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Ancient Godly Monarch - Chapter 1009


Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009: Two Powerful Demon Immortals

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Qin Wentian turned and departed. The people of the Qi King Manor all turned ashen. Yang An had completed his immortal foundation yet he actually couldn't even stand up to a single strike.

Both were at the immortal foundation realm, but how could the disparity be this great? How could Qin Wentian be so powerful?

’’Yang An!’’ Numerous experts appeared before Yang An. An old man had a grim expression on his face as he spoke, ’’Broken bones, and there are even cracks on his immortal foundation. What a ruthless attack. Does he wanted to cripple Yang An?’’

After speaking, his countenance turned ice-cold as he stared at the back view of the departing Qin Wentian.

’’Yang An was courting his own humiliation yet you want to blame others?’’ The Scarlet Eye Marquis coldly snorted. ’’You guys from the Qi King Manor are truly ridiculous. Finding Qin Wentian to fight, using him as a grindstone to sharpen and temper Yang An? Do you think he is a fool? Not completely shattering Yang An's immortal foundation is already an act of great mercy. Or do you think that Qin Wentian doesn't have the capabilities to do so?’’

The people of the Qi King Manor had no way to say anything. They hadn't expect the difference between Yang An and Qin Wentian would be this great. Earlier, Yang An's tyrannical sabre strike slashed down, Qin Wentian actually used his bare hands to block it. There seemed to be layers of armor covering his arm, granting him a seemingly invincible defence. He completely disregarded Yang An's attack and followed up with a ruthless strike of his own.

One can only say that these two were existences on different levels.

’’The people from the Qi King Manor are getting more and more useless. You guys were the one who initiate the battle, yet even before the battle ended, all of you actually wanted to gang up on Qin Wentian together? How completely shameless. Just scram, if I see any more of your atrocious behavior, don't blame me for being impolite.’’ Princess Changping coldly spoke. The people from the Qi King Manor could only suppress their anger and shame, carrying Yang An with them as they too, departed her estate.

After they left, Ling`er exclaimed in shock. ’’Big brother Qin's strength is so overwhelming. Did he really just established his immortal foundation?!’’

’’Immortal foundation can be separated into three grades and six tiers. Even if he just established his immortal foundation and is at the first level of immortal-foundation, it's completely impossible for mortal-grade immortal foundations to stand against the second grade which is the king/emperor grade. Let alone the fact that the immortal foundation your big brother Qin established is none other than the legendary saint-grade. It's extremely rare, maybe only one would succeed in tens of thousands of years.’’ Princess Changping slowly explained.

’’Big brother Qin really established a saint-grade immortal foundation?’’ A bright light flickered in Ling`er's beautiful eyes.

’’Back then the phenomena in the sky, other than him there wouldn't be any others who caused it. I guess he must have established a saint-grade immortal foundation. Against Yang An, his immortal foundation directly emitted a pressure that complete suppressed Yang An's. He's basically invincible at the same realm.’’ Princess Changping's eyes flickered. It was so rare to see someone establishing a saint-grade immortal foundation the moment he ascended to immortality. Under the baptism of his immortal foundation, Qin Wentian's immortal might was extremely domineering. His flesh and bones also undergone cleansing and reached a perfect and flawless statue. In all aspects, he would surpass another cultivator at the same realm as him.

And just at this moment, a long screech could be heard. The eyes of everyone turned to the location of the cultivation platform only to see a brilliant red glow illuminating the sky. Auspicious clouds could be seen, an illusory gigantic silhouette of a vermillion bird shimmered in and out of existence stretched across the sky.

’’A vermillion bird establishing its immortal foundation. Seems like the two demonic beast companions of that young man is also extraordinary.’’ Princess Changping mused. Qin Wentian was merely at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm before and he already has two demonic beasts of such power that grow together with him. Even in their royal palace, it was rare to find a pure-blooded vermillion bird. Other than Purgatory, that other puppy capable of transformation was clearly also an extraordinary greater demon.

At this moment, Qin Wentian walked to the cultivation platform. Purgatory's body expanded, becoming more majestic and blotted out the sky. Baleful demonic aura gushed forth from it, even the luster of its feathers grew more resplendent. Each of its feather was filled with an overwhelming aura of fire. It was extremely terrifying.

