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Ancient Godly Monarch - Chapter 725


Chapter 725: Four Great Constellations

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After the disciple recruitment event by the Eastern Sage Immortal King had concluded, the people in the Royal Sacred Region were seized by a cultivation fervor. After they personally witnessed the strength of the supreme existences, their inclination towards the martial path, grew stronger and stronger.

As the core of the Royal Sacred Region, the Sacred Royal City was naturally even more so. Right now, there were already many who joined the Medicine Sovereign Valley. The Medicine Sovereign Valley had officially announced that they wanted a piece of the pie and would be contending against the Royal Sacred Sect. The news of their earlier battle was also circulated around and it's clear that the Medicine Sovereign Valley wasn't in anyway inferior to the Royal Sacred Sect.

That and in addition to the rumors of Zai Xuan abetting an external visitor to abduct the females of their own world to be used as cultivation furnaces, the reputation of the Royal Sacred Sect was no longer as high up as it was before.

However, there were also many rumors regarding Qin Wentian that was circulating around. Qin Wentian was narrowly selected as the disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor but because the immortal emperor discovered that Qin Wentian's character wasn't suitable, he rejected this disciple. Qin Wentian was too sinister and cunning to the extent where even the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor looked down on him, deciding to forsake him eventually.

This matter caused a huge uproar in the Sacred Royal City, leading to many people discussing it. After all, the scene back then at the immortal palace was clearly seen by all of them. This explanation does sounds somewhat logical.

For a moment, Qin Wentian's reputation was questioned by many. However with regards to all of this, Qin Wentian had never made any reply to it before. There was also another rumor that stated Qin Wentian was humiliated at the banquet and he wanted to avenge that humiliation no matter what. However, the other party was a supreme existence from the immortal realms. How could they be someone Qin Wentian could avenge himself upon?

This rumors were naturally spreaded by those of the Royal Sacred Sect, they were fanning the flames with the wind. But regardless of the experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley or Qin Wentian himself, they couldn't be bothered with it. Ever since he returned from the disciple recruitment event, Qin Wentian had never appeared in the outside world again.

In the blink of an eye, half a year passed.

Right now, in a certain location of the Royal Sacred Region that was covered by mist, an incomparably majestic immortal palace shimmered in and out of existence as though it was situated halfway in reality and in the void. It would disappear and appear at times and earlier, when the immortal senses of supreme existences swept over the Royal Sacred Region, they had also noted this place but didn't sense anything out of the ordinary.

But of course, the supreme existences wouldn't investigate too closely even if they did find something extraordinary. Even though this place is a particle world, if they focused, countless scenes would appear in their minds along with countless messages, and it could be quite confusing.

But if they were here at this misty location in person, they would certainly be able to sense the marvelous and unique energy fluctuations that hid this immortal palace away, causing the space here to be different compared to anywhere else in the Royal Sacred Region.

Inside this palace, Di Tian sat cross-legged on a slope as a brilliant picture scroll shining with resplendent light floated before him. The contents within were unfathomably mysterious and was exceedingly hard to understand.

Di Tian's entire being was immersed within. And within the scroll, runic lights cascaded downwards, lighting up Di Tian's surrounding. There were also some that directly entered his body, causing it to turn illusory and blurry, containing a myriad of changes within.

However at this moment, the picture scroll in Di Tian's hands trembled slightly. Instantly within the scroll, an intense rune imprint appeared as it transformed itself into a mysterious energy.

’’This is so difficult. It has been so long but I have no way to fully comprehend it. It seems that I've only just stepped into this vast dimension of sealing.’’ Qin Wentian mused in his heart. He only had a year of time to comprehend the secrets of this scroll. If he failed to, his memories of this place would be erased and he would be kicked out from the Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace.

’’The runic lights in the scroll resembles divine inscriptions. A connecting flow that is linked in countless ways, containing within them a myriad of transformations, fusing together to manifest a mysterious source of energy.’’ Di Tian stared at the air as he did his best to comprehend. As his cultivation base leveled up, his perception towards divine inscriptions also grew stronger and stronger. Back then, the feeling that manifested when he was cultivating the Spirit Refinement Method grew stronger and stronger.

The Spirit Refinement Method was something he found in the memories his father left behind for him in the tiny astral being. It allowed every particle of astral energy in his body to be refined into divine energy. And every particle of divine energy was actually a divine inscription. For example,, sword-type divine energy. This would enable him to manifest actual swords if he channeled it.

This kind of attacks were similar to innate techniques. Back then, he already sensed the connection between them. It was as though innate techniques were a variant of divine inscriptions and had innate attributes to them

Astral souls also contained innate attributes. The attribute of force, the attribute of dreams, the attribute of wind, fire, lightning, thunder, etc. The tiny astral being revealed the Spirit Refinement Method, the instant he stepped onto the path of his cultivation. From this, one could see how important his father has deemed this refinement technique to be, as it could guide his cultivation path.

divine inscriptions can be used for combat, or for inscribing formations. Regardless of whichever, they could achieve the same result as innate techniques albeit the differences in methods used. It was as though both of them stemmed from the same root and were a kind of usage that was an outlet to channel the energy of heaven and earth, as well as the attribute energy of oneself.

The only difference was that they were used in different settings.

Right now, the mysterious energy and boundless runic lights in the scroll, gave him a striking sense of familiarity. It felt as though seals were also a variant of divine inscriptions.

’’Sealing energy actually has no differences compared to other types of energy. It's merely a kind of attribute similar to wind, fire, lightning and thunder. Now, this body of mine has already condensed a sealing-type astral soul resulting in the fact that my body also has the sealing attribute. I only need to unlock the secret behind these runic lights and I can start to comprehend the profoundness of this scroll.’’

