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Alice Tale In Phantasmagoria - Volume 2 - Chapter 89


Chapter 89

c89: Unwanted Form, Desired Feeling

「I see, as far as I've heard there doesn't seem to be any problem for Rin-chan.」

It's the sort of time when the sun has just finished rising, a strict seeming teacher with glasses nodded.

Having gained kurozukume's consent I, went to the school entry preliminary interview for the school that Rin-chan will attend starting next year.

At the school's reception room currently, we're around where the I've finished answering the one sided questioning from the teacher.

The teacher is sitting on the other side of the table and, so I and kurozukume are sitting in a line.

Since kurozukume is her provisional guardian I forcefully took him along.

「That's good, so she can enroll then correct?」

I patted my chest in relief at the favourable reply.

Kurozukume also quietly seemed somewhat satisfied next to me, probably.

「Hai, we've already received a large enrollment fee too.」

Ehehe, I gave extra.

Forgive me, Rin-chan is cute.

While feeling triumphant, I only hope she gets a satisfactory education.

I hope it's used to serve a role as equipment or the like.

Don't use it as pocket money even by mistake okay?

「I'm entrusting my precious Rin-chan to you so, please don't mind it.」

Be that as it may, just by looking at the reception room this school seems to have money doesn't it.

The sofa I'm sitting on has black leather and, the table seems to be a solid table of high quality natural wood too.

This isn't a special school that's only attended by the children of nobles.

However for this country where institutes of education aren't necessarily obligatory, it's the case that those who do attend demand a certain level.

「We will endeavor, with full sincerity.」

The teacher replied earnestly.

She's not saying this because of money or such, I suppose this person is a person who gives a good impression and is serious as an educator or such.

It seems that these are the results from waiting for the interview since early in the morning.


The female teacher's glasses sparkled brightly she looked at me――us.

I wish you would stop fanning my anxiety just when I'm about to pat my chest in relief......

「This is rude and I'm intruding too far but, I'm concerned that her family situation is not good.」

I unintentionally exchanged a glance with kurozukume at the teacher's seemingly archetypal honor student statement.

I suppose the female teacher looked at how we appear to be sitting unnecessarily far apart and imagined our relationship.

......But if we sit close enough that our shoulders could touch it'd feel bad!

「Please don't mind, since this person is a stranger.」


Kurozukume is morosely silent, as I answer pleasantly.

「......Certainly, the wife is too young. I feel that there surely, are various circumstances.」

The the answer led to by that conclusion, is of the sort that this kurozukume is a pervert isn't he?

「......Ano, it seems that teacher is misunderstanding something.」

「I understand! No, even if it isn't said I can guess!」

You definitely don't understand do you?

「Oi, Rin is――」

「It's okay! Goshujin, if you have such a beautiful wife it can not be helped even if you become like a wild beast! Every night, yes, until your wife cries every night......Aah!!」

「You're really a teacher!?」

Give back my past self's sense of relief!

And don't imagine that, it gives me goosebumps!

Stop getting excited with sparkling glasses!

「Eeto ne――」

「I understand! I won't tell anyone!」


「It's okay! It's a secret that will stay here isn't it!」

This person is no good!

「Aah, that Fairy of Silver Lightning actually is forcefully――!」

The teacher set out on a journey.

Without anyone being able to intrude, a phantasmal journey.

As we were already unable to unravel her misunderstanding and continue a calm discussion, we left that place while sighing.

It seems that some time is required, for the teacher to return from the land of delusions.

That was obvious from what I got from the interviewees waiting in vain to go after us.

Yare yare......

Returning from the interview, we went to meet Rin-chan who we had left in the church's care.

Like kurozukume didn't know me, with that sort of air he ignored it when I called to him, he promptly went home, without seeming like he'd meet my face.

How irresponsible.

Should I add a punishment?

............Impossible, he isn't embarrassed is he?


As if she was blowing away my uneasy thoughts, Rin-chan came energetically running over when she recognized me.


Receiving her charge as always, I embraced Rin-chan.

How long can I endure this with the power of her charge increasing day by day, seriously.

「Today you see, Aim brought lots of snacks! They were really tasty! But the one who ate the most was Aim!!」

「Is that so? Fufu.」

She's one step too early for thanksgiving isn't she.

She's Aim Santa for that sort of reason.

「After that, we drew pictures today! I drew deshi and onii-chan you see!」

Saying that, Rin-chan showed me the drawing paper she had been carrying since before.

