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Ancient Godly Monarch - Chapter 128


AGM 128 - Sikong Mingyue

At this moment, the 12 remaining contestants on the 9 platforms were:

Snowcloud - Sikong Mingyue, 2nd Sword, 3rd Night.

Chu - Luo Qianqiu, Qin Wentian, Gu Xing, Luo Huan, Orchon, Hou Tie, Leng Ya, Chu Chen and Jiang Feng.

Following which, there would still be a need to eliminate three more participants before the 2nd round of the Jun Lin Banquet could be concluded. Currently, all the contestants remaining were extremely tough to deal with, so it wouldn't be easy to eliminate any of them.

Sikong Mingyue and Luo Qianqiu were untouchable existences.

2nd Sword and 3rd Night were the strongest opponents from Snowcloud other than Sikong Ming Yue.

As for Orchon, Heaven's Wonder had high expectations of him this year. Not only that, he had also exhibited his talent inside the Astral River Hall back in the Emperor Star Academy.

Gu Xing was a madman that has no regards for his own life;nobody dared to antagonise him.

Luo Huan had a perfect combination of her dual Astral Souls, and wasn't easy to stand up against.

As for Qin Wentian, he grew stronger and stronger after each battle he fought.

Both Hou Tie and Leng Ya were from the mysterious Godly General Martial Palace, and no one knew where their actual levels of strength lay.

Jiang Feng was the strongest Arterial Circulation Cultivator in all of the divine Wind Academy, and was also ranked 6th among the 10 prodigies. This also meant that of the five other prodigies that joined the Jun Lin Banquet this year, he was ranked first.

Prince Chu Chen was an obscure figure in the past. However, he'd easily defeated Shi Jun of the 10 prodigies with minimal effort. No one knew what other trump cards he held.

If it was possible, the spectators didn't want to see any of the remaining 12 contestants being eliminated.

Regretfully, only nine of them would be able to advance to the 3rd round. Three of the 12 contestants were destined to be eliminated, leaving the stage of the Jun Lin Banquet.

At this moment, Sikong Mingyue slowly shifted his gaze onto Luo Huan.

Earlier, Luo Huan had totally disregarded him and wrecked 4th Night.

Now, he would let Luo Huan pay the price.

Buzz! A raging wind billowed passed. Sikong Mingyue's steps appeared gentle and light, but it was as though each of his steps contained a formless wind-type energy that caused his long hair to flutter.

Gushing forth from Sikong Mingyue's body, a terrifying surge of killing intent madly rose. It transformed into an overwhelming baleful aura, instantly sweeping over all the contestants at the 9 platforms.

Qin Wentian narrowed his eyes. Sikong Mingyue's killing intent was truly terrifying. It was as though he would deciminate anything that dared to stand in his way.

And now, Sikong Mingyue was deliberately targeting Luo Huan.

’’Senior Sister, if you can't defeat him, just admit defeat.’’ Qin Wentian called out. Luo Huan nodded her head as her countenance grew heavy. The pressure that Sikong Mingyue was giving her was exceptionally great.

’’Sikong Mingyue is finally making his move.’’ The gazes of the spectators were fixated onto him. It was as though as long as he made a move, everyone's attentions would be focused on him.

’’Sikong Mingyue's strength is truly tyrannical. However, Heaven's Wonder pegged him as the 2nd strongest contestant, a rank behind Luo Qianqiu. How much stronger the martial prowess of Luo Qianqiu would be for Heaven's Wonder to give him such a high level of recognition.’’

The spectators were silently speculating. Luo Qianqiu hadn't even been ranked within the 10 prodigies a year ago. Now, in just the span of a single year, could he really attain the top ranking in the Jun Lin Banquet and sweep across the world?

In reality, with the efficiency of Heaven's Wonder's information network, they would naturally have already investigated and understood roughly the power level of each of the contestants. If not, how could they have computed the betting rates?

