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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1003-1005


Chapter 1003-1005

AST 1003 –Son: Qing Long, Decision

The thing on Qing Shui's mind the most was Lion King's Ridge. He did not know what their strongest strength level was. Demon Gate was another thing but the thing that worried Qing Shui the most was the other four continents.

Qing Shui felt that strong sects like Lion King's Ridge and Demon Gate would definitely have people entering the other four continents. Further, there should be other families and sects in the other four continents as well.

Going to the other four continents could accelerate cultivation. They could also strengthen their abilities. Without thinking about going to the other four continents, he could not even be certain if he could handle someone that came over from the other four continents.

The strength of the other four continents was a mystery to Qing Shui. If a ten thousand stars strength martial artist came over, he would not be able to deal with it. To find someone on the five continents with the strength of ten thousand stars was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. But on the other four continents, everything was possible.

In the end, Qing Shui did not want to think about it anymore. Working hard to raise his own strength was the way to go. Someone from the five continents or the other four continents, if they come he will strike them.

The Spirit Gathering Lamp seems to be stuck at fifth stage. Qing Shui was not sure whether there was a sixth stage. Right now, only Fire Bird benefitted the most, since it could get to a destructive power of six thousand stars. However, bound by the rules of heaven and earth, one could only exert the strength of five thousand stars. However, if under the effects of Four Phases Formation, then Fire Bird's strength can rise a bit more but was still only a little bit higher than five thousand stars.

Unknowingly he had already returned to Qing Clan for almost a year. Zhu Qing was already eight months into her pregnancy. ……

Two months went by in a flash.

Qing Shui was pacing outside the door. Zhu Qing was inside the room about to give birth. Qing Qing had already given birth ten days ago;it was a boy. All of Guo Clan had come to visit.

But right now, it was Zhu Qing. Qing Shui did not know the reason as to why he was so nervous but he was also happy. He felt a bit guilty about Zhu Qing, had he not made up his mind back then, Zhu Qing would still be alone in the Skysword Sect right now.

Right now, Qing Shui was happy, especially since she was pregnant. A woman without any blood-related family was lonely. Even if she married into Qing Clan and Qing Shui plus everyone treated her nicely, she would still feel lonely and insecure. That was because Qing Shui had more than one woman and could not always stay by her side.

A child could let her feel not as alone anymore. Now that she had someone related by blood, it also tied her deeply into Qing Shui's family. It was blood ties, the feeling you get from family ties that were closer than social relationships.

Even in his previous life, it was said that a marriage without children was not perfect. Children were the link between parents, family and racial prosperity. Husband and wife started out without being related. Feelings could fade, only by changing feelings into familial bonds would they become everlasting. Without children, feelings could also become family love but this bond was more brittle than those couples who had children.

In the past life, there were survey results that indicated couples with children divorced far less than those without. Children could link parents together, slowly evolving feelings into familial affection.

Waaaaaaa! Just as Qing Shui lost focus for a bit, a high-pitched cry came from the room. Qing Shui immediately ran into the inner house.

After arriving in the room, Qing Yi and several of the women were here. At this moment, Qing Yi was embracing a child wrapped in an embroidered cloth. The crying was coming from there.

Qing Shui sat beside the bed and held onto Zhu Qing's hand. Seeing his woman with a smile of happiness, he felt satisfied. Qing Yi passed the baby to Qing Shui while smiling.

"It's a boy, quick think of a name!" Qing Yi smiled while looking at her son.

Qing Shui looked at the baby that was as bright as jade. In his previous life, he had seen a newborn looking ugly and dull. Most of them would only become beautiful after some time but there were always exceptions.

However, when Qing Shui watched Qing Zun's and Qing Yi's birth, both were like carved out of jade. This little guy was the same, he also had big eyes. Qing Shui embraced the little guy and shown him to Zhu Qing.

"Hope my son becomes as successful as a dragon. Let's call him Qing Long!" Qing Shui said and paused.

Combining his last name with dragon sounded awesome. Everyone agreed with a bit of laughter. Qing Shui's children could be called anything and it would still sound good.