What was drawn there was a sort of thing with Rin-chan right in the middle with both hands joined with me and kurozukume on either side.

It was a picture overflowing with childish feelings but, the pure black man and the silvery haired woman and the child were smiling while seeming intimate.

「It's well done isn't it! It's really well drawn you know, Rin-chan.」

「Ehehee, I'll give this to deshi okay!」

「Fufu, thank you. I'll treat it carefully, preciously.」


I fawningly stroked Rin-chan's head as she clung to my hips.

Fuu......that helped.

People would also misunderstand this wouldn't they.

I'll preciously safekeep this.

Securely hide it away.

......There's no mistake, that I'm happy though okay?


「Aah, Aim. Good work.」

「Nn, since it's not work having children here.」

As I played around with Rin-chan in front of the church, Aim came out from within.

Short asymmetric blue hair swayed in the wind, the hair ends are lightly grazing her cheeks.

Since my hair is in reverse long that sort of thing doesn't happen much does it.

「Ow ow oww」

......A mischievous child occasionally pulls on it though.

I scolded Rin-chan with a 『Mee!』 and brought my fist down only in form.

Watching Rin-chan adeptly evade that, that, Aim smiled widely.

「Nn, Rin will surely become strong, like master.」

「Eh? Does Rin-chan have an aptitude for battle?」

Even though I don't really want her to do dangerous things.

「Intuition......this is about where I'd like to say that but, there's something I sort of remembered.」

「Something you remembered?」

Wait wait, I patiently endured as Rin-chan pulled on my hand urging me to hurry up and return home.

Pardon me okay I'm talking.

「Nn, the traits of black hair and black eyes are when going even further east from the theocracy east of Sacrament, that small country's traits.」


East iss it.

That somehow brings my homeland to mind.

「The royal family of that country has some sort of special power,'s like I've heard such a thing, and like I haven't.」

「Which could it be......」

「Nn, forget the minor details.」

Maa it's fine though.

Since kurozukume doesn't say anything I haven't looked into it all that much but, more importantly than defeating Libra shouldn't going to see the state of her home town be the first priority?

......Since it seems like something that's not good is there, that child shouldn't be brought along though.

Be that as it may, royal family?

Without intending to I looked at Rin-chan as she went 『Hu~rry~up~』 and pulled on me with her body weight.

Royal family is it.



「Maa, I feel like I want to think about this matter a little.」

「You should do that. Since if you're going to meet, it'd be best if you met.」

「Aim......Un, thank you.」

Even though Aim is this kind, she has an awkward side as well doesn't she.

While making a drowsy expression no different from usual, while averting her gaze her face opened up.

「By the way master, will you be going about the festival tomorrow?」

「Un, that's my intent. Will Aim also come with me?」

「Actually since I have a small performance to do at the church, it's impossible.」

「Is that so? Then maybe I should come to see it on the day.」

「One gold coin.」


Is that the festival price!

「Ah, saying that I've been wanting to ask but......Ah~, etto......with a female person, a male coercively advances on her, do you have an interest in that sort of thing?」

Rin-chan ran off to the park while appearing to have grown tired of waiting.

And so I was asked a mature question.

She's within a visible range so I suppose it's fine.

「? What sort of question is that?」

How about you, Aim's expression said as such.


Could you make me an exception?

「Maa, aren't there a lot of children who like that sort of thing?」

「So it's that sort of thing.」

Does that teacher have maiden ailment?

At the moment a chill runs through me when I imagine just what I and kurozukume have become inside that teacher though.

Eventually that misunderstanding needs to be gently unraveled.

「Nn, by the way master.」


Thinking seriously about what's to come, Aim closed in one step and grabbed my arm.


Ridiculous power!

「Since I'm not all that interested in, males and females.」

「Eh, using that then?」

On that /> On that note, does she want to tell me something?

What is this situation?

Can't move can't move.

There's too much of a power gap.

As I'm restrained and forcibly pulled in by one hand, I became unable to move one step from that place.

Standing straight so as to not fall on my bottom took my full effort.

「How does master, feel about this sort of thing?」

「Feel about――tsu」

Suddenly, Aim closed the distance with me as I was unable to move.

She's already close enough for our breath to intermingle.

With Aim's small stature, it's almost like this is all inverted.

