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Ancient Godly Monarch - Chapter 657


The shock in Mo Feng’s heart was even stronger compared to Mo Yu. He was still standing there in an dumbfounded manner as he stared at Qin Wentian.

Was this his brother-in-law’s true strength? How powerful is brother-in-law exactly?

Ling Yue who was beside Mo Feng had a better understanding towards how powerful Qin Wentian was. Her face was filled with startlement, Mo Feng’s brother-in-law was actually acquainted with: Qian Mengyu, Gongyang Hong, and even knew about the Greencloud Pavilion and Misty Peak. In that case, he should know very well the tier of strength these two transcendent powers belonged to. Yet, he still stated in such a grand manner telling the Emperor of Greencloud Imperial Empire to come see him within seven days. And if those from the Misty Peak wanted revenge, get the master of their sect to find him directly? One could very well imagine the level Qin Wentian was at.

However, he was still so young? He should still be below thirty, right? Has he really achieved such attainments? It was too incredible.

"Mo Feng, the long spear I gave you is still on the ground. Don’t you want it any more?" Qin Wentian stated as he looked at Mo Feng.

"I do." Mo Feng scrambled over and picked his weapon up, only to truly feel at this instant how ‘heavy’ this weapon was. Only now did he know the weight of this weapon, it was a fourth-ranked divine long spear and the him right now simply wasn’t worthy of it. Maybe, only after he stepped into the Heavenly Dipper Realm would he be able to truly treat this as his own weapon.

"Brother-in-law, that dress you gave me, what level of power is it?" Mo Yu tugged on Qin Wentian’s arm, her countenance filled with the endless vitality of youth, regaining her earlier bubbliness.

"Fourth-ranked." Qin Wentian shook his head as a wry smile appeared on his face. Mo Yu giggled in happiness. In the entire Mo Residence, other than sis Qingcheng and her brother-in-law, only Mo Feng had a fourth-ranked divine weapon. Not only that, his fourth-ranked spear seemed even stronger compared to ordinary fourth-ranked weapons.

Mo Qingcheng couldn’t help but laugh when she saw this scene. Right now, she walked up and her gaze landed on Ling Yue as she spoke with a smile. "Mo Feng, are you not going to introduce your friend to us?"

"Ah…" Mo Feng started, he scratched his head and he wanted to extend his hand to help Ling Yue up only to retract it suddenly. Ling Yue was as though she could feel his intentions. Before he retracted his arms, Ling Yue voluntarily shot out her arms and held on to Mo Feng’s hands, her face tinged with the lovely pink of shyness.

Mo Feng’s heart pounded with increasing intensity, he stared at the smiling Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng as he spoke, "Ling Yue, this is my elder sis Mo Qingcheng, sis Qingcheng was the number one beauty in Chu ten years ago. But naturally, she still is now. And as for this, he is my brother-in-law Qin Wentian. When I was still very young, brother-in-law obtained the position of the top ranker in the Jun Lin Banquet when he was merely seventeen. After that, sis Qingcheng was harmed by someone else and brother-in-law roamed the world looking for her. Ten years later, he held sis Qingcheng’s hand as they returned to Chu to prepare for their wedding."

Ling Yue seriously listened as she stared at the immortal couple in front of her. Although Mo Feng only gave a brief introduction, his words caused currents of warmth to flow in her heart. She didn’t expect that the story between this couple would be such a poignant legend. After ten years, Qin Wentian returned in an overwhelming fashion and married the girl he fell in love with ten years ago. Would the story between her and Mo Feng be as beautiful as well?

"Sis, brother-in-law, this is Ling Yue." Mo Feng smiled guilelessly, tightly holding onto Ling Yue’s hand. He definitely must be like his brother-in-law, holding the hands of the woman he loved, never letting go for all eternity.

Mo Qingcheng retrieved a few bottles of pills and passed them to Ling Yue as she smiled, "The pills in the red bottle are known as the Spirit Washing Pills, the pills in the blue bottle are known as the Meridians Molding Pills, and the pills in the brown bottle are known as the Limit Break Pellets. Even if you are in the Heavenly Dipper Realm, you can break through to the next level by consuming one of these, save these for the future. The pills in the green bottle are known as the Revival Pills, before you break through to Celestial Phenomenon, it can cure all wounds and poisons. Don’t waste this on minor injuries. Just take all these as my meeting gifts to you."