Zhu Qing happily called her and Qing Shui's child by name. The little guy had already fallen asleep. Others also took their leave after seeing that everything went by alright. The only people left were Qing Shui and Zhu Qing who were watching their baby sleep.

He gave a Constitution Nurturing Pill to Zhu Qing and gave her some All Aspect Nourishment Soup to eat.

Zhu Qing looked at Qing Shui, though most of her attention was placed on the little guy. Her face was filled with a blessed expression. Seeing his own woman in happiness, Qing Shui's heart was surprisingly peaceful.

"Qing Shui, I have never been happier in these past few years." Zhu Qing reached out to touch her baby's face. He was a part of her that tightly linked her to Qing Shui.

"Hereafter, everyday will be filled with happiness. I will let you be the happiest girl in the world. As long as you are happy, I will be happy," Qing Shui said while holding onto Zhu Qing.

The first time she met him, she had only considered Qing Shui to be a delicate boy but right now she felt like she was younger than him. This was a type of change. The reason for this change was that he had become stronger inside and out.

Qing Shui left after Zhu Qing fell asleep. He went to visit Qing Qing. Guo Polu's mother was still here. Guo Yanglong had stayed here for several days, unwilling to leave. However, Guo Clan had many things to take care of and Guo Clan only had Guo Polu as their only son. Guo Polu and Qing Qing's child would be regarded as the treasure of the family.

New years had just passed, this time Qing Clan did not return to Hundred Miles City.

Now, Qing Shui's strongest beast was the Fire Bird since Spirit Gathering Lamp had additional effects to the lethality of Five Elements Magic. For other beasts like the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, it did not help its attacks.

Thunderous Beast could but in its current strength it did not meet the requirement to consume the Hallow Pellet. Thus, he had been providing it with Ice Snow Sacred Fruit. Perhaps he could somehow find a way to craft some Demonic Beast Origin Essence Soul Pearls for it. However, coming across these things was not easy.

Luan Luan would breakthrough Martial Emperor soon. It would take at most one month but could take as little as three to five days. …… "Jiange!"

At the hill behind Heavenly Palace, Qing Shui found Yiye Jiange lost in thought.

"Why are you alone being melancholy and moody without calling me?" Qing Shui said with a smile while walking towards Yiye Jiange.

"It's alright, you don't have to try to cheer me up. I only came here to check things out," Yiye Jiange laughed.

Qing Shui grabbed her hand without any signs of embarrassment. It was as soft and tender as jade, what a wonderful feeling. He dared not look at that otherworldly face, "Let's go, your husband will accompany you."

Yiye Jiange grudgingly glared at Qing Shui but Qing Shui did not turn his head back.

Not far from where they were, there was an area covered in pear trees. Now that it was spring, a field of snow white pear blossoms as far as the eye could see bloomed beautifully.

"As soon as I can, I will bring you and Luan Luan to Lion King's Ridge with me." Since his advancement in strength, Qing Shui was certain he would be able to bring Huo-yun Liu-Li to Demon Gate. The only thing he would need to do was to give Huoyun Liu-Li some notice.

He was not certain whether Huoyun Liu-Li knew about her past but her foster parents had hoped Qing Shui would take her to Demon Gate at least once if he was capable.

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui seriously, "Are you certain?"

"Possibly … …"

"Qing Shui, I don't want you to risk yourself," Yiye Jiange said while sighing.

"Elder Lin is from Northern Sacred Lu Continent's Lin Clan," Qing Shui said softly.

"The Talisman and Seals Ancient Houses' Lin Clan?" Yiye Jiange asked looking at Qing Shui.

"Should be. My Heavenly Talismans were taught by elder Lin. Central Continent has several families that know about Talisman and Seals."

"I was in the area, however Northern Sacred Lu Continent's Lin Clan was stronger in Talisman and Seals. Or to say it in a different way, their Talismans were especially strong. Just like grades in martial arts, Lin Clan's Talisman and Seals were at least a grade higher than the rest."

"Lin Clan was also targeted by Lion King's Ridge. Destitute and homeless. I am not certain how many people are left," Qing Shui said helplessly while shaking his head.

Yiye Jiange was silent, she did not know what to say.