Di Tian immersed himself completely as he mused, ’’As to why seals are strong, it's because other than attribute energy, it also borrowed the even more powerful energy of heaven and earth, similar to formations created with divine inscriptions. It's extremely complex and after I changed my thought process a little, using the path of simplicity to complexity, I could finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.’’

As he thought till here, Di Tian discarded all his previous notions and started afresh with a new perspective, studying the resplendent runic lights in the scroll. He started to use another angle to contemplate and comprehend this.


Time flowed unconsciously by. It was so in the Vermillion Bird Immortal Palace, and it was also the same in the external world.

Within the Medicine Sovereign Valley, Qin Wentian had immersed himself in cultivation and had never stopped for a single moment. After stepping into the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, he could truly sense that cultivation had grown more difficult. Right now, every single step of improvement required not only a vast amount of astral energy to refine, he also needed to deepen his comprehension on true intents, and the nature of his constellation. Only then would his constellation grow increasingly perfect.

Right now, Qin Wentian's original body has already comprehended and condensed his third and fourth constellations.

His first constellation was the Dreamworld Constellation, evolved from his Great Dream Astral Soul. The Dreamworld had no boundaries and was a domain-type constellation, able to cause his opponents to be immersed so deeply that they had no way to extricate themselves. And circulating around his constellation, was a pure destructive might generated from his fusion of true intents.

His second constellation was the Sword Slaughter Constellation, evolved from his King Sword Astral Soul. It's destructive might was a notch higher, reaching the extreme and could slaughter all that was in his way obstructing him.

His third constellation was the Summon Constellation, evolved from his Demon Sovereign Astral Soul. It's ability was to summon many supremely strong demonic beasts to aid him in combat.

His fourth constellation was the Suppression Destroyer Constellation, evolved from his fifth astral soul, the towering giant. This astral soul had a violet-gold corona and was condensed from the 7th Heavenly Layer. This constellation was also the last constellation he had comprehended, and contained unfathomable power within.

After condensing four constellations, the only astral soul that Qin Wentian had not evolved yet was his Heavenly Hammer Astral Soul. It wasn't that he couldn't evolve it but it was just that from Qin Wentian's perspective, his current four constellation was already sufficient for anything. Even if he condensed a fifth constellation evolving his Heavenly Hammer Astral Soul, it would be useless as his combat prowess wouldn't be augmented.

And other than condensing these four constellations, Qin Wentian also spent a lot of time on the other aspects of cultivation. He didn't waste a single moment, and he also didn't continue dwelling on the events of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor's disciple recruitment. And since he was working so hard, he naturally wouldn't have the time to bother with the rumors. In this strength-oriented world, when he was suppressed by others, the people of the world would spurn and disdain him. But when he stood at an unprecedented peak, everyone would prostrate themselves in worship. This was a logic he understood very well.

’’You finally know it's time for you to take a break.’’ A perfectly beautiful female silhouette walked over to Qin Wentian with a warm smile on her face.

’’Stretching my muscles.’’ Qin Wentian walked to the side of Mo Qingcheng, hugging her willowy waist with both his hands as a look of enjoyment appeared on his face.

’’Lecherous wolf.’’ Mo Qingcheng pouted.

’’What...?’’ Qin Wentian embraced her even tighter. Mo Qingcheng lightly leaned against him in his embrace and spoke in a gentle tone, ’’In the outside world, many are discussing you. There are even some who wonder if you have already departed to the immortal realms since it has been so long since you last appeared.’’

’’Let them say what they like. In any case, I was preparing to head to the immortal realms too.’’ Qin Wentian casually commented. Ever since he knew that the Royal Sacred Region was a particle world, Qin Wentian's heart was seized by the desire to explore out of it. He wanted to traverse the boundlessly vast immortal realms to see what the real world look like for himself.

A true man would roam all four directions and let alone he had to fulfil the wishes of his parents and had to look for Qing`er. No matter what, he was destined to walk out of the Royal Sacred Region.

’’Can you bring me along?’’ Mo Qingcheng inclined her head and looked at Qin Wentian, the expression in her eyes seemingly could melt everything. She was truly worried. The immortal realms to her was simply too far away.

’’Silly lass...’’ Qin Wentian gently kissed her on her forehead. Afterwhich he added, ’’Let us go out for a walk?’’

’’Okay!’’ Mo Qingcheng nodded. Qin Wentian pulled her hand along as their silhouettes flickered, whistling through the air towards the exit of the Medicine Sovereign Valley without alerting any others.

Slowly strolling round the Sacred Royal City and breathing fresh air, Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng were akin to ordinary couples walking on the streets. Many people involuntarily turned their gazes over for no other reason than simply because these two people were too dazzling. Qin Wentian's demeanor coupled with Mo Qingcheng's beauty. And also right now in the Royal Sacred Region, was there even still anyone who didn't know who Qin Wentian was?

Half a year ago in the immortal palace, the scenes that played out there was broadcasted to everyone in this world. The people of this world have all seen him before.

Many people were whispering to each other, silently stating, ’’That's Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng right? Mo Qingcheng is truly beautiful, but I didn't expect Qin Wentian to still be here in the Royal Sacred City. I wonder if the rumors are true, that the immortal emperor forsook him because of his character.’’

’’I heard that he was humiliated instead. And this seclusion of his took half a year and it seems that his mood has returned back to normal. In any case, Qin Wentian is a character that exudes magnificence throughout the generations. No one else was comparable to him, he could even contend against those geniuses from the immortal realms.’’

The voices of these people 'entered' into Qin Wentian's perception, causing him to smile bitterly in his heart. It wasn't a good thing to be overly famous, he can't even casually walk on the streets even if he wanted to!


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