Ling Yue stared at Mo Qingcheng in shock. A medicinal pill that could forcibly raise one’s level even in the Heavenly Dipper Realm? A medicinal pill that could cure all injuries and poisons under the Celestial Phenomenon Realm? Even the Greencloud Pavilion wouldn’t have such heaven-defying pills. Ling Yue felt more than a little embarrassed receiving these gifts.

"Ling Yue, since sis Qingcheng wants to give them to you, just accept them." Mo Feng spoke in a low voice. Ling Yue nodded and only then did she carefully keep these medicinal pills. Staring at the fairy-like maiden before her, she could see a trace of fondness and doting in Mo Qingcheng’s eyes. Mo Qingcheng truly treated her as a junior from her own family. Her gaze was so gentle, causing Ling Yue to feel very comfortable.

"Thank you elder sister." Ling Yue obediently replied.

"I didn’t really prepare any gifts today. Ling Yue, take a look at these divine weapons, just pick whatever you like." Qin Wentian waved his hands as a row of divine weapons appeared before him. Instantly, the entire inn lit up, the auras emanated from each of the divine weapons even caused the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign guards around Ling Yue to feel a sense of breathlessness.

Never in their wildest imaginations would they have ever thought that Mo Feng who was looked down upon by them would actually have such a powerful elder sister and brother-in-law. Not only that, the two of them seemed to dote on Mo Feng exceptionally. Just simply this point could change that silly little fellow Mo Feng’s destiny. A person achieving the Dao, a chicken rising up to the heavens as a phoenix. Mo Feng’s stroke of good fortune wasn’t something everyone could hope to have.

"Little Miss, pick some." Seeing how Ling Yue was still hesitating, her Heavenly Dipper Sovereign guards felt somewhat depressed. The plethora of divine weapons in front of them were all high-grade fourth-ranked divine weapons, allowing Ling Yue to pick anything from them yet their little miss was standing as though dumbstruck, not knowing what to do.

Ling Yue stepped forwards and picked a divine sharp sword and a defensive-type robe-shaped divine weapon. One for attack, the other for defence. After which, a gentle smile appeared on her face as she looked at Qin Wentian, "I’m done.."

"Take this Wing-type divine weapon as well." Qin Wentian laughed and passed another divine weapon to Ling Yue. This particular divine weapon in the form of wings could be equipped to enhance Ling Yue’s speed.

"Okay…" Ling Yue’s cheeks flushed red, nodding her head. Only then did Qin Wentian put away the divine weapons. After that, he took out quite a few golden scrolls and passed them to Ling Yue, "These are spatial transference scrolls, just inject astral energy into them and you would be able to teleport away in the face of danger. Keep them well."

The hearts of the bodyguards of Ling Yue all shivered. How wealthy was this couple in front of them? Gifting away such valuable items so casually.

How could Ling Yue fail to understand how valuable the gifts were when she heard Qin Wentian’s words? She blushed and stared at the gentle smile in Qin Wentian’s eyes as she replied, "Thank you brother-in-law."

"Mhm." Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng exchanged glances as they laughed. Referring to them as sis and brother-in-law made them very comfortable in their heart. They wouldn’t interfere in the relationship between Mo Feng and Ling Yue and could only help out to the best of their abilities. Ling Yue by referring to them as such, has already indicated how she truly felt towards Mo Feng.

"Sis, brother-in-law, you guys are so biased." Mo Yu laughed evilly as though she was planning to rob them dry.

"When we return there will naturally be other benefits for you." Mo Qingcheng glared at this lass, and only then did a satisfied smile appeared on Mo Yu’s face.

"Xin`er wants some too!" Little Xin`er in Mo Qingcheng’s embrace stared at Mo Qingcheng. Upon seeing that cute little doll in her arms, Mo Qingcheng laughed and gently pinched her cheeks, "Okay, of course Xin`er would have some as well."

"Sister fairy is so nice!" Little Xin`er cupped her hands on Mo Qingcheng’s face as a smile of happiness flashed on her face.

