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Alice Tale In Phantasmagoria - Chapter 135


Chapter 135

Without resisting the temptation of a nap, I was taking a nap on a hammock set in a tree's shadow on the mansion's lawn.

The time of continuous tumult is a thing of the past so, I'm now given days calm enough to make up for that.

And therefore I won't receive a punishment even if I'm honest with myself and indulge in idle rest like Till.



Should I suppose it's been somewhere around almost an hour, since I began indulging in that idle rest?

I suddenly woke up and looked and, a lovely red haired princess-sama has settled in and is clinging to me within the hammock where I should have been sleeping on my own.

The girl is fast asleep to such an extent that her drool is hanging, with a loose face that seems to say there's nothing happier than this.

「Nn~it's no good, it's fine to ridicule me as an incorrigible parent. Lumina-chan, is too angelic......」

Without intending it, I saw what came of holding her lovingly.


Though there was no sign of her waking up, her cheeks reddened and she's groaning like a small animal.


「Ah~you're cute Lumina-chan, you're the world's cutest~」


Truly really......just looking at this smile, makes me want to compliment my self who claimed the future here through victory.

Alice-san, is a super winner isn't she.

「――O~i, Luminaー! Kora Luminaー! Where did you run off toー?」

Is it Rin-chan?

A voice came from the direction of the plaza we're using as a training area and, Lumina-chan twitches! And her body trembled.

Her trembling is already extravagant, however cold it is you won't become like this you know, it's at that sort of level.

Somehow it seems she woke up.


I try gazing into her face as she pushes her forehead into me and, she was crying in refusal with her watery eyes. was her practice time then.

Lumina's face became pale before my eyes, she put her hands together as if praying for the end and closed her eyes tightly.

It seems she really doesn't want to.

Well since there's no compromise in Rin-chan's training is there~.

In my household's stoic rankings Rin-chan surpasses oneechan to take number one doesn't she, at present.

Ah~, it's worrisome issn't it.

Should I resolve this by pampering my child to protect her or, should I resolve this by thrusting her away under the auspices of love......

「O~i, Lumina~! It'll be harsh after this if you don't come out you know~? It'll be 100 laps around the premises without magic you know~?」

100 laps without magic......I also would not want to do that.

The red haired princess-sama was shaking, enough to make me wonder that people can tremble this much within my arms.

Ah~, this is resounding in my chest......physically as well.

Looking at my child with such an appearance, I don't have the strong heart to drop her into the valley even so do I.

「It can't be helped, you pampered child~」

After I poked her nosetip and fiddled with it, I held Lumina-chan and nimbly jumped down from the hammock.

Holding my child who's clinging to me like a magnet, I walk toward the direction that Rin-chan's voice is coming from.


The Rin-chan wandering about near the garden noticed us.

Relative to her long and slender limbs the matured Rin-chan, has a short figure with below average unevenness.

As that displayed her black hair black eyed Ashitaka kingdom's special traits well, to the contrary that went well with her favoured short length skirt kimono that was also a local specialty of that kingdom.

To say it simply, she's become a peculiar and extremely beautiful girl-san.

「Ah, deshi――and Lumina!」

Lumina-chan made an especially large shudder.

「Fufu, it's alright. Please leave this to Kaーsama, Lumina-chan.」

I reassure my child with a small voice, such that the Rin-chan running toward us won't hear.

With Lumina-chan reassured, she looks at me with a bashful smile.




「Ah, aah, hai.」

At some point Rin-chan came before my eyes and looked up with seeming curiosity.

Sorry, I tripped.

On my child's cuteness.

「Kohon......pardon us okay, it seems Lumina-chan's bodily condition is a little poor. There'll be no practice today. I'll request that the penalty perimeter laps are also off okay, teach?」

「Her, bodily condition is poor?」

Rin-chan is glaring stea~dily at, the side of Lumina-chan's face as she hides her face by clinging to my breast with her full power.

Rin-chan goes fuumu and nods, without expressing a particularly fed up face or disappointed face.

