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Amagi Brilliant Park - Volume 4 - Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - The 5 Head's Conference (At The Yakitori Bar ’’Savage’’)

This evening was the monthly ’’cast leaders' get-together’’.

Cast leaders (CL) are the main personnel of each of the respective 5 areas that form Amaburi.

Moffle was the cast leader of the magic and fairy-tale area, ’’Sorcerer's Hill’’. To sum up, Macaron, Tiramie, as well as Muse and co. make up the cast of ’’Sorcerer's Hill’’.

The cast leader has a responsibility to occasionally check on how the cast is working in their area of responsibility, and improving the service and performance. They also possess the right to speak about the contents and human resources of the attraction, as well as advise on managerial policies and so forth towards the acting manager Kanie Seiya (the point is, they can make blatant complaints about Seiya).

For that reason, a cast leader is a very important position in the park with its indispensable standpoint as an intermediary between the on-site and the management teams.

Suppose if Moffle and the other 4 cast leaders conspire to rebel against the management side, the park would be in an immediate stupor.

This evening, the important five ’’Majestic 5 (self-proclaimed)’’ have gathered at the yakitori bar ’’Savage’’ close to Amagi station!


’’Err. Moffu.’’

Moffle cleared his throat.

’’......Well then, we will commence our customary get-together fumo. Everyone got your mugs? Well then, cheeeeeerrrrss.’’


’’Cheers de gozaru.’’

’’Pfft......cheers it is.’’


With the usual contentedness at the beginning of the get together, they all clicked their mugs.

Moffle gulped down his beer. Recently, he was okay with his first drink being a beer. And in the blink of an eye, he drained the mug and went ’’puuaaaahh’’ leaking a breath.

’’Takami-chan! Get me a Hoppy[1] Black fumo!’’

’’Yup yuuuup!’’

From a position that can't be seen in the shop, the barmaid Ms Takami responded. And since Tiramie was not around today, it was thankful that there wasn't a necessity to worry about se*ual harassment towards her.

’’So then, Moffle-dono. What's the agenda this evening de gozaru?’’

Genjurou said that when they started eating and drinking.

Genjurou the dolphin.

One of the 5 areas, the cast leader of ’’Splash Ocean’’.

His appearance was of a dolphin standing upright at 2-heads tall (?). Even on land, he uses his tail fin in place of legs, skilfully toddling in his steps. Two swords hung from his waist, and he had a small sengoku style kabuto helmet atop his head.

That sengoku commander-styled dolphin sat in a well-mannered fashion as he picked up the ika no shiokara.[2]

’’Moffu. Not that there is an agenda but...... Well, if anything, it's more of a 'how're things lately?' subject fumo.’’

’’I see. Affirmative.’’

Genjurou said.

’’Be that as it may, there is nothing special to talk about. In a fortnight, it would be the opening of our 'Splash Ocean's' pool. The various water attractions finally have the renovations in progress....... Those are great setups and tunings, you know?’’

Genjurou's words were rigid. In his hometown of ’’Amatsu Yao’’ of the Land of Magic, the aquatic sprites all talk in this way, but Genjurou, above all, was the type that upholds the etiquette and standards. Based on what was heard before, it seems that he was also from a distinguished family in Amatsu Yao.

’’Well, that's right fumo. Guess after this it's summer. Though I say that the visitor count over the summer break is dependent on your place, it's no exaggeration fumo.’’

’’I am greatly conscious of it de gozaru.’’

As per the name, the water attractions are centralised at the ’’Splash Ocean’’. A coaster which plunges into water, a pirate ship adventure play, and a love drama of a beautiful mermaid princess in a Jules Verne[3] style of retro ocean SF et cetera et cetera.

’’Our cast at the 'Splash Ocean' together are willing to take on everything this summer. Please do not fear.’’

’’Oh, yeah. I'm not particularly worried about it, you know?’’

’’Depending on the visitor count, this Genjurou the dolphin will have Lady Latifa watch as I cut open my belly.’’

’’No, you don't have to cut it open.’’

’’Good heavens. Is the belly of this Genjurou insufficient de gozaru? In that case, all the cast together, until the water in the pool is dyed red......’’

’’Moffu, hara-kiri is prohibited fumo! Right now, I'll just say 'do your best dude', okay?’’

’’My bad, I apologise. This Genjurou was born a thoughtless person. Please forgive me.’’

Wa ha ha, as Genjurou laughed with his appearance bearing a close resemblance to the old-fashioned Satsuma warrior. Knowing this mood, it felt like a light teasing.

Nonetheless, among the members, Genjurou is the most reliable cast leader. He is simply capable. Tightly taking a hold of the reins on his subordinates.

From March until recently when Seiya took the mantle of the acting manager, ’’Splash Ocean’’ was an inconspicuous existence. In any case, due to it being the cold season, the water features weren't popular.

However, last year, the reason the park got to live another day was that the contributions of Genjurou's area in the summer were also great.

’’In that case, you're in good shape, right fumo? We're relying on you here on out, Genjurou.’’

’’Leave it to me, Moffle-dono.’’