Upon seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but to smile. This scene does indeed give people a heartwarming feeling.

"Let’s sit down before we chat." Qin Wentian shift his gaze onto Immortal Drunken Wine and Mu Rou as he continued, "How about some wine?"

"Sure, I will go get it." Immortal Drunken Wine laughed as he turned and left. After which, the people all returned to their respective rooms and sat down. The bodyguards of Ling Yue could read the mood and tactfully retreated. Among them were characters that were Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. When placed in chu these characters were almost considered gods. However, in front of this couple status meant nothing. It they were not friends or family, even characters at the Heavenly Dipper Realm wouldn’t have the qualifications to sit together with them.

Immortal Drunken Wine retrieved the best wine in the inn. A fragrance filled the air as the cap was popped and a sweet taste lingered after the wine was swallowed. As the wine passed through the throat and into the body, it brought about a warmth that circulated through the meridians and energy channels of the wine-drinker. For those who admire wine, they could clearly feel this effect even more.

"Back then I knew long ago you were a dragon among humans. This parting lasted for ten years and now, I can only look up and admire you. If I had known earlier, I would have left Chu, roaming the world together with you and Chu Mang." Immortal Drunken Wine toasted as he sighed.

"You are a person who is so deeply in love with wine, your personality is unconstrained and carefree, it’s already destined that you would lead a life without care nor worries. Even if time turned back to the past, you wouldn’t choose to leave with us." Qin Wentian smiled as though he had already seen through Immortal Drunken Wine.

"To think that other than Wuwei, you are the only one that understands me." Immortal Drunken Wine laughed. "Back then during the Jun Lin Banquet, me and Wuwei bet on your victory. And we didn’t even expect that we would win, yet who would have thought the ending would be so marvelous.

Immortal Drunken Wine drank a few more cups as they chatted about memories of the past. Mu Rou silently listened by the side, she evidently chose to be quiet. Maybe, she didn’t know what to say. Although ten years ago, she silently fell in love with this young man before her and now that she saw him together with Mo Qingcheng, she truly blessed them with her heart. They were destined to be an immortal couple.

As time flowed by, the Drunken Wine Inn got livelier and livelier as they continued chatting. News soon spread throughout the Royal Capital of Chu, causing a commotion like an earthquake.

Ten years later, Qin Wentian the number one ranker of the Jun Lin Banquet, as well as the number one beauty of Chu, Mo Qingcheng, returned hand in hand. In the Drunken Wine Inn, a conflict happened between Qin Wentian and the Greencloud Imperial Empire as well as those from Misty Peak. He domineeringly killed a person and told the others to scram. He even brazenly commanded the Emperor of Greencloud Imperial Empire to see him within seven days. Evidently, the commotion caused by this matter wasn’t small and proliferated out rapidly, shocking the entire country.

It has been over ten years, although Qin Wentian had left Chu for a very long time, his story would still be mentioned by people. These ten years, the reason why Chu Wuwei was the emperor was because of a single sentence from Qin Wentian. With the return of such a character, how could the people of Chu not be shocked?

Although the outside world was in an uproar, the atmosphere in the Drunken Wine Inn was as calm as ever. The Emperor Chu Wuwei brought some men and personally paid a visit to the Drunken Wine Inn, causing the guests inside to be badly shocked. Seems like the rumors in the past were true. The instant Qin Wentian appeared, Chu Wuwei personally visited.

Chu Wuwei and Chu Mang appeared together in the inn. Qin Wentian naturally felt joy in his heart, as expected, Chu Mang did indeed return to Chu already. It seems like his feelings towards his elder brother Chu Wuwei had never changed in the slightest!

"Long time no see." Chu Wuwei was still as carefree as ever as he smiled at Qin Wentian.

"It has been a long time indeed." Qin Wentian nodded. He then stood up, embracing Chu Mang as he laughed, "Big Bro Chu Mang, how have you been?"

"Mhm, I’m doing well." Chu Mang used his strength and embraced Qin Wentian back as a guileless smile appeared on his face. When Chu Wuwei saw the relationship between the two of them, his eyes couldn’t help but flicker with hints of a faint smile!


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