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Ancient Godly Monarch - Chapter 659


The Emperor of the Greencloud Imperial Empire was personally appointed by the Greencloud Sovereign. He commands ten countries and enjoys immense authority. It’s obvious that he’s an avid supporter of the Greencloud Sovereign, and as an elder he has quite a high status in the Greencloud Pavilion.

Right now, he was in control of ten countries and wielded enormous power. As the lord of this area he collected the resources from the countries under him. He even married several women from the ten countries and was living a carefree life like an immortal. He was bold and decisive, fully prepared to merge all ten countries into one, removing each of their names. Only when he truly succeeded in that would he become a hegemon of an area.

Before this, he was also quite relaxed in the Greencloud Pavilion. Because of his old age, his talent had long ago burned out and his cultivation base stagnated at the seventh level of Heavenly Dipper. In the Greencloud Pavilion, he would always be suppressed by others.

But now, he finally flew up high in the skies like a bird. However, he never would have imagined that there would be someone in a small country like Chu that would be so unbridledly arrogant. Even issuing a summons for him to be here within seven days or he has no need to come here any longer.

As the emperor of the Greencloud Imperial Empire, with the transcendent power Greencloud Pavilion at his back, he truly wanted to see who in the world dared to be so brazen.

"Subject Chu Wuwei, quickly come and welcome his Majesty!" A loud voice shook the entire royal palace akin to huge waves that wanted to lift the Royal Capital up.

Within the royal palace, a row of figures stepped forth and a moment later, several people appeared. Chu Mang stood protectively near Chu Wuwei as they advanced forward, only to see Chu Wuwei’s gaze was on the Emperor of Greencloud Imperial Empire as he spoke, "Chu Wuwei respectfully welcomes your Majesty."

The Imperial Emperor was still seated within his dragon carriage. His eyes gleamed with sharpness as he stared at Chu Wuwei. Beside him, an expert clad in silver white armor announced from an imperial decree, "On his Majesty’s orders, the subjects of Chu are simply too brazen and arrogant. From today onwards, this country shall no longer be known as the Chu Country but the Chu Prefecture instead. The Greencloud Imperial Empire will personally govern this prefecture. Chu Wuwei, return with us to the empire;naturally there will be someone else sent by us to take charge of this place."

As the decree was read out, an uproar rose in the royal palace. Many were struck with fear as their countenances underwent a drastic change.

The Greencloud Imperial Empire was formally absorbing Chu in such a domineering and ferocious manner.

"Your Majesty, although my Chu Country is a subordinate to the Greencloud Imperial Empire, we are still an independent country. For this command, please forgive us for not being able to obey this." Chu Wuwei calmly replied.

"IMPUDENT!" That expert roared, exuding a fearsome aura. Chu Mang stepped out, standing in front of Chu Wuwei as his countenance turned ice-cold. His aura too erupted out, radiating a tyrannical intent.

"Your strength isn’t bad, to think that there would be someone in Chu with such a cultivation base. No wonder you dared to be so arrogant." The Imperial Emperor walked out of the dragon carriage. He was clad in imperial robes with a crown on his head, exuding a mighty pressure. His gaze swept past the royal palace as he laughed, "From today onwards, the males in here will be sent away to serve their penance and the females shall be sent into my palace and distributed among our loyal troops."

Those in the royal palace all felt great shock in their hearts as the faces of the females all turned as white as paper. To think that the Imperial Emperor would be so ruthless, treating them as items to be distributed. He simply didn’t view them as humans.

Overbearing, and tyrannical. The iron-blooded methods of the Imperial Emperor shook the entire Chu Country and caused the other feudal countries under them to not have any courage to even think about rebelling. The power of the Greencloud Imperial Empire could dominate everything, and as for those who dared to rebel, they would surely not have a good ending.

"What a vast country, this place truly isn’t bad at all. I heard that the females of Chu are all really pretty, I wonder if this is true or not." The Imperial Emperor softly spoke, his countenance radiating a majesty that made it so that others didn’t dare to resist.

Chu Mang’s aura erupted violently and he prepared to fight. However at this moment, he heard a thunderous rumble akin to a terrifying storm gushing over from the distance, containing an extremely fearsome might within.

