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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 10


Chapter 10 - Concealed weapon, lonely nimble fist

’’Concealed weapon technique!’’ Qing Shui was thinking about the concealed weapon technique!

Indeed, today happened two simultaneous happy events in the family. For a long time he couldn't break through the ancient strengthening technique but now he was able. Not only his strength advanced by leaps and bounds, now he was able to cultivate the concealed weapon technique. Qing Shui was aware that now was the time for the weapons age and for the concealed weapon is was quite formidable, especially in the hands of an expert. The so called weapon was easy to hide and attack on the back and quite difficult to protect from them. It was very rude to compare the might of the concealed weapon with the common bow and arrow or even a crossbow. The concealed weapon was not even a bit inferior compared with them.

The remarkable of a concealed weapon was that could accomplish something when you less expect. When you reach certain level, you could even shoot a willow leaf to kill a person and don't even speak of a pebble or something else! Therefore, in this time an expert on concealed weapon would be formidable!

When breaking though the second layer of the ancient strengthening technique, Qing Shui understood that the technique was the foundation of it. And only when he cultivate to a higher realm he would gain more skills. Only when he has more physical strength and metal force he would be able to learn more things!

He felt his body brimming with force. Qing Shui in his mind he has more than twenty years, but after all he was only a feeble scholar, but now, even though he was a kid, in only a few years he was able to lift a stone lock of more than 800 jin. Now a year later, it's was granted that he was able to lift huge stones of more than 1000 jin thanks to his breakthrough!

After having a breakthrough, the strength of 1000 jin it felt small. Looking at the basement corner, a huge stone block, he suddenly sends a fist towards and broke it in many pieces


Many stones flew. Qing Shui feels now more comfortable with his punch and more considerably satisfied with the strength of his fist. The strength surpassed what he imagined!

When thinking in my mind about the method to cultivate concealed weapons in addition to the body acupuncture, it came out a technique together with how to master its power. Unexpectedly was a method have flexible hands, a fighting technique of agility and it was called the lonely nimble fist!

’’What a strange name!’’ Looking at the name, he never showed a smile!

The lonely nimble fist have only a move, nevertheless, one change into two, two into four, four into eight, and it's said that if you practice it to the peak, then you would have countless changes. It could change your arm making it extremely flexible, but the most important was that could make you able possible to practice any technique!

Thinking of his world history of his past life, about a certain concealed weapon expert which becomes a hero under the heavens and all started with a throwing knife on his hand. It's clear that concealed weapon continued being formidable and matchless!

At the very same time he tried roughly and slowly to imitate the ten moves with dozen of punches, but as if there was any change, there wasn't any!

From his stomach came a sound and taking a look outside it was already noon. He actually stayed on the basement for a whole two days but he was capable of acquiring superficial knowledge about how to use the technique on a morning and it was also early in the morning!

Washing happily his whole body and putting food on his mouth, he at once went out from the basement!

’’I'm really bored, apart from cultivate there is nothing to do. After all I can't act like a kid of ten years old and play with other kids!’’ Depressed, Qing Shui patted his head!

Precisely, because Qing Shui should not be in touch with people of the same age plus he cannot be too outstanding in front of adults. And although he has a reputation as intelligent he doesn't want to be recognized as evildoer. He was still a lonely fellow and it was natural because they still think that he was a waste. After all in the Qing Family disciples, Qing Shui was in the blue lotus second layer and was in the bottom compared with everyone! And not only that, he was the biggest in his generation and still was in the martial servant stage. Qing Hu was in the warrior stage because martial servant was used to measure the age, and as long you practiced martial arts for three years you would be in the warrior stage. So you can clearly see how pathetic Qing Shui was in the martial servant stage!

’’Forget about it, what can they understand? As long as I know what path I have to pursue, one day the whole world will look at me. How they will understand these small fry the ambition of the great? Although my path is very far and difficult!’’

’’Qing Shui!’’

Qing Shui hears somebody calling him and looking at his back he found that was Qing Hai!

’’Ah, fourth uncle!’’

’’Why you didn't go to train this morning? Or it's that your body is feeling bad!’’

’’Oh, is not that, fourth uncle. Yesterday I stayed up to late training and today I fell asleep. I will pay attention the next time!’’ Qing Shui said while scratching his head and feeling embarrassed!

’’It's not good, pay more attention to your health. Only the effort is slowly accumulate every day or you will become fat slowly!’’ Qing Hai saw during these past years the inhuman effort that Qing Shui did with his own eyes! It's was good that his nephew has not become as cold as it was a year ago. It's was not unreasonable, in the family many were happy but also Qing Shui didn't care for them, only his mother, Qing Yi!

’’En, I'm aware, fourth uncle!’’

After Qing Hai leaves, Qing Shui returns to the Qing Family entrance, even when he was walking he was swaying his fist according with the lonely nimble fist!

The ancient strengthening technique already makes him powerful and flexible but ordinary people cannot understand that it can easily be done, even was possible to do two things at once. He was matching the pace of his feet with his breath and slowly and his movement becomes harmonious as well!

For more than a year Qing Shui trained his inhuman strength and his sturdy body. Until now he hasn't learned any other technique. If he were to fight against another person he could only use his brute force, but they must not underestimate him. His ancient strengthening technique was shaping his body with super exercises! Qing Shui sees the ancient strengthening technique as the most important! But yet he is more aware that the martial arts are with the same importance, because a genuine killer uses also combat skills!

Gradually Qing Shui becomes skilled using the technique and when the people see him, they only see a blur! Qing Shui felt that it was like grappling technique like the ones of his past life, but only better than it! And it resembled the singing spring fist with a personal bunt!

The cause must be the ancient strengthening technique together with the blue lotus, or maybe he was about understanding and fusing them. Qing Shui is already aware of it because he knows his meridians and acupuncture points on his whole body like the back of his hand! And not only that, he is aware that those acupuncture points are weak points as well!

’’Since the lonely nimble fist uses a fist then it must be capable of hurting people. A fist is also a kind of sharp weapon!’’ Qing Shui was thinking deeply!

’’En, with these moves I can exercise the flexibility of hands, arms, and even the joints. As well attack the acupuncture points on the joints of his enemies or even their weak arteries in where they rely on their fist techniques!’’ Qing Shui was happy like he was able to found a whole new world!

The fist technique keep changing along with him thinking, so much that he reached an inconceivable extent, nevertheless, Qing Shui was with his eyes closed at this moment because his motive was to practice. At the same time his mind was whirling, he was reflecting on how to change to defend and to attack theses acupuncture points!


Immediately Qing Shui stopped walking, he entered into one kind of vacant state!

An enlightenment!

If people would see this, then they would be with their chin downwards because this type of state can be discovered but not sought because somebody could train hard decades and they may not see one. There is a Buddhist saying that if you have enlightenment then you would become a Buddha immediately due to how rare is it to have one, but at the same time it's a opportunity big as the heavens!

Qing Shui doesn't know that he had an opportunity big as the heavens. He thinks that it was natural for using the ancient strengthening technique, so much that the blue lotus was working together with the nimble solitary fist making possible to display the complicate details. He only thought that everything was methodical arranged beautifully!

Qing Shui woke up from his enlightenment and was already noon. Like he was in sort of a big dream but it was so clear like it was real!

Qing Shui rapidly stretched his hand and played the technique in the same way that he had imprinted in his memory. Regardless of his strength, he was able to grasp it accurately and because he gained insight that he was a bit strange...

That was the enlightenment true power, rich of experience and even upgraded the ones he had!


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