「Un, ma, if it's that sort of thing. Lumina is in her growth period after all. Since training is important but, resting leisurely is also important.」

As expected of Rin-chan, I tried delivering a wink and, an adorable wink came back.

In truth I'm not good with the method of giving the burden called an extra push, when I think the other side is having trouble.

Looking at my partner who's doing her best in her own way, just that causes my chest to tighten and makes me want to give her head a stroking.

I'm alright with being worked hard myself though aren't I~.

In that sense, there were often times where Till wrung me out like an old rag.

It could also be said that this present exists because of that.

「Then today, deshi will train me okay!」

「Rin-chan is already plenty strong isn't she.」

「But since I'm still nowhere close to being able to be deshi's opponent.」

「Since I still have no intention of dropping the sign of the strongest do I.」

「Un unn, there still hasn't been a time, when I've seen deshi be defeated you know.」

Rin-chan is looking at me with sparkling eyes like she's looking at an idol or the like.

It's embarrassing issn't it.

「Fufu, in truth the act of not losing is also one part of the secret of strength you know?」

「That's weird! You don't lose because you're strong right?」

「Maa, there are various aspects to that you know.」

It's because of that sort of pledge.

Perhaps she thought I was playing with words but, Rin-chan puffed her cheeks.

「Fufu, it's not particularly the case that Rin-chan wants to be the strongest magician right? Don't mind it don't mind it.」

「Ma~that's so but well. My parental affection makes me feel I want Lumina to follow after deshi you see.」

Parental affection right in front of her parent's eyes is well.

Please be her ane.

「But since Lumina is plenty prodigious even now, ehen.」


「It's because of that that there are a lot of occasions where I feel it's a waste though issn't it.」

I end up smiling.

I understand what you want to say you know.

From my perspective, I end up feeling that it's plenty if Lumina-chan is just smiling healthily.

Forgive me okay, Rin-chan.

「Fufu, thank you. For today, shall we go stretch our wings?」

「Un, then let's go with Shion to explore ruins.」

「Was today a day for an adventure then, Rin-chan, go ask oneechan okay.」

「Leave it to me!」

Rin-chan ran off, with good energy as always.

Ya~, she's already become splendid.

It fills me with emotion as her substitute parent.

Since the current Rin-chan is rather strong isn't she, in both both mind and body.

If I took her tackle now......I have confidence that I'd lose consciousness!


And so, I was walking to the royal capital while holding hands with Lumina-chan.

It's a strange tale but, if I'm not alone but together with Lumina-chan then the general public-sans looks on warmly and lets me be you know.

While there are time where I'm gazed at pleasantly, they don't go out of their way to stop and call out to me.

「Kaーsama, these clothes are cute!」or,「Kaーsama, I want sweets!」or,「Kaーsama, ride!」or such, it is the case that I'm continuously answering all of those demands though.

No, but that's......

「It's decided that that's no good right!」

「I'm sorry......」

After going around town like usual, I received a scolding around when I entered the coffee shop Eclair is managing.

Unlike when I was young (I'm plenty young even now though), it's a coffee shop with a calm feeling unlike with the maid-sans.

Sitting down on the sofa in the owner's room and getting some water, it was around then but......

She entered a lecture when I finished reporting on the day!

「You pamper Lumina too much!」

「No but......」

「Nihehe~, I love Kaーsama.」

Since I'm weak to this smile you can't be helped you know......

「Ah~mouu! Please get over here Lumina!」


With the nape of her neck grabbed, Lumina-chan is lifted up like a cat by Eclair.

Eclair faced Lumina-chan with star~ing eyes and, the person in question was repeatedly brushing her beloved mama's face.

Innocent innocent.

「I'm not particularly finding fault with today's events but well......」

Lowering Lumina-chan onto the floor as she comes brushing against her face, she nonchalantly corrects her disrupted hair.

Motherly isn't she~, Eclair.