"Jiange, do you know Lion King's Ridge well?" Qing Shui asked after a bit of thought. Given that Yiye Jiange was not young. At the very least, she had already had her coming of age ceremony.

"Not much but I know Lion King's Ridge was the strongest sect within the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. Their sect has many Aristocrat Clans and superior martial artists. Rumor has it that many of those families had people become Immortals of the Land and then leave," Yiye Jiange said while looking at Qing Shui.

"Immortals of the Land?"

"We should travel to the other four continents!" Yiye Jiange explained.

Qing Shui thought of the answer but it was shocking. Lion King's Ridge had many ancestors in the other four continents. It was unsure how well they were doing over there or whether they still had contact with people on the five continents. It was also uncertain if any of them would return to the five continents if their members were injured.

Regardless, these one or two years would require more hardships in cultivation. Even if people from that side were to come, Qing Shui would still want to beat them to a pulp. He hoped that Area Dominance could rise another grade. Through formations, it could rise a bit in strength, after all strength of over ten thousand stars could exert another one tenth power.

This moment, Qing Shui's confidence grew.

"Next year, we will go visit Northern Sacred Lu Continent!" Qing Shui said with certainty.

Yiye Jiange laughed and stopped asking whether he was certain. She could not see through this man anymore, nor could she stop him. The most important thing was, she had complete trust in Qing Shui.

Yiye Jiange was a Peak Martial Saint but there was still some time before her breakthrough to Marital Emperor. This visit to Sacred Land of Panacea had been beneficial in many ways, her abilities had risen. Given her efforts in cultivation, pellets and weapons, her strength had gotten to a level equivalent to what Mu Qing had originally been.

"Jiange, let me give you Gold Needle Acupuncture once, it will raise your strength."

Except, he was a bit hesitant at the end of the sentence.

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui's expression and could tell he had his reasons. She continued to gaze at Qing Shui as if to let him continue speaking.

"Although I have not mentioned this before, since you were my master but Gold Needle Acupuncture is best done naked. I'll keep my eyes close when I do it," Qing Shui said with a bit of embarrassment and unease.

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AST 1004 –Performing The Soft-Tendon Hand Technique Again, Gold Needle Acupuncture

Qing Shui felt extremely anxious after he finished his sentence. He didn't have the intention to defile this woman that he highly respected from the bottom of his heart. He was thinking of raising Yiye Jiange's strength to Martial Emperor as quickly as possible. Only then would she be able to use the Hallow Pill.

Qing Shui was nervous when he was talking just now. He didn't dare to make eye contact with her. However, he still gave her an earnest look after he finished speaking so that she could feel his sincerity.

He wouldn't have dared to say such things in the past. But he said it now because he had no intention of letting this woman go. So this was his first time taking the initiative, although it was a little impetuous.

Yiye Jiange looked into Qing Shui's clear eyes. She glared at him and slightly lowered her head. She had the medicinal pill that Qing Shui had given to her in her hands. She could feel the wave of powerful energy on it when she took a look at it earlier.

"How much can it raise my strength?" Yiye Jiange's voice was very soft.

Qing Shui was startled. He knew that Yiye Jiange was not talking about the medicinal pill but rather the Gold Needle Acupuncture. "This depends on individual aptitudes. It may double your strength or even multiply it several times but it may also only raise it slightly."

"Did you perform this on Luan Luan when she was little?" Yiye Jiange raised her head and smiled at Qing Shui.

"Yes. I have done this on our daughter when she was little. I had already helped to acupuncture her when we were at the Skysword Sect," Qing Shui replied with a smile.

"Just take it as you'll become my woman in the future and you'll feel less awkward about it……" Qing Shui advised Yiye Jiange, who had grown quiet once again. He had an indescribable feeling while he was saying all that to this extraordinary woman who had always been someone that mustn't be defiled in his heart.

"You have become more and more capable now. Do you enjoy speaking to me this way?" Yiye Jiange's face was tinted red. There was a hint of strangeness in the tone of her voice. Qing Shui immediately grasped her hand and squeezed it.