"The reason I told you to get here in seven days is for you to repent, and not for you to strut around showing off your pathetic military strength."

As the sound of this voice faded, a terrifying sword qi vortex manifested in the air. The crowd stared in the distance as terror painted their countenances. After that, they only saw a King Sword producing a mighty storm that swept up the winds and clouds. Above Chu, the sky changed as sword qi ravaged the entire area, tearing apart the dome of heaven, even powerful enough to destroy the void.

The King Sword was gigantic and had the power to suppress and destroy everything. It slashed out straight towards the Imperial Emperor of the Greencloud Imperial Empire.

"Your Majesty be careful!" The countenances of those from the Greencloud Imperial Empire all drastically changed. Even the Imperial Emperor himself was shocked badly. The power of this sword might was simply irresistable.

"No matter what, I’m the Imperial Emperor of the Greencloud Imperial Empire under the orders of the Greencloud Sovereign. Do you dare to be so unbridled?" The Imperial Emperor howled. The gigantic sword tore through the air as the experts of the Greencloud Imperial Empire dashed ahead to block. However, as the sword whistled past, their bodies were all lacerated apart as showers of blood sprinkled in the air.

The countenance of the Imperial Emperor grew extremely ugly to behold. With a thunderous rumble, the gigantic sword descended. The might contained within was so great that it felt as though the heavens were crumbling. This sword was none other than Qin Wentian’s astral nova.

The aura of the Imperial Emperor surged up into the skies as he released his own astral nova. However, the King Sword annihilated everything as it swept passed. Great terror painted his countenance as he tried to flee. However, he only saw the King Sword directly pressing down on him. Slashing sounds rang out as his body was directly torn apart. Not even his bones remained.

"BOOM!" A violent boom shook this space as the King Sword impaled the ground. Those experts from the Greencloud Imperial Empire sensed the sword might and after personally witnessed the scene of the Imperial Emperor dying, their bodies couldn’t help but to tremble violently as their expressions were akin to dead ashes.

A single sword strike had actually slain the Imperial Emperor of Greencloud Imperial Empire.

Below, those from the Chu Royal Palace were all standing there dumbstruck, they felt as though everything they witnessed was a dream.

When the Imperial Emperor arrived, how dominant and arrogant was he? Just a single sentence changed the Chu Country to Chu Prefecture, wanting to send the males in the palace for penance and the females to be distributed around like goods. His presumptuous attitude was simply unrivalled in this world.

But in the blink of an eye, he was slain by a single sword strike. He didn’t even have the chance to counterattack. Trying to use the name of the Greencloud Sovereign to suppress others? Yet the person who killed him didn’t even care, he directly killed him with no mercy.

There were many people outside the royal palace who turned their gazes over. And when they saw this scene, a raging wave of awe and shock rose up in their hearts.

The Imperial Emperor, the Emperor of the Greencloud Imperial Empire, who had power over ten countries. Wasn’t he very strong?

But...he was killed by a single sword strike.

From afar, a white-robed figure walked over. This person exuded a faint demonic aura and by staring into his deep eyes, one could feel themselves getting lost within. This young man seemed to be below thirty years of age and it was precisely him who killed the Imperial Emperor.

"Is he the Qin Wentian that wanted the Imperial Emperor to show up within seven days?"

"Ten years ago he was the top ranker of the Jun Lin Banquet. Now, he returned with the number one beauty in Chu, Mo Qingcheng, and has plans to get married here in his homeland. The Chu Emperor even announced that the entire Royal Capital would be the place for their banquet.

"If I didn’t remember wrongly, he should only be twenty-eight this year. Returning to his hometown in glory, setting their wedding back here in Chu. How amazing is it that he slayed the Imperial Emperor with a single sword simply because the Imperial Emperor was brazen enough to come here in arrogance?"

Each of the spectators had different thoughts as they were all deeply moved. Right now, the gigantic sword whistled through the air again, causing the experts from the Greencloud Imperial Empire to shiver. However, he didn’t kill them;his King Sword astral nova returned to his body, yet this simple movement already caused all of them to shake in fear.