Purgatory let out an excited screech. After which, its size returned to normal and with a flash, it appeared above Qin Wentian, spiralling around his head. At the end, it descended and perched on Qin Wentian's shoulder. Qin Wentian was also able to clearly sense how excited Purgatory was at this moment.

Qin Wentian stretched out his hand and rubbed Purgatory's head, as his emotions inexplicably got better. Although he has been trying his best this few days, to not allow himself to think about those memories of his father, it was clear that he was depressed as there was a hard to dispel tension in his heart.

’’ROAR!’’ At this moment, golden light filled the sky. Little Rascal transformed into an incomparably gigantic body as its roar shook the entire surroundings. A faint silhouette of a greater demon appeared in the sky, terrifying to the extreme. Golden runes circulated around it, incomparably dazzling.

Qin Wentian's smile grew even more radiant. These two little fellows seemed to be having a competition, to think that both of them would ascend at almost the same instant.

Little Rascal continued issuing heaven-shaking thunderous roars. After some time only did he stop and returned to its normal size. Earlier, the towering might gushing forth from it suddenly abated as it transformed into its seemingly harmless self again with a body of pure white. Leaping up, he jumped straight over to Qin Wentian, transforming into a bolt of white lightning that shot towards Qin Wentian's arms as it imperiously glanced up at Purgatory who was perched on Qin Wentian's shoulder. ’’Luckily I caught up. If not this baobao would die of shame.’’

Little Rascal's voice was still puerile, like that of a three-year old child. He seemed to be unable to grow older, exuding an aura of adorableness. But once he transformed, only extreme ferocity and balefulness would remain.

Purgatory's eyes flickered with a smile as it regarded Little Rascal.

’’Can't be bothered to compete with you.’’ A clear and melodious voice rang out, causing Qin Wentian to start in astonishment. Little Rascal's eyes widened as he blinked rapidly.

This voice was extremely pleasing to the ear, filled with female magnetism. Clearly, it was a voice of a young girl.’’

’’You are female?’’ Little Rascal blinked. Purgatory's figure flickered as she soared into the air. A bright light flashed and the next moment, a beautiful young lady appeared before Qin Wentian. Her body was clad in purgatory armor, appearing full of energy and vitality. Her figure was flaming hot, exuding a demonic charm as well as hints of icy intent, causing people not to dare to stare at her directly.

’’Little Rascal, are you courting death?’’ Purgatory's voice radiated coldness. Qin Wentian was badly shocked as well. He didn't imagine that Purgatory's human form would be that of such a charming young lady.

Little Rascal rubbed his eyes as though in great shock. After which he turned to Qin Wentian and spoke in its baby-like voice, ’’Female vermillion birds are truly more ferocious compared to female tigers!’’

’’Cough cough.’’ Qin Wentian cuffed Little Rascal on his head and scolded in a low voice, ’’You have become a demon immortal but you are still so mischievous.’’

’’Yes, this baobao has also become a demon immortal. Purgatory, why don't we get together? Who knows, maybe a powerful variant-type demonic beast might be born from our union.’’

’’Scram.’’ Purgatory was so angry that her body trembled. Her beautiful eyes was filled with complain as she stared at Qin Wentian. ’’Master, you must discipline him.’’

’’Purgatory, just refer to me as big brother Qin would do.’’ Qin Wentian actually perspired when he heard Purgatory addressing him as her master.

’’No...I was only born because of you, I naturally refer to you as my master.’’ Purgatory seemed to be very persistent on this. She insisted, totally refusing to comply. Qin Wentian could only roll his eyes as he continued, ’’In that case, in the capacity as your master, I command you to refer to me as big brother Qin.’’

’’No!’’ Purgatory pouted, remarkably alike like a young girl showing her temper. Staring at her reluctant expression, Qin Wentian was speechless. He could only nod, ’’Okay okay, as you wish.’’

’’Thank you master.’’ Purgatory then smiled happily. Qin Wentian looked at his two demonic beast companions, as the depression of the recent days gradually faded away in his heart. Seeing their growth, accompanying him all the way, made him truly happy.

’’Let's go, it's about time for us to leave.’’ Qin Wentian spoke.