"I do!" Qing Shui laughed while he rubbed his nose with his other hand. For the first time ever, his face also reddened as it was the effect of blood rushing to his head in his excitement.

"Qing Shui, even if you performed the acupuncture on me once, it seems like my strength wouldn't be raised by too much." Yiye Jiange shook her head lightly and sighed.

"Woman, you are extraordinary in my heart. I adore you and want to love you dearly. It is very hard for me to bring myself to do this and you have never given me a chance. I have only found some courage after so many years. However, it is never my intention to force you. I have a medicine pill with me here that can allow your strength to increase by quite a lot. But this can only be consumed by Martial Emperor level cultivators," Qing Shui spoke his mind while he looked at Yiye Jiange.

Yiye Jiange was startled. "Are you confident that I'll reach the Martial Emperor after the acupuncture?"

"More or less. I will think about some other way. Normally it should take about half a year," Qing Shui said after thinking. Actually he didn't really dare to say that he would be able to greatly improve his strength within a month through Duo Cultivation.

"You really won't be able to see anything if you covered your eyes?" Yiye Jiange asked Qing Shui while she looked at him with her graceful and gorgeous eyes.

"I can see!" Qing Shui had no choice but to tell the truth when those indescribably beautiful eyes were just inches away from him.

"How honest of you. Come to my room tonight……" Yiye Jiange left after she finished speaking.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and smiled wryly. His women and slightly older children had all been acupunctured before. Although strength wouldn't exponentially increase when this type of acupuncture was received at a young age, the speed of cultivation would be increased. So it was fair to say that the resulting effect of acupuncture was best when received at a young age. Although there was no issue in receiving the acupuncture at Yiye Jiange's age, it was a little awkward because Qing Shui was a man.

When Yiye Jiange agreed with Qing Shui, he knew that she wouldn't marry another man in her life. Qing Shui smiled. He didn't want to let a woman like her go, no matter how outstanding the other man was.

This was a change in his mentality. If his woman didn't love him but instead loved someone else in the past, he would really choose to let her go. But now, he realized that he had changed.

During the daytime, Qing Shui guided the others from the Qing Clan on their cultivation. But Yiye Jiange's elegant eyes and that intoxicatingly shy face of hers kept emerging in his mind.

Qing Shui had his own room. His women and even the entire Qing Clan knew that he cultivated at night. So basically none of them would bother him at night without a good reason.

It was still early. Qing Shui normally entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal as soon as the next day came and stayed there until the sky was slightly bright, spending a total of six hours.

After having their dinner, some went to the backyard to cultivate while some returned to their own private rooms to cultivate. Qing Shui was instead making his way towards Yiye Jiange's room nervously.

The distance between their rooms wasn't far. In fact, the distance between Qing Shui's room and the few women's rooms wasn't that far either. They were basically near to each other, with one room in between at most. But the rooms here were vast as they all contained one small living room and bedroom.

Qing Shui gently pushed Yiye Jiange's door and it opened. He immediately locked it after entering.

He was in the small living room. He saw Yiye Jiange somewhere nearby when he turned his head around. The two of them remained silent. Qing Shui still felt a little awkward so he could only smile and approach her. Even if a man wasn't shameless, he'd have to be brazen at times like this.

He took her hand as they made their way towards the bedroom.

At this moment, Qing Shui discovered that Yiye Jiange's hand was slightly cold and would tremble from time to time. He sighed ruefully too at the fact that a woman that was as divine as her had always been single.

Qing Shui had always felt that Yiye Jiange paid very little attention to things like emotions and affection between a man and woman. She wasn't being cold about it but was rather indifferent about it. However, Qing Shui couldn't really ask anything about it right now.

"You're very nervous?" Qing Shui teased Yiye Jiange while holding her hand.

"You're merely a naughty child in my eyes. I'm not nervous at all," Yiye Jiange retorted when she saw the teasing look on Qing Shui's face.

"Good to hear that. There's actually nothing to be nervous about. As long as you're not fully prepared, I'm not going to do anything. Just let me know when you are ready," Qing Shui said ambiguously.