"Go back and inform the Greencloud Sovereign that I, Qin Wentian, will hold my grand wedding here in Chu. Tell him to show up when the time comes and attend it." Qin Wentian stared at these people as he emotionlessly spoke. In the past when he transformed into a primordial great roc and assaulted the Nine Mystical Palace with Fairy Qingmei and old man Greencloud, although he didn’t reveal his identity, those of the upper echelons in the Greencloud Pavilion all knew that the great roc was him. This Imperial Emperor wasn’t that high up in the ranks of Greencloud Pavilion, but the Greencloud Sovereign would definitely know of this matter. He believed that as long as these experts brought the news back, the Greencloud Sovereign would know who he was.

Different expressions flashed on the faces of everyone, yet a tsunami-like wave rocked their hearts. Could it be that this young man didn’t even fear the Greencloud Sovereign? If not, why would he directly kill the Imperial Emperor and even dared to tell the Greencloud Sovereign to show up by the time of his wedding?

"Roger." The experts replied as they departed swiftly one by one. They came here in full arrogance, yet when they departed they were like dogs of a defeated family. The Imperial Emperor was slain by a single sword strike, how ridiculous was this? What was sad was that before this, they were even announcing a decree wanting to change the Chu Country to Chu Prefecture. Now that they thought back to it, this matter was simply a joke.

Chu Wuwei serenely watched everything that happened, yet his heart was rocked by waves of amazement as well. From Chu Mang, he learnt the situation of Qin Wentian in the outside world, but when he saw with his own eyes how domineering this past top-ranker of the Jun Lin Banquet was, he felt as though he was in a dream. Not only him, everyone in the Royal Capital felt a sense of surrealism even now.

Qin Wentian nodded his head to Chu Mang and the rest before turning around and departing. To him, the killing of the Imperial Emperor was just an insignificant matter.

The death of the Imperial Emperor should be sufficient to let the Greencloud Sovereign and the master of Misty Peak know that he, Qin Wentian, has returned to Chu.

The event in the royal palace instantly caused an uproar in the entire Chu Country. Once again, Qin Wentian’s name resounded out, causing great waves. Countless people were all discussing about him with excited, animated expression on their faces.

The Mo Residence, Qin Residence, Emperor Star Academy, and the various powers after hearing this news, felt their hearts shaking and it was a long time before they regain their calmness again. Right now, how powerful was Qin Wentian exactly? He didn’t even fear a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant like the Greencloud Sovereign and told him to show up at his wedding?

However, a few days later when Gongyang Hong and a few others from the Greencloud Pavilion stopped by Chu to pay a visit, Qin Wentian had already departed from Chu.

In the vast space of Grand Xia, a figure in white was riding on a flying sword, whistling through the air. This white-robed figure stared down at the scenery below him as the shine of memories shone in his eyes. Chu was his home land, but Grand Xia was the place where he matured. He stepped into Grand Xia at the age of eighteen and grew up into a man here. There were simply too many events and memories.

Right now, he returned to this vast land once again. This time, the purpose of him returning was to settle everything he had to settle in Chu and Grand Xia.

The Grand Xia today, the various transcendent powers were similarly segregated into different regions. Other than the Great Solar Chen Clan and the Nine Mystical Palace of yesteryear, the other transcendent powers were as strong as ever. Despite the Pill Emperor Hall facing such a savage storm back then, they have recovered to their former state of power because of the return of Jun Yu. Using his status as a disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect, the Pill Emperor Hall began recruiting elite disciples once more, restoring their strength. Right now, they were still one of the transcendent powers ranked at the top.

As for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan in the Azure Continent, their development these few years wasn’t bad. Their only regret was that Ouyang Kuangsheng, one of their most elite juniors of the younger generation, was on bad terms with his clan. However, this was considered a small matter and not many paid attention to it.

At the same time in Grand Xia Empire, there were currents moving in the dark. Rumors stated that the Azure Factions under the Azure Emperor Di Cang, was preparing to make their move, wanting to be restored to their former glory. There were now two branches of the Azure Emperor Palace, one in the light and one in the dark!


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