As Genjurou said that, another person interjected.

’’Ehh!? Moffle-kun! When you say that, my area will do our best too, alright!?’’

The one who said that was the cast leader of the ’’Astro World’’, one of Amaburi's areas, ’’Mirai-kun’’.[4]

’’Ohh....... Mi-rai-kun-san. That's natural, I understand fumo.’’

’’Oh really? Don't think so, huh? I also quite grasp that you are serious this year though.’’

’’Thank you fumo.’’

He lowered his head, taking care not to be too formal.

’’But, hey. After all, we produce good results. I want you to take care at such a matter.’’

’’Right, I'm sorry fumo. Of course, we're always relying on Mirai-kun-san's ability to attract customers.’’

Mirai-kun is a senior. Compared to Moffle, he is a cast of longer service.

His outward appearance was that of a globe.

Having a form like a globe with thin limbs, much less 2-heads tall, more towards 1 head.

Furthermore, the map was obsolete, since if you take a closer look at the position of present day Russia, the place was labelled as ’’Soviet Union’’.

Around Siberia and Canada were round and cute eyes, and on the Pacific Ocean was his mouth.

Mirai-kun is the cast leader of one of Amaburi's areas, ’’Astro World’’. The areas he is in charge of are mainly the cosmos and SF, scientific instruction was its theme.

However, the popularity of Mirai-kun's ’’Save the Earth’’ attraction could not be said to be favourable.

Save the Earth .

First of all, this ’’Save the Earth[5]’’ was a pun. This attraction promptly incorporated environmental issues during the bubble period, it has content which composes that the Earth's nature is on the verge of a crisis.

The theme is eco. Ecology.

In order to appeal to the customers, state-of-the-art visual and acoustic technology was mobilised. Hence, the good results.

However, it was too much of a sermon. If it were a case of whether it is something children are able to enjoy, then it certainly is a different topic. Moreover, since they practically have not done any renovations, it appeared quite clichéd and stale.

Furthermore, it can be said that Mirai-kun's disposition is also a little like that.

’’Moffle-kun. Do you really understand, I wonder. Haven't you been cold to me these days?’’

’’Moffu. No way, such a......’’

’’Do you comprehend the importance of my attraction? The Earth is suffering, you know? We have to bring it to the attention of even more customers.’’

’’Yes. I believe it's reasonable fumo.’’

’’Aren't I? You know what I am? What I symbolise?’’

That again, huh?

While thinking so, Moffle firmly put up with it and gave the template response.

’’Moffu. The Earth.’’

’’Right. I am the Earth. I'm Gaia. I imagine you're too disastrous. You should be more friendly to the Earth. Shouldn't you?’’

Although he says that, Mirai-kun's attraction competes for the top spot for utility cost within the park. The obsolete lighting equipment and aged air-conditioning being the cause. With wasting that much electricity, eco be damned, were there any.

’’Yes. It really is enlightening fumo.’’

’’Yup, yup. I've expectations from you, as well as Kanie-kun, yeah?’’

’’Thank you very much fumo.’’

You senile old shit. Go to hell fumo.

What the hell is Gaia. How about you whisper to me? (Meaning unclear)

Go choke on a gamma burst fumo!

’’Oh, Moffle-kun, do you consider me annoying now?’’

’’What, don't be absurd fumo.’’

’’Hmm. Well, whatever then. But let's do more about the global environment.’’

’’Yes. I believe so too fumo.’’

At that time, Takami had only just came to deliver the Hoppy and yakitori platter. Moffle politely gave his thanks and made additional orders from the menu while at it.

And then ―.

’’Give me a Bourbon. One of the fine tastes......’’

And ordering with astringency was Jack Randy who serves as the cast leader of ’’Wild Valley’’, one of Amaburi's areas.

Jack Randy.

A name the resembles that of a somewhat pro baseball second, but a respectable cast of Amaburi. His appearance was that of a 40-ish unshaven middle-aged man, with a fedora over his dress shirt, and a revolver shined from his waist.

His appearance is completely human. Drawing a line between him and the fluffy mascots like Moffle and the rest.

He ― Jack Randy was the only main character of the ’’Tomb Ranger’’, the Wild Valley's attraction.

’’Tomb Ranger’’ is by nature, a movie production of an expedition of an unexplored area adventure.

As the name suggests Wild Valley is a wilderness type of area. A savanna and jungle style programme. The popular attraction where rampant dinosaurs once rampaged the Earth, ’’Planet Dinosaur’’ is also here (by the way, the sales department chief Triken was also originally one of its cast. Even now, he would occasionally perform there if time permits. But he usually leaves it to the character costume).

Jack Randy, currently serving as cast leader, was also an old-timer, but since the time he came to the park was not much different from Moffle, he did not have the awkwardness like Mirai-kun.

Randy was a guy that really got into the role.

So, as always, like a character in an original movie (but Moffle hadn't seen it), puffing his cigar with a cool expression. Moreover, that was to comparatively accustom to his work.

