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Ancient One - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Practice

Yu He Zheng's eyes dilated. He was prepared to knock Li Yun Xiao out with his tiger fist, but he had no clue why Li Yun Xiao countered the attack with only one punch. He felt as if he were the prey, and Li Yun Xiao was the tiger instead.

He took a deep breath, ’’It's okay, Yu He Zheng. It's just that his moves are unusual. I am a seventh chakra cultivator, and there is no way I can't crush him!’’

Not paying much attention, Yu He Zheng missed. Li Yun Xiao suddenly appeared beside him and grabbed his arm, clenching tightly. The sudden pain made Yu He Zheng froze, and the chakra on his arm vanished.

Before Yu He Zheng had time to react, Li Yun Xiao followed up with a kick in the chest. Yu He Zheng attempted to get up painfully.

’’Sigh, this body.’’ Li Yun Xiao was really unhappy. If he were a little stronger, he would have screwed Yu He Zheng up by now.

’’No way, did anyone else see that happen?’’

’’How was that punch countered so easily?’’

’’Exactly! I can not even sense any Yuan Qi on that brat. Is he hiding his real power level?’’

Yu He Zhen had the same questions too. He would have given up, but his girlfriend was standing right behind him. Just when he was preparing to land another fist, the girl stopped him, ’’It's okay. Let's go somewhere else.’’

Wanting to prove himself, Yu He Zheng said,’’ Lan Duo, give me some time and I will beat the **** out of this guy and get the practice room.’’

Luo Lan Duo shook her head, ’’He got the room first.’’ She glanced at Li Yun Xiao, ’’ I didn't know that you improved so much. The Li clan seems to has some tricks up their sleeves. That move was pretty good. I could not sense the technique at all.’’

’’True.’’ Li Yun Xiao glanced at her.

’’You know him?’’ Yu He Zheng asked Luo Lan Duo.

She didn't answer him.

’’Li Yun Xiao, it's impossible to defeat me. You are a part of the Li clan, that alone can ensure you a bright future. Why so stubborn?’’

’’Li?’’ Yu He Zheng was a little surprised, ’’ That trash from the Li clan?’’ He had heard of him. Masters from the refinery union tried to train him but failed to do so.

’’That trash? That explains why I couldn't feel Yuan Qi on him.’’

’’Hmph, I heard that that brat had a crush on Luo Yun Duo. I think he got rejected.’’

’’Who cares about his family. With no actual power comes with no status! Who would want to marry Li Yun Xiao?’’

Li Yun Xiao still remembered what Yu He Zheng told him after his confession of love. ’’ My husband needs to be a hero, a hero that can protect his country! Even if you are from the Li family, you are still useless. Hmph, beat me some day, then I will consider what you said.’’

’’Welp, I'm not Li Yun Xiao.’’ Gu Fei Yang thought to himself. Back in the good ol' days when he was Gu Fei Yang, attractiveness wasn't a concern. Based on how powerful he was he could go out with anyone he wanted to.

’’Eh, She's pretty, but compared to the girls I met before, nah.’’

’’Hmph, you and Lan Duo? Go look in a mirror!’’ Yu He Zheng was still a little mad anyways.

Li Yun Xiao ignored him, and walked in the practice room.

’’Let's go, Luo Lan Duo.’’

As Li Yun Xiao entered the cultivating room, he looked around. It was about a hundred square meters. ’’ No time to waste! I have to open my first chakra to use Yuan Qi! Getting to the ninth stage will be easy if I practice now!’’

’’BAM! BAM!’’

He started to practice in the supreme body refining position. Besides the almost unbearable pain, a kind of qi started flowing through his chakra. This wasn't the yuan qi that he knew. This was the power of the body, Shen Qi!


Li Yun Xiao was thrown to the wall. Stars were flying around his head. Although a little painful, he couldn't hold back his laughter. ’’Ha, with a ten-fold force, the sun and moon position's effects are way better! Just two more days, I have about sixty percent confidence that I can open my first chakra!’’

While Li Yun Xiao was practicing, rumors of his fight with Yu He Zheng spread. Although Li Yun Xiao might have the advantage in moves, the opponent was a seventh chakra (technically they are not even in the first stage yet. This is the stage before the first stage and one must go through all nine chakras to get to the first stage) and he did not have even one chakra opened yet.

A few days later

A person walked out of the practice room, blood dripping all over him.


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