Although Yiye Jiange was pretty much inexperienced, she figured out what Qing Shui was trying to say after connecting the dots and seeing that strange look on his face. "You should remember what you have said," she said weakly after rolling her eyes at Qing Shui.

"Of course. By then, I must make Jiange fall in love with me. I want Jiange to take off my clothes of her own will on our wedding night," Qing Shui said heroically…….

"Go to hell!" Yiye Jiange knocked on Qing Shui's head.

Their banter had eased the tension. The two of them arrived at Yiye Jiange's bedroom. Her bedroom was untainted by even a speck of dust. That snowy white fluffy bed and the bolster on it made him feel great…

Qing Shui wasn't hurried about performing the acupuncture. He was instead feeling her pulse from time to time or pressing on the acupoints on her body, arms and shoulders with his hands.

The ecstatic Soft-Tendon Hand Technique!

By now Qing Shui's skill had become even better. Without realizing it, Yiye Jiange was already leaning in his arms weakly. Both of her hands were placed on Qing Shui's shoulders while Qing Shui was massaging and pounding softly against her back with both of his hands.

"Sweetheart*, you better remember you own words. Otherwise I will ignore you for the rest of my life." Yiye Jiange was giving him a slightly coquettish look with her charming eyes. [TL Note: In the raws, Yiye Jiange addressed Qing Shui in an endearing way as how one would address someone who brings you a lot of troubles yet you are unwilling to part with them or when you are in a love-hate relationship with someone.]

When Qing Shui saw the current condition of Yiye Jiange, he wouldn't doubt her words either. He was really regretting what he had said just now, something about the wedding night.

Even so, his blood was still racing from the way she addressed him. He fell backwards, causing Yiye Jiange to end up on top of his body. Her perky and bouncy breasts were pressed flush against Qing Shui's chest. The pressure and bounciness were shocking.

Since Qing Shui remembered his words, he wasn't going to devour her. Instead, he could send her to heaven in another way. He placed both of his hands on her perfectly round and divinely gorgeous perky rear. Even with clothes in between them, he could feel its smoothness and softness. That wonderful sensation was indescribable.

"Qing Shui, where are your hands going…" Yiye Jiange asked. Her entire body had gone limp and her eyes were already glazed over in pleasure.

"I won't devour you. I'm helping you to improve your blood circulation before the acupuncture. Does it feel good?" Qing Shui laughed shamelessly. The speed of his hands that were fondling her body increased even more.

Qing Shui suddenly felt Yiye Jiange's body tremble. Her limp body suddenly went stiff for a moment. Then it went limp even more than before. It was as if she was really boneless.

"Do not move!"

Yiye Jiange's cheeks were burning right at this moment. Her eyes were shut. Even her eyelashes quivered. She didn't dare to look at Qing Shui.

Qing didn't expect a refined woman like her would be in such state. Given a long enough time, his ecstatic Soft-Tendon Hand Technique could satisfy a woman in another way when used on their sensitive spots.

Qing Shui remained unmoving as he tightly held her and chuckled, "How's my skill?"

"I'm going to take a bath!"

Yiye Jiange got up and left hurriedly.

Qing Shui had only done all this to loosen up Yiye JIange. In no less than half an hour, Yiye Jiange emerged again wrapped in a snowy white towel. Her silky hair was draped over her shoulders, causing her to appear alluring. Qing Shui was dazzled by her exposed skin that was fair like the snow.

"You don't have to cover your eyes anymore. Just don't stare…" Yiye Jiange said softly while she took a seat beside Qing Shui.

"I can only look at your back since you are sitting in front of me. I'm not gonna look at whatever that's on the front side. Don't be alarmed if I touched what I shouldn't touch. Just take it as you will also be mine in the future anyways……"

"Brat, stop saying nonsense. I know you want me to relax. If I am willing to do this, do you still need further explanation?" Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui laughed. He slowly reached out to take off her bath towel, her jade-like body that was like the work of heaven revealed before his eyes. Her fair and silky skin was lustrous like jade.

Her delicate neck was long and the mounds in front of her chest seemed like they would be able to fit just right into his hands. They weren't huge but round and perky. On top of that, they had the most perfect shape.