Aim is ordinarily vague, however at this instant her increasingly sharp glare shot through me to a degree such that she could be mistaken for someone else.

It felt like I could be swallowed into those, light green eyes.

The inside of my head turned pure white as I was unable to keep up with the situation, a moment later, my face boiled.

「――Ah, na, nanaa!」

Words that wouldn't become words leaked from my mouth.

Aim is at a distance where it seems like I could touch her vibrant lips just by moving my mouth.

「Nn, should I, plunder everything for you?」


I became unable to collect my thoughts as if a mist had settled in my head.

How to say this, is it called losing your way, it might already be fine to be plundered from......

Having such a thought take over――



When a voice called out from right behind me, my restraint was released in no time at all.

As I literally jumped from surprise, I was astonished that I had entered my own world in this sort of place.

「Nn, later then, master, Rin.」

「Un! Bai bai, Aim!」


There's a sense of deja vu from this scenery as she easily backs down isn't there......

As I was seen off while in a daze, after Aim turned her back to me she turned only her face to me once.

「――Doesn't master also, have those sorts of feelings?」

Leaving an explosive remark, Aim went back to the church.

「Deshi, come~home.」

「Ha, hai.」

Alarm bells are still ringing in my heart.

......But well, Aim.'s not the case that I want to be trampled over by men.

It's because it was Aim.

That is absolutely――――absolute!!

While firming my resolve within myself, I followed the road home along with Rin-chan.

That night, I was walking through town so as to visit a certain tottering person.

Footsteps like those of a revenant advanced down the walkway.

I can't get the attack from this noon out of my head.

What is this, me.

Do I, have that sort of desire?

「......I don't and, there's no way I could either.」

My mind had wandered off somewhere far away.

――That was an error.

The royal capital's exclusive carriage way, facing that place that's a step lower than a normal street, I lost my footing.

In a section that happened not to have a handrail.


It was already too late when I thought that, I can only fall.

But well it's fine I guess.

My magic isn't so weak isn't so weak that I'd be injured from just this much!

It's just fine if I soften the fall's impact the instant I'm struck.

However, bad luck overlaps.

――Things aren't going well.

A carriage came at me at a bad moment.

It's the moment of a traffic accident.


There's no limit to the bother that using enough lightning to jump away from the carriage would cause.

Horse or coachman, even the passengers would be bothered.

Without landing, can I use magnetism to pull my body up?

And, the moment I had that idea――


Someone grabbed me after jumping in from my side and, my body floated up.

As that shadow carried me, using the roof of the carriage as a foothold he leapt to a normal road on the other side of it in one burst.

Alongside a slight impact, that shadow carried me to the walkway.

「Are you okay?」

As I observed silently while letting events unfold as they would, once things had calmed down I looked at the person carrying me.


As if he was about to disperse into the darkness of night, the same black hair black eyes as always, his entire body covered in black.

Just what are you doing, I was glared at with angry seeming sharp eyes that made me imagine that.

......I feel like it's like that.

No, since the look in his eyes is always bad I don't know though......

「Ano......thank you very much.」

Along with that line, I used my full power and――gave kurozukume's cheeks a good punch.

The right hook of me who can't even take down a puppy blasted into him.

「......Why the punch?」

It totally didn't have any effect did it, che!

「No, nothing in particular......」

I felt a little bad so I averted my face.



For now, kurozukume.

Did you come to princess carry an ossan?

The conversation can come after that.

「Please put me down.」


I was obediently released from within his arms.

I took a few steps of distance from kurozukume and turned around and――quickly took a fighting pose.

「......Just what are, you doing.」

I don't understand what you mean, kurozukume made a grimace implying that.

「No, so as to put my heart in order it might be faster to talk this out with our fists, so.」

If for some reason, you won't come then this side is going!?

Kurozukume sighed while watching me pack in my breath.

I want to throw up you know!

「Like always you don't make much sense......but.」

Truly rarely, kurozukume expressed a clearly understandable smile.

「When you're here, it's never boring.」

Saying only that, kurozukume turned his back to me and left.

After that only I was left behind with my fists raised.

No well?

More importantly......where would it be okay to smash, my miserable feelings into?

And so I opened the menu inside the maid cafe and, abruptly gave the maid-san my order.

「Mixed juice, with Eclair's love included.」

「Is it that you come here periodically to disparage Eclair!?」

Today's pure crimson maid-san showed her adorable slight fang and raised a ruckus again today.


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