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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 1


Chapter 1 - Qing Shui from the Qing Family.

This small village that was surrounded by mountains had beautiful scenery together with flowers everywhere. It is a thriving landscape. The fragrance of the blue sky was penetrating through the air shaking the spirit of the people!

A boy of approximately 5 years was seated in a hillside. The body of this boy was thin and awfully weak. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't let out any word. If somebody saw this boy, they would be astonished by thinking what handsome he was due to his delicate and pretty small face together with his two beautiful black eyes. The only thing was his eyes which expressed solitude which didn't matched with his age.

’’For what reason I did come here for 5 years? This world is completely different from mine and is not from my world's history. The only thing that I know is that this continent is called Kyushu!’’

’’Why my whole family can practice martial arts and I, this waste can't? If I make a little of exercise, this body can't breathe well, my heartbeat accelerate and even I could lose consciousness!’’ Qing Shui mutters repeatedly!

’’It's an unfathomable mystery why I ended here when I was playing Fantasy Westward Journey with my classmates!’’

’’Qing Shui! Qing Shui!’’ A woman's voice was heard. Qing Shui restored his naïve and happily expression.

’’Mother! I'm here!’’ When he finished talking, he waved his hand and ran towards the village where the woman was.

’’Why did you run so far again, child. If later I, your mother have to bring you back!’’ The woman which was laughing with affection pulled her hand and grabbed the small hand of Qing Shui!

Immediately his heart felt very warm. When he came to this world, he was inside the woman's body as he had not been born yet. Although it had passed five years and still he didn't know why he was here, he didn't want to think about this for now. And although the others treat him like a waste, he knows that his mother loves him and treats him as a treasure!

Although when Qing Shui born he didn't saw his father, this graceful and beautiful woman raised him from childhood until now.

Qing Shui's mother was called Qing Ji and she was a person from this village belonging to the Qing Family. This mountain village is one of the biggest. The Qing family is one of the most influential around more than hundred li and because the connections of the Qing familiy and prosperity in addition with their hereditary martial arts, they can be considered as one of the three most influential families in the city.

As result of being one of them and being closest villages near the Qing Family they cannot provoke us easily. Qing Shui is aware that in this world, the martial arts are prevalent. That's why everyone of the Qing family must practice martial arts starting from the age of five, but he is the exception.

Because his is one of the normal people in his family, he can only practice a crude physical strengthening technique. In his previous life he also wanted to become an expert and be able to move unhindered for the world, living a free and unfettered life.

Now that the opportunity came, he is a waste which is unable to practice martial arts. After having thought this to himself, he looks to the beautiful woman who was his own mother. She was watching him with her beautiful and kind eyes. Her eyes contained love, hope and unwilling...

Seeing hope in her eyes, Qing Shui lowered his head. He was afraid that she could see his expression. He was still afraid of looking at his mother due to the hope in her eyes, because each parent wishes for their child to become someone outstanding. It's only natural that his mother doesn't see him at as waste so he is afraid of disappoint her!

He is afraid that one day, this woman, his mother who raised him for about five years could leave him!

’’Qing Shui, you don't are hungry? You come to play and you forget when it's time to eat!’’ This woman is always so magnanimous. Qing Shui feels more and more that his mother is not someone ordinary. To begin, Qing Shui feels that his mother is the master's daughter of the Qing family, as result she receives respect from the people, but he later found that that wasn't at all!

’’Mother, I'm quite useless. Childs can practice but me not. Mother thinks like the others that I'm also a waste?’’ Qing Shui looked very gloomy.

The heart of Qing Ji hurts. She wishes everything for his son;nevertheless, his son isn't able to practice martial arts so her hopes were shattered. He would have to live happily in this village with no worry at all though all his life. That is his fate, so let it be!

’’Shui-er, all the children are the favorite to their mother. If your mother doesn't love you, who is going to? I'm going to tell you, you are not a waste;you are your mother pride. In your mother heart you are the most outstanding person. If you are happy then your mother is happy too, you know?’’ Qing Yi picked up Qing Shui and kissed him on the cheek!

Is long ago that he is used to this intimated movement. Qing Shui becomes quite happy. At very least he receive love and like he care for the others calling him a waste. Those who don't like him are irrelevant, he only feels unworthy of his mother love!

This village was located at the northest part. In ten-mile radius are the houses of the descendants of the Qing family. The master of the Qing family, Qing Luo has already 100 years as of result of cultivate to the Houtian peak. Although he is 100 years old, his appearance is similar to the a middle-aged man. A Houtian peak could live unto 200 years even if the ordinary person could live until thirty years!

Qing Yi was the daughter of the master of the Qing Family. The elderly had four sons and one daughter, being Qing Yi the smallest one she was treated like a treasure. Either way, they had more of twenty grandsons and granddaughters. It could be said that they were prosperous in having children! Qing Luo feels quite happy, having two generations of competent people he have a smile across his face, even looking at the waste Qing Shui. After all having many outstanding offspring he didn't have any responsibility. Being his nephew status somewhat special he would have a dull life and his daughter would be able to have a smooth and steady life. So Qing Luo had close his relatives although it was his nephew!

The Qing Family was a big estate and doesn't exist more than two villages. Qing Yi who was holding Qing Shui entered into the martial field. There was one granddaughter of Quin Luo giving birth to formidable fists. Each and every one of her fist was strong like a small tiger.

Qing Yi looking to the eyes of her son Qing Shui who appeared to be frustrated, let out a gloomy sigh. Looking at the small but yet very strong children can be more bad than good!

She softly buried his head into her chest to not let him see those children training!

The sound of ’’he’’ ’’ha’’ ’’he’’ sounded nonstop in the ear of Qing Shui, like those sounds were penetrating his ear saying the waste he is!


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