Qing Shui took out his Gold Needles and started to perform the acupuncture without misbehaving. He didn't really avoid anything. Yiye Jiange closed both of her eyes instead. Her beautiful face was red. She stopped caring if Qing Shui was looking or not.

A lot of acupoints on her body were half-cleared and she only had one at most that was about to be cleared. Seeing up to this point, Qing Shui was extremely happy. Clearing these acupoints would be a great enhancement. Her strength in battle would also be raised tremendously.



Nurturing constitution, arousing potential, clearing acupoints, strengthening meridians and dantian.

Three hours passed in just a flash.

There were at most 108 needles on Yiye Jiange's body at one time. They covered almost her entire body. Of course this also allowed Qing Shui to take a good look at every part of her. There were even three Gold Needles at the edge of her most private place. Even the indifferent Yiye Jiange was so embarrassed that she was almost defeated.

After Qing Shui was done taking them off one by one, she immediately went off to take a bath, not daring to even spare another glance at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he put away all the Gold Needles.

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AST 1005 –Jiange and Luan Luan's Breakthrough, Advancing Qing Shui and Qing Clan by 50 Years.

This time, Yiye Jiange came out very fast. On top of that, she came out dressed neatly. But her complexion was glowing and translucent like jade. She was slightly averting her gaze from Qing Shui.

"How do you feel? What's your strength now?" Qing Shui asked with a smile.

Actually Qing Shui more or less knew that too, he was just striking up a conversation. Her full strength could reach up to 120 stars with the Violet Jade Sword in her hands. Her physical strength was about 20 stars, her cultivation techniques and weapons provided a twofold increase respectively.

This acupuncture had pretty much allowed Yiye Jiange to take a big leap. Yiye Jiange happily told Qing Shui about her strength. Qing Shui didn't ask her to consume the Violet Qi Pellet though.

It was a little wasteful for her to consume it right now. Qing Shui wanted to raise her physical strength to the maximum first so he found a type of medicinal pill that could increase strength by five stars. She had never consumed this medicinal pill before.

With this, her physical strength had reached 25 stars. Only then he let her consume the Hallow Pill and Violet Qi Pellet.

The Martial Emperor's barrier didn't appear. This most likely had some connection to her divine body. With this, Qing Shui knew now that the people who could ignore the barrier that hindered one from breaking through were not limited to only the women in the Portraits of Beauty.

In just a flash, Yiye Jiange's physical strength reached 255 stars. Each Hallow Pill could raise physical strength by 100 stars while the Violet Qi Pellet could raise by 30 stars.

Under the effects of cultivation techniques, Yiye Jiange's strength reached to 750 stars. The Violet Jade Sword that could increase strength twofold immediately allowed her strength to reach more than 2,200 stars.

Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui with a strange look on her face. There was a look of bewilderment in her eyes as she sat by Qing Shui's side. In just four hours, he had turned her strength upside down, even though this meanie had also taken some advantage of her in the process.

Qing Shui himself was aware that all this was mainly due to the Hallow Pill. It increased physical strength by 100 stars, which was simply too powerful. As long as one's cultivation technique was great enough, then strength would very rapidly increase by leaps and bounds.

The higher the cultivation technique's level and a higher realm would allow physical strength to become even more powerful. But zero consumption passive cultivation techniques were the most powerful, just like Qing Shui's Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection, Diamond Crossing Rivers, Nature Energy and State of Immovable as Mountains.

For ordinary cultivators, even active cultivation techniques that could increase physical strength were already considered to be very powerful. Those that were passive and had zero consumption could almost be considered paragon.

For average low level cultivators, their strength would be whatever physical strength they possessed. There weren't any amplification through cultivation techniques and weapons. A beginner weapon was only sharp and could break through defenses. But it wouldn't increase attack, so all those didn't count.

The surprises that Qing Shui had given to her over these few years were already too much. But this was simply inconceivable.

"You don't have to look at me like that. That's due to the medicinal pills. I snatched the ingredients from the Sacred Land of Panacea and concocted them into medicinal pills. It's a pity that each person can only consume up to two pills. It would've been better if they could be consumed without any limit." Qing Shui smiled at the woman who seemed to be a little stunned.