「......But you see, Lumina? Today Silvi is spending the day, doing her best with a loaded schedule again you know? Because something like talent is, ephemeral when confronted with effort, please keep that in mind.」

With a slight warning like that, Lumina-chan's eyes sparkled.

「Neーsama is incredible! But Lumina is still the world's most incredible~」

Without hiding anything this child, really loves her neーsama.

And she loves herself.

No it's an incredible thing you know, this positivity.

It's not something that just anyone has you know?

「Un un Silvi is incredible and, Lumina-chan is also incredible.」

「It makes my head hurt so, you be quiet for a bit......」

Eclair seems to be difficult today as well isn't she~.

「Yo~ssh, then watch me mama! Since Lumina will show the results of her training after this!」

That was exactly a restless child who wants to be praised so, as expected I and Eclair exchanged glances and broke into smiles.

「It's fine though? What might you be showing us.」

Lumina-chan showed her spirit, causing her goth lolita skirt with wavy frills to flutter.

「Here I go~, demon eye, release!」


I and Eclair as well, were taken aback.

I knew about the matter of this child having a demon eye.

I also knew the fact that she could sufficiently manage that.

Both of us had admired that as being quite the impressive feat.

But, there hasn't been a time I've seen the scene of her『utilizing it』.

Or rather, she can use it!?

The two of us stared at our beloved daughter's eye.

From her amber eye that's just like mine, just her right eye changed to a silver color.

「Wai!? Are you alright!!」

The Eclair who was also the holder of a demon eye that caused her all sorts of trouble turned pale.

I suppose she certainly didn't expect that she'd be shown a demon eye as the results of her training.

The things /> The things children do, are always beyond their parent's expectations arren't they......

「I'm fine I'm fine, no problem~, mama!」

「No, problem......?」

Eclair-san, shudders.

Ah~, un, Eclair.

Probably, this child piled up effort and the like and such......she's not a prodigy of this sort of level you know.

She's the real thing......

Like something will be born from zero, that sort of person.

「Nnya~, etto~...... Kaーsama, 『stroke my head!』then!」


While I was admiring her, I'm called out by Lumina-chan with such a voice.

And furthermore just as I was told, with no regard for my will, my body stood up from the sofa on its own.

I approach Lumina-chan while staggering like a drunkard and――

「Stroke stroke.」



「Do~oh, mama!?」

「What is this!?」

Eclair-san, becomes indignant.

「Eh~Lumina, you used your demon eye right?」

Lumina-chan inflated her cheeks while going buuu.

Holding that Lumina-chan from behind, I also sent a cheer with「That's right that's right」but, there was a presence like I'd be skewered with just the look in her eye so I closed my mouth.

「It's too much of an overly normal scene so, you really can't tell that something is happening you know.」


No well......if I'm told that Lumina-chan wants her head stroked, I would definitely give her a stroking even if I had to go to the other side of the world but, even so there was something strange just now wasn't there......

「Then then, I'll do it one more time?」

「By one more time, so just what are you trying to do, you......」

「Eh~, because, it's Lumina's demon eye isn't it? When she makes a request, you listen to whatever it is she asks for you know?」

Once more, my face meets its gaze with Eclair's.

Makes you listen to the things she says......?

「Eclair, did you know?」

「......There might have been a time when I heard of it......the demon eye of kotodama......was it that?」

Eclair made a pensive face, as she tilted her head implying that it was a little lacking in credibility.

「Mo~I understand! Then I'll test it on mama as well for you okay!」

「Eh, eei. It's fine right?」

Perhaps she really is more cautious of the demon eye than me, Eclair nodded with a pensive face.

So that she could stop it at any time if something happens, her presence is shifting into a combat posture.

「Nn to ne~――it's『Kaーsama and mama do a kiss!』!」



And so my body unilaterally――Tte!!

「Wai――! This, really......! My body is」

Eclair stood up from the sofa and, came toward my direction.

With my body not listening to the things I say I also, spread both my arms and have come to give a welcome sense.

――No no no noo!