Was he a surface person or a resident of the Land of Magic, that which even Moffle and the rest do not know. He hails from a place that they've never heard of. Nonetheless, he hadn't aged since long ago, so he probably wasn't a surface person.

There are lots of fairies of the same appearance as the surface people. Like Isuzu or Latifa for example.

On receiving Randy's order, Takami gave a bitter smile.

’’Umm, I'm sorry. We are a yakitori bar. We don't serve Bourbon or such......’’

’’Hm......then, I'll have a single malt. Pete's rough.’’

’’That too.’’

’’Whoa, that's troubling. In that case, what do you have for me to drink, missy?’’

’’Then how about something like an Umeshu sour?’’

’’That's fine. Make it a double.’’

’’Okay. Thank you very muuuuuch.’’

Takami drew back as she turned her head.

’’Ranny. How're things lately fumo?’’

’’Nothing in particular here. The usual daily adventure.’’

The usual motion.

’’Did Seiya complain that the renovation plan didn't turn up fumo?’’

’’The valley is relatively new. And since the popularity is stable, everyone is reluctant to change it.’’

Despite the theme of the area being adventure, the cast there has a dislike for adventure. They're strangely conservative.

’’Moffu. Even so, as the others are doing their best, the attractiveness is falling relatively fumo. It's about time to take it into serious consideration.’’

’’Hmph. Yeah, I know......’’

’’Do you, now fumo? Well, fine but......’’

’’I'm a resilient man in times of predicament.’’

And most unexpectedly, when the park was in quite a pinch, the one who called in sick was none other than Randy.


’’That aside, how's the old chap doing? The usual gloomy face?’’

Randy, called out to Codain, the cast leader of ’’Etcet Land’’.

Codain's appearance was that of an earthen figure.

A clay figure.

That textbook-riding clay figure. Two large elliptical eyes. A narrow waist, short limbs, lightly floating in the air kind of appearance ―.

As for the barrage style shooting game, large amounts of bullets would be sprayed or a thick beam would be fired.


Codain didn't move. Just suspending in silence.

He's a very taciturn guy. Or more like Moffle had never heard this guy speak.

’’Codain. How're things recently fumo?’’


Codain did not reply. Instead, the circular panel located at its abdomen reflected some sort of blue cosmic characters.

’’I'm not so sure, but there seem to be nothing particularly problematic, huh fumo.’’


’’M, moffu. I think it will be difficult, Etcet Land's concept is ambiguous anyway. Come and consult if there's anything.’’


Again, blue cosmic characters were displayed on his abdominal panel.

As per the name Etcet Land[6], it's a place that houses themes of attractions and casts which do not fit in with the other 4 areas. It was mostly experimental projects and shops;the change was extreme. A series of limited-time attractions are booths from other enterprises were also placed there.

’’How was Nyason's store lately fumo?’’


Codain did not reply. He simply stood there quietly.

’’Moffu. Let's see......I've been wondering since before, but why are you a cast leader fumo?’’


Codain was silent. Just floating.



Getting real tired of this. So just this once, since Etcet Land is turning out to be without issues, I shall drop my concerns.

’’Now, now, Moffle-dono. Leave it as it is de gozaru.’’

Said Genjurou the dolphin hoisting his mug.

’’This evening is only a get-together. Isn't it considerate to keep work discussions in moderation?’’

’’Moffu. Well, you're right fumo.’’

’’Come, come now, let's drink, eat! Not only does it certainly revitalise the spirit, but also leading to the future of the park de gozaru!’’

’’Right. Drink, drink fumo.’’

’’Yeah, for the sake of the Earth too!’’

’’Hmph. A toast to the days of adventuring....... I mean, the umeshu sour isn't here yet?’’


Thereafter, the quintet slovenly chatted from beginning to the end. Baseball, soccer, and then a performer's scandal. And this and that about politics.

After that, they moved to the topic of Seiya's management ability. It appeared popular in general, but Mirai-kun still didn't seem comfortable with discussing about Seiya. Well, that can't be helped. You can find molecules of dissatisfaction anywhere.

The good mood they were in came to a close.

The splitting of the bill was customary, but since Codain was only floating around, he was excluded. It was divided four ways.

They shambled their way to the station and dispersed.

It's like this every month.

(But I haven't had enough drinks......)

Moffle tried to message the two he always hangs out with. Unfortunately, Macaron had already returned to the dormitory and crashed, and Tiramie could not be contacted.

(Moffu. Maybe I should give up today......)

Somehow, he grew drowsy. Alright, heading back.

Humming a tune in his spell of intoxication, Moffle headed home on the streets of the afterhours.

1 A beer-flavored almost non-alcoholic drink (0.8% alcohol) that Kokuka Beverage Company began producing and selling in Japan in 1948.

2 Made of marine animals. Small pieces of meat in a brown viscous paste of the animal's heavily salted, fermented viscera

3 French novelist, poet, and playwright best known for his adventure novels and his profound influence on the literary genre of science fiction.

4 Future

5 セーブ・ジ・アース - Seebu ji aasu. A little different from the one before, セーブ・ザ・アース - Seebu za aasu.

6 Say, Et cetera.


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