"Two pills are already very heaven-defying. If this kind of medicinal pills can be consumed by humans without limits, that would destroy the rules of Heaven and Earth. Besides, better medicinal pills have stronger drug resistance." Yiye Jiange laughed softly.

"You should rest early. I will send some better weapons to you later. This is no longer suitable for you to use." Qing Shui got up. He still had to enter the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Yiye Jiange nodded and saw Qing Shui off at the door with a smile. Qing Shui pulled her into a gentle embrace and then left. When he returned to his own room, he immediately went inside the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

A gentle and blissful smile appeared on Yiye Jiange's face as she watched Qing Shui's retreating figure.

After entering the Martial Emperor realm, she could use weapons that could increase strength threefold. Qing Shui was also able to forge those that could increase strength by threefold too. The Big Dipper Sword could increase fourfold due to the Wolf Fang. Besides, the Big Dipper Sword itself was also tempered from the very precious Seven Stars Silver Sand.

The Violet Jade Sword was forged in no time. This time, he had added a little bit of Wolf Fang and some pure gold. It was still mostly Violet Jade and the end product still looked like a Violet Jade Sword.

The attributes of the Violet Jade Sword had changed to being able to increase strength by threefold and had 10% chance of doubling damage. Other detoxifying effects had also been increased. Overall, he was quite satisfied with it. There weren't many weapons like this in the five continents either. Qing Shui discovered that the chance of doubling damage was a very powerful ability to have. Not only that, the rate was also very high.

Yiye Jiange's breakthrough was a beginning. The Qing Clan still had Canghai Mingyue, Mingyue Gelou, Luan Luan now and Di Qing was also almost there but they still needed some more time. In half year, all of them would be able to attain the Martial Emperor realm.

So this time in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui immediately forged a few weapons with almost the same abilities for Martial Emperor cultivators to use.

Roc Form's cultivation was very slow. It was also progressing increasingly slowly. So Qing Shui had turned back to cultivating the six forms from before.

Tiger Form!

Qing Shui unleashed a Critical Tiger Attack in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal's skies. An enormous shadow image of a gigantic tiger leaping out to kill was seen.


It then immediately shattered into pieces. But the killing intent, speed, power and pressure that it exuded at that one moment were extremely terrifying. The tiger form had already completely manifested. Although the power it unleashed couldn't match up to holding the Big Dipper Sword and Violet Star Thunder God, it could still be considered quite decent.

Qing Shui continued unleashing a few techniques of the Tiger Form. His movement was as natural as the moving clouds and flowing water. His mental state was also rising. His heart grew brighter as time ticked away slowly.

Among the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique, the first six forms out of the nine forms could be cultivated without any order and could be perfected. Just like Mingyue Gelou who primarily cultivated the Tiger form, she also cultivated the Deer Cantering technique and the Soaring Crane Steps. With her Tiger form's attack and its speed, she had already cultivated Tiger Form to the divine Connection Realm and had also reached the Manifestation Realm. But due to her lack in strength, she wasn't able to completely manifest it. When Qing Shui's strength was increased, he was able to suddenly learn some cultivation techniques by himself without any guidance. Even so, he reckoned that his current Tiger Form's realm was about the same as Mingyue Gelou's or maybe even inferior to hers.

If Mingyue Gelou broke through to Martial Emperor, she should be able to immediately fully manifest it.

Qing Shui's realm had only risen tremendously through his Tiger Form cultivation this time. He had a hunch that the last three forms of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique required the first six forms as a foundation.

This Tiger Form cultivation lasted about the duration of time where he could spend in the immortal realm. The remaining time was spent on cultivating something else. He still had to refine magic treasures in between.

When he exited, it was already bright outside. He quickly went to the backyard. This was the best time to practise his Taichi Fists.

"Daddy, you're late. The sun is almost up," Qing Yin called out with a smile when she saw Qing Shui. She was practising her Tachi Fist technique.

Qing Shui smiled and rubbed her little head before he found an empty spot and started cultivating. There was nothing to complain about the little lass's posture now. She mainly had to familiarize herself in it and to do that, she would have to practise it a thousand, ten thousand or even a million times. Practice makes perfect. This was the most stupid yet most effective method.