「Wai, wait Eclair! Such a thing, and in front of Lumina-chan――!」

「I understand that sort of thing okay! I understand but――my body isn't listening to what it's told you know!」

The distance between us shortens, as we squeal.

Before a gaze with pent up heat from my beloved daughter's expectations――my face became heated due to that sort of confusing situation.

Thi, this is――prodigy is it!

Lumina-chan, really is a prodigy then!

Eei, I am also a man!!


「What whatt?」

With Lumina-chan making a sparkling face, I express a nihilistic smile like a dandy actor (probably) and whispered.

「――Kaーsama, really really rea~lly loves both Eclair and Lumina-chan you know!!」

Having firmed my resolve I used both hands and fully grasped the cheeks of the Eclair that had turned pure red in front of my eyes.

「Waii――! Nmuu~~~~~~u!??」

I delivered an impact with a relatively hot sensation, to the Eclair with bewildered Eclair with bewildered eyes.

「Waa~~~~! Nihehe!」

And, this is in front of my child who's enraptured while raising a cheer you know.

Seriously......a parent never knows her child's heart.

I underestimated you, my child.

I thought deeply and――

「~~~~Isn't this too long!?」

And, I received a harsh coal raking from my beloved other wing to hide her embarrassment.



「......So, what are you doing, Alice?」

The night of the full moon where the two moons seem to shine.

As I sat while covered in a blanket above the mansion's roof, Till came to sit next to me while raising a jug in one hand.

Furthermore, she has eyes like she's looking at garbage.

「Etto......I was chased out.」

「You never change do you.」

She's fed up isn't she? Isn't that so?

「Kufu, then would you accompany me for a cup? It's a good opportunity. Is not moon viewing sake a rare event.」

「O-sake is it~, for some reason Ilya tells me not to drink and stops me doesn't she.」

「Are you a child......」

I really can't see you growing at all, shishou became narrow eyed with that sort of look.

Damn it, my evaluation is lower than Lumina-chan like this!

「Mumu......then just a there a glass?」


I frenetically catch, the glass she casually tossed over.

Callous, unforgiving, devil.

「――Oww! Why the chop?」

「I simply obeyed my heart.」

......Is she an esper.

I rub my head with teary eyes and, Till pours sake into the glass I'm holding in my other hand.


While I was panicking, Till ended up pouring her own portion herself.

「Mo~, please let me pour that much.」

「Kufu, you're 100 years too early.」

As she stated that, Till tilted her glass a little.

Without doing anything, while gazing at the moon.

「I didn't know. Has Till been drinking sake outside after dinner like this?」

「It's not every time but, I come to want to tip a glass when the night sky is sublime like this.」

I also hold my glass with both hands and, timidly bring it to my mouth.

「~~! This really stimulates the nose!」

「Kufufu, since it has a dry taste doesn't it?」

Laughing merrily, Till tips her glass.

Her glass becomes empty in moments and, this time she has me pour for her.

It seems 100 years passed.


Some~how, that Till seems to be in high spirits.

「Did something happen?」

Is it the power of sake?

「No, it's nothing at all.」

「Is that so......」

While saying that, Till silently tilts her glass with an unusually calm face.

As I didn't particularly have something to talk about either, we emptied our sake while watching the moon.

My head spun and, when I couldn't understand my sense of time, the me who was wrapped in a blanket was laying sideways with her head entrusted to Till's lap before I noticed it.

「Ah......Till......I'm sorry......munya.」

「It's fine. It's fine to sleep.」


「Since I'm not sleeping tonight, don't mind it. Since I'll sleep to my heart's content through tomorrow morning.」

「As, be careful......nnya......」

「Kufu, as always, a person with an annoying mouth.」

She strokes my head, while laughing. feels good.

I kinda understand Lumina's feeling of wanting her head stroked......

When a beloved person does this for you, it's exceptional you know......

「I must say my thanks, Alice......」

As Till expresses her gratitude to me within my trance, 1 day within a peaceful daily life, came to a close in this manner.

Till's body heat is pleasant and warms even my heart and, the moon's light came to envelop us phantasmagorically――


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