As for Luo Qianqiu, they were also clearly aware of his background. Not only that, they also knew of the mission Luo Qianqiu was trying to accomplish. Hence, for the Jun Lin Banquet this year, Luo Qianqiu had to obtain the championship no matter what - he had to enter the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion!

Thus, Luo Qianqiu couldn't afford to lose.

At this moment, Qin Wentian also felt tremendous pressure. At his current level of strength, he did not have confidence to win against Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue. But despite so, he wanted to fight for it, and would do so with all his efforts. A year was too long, he wanted to fight for the present.

However, how could merely having faith and a strong belief be sufficient to guarantee victory? Qin Wentian had to think this through carefully;how would he be able to win against Sikong Mingyue and Luo Qianqiu? On this stage, the two of them would be his greatest barrier. Only by surpassing both of them would he be able to reach the peak.

Upon reaching the platform Luo Huan was standing at, Sikong Mingyue didn't slow his steps as he continued walking towards Luo Huan.

Currently, Luo Huan had already released both of her astral souls, and was awaiting for Sikong Mingyue's arrival. Although she knew she would never defeat her opponent, she still wanted to see how strong exactly Sikong Mingyue was. She decided that she would probe out Sikong Mingyue's abilities and see what his trump cards truly were.

Sikong Mingyue merely flicked his finger in the direction of Luo Huan, and an instant later, a vast, overwhelming wave of killing intent erupted forwards. The waves of killing intent solidified and transformed into the ancient form of the word 'Massacre', which flew towards Luo Huan at lightning-fast speed.

Luo Huan's countenance wavered. Her body was incomparably flexible, but Sikong Mingyue had decided to use long-range attacks to deal with her. Not only that, the power of the word imprint could not be belittled. If the imprint were to land on one's body, the body of the recipient would most likely be penetrated through.

Wielding a long whip in her hands, a storm of wind and rain was unleashed by her lashes. Each of her lashes was akin to rain falling in multi-directions, like numerous sharp swords. Her attacks clashed directly with the word imprint. Despite so, Luo Huan's attack was effortlessly broken through. The word imprint continued flying forwards with no reduction to its power.

’’Kill!’’ Sikong Mingyue took another step forwards. He had no need to engage in close combat with Luo Huan. Flicking out another finger, numerous imprints of the ancient form of the word 'Massacre' manifested as they frenziedly gushed towards Luo Huan.

Luo Huan unceasingly retreated as it became exceedingly tough for her to defend. A moment later, she has already retreated to the boundary of the platform, and would soon be defeated.

’’Under the pressure of Sikong Mingyue, even someone at Luo Huan's level of strength has no way to defend against it. One can clearly see the disparity in martial prowess despite the two contestants having a similar level of cultivation. Sikong Mingyue's attack contains the power of his Astral Soul within it. Not only that, he even empowers the innate technique to such an extent, integrating his killing intent perfectly together with it.’’

Some of the stronger spectators were exclaiming silently in their hearts. Sikong Mingyue was too powerful, he was clearly at a different level when compared to the rest of the contestants. No wonder he was pegged by Heaven's Wonder as the 2nd strongest contestant in the Jun Lin Banquet.

As one of the Duo Prides of Snowcloud, his reputation was clearly well deserved.

As he saw that Luo Huan was still not defeated, an even stronger surge of killing intent flashed past his eyes. His silhouette flickered and instantly, Sikong Mingyue disappeared as all the word imprints seemed to merge together, before blasting towards Luo Huan.

Upon seeing this, many spectators began to get nervous. An inexhaustible amount of vines abruptly appeared, as though they wanted to envelop the attack of Sikong Mingyue. However, Sikong Mingyue struck out lightly with his palms through the air, the power of the palm seemingly transformed into a formless pattern, vibrating the void.

Puchi! Luo Huan immediately vomit out a mouthful of blood, her countenance turned extremely pale. She had been struck by the baleful Qi of the word imprint. Luo Huan continued retreating, wanting to step down the platform as she called out, ’’I admit......defeat.’’