During breakfast, he carried the meal to Zhu Qing's place. Other than eating, the little fellow would be sleeping. Little children were growing their bodies so they spent most of their time sleeping. To be able to stay awake for two hours a day was very good already.

"Qing Shui, you better not come here and eat. It smell nasty here," Zhu Qing said with a smile.

With a child in this room, of course it wouldn't really smell great in here. But still, he didn't smell anything yet. The child hasn't consume any solid food and it had only been a short while so there wasn't really any odor in the room.

"Is there any odor here?" Qing Shui looked at Zhu Qing doubtfully.

"No!" Zhu Qing laughed.

Before Qing Shui went out, he kissed Zhu Qing and the little fellow.

Ten days later, Luan Luan broke through to Martial Emperor. Her physical strength was 20 stars. With the Heart of Seven Orifices that increased it by 20% and also in addition to other cultivation techniques and weapons, her strength had reached to 120 stars now.

The energy gained by the Hallow Pill was very pure. There was no need to worry about strength increasing too fast, causing instability in the realm. That was the difference between sacred fruits and average medicinal pills. Strength that was gained by normal medicinal pills still required some time to absorb, making that additional amount of strength truly become yours.

The beauty of sacred fruits was that the energy belonged to you. The energy that was in your possession could be fully controlled skillfully, as if it was gained along with the rise in realm. For example, if a person gained a tremendous amount of strength and he shattered a teacup now even when he had no problem in holding one usually. This was the outcome of a tremendous increase in strength without the realm catching up. If the realm had caught up, one should be able to completely control the energy in his body as his heart wished.

After consuming the Hallow Pill, Violet Qi Pellet and another type of medicinal pill, Luan Luan's physical strength reached 260 stars. Under the effect of her Heart of Seven Orifices, it immediately became 780 stars. With a Threefold Weapon in her hands, her strength became slightly more than 3,000 stars……

The Hallow Pill was powerful but Qing Shui's 'wonder' of forging played a big role too. In addition to their powerful cultivation techniques, Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan strengths were almost exactly 3,000 stars, at peak Grade Three Martial Emperor.

Luan Luan's breakthrough had caused the strength of Qing Clan to soar all of a sudden. Canghai Mingyue and Di Qing were also about to breakthrough. Qing Shui was very happy in his heart. He didn't really have to be to worried about his clan in the future.

Aristocrat Clans and Sects were powerful because they possessed many powerful cultivators. Qing Shui had raised Qing Clan's strength by relying on medicinal pills and forging. However, they were mostly relying on weapons. Without them, the Qing Clan's strength would be as different as Heaven and Earth. But then again, all powerful cultivators relied on weapons. Without their weapons, many cultivators were trash too. Just like a saying in his previous world, no matter how glorious you are, you are nothing when you run out of money. This was nonsense but it had pointed out one thing;regardless of the method, it would be fine as long as one could survive and defeat his opponents. Winning was everything and no one would listen to the loser's reasons. Sometimes, the losers didn't even get a chance to tell their reasons.

Although Qing Clan's strength had overall been increased by a lot, most of the people were still unable to be improved. Perhaps he had to wait until he could concoct powerful medicinal pills that could be consumed without any limit to improve them. Just like this Hallow Pill, it would have been better if it wasn't limited to only Martial Emperor's consumption. Otherwise, many people from the Qing Clan would have been able to become a Martial Emperor……

They could only grow slowly. Qing Shui was already very content now. He had already earned more than enough during his visit to the Sacred Land of Panacea this time. It had let him and the Qing Clan advance by at least 50 years.

Qing Shui had only thought of making everyone in the clan into a Xiantian cultivator back then, so he thought of all kind of methods to concoct the Xiantian Golden Pellet only for the sake of those additional 500 years of lifespan.

It was a different goal. Back then, even making everyone in the Qing Clan into a Xiantian cultivator was too high of a goal itself. Now that he was in a higher position, his expectations were different. A man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. In this situation, Qing Shui wasn't even sure if one should know contentment or not.

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