’’Little Purgatory, bring me along!’’ Little Rascal's silhouette flashed as he directly jumped into Purgatory's bosom, nuzzling himself within it. Purgatory had a look of contempt but since Little Rascal shamelessly refused to budge, she could helplessly remarked, ’’Shameless.’’

’’This baobao is going to take a nap.’’ Little Rascal continued resting comfortably while clinging to her. The contempt on Purgatory's face intensified.

Princess Changping and the Scarlet Eye Marquis saw Qin Wentian's return after he left, they then turned their gazes towards Purgatory and Little Rascal who was in her embrace and couldn't help but to smile at the sight.

’’Princess, Marquis. Qin Wentian thanks the two of you for all the help you've given all these years. Now that these two fellows also established their immortal foundations, it's about time for me to leave.’’

’’Are you really not intending to wait for Qing`er?’’ Princess Changping smiled as she looked at Qin Wentian.

’’After Qing`er finished establishing her foundation, would Princess please pass on a message from me to her? Tell her I will definitely come back for her. No matter where I might be, my heart will never change.’’ Qin Wentian spoke.

’’Okay, allow the Marquis to send you guys off then.’’ Princess Changping turned to the Scarlet Eye Marquis. The Scarlet Eye Marquis then asked, ’’Which region do you all want to go to? I can send you guys to the specific spatial transference array.’’

’’Thirteen Prefectures of Eastern Sage. Where is the array located?’’ Qin Wentian asked.

’’The spatial transference array in the royal palace can connect to many places. We only need to adjust the input of the directions and the array will do the rest. Which prefecture do you want to go to then?’’ The Scarlet Eye Marquis led the way, Qin Wentian and his demonic beast companions followed him as they moved towards the spatial transference array in the royal palace.

’’Cloud Prefecture.’’ Qin Wentian replied.

’’No problem. The array would send you guys to the Cloud Prefecture. But as to which city...we have no control over that, that would have to depend on luck.’’ The Scarlet Eye Marquis stated.

’’No worries, I have many immortal weapons on me. After we reached the Cloud Prefecture, I will naturally head to the place I want.’’ Qin Wentian replied. As they spoke, they arrived at the array location. There were many guards in the surroundings, only kings and marquises of the royal palace had the authority to use it.’’

’’This is the array that would lead to the Eastern Sage Thirteen Prefectures. I will input the direction for you.’’ The Scarlet Eye Marquis walked towards one of the array. The spatial transference arrays here were all extremely profound. The person who set this up must surely be a grandmaster of divine inscriptions who were extremely proficient in spatial law.

’’Go on.’’ The Marquis spoke. Qin Wentian and his companions walked up to the array and in just an instant, the array activated a fearsome fluctuations rocked the area. A beam of light enveloped them as Qin Wentian stared at the Scarlet Eye Marquis while nodding his head in thanks, ’’Marquis, farewell. See you again in the future.’’

’’Farewell.’’ The Scarlet Eye Marquis smiled. As the sound of his voice faded, the beam shot up the sky as the three of them in the array vanished completely.

In the Cloud Prefecture of the Thirteen Prefectures of Eastern Sage, the Jiangling Country's boundless stretch of desolation, there was a pair of young lovers who were fleeing from certain death. The body of the male was covered in bloodstains, his countenance as pale as paper.

’’Xueru, you leave first. I can delay them. If not, both of us would die here today.’’ The young man stared at the young woman beside him, feeling an aching pain in his heart. Most probably, both of them would find it hard to escape the calamity this time.

’’No, if you want to die, let's die together!’’ The woman shook her head.

’’Xueru listen to me. That bastard don't want you to die...’’ The young man's eyes were red. The young woman beside him had her part of her robes torn away as her jade-white skin showed. Upon hearing his words, the young woman also paled. ’’If that bastard want to do that to me...I would choose to commit suicide.’’

’’JUST LEAVE!’’ That young man roared as tears streaked down the face of the young woman.

And at this moment, in the air, a blinding ray of light shot over. There seemed to be a door which opened in mid air as another pair of young man and woman appeared. The young man was handsome while the young woman exuded a hint of demonic charm and elegance. Both of them were clearly extraordinary individuals.

These two were none other than Qin Wentian and Purgatory. The spatial fluctuations ceased, they glanced at their surroundings, not knowing where they were sent to!


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