But even before the word 'defeat' had the chance to sound out, Sikong Mingyue had already struck out with both his palms in the direction of Luo Huan, causing her pale face to turn even paler.

Her Astral Souls gave her perfect flexibility, and granted her the ability to dodge opponent's attack with ease in close combat. However, Luo Huan was extremely weak in the areas of purely attacking and defending, and currently, this terrifying long range impact attack blasting towards her seemed as if it, was as though it wanted her life.

Luo Huan abruptly began to spiral rapidly in the air, manifesting a tornado, with her body shrouded within. The terrifying word imprint blasted onto the tornado with a deafening sound as Luo Huan's body was flung out by the impact, smashing heavily onto the ground, causing her to repeatedly spit out huge mouthfuls of fresh blood.

Her haggard countenance caused many to take pity on her.

’’Senior Sister.’’ Qin Wentian froze at the edge of his platform, looking down at Luo Huan.

At the same time, a few silhouettes from the spectator's stand flickered as they appeared next to Luo Huan. One of them was Mustang while the other actually was Mo Qingcheng.

’’I have some medicinal pills with me.’’ Mo Qingcheng withdrew a pill as she fed it into Luo Huan's mouth. The pill immediately dissolved upon entering her mouth, and an instant later, a wave of coolness inundated Luo Huan's entire body. That pill appeared to be extremely efficacious in healing injuries. Not only that, it was also capable of restoring one's Qi, blood and vitality.

’’Will Senior Sister be alright?’’ Qin Wentian inquired, looking at Mustang.

’’Miss Mo gave her a 2nd-grade top-tier medicinal pill, which should be sufficient to enable Luo Huan to recover from her injuries.’’ Mustang cast a glance at Mo Qingcheng.

Qin Wentian visibly relaxed as he smiled at Mo Qingcheng.

’’Don't worry, that day when you were unconscious in the outskirts of Sky Harmony City, you had also ingested this pill before.’’ Mo Qingcheng laughed as she walked away, causing Qin Wentian to be dumbfounded for a moment, before he recovered. So that day, to save him, Mo Qingcheng had fed him such a precious pill.

’’I want to retain my rights as a challenger, please give me the duration of a battle to recover.’’ Luo Huan gazed at the aged figure standing beside Chu Tianjiao.

’’Fine.’’ The aged figure agreed. Luo Huan closed her eyes as she harmonized the energy flows in her body.

Qin Wentian's gaze slowly shifted. While looking at Sikong Mingyue, his anger surged, and a cold glint of light radiated from his eyes.

’’The duration of a battle?’’ Sikong Mingyue stared back at Qin Wentian, his eyes flickering similarly with a cold light.

However, at this moment, a silhouette appeared in front of Sikong Mingyue, blocking his line of sight to Qin Wentian.

There was actually someone that dared to take the initiative in challenging Sikong Mingyue?

This person was actually none other than Gu Xing.

A puzzled expression appeared on Qin Wentian's face. Why did it feel as though this Gu Xing wanted to help him time and time again?

’’Seems like, Qin Wentian's position should already be secured.’’ The spectators were thinking.

Currently, only three more contestants needed to be eliminated before the top 9 rankings would be known.

As per the rules, since Luo Huan wanted to return as a challenger, whoever lost would be eliminated, thus accounting for one of the names.

And if Gu Xing was defeated by Sikong Mingyue, he would naturally return as a challenger as well. And after the battle, yet another name would have to be eliminated.

If that's the case, there was only a single name remaining.

Even if Luo Qianqiu or Orchon wanted to challenge and defeat Qin Wentian, he would still have a chance to return as a challenger. The probability of him being in the final nine was extremely high.

However, at this moment, against all expectations, Qin Wentian actually took the initiative. He walked off his platform, and finally appearing in front of 3rd Night.

This battle he sought was not for himself, but for the sake of Luo Huan!


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