword Qi: Spits out a wave of Core Qi to attack the opponent. Possesses great killing power. Able to reduce target's speed by 20%, effect lasts for one hour.

There was no change in this!

Vajra Subdues Demons: Lowers the strength of multiple targets by 10% within a radius of 1,000 metres after casting. Number of targets cannot exceed ten. Effect lasts for two hours!

Qing Shui smiled. This time, he had a feeling that the Vajra Subdues Demons technique was usable again. On top of that, it was even more useful than before. Although the distance seemed long enough, it wasn't really that long. Including the tail, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was almost 100 metres long.

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack: Launches an attack at one target in an instant. Can raise offensive power threefold!

The Ferocious Diamond Attack had also changed into the Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack. The previous few battle techniques were also changed into Dragon Elephant battle techniques. Only some Diamond Gigantic Elephant battle techniques were kept. It seemed like it had really changed into a Dragon Elephant. Qing Shui looked at these battle techniques in surprise. With this, the Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack seemed to have become the mightiest attack of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant now. It could reach to 25,600 stars of offensive power. Even under the rules of Heaven and Earth's effects, it could still exhibit 7,000 stars of offensive power.

Dark Infernal Flames: Dark Infernal Flames under the feet allows the Dragon Elephant's attack to possess a 20% armor breaking offensive power. At the same time, it doubles the Dragon Elephant's speed in the skies.

This had changed too. At least it was useful and was quite decent or maybe he could even say that it was extremely decent. It could increase speed and also had the ability to break through armor. All this time, Qing Shui had thought that this Dark Infernal Flames wasn't really useful.

Qing Shui was staring at the Diamond Gigantic Elephant that was standing in the skies, especially at the Dark Infernal Flames at the bottom of its feet. It looked just like a lotus flower.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Armor: Allows Dragon Elephant's defense to increase tremendously. A powerful physical body is the best ability of the Dragon Elephant.

Qing Shui wanted to let out a few loud roars very badly right now. The kind of happiness he felt could be described as a rapture. Qing Shui still felt extremely excited even though he had experienced countless surprises before.

He still had an Origin Essence Soul Pearl but Qing Shui knew that it couldn't be used within this short period of time. Even if he waited until it could be used again, it would increase strength very little. The tremendous increase in physical strength this time was mainly due to the transformation.

Looking at the shiny golden Dragon Elephant, Qing Shui decided that it was better for him to change its name. Since he was fully covered in golden scales, he might as well name it as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

The strength of Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had increased by 500 stars. In addition to those from earlier, this could allow Qing Shui's physical strength to increase by more than 110 stars.

Qing Shui's purpose in coming to the Giant Beasts Mountains was to raise the strength of him and his demonic beasts. So right now, he was refining the energy that had been bestowed upon him by the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant without any hesitation.

Compared to using the Hallow Pill, he had taken a lot of time this time. It took him more than half a month to complete refining the energy. Over this period of time, Qing Shui's strength had also increased very rapidly, reaching 570 stars.

After holding the Big Dipper Sword in his hands, his strength immediately soared to 15,000 stars. This meant that he could unleash the strength of 6,000 stars. With Area Dominance, he could unleash a strength of 7,000 stars.

If he was met with a 20% chance of doubling damage, then he would be able to unleash a strength of 8,500 stars. He still had Descending Heavens Talisman and Emperor's Qi, as well as the current Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's Vajra Subdues Demons. He had a feeling that he had the capability to deal with some issues now. Still, he was cautious as he was afraid that powerful people might appear from outside.

Most importantly, Qing Shui's strength had risen. His spirit energy had increased along with it too. The might of Primordial Flame Whip had also slightly increased. Even though it wasn't enough to deal with the Berserk Dragon, Qing Shui was confident that he could smash the head of cultivators that had strength of slightly more than 10,000 stars like the Berserk Dragon with it. After all, the defense and body size of a human cultivator couldn't be compared with demonic beasts.

If he was using the Violet Star Thunder God, Qing Shui's strength could reach to almost 23,000 stars when he unleashed the Raging Blow. Under the rules of Heaven and Earth and Area Dominance, it would be 7,800 stars.

With Qing Shui's strength and weakening techniques like the Emperor’s Qi, if he were to face the Berserk Dragon again now with this kind of strength, things should be different. At least he would be equally matched with his opponent in terms of power. But if he had to kill his opponent, a trump card was still needed.

Since the Gigantic Diamond Elephant had consumed the Origin Essence Soul Pearl from the Berserk Dragon, it wouldn't be able to consume another Origin Essence Soul Pearl again for a short period of time. If it consumed another Origin Essence Soul Pearl of lower grade again in the future, the effects would be lowered or it could even be ineffective.

There was a certain amount of time required between consuming the Origin Essence Soul Pearls. There was no way that things like medicinal pills origin Essence Soul Pearls and cores could keep raising demonic beasts by their full amounts.


In any case, the Origin Essence Soul Pearl that was most suitable to be consumed by the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant couldn't be consumed again for a period of time. High leveled Demonic Beast's Origin Essence Soul Pearls were usually only effective on their first consumption. Qing Shui was looking to see if there were any demonic beasts in his possession that could consume the Berserk Dragon's Origin Essence Soul Pearl.

He decided to decompose it even though it was somewhat of a pity. During the decomposing process, half of the energy would be lost. Not only that, there was no fixed amount of Origin Essence Soul Pearls that could be broken down either.

If only one pearl was decomposed, even when half of the energy was lost, it would still not be suitable for any of his demonic beasts. It wasn't right for Luan Luan's Golden Jiao King either. Although it was jiao, there was no dragon's bloodline within its body so it could only stop at being a Golden Jiao King.

"I'm going to gamble on this. It would only be a waste to save something this good right now. At such a crucial time, I should use all possible methods to increase my strength since I'm going to face the Buddha Sect and Demon Gate of the Central Continent very soon." Qing Shui was firm about his opinions when he thought up to this point.

Looking at the time, he decided that it was better for him to enter the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal tomorrow to perform the decomposition. He still had to ensure that there was enough time to perform it. So he continued cultivating within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, trying to adapt his body to his current energy.

The next day, they continued their search. Although there was quite a number of formidable demonic beasts, their instincts were very accurate. The Berserk Dragon had died at Qing Shui's hands because it was stronger than Qing Shui and didn't treat Qing Shui as an opponent. It had never even thought of escaping even when death was in its face.

Demonic beasts would usually escape, as was their instinct. When Luan Luan fought, if she didn't need anything on the demonic beast, then she would let it escape. She fought for the sake of increasing her experience in battles and also to solidify her current strength.

The strength of Luan Luan's ten Earth Devouring Mice had also increased tremendously, especially the one that led the pack. Although there was still quite a distance before it could break through to Early Martial Emperor, there was still a good chance of it happening. This thing's ability to devour was very powerful. It could devour Origin Essence Soul Pearls that were much stronger than it.

"Daddy, what is that?"

Luan Luan suddenly pointed at something up ahead.

There was cave. A hidden cave situated halfway up a mountain.

"Let's go. We're going to take a look in there!" Qing Shui smiled at Luan Luan. He couldn't sense anything since it was too far so he could only go up there and have a look! There might be some treasures that were left behind in caves like these sometimes but the chances were very slim. Over these few days they had searched no less than ten caves but came up empty handed. Sometimes, they might even encounter demonic beasts.

As they were approaching the cave entrance, Qing Shui suddenly felt a wave of powerful pressure but then again it didn't really feel like it. They were at the Giant Beasts Mountains. He wouldn't be surprised if there was a formidable demonic beast in this cave and he didn't dare to be reckless right now.

However, this aura didn't feel like it belonged to a demonic beast. Yet it was intensely repelling.

Qing Shui summoned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Luan Luan cried out in alarm when the gigantic Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant appeared. The sudden appearance of such powerful and huge demonic beast had frightened her.

"Don't be scared. This is that Gigantic Diamond Elephant from before. It has evolved into a Dragon Elephant," Qing Shui hurriedly explained.

Luan Luan was surprised because this Dragon Elephant was too similar to the Berserk Dragon. The only difference between them was their colors. "This Dragon Elephant seems powerful." She exclaimed happily after hearing Qing Shui's explanation.

"Lass, you stay here. I'm going in to take a look."

"Be careful, Daddy!"

Qing Shui nodded as he expanded his spiritual sense and went inside the cave. The pressure here was different than the shrines. It wasn't as intense either. The moment he entered, he realized that there was a faint sacred and dignified aura here, causing one to feel deep veneration.

This appeared to be the hall of a temple. It wasn't huge and there wasn't any trace of wild or demonic beasts here. The dust on the floor was about half a foot thick. There were 16 small stone pillars that were scattered in groups of four.

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