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Albert Ke No Reijou Wa Botsuraku Wo Go Shomou Desu - Chapter 9.3


Chapter 9-3

By plan, the one who'd disturb their date was a lady on a shopping spree, Mary.

She bought several luxurious dresses and piled those packages for Addie to hold;moreover she's the type to say 'I'll buy all the new editions.'

This was to show her overflowing wealth and to mock Alicia who must work hard to buy a single piece of cloth.

The incident occurred just after the condemnation event so players, who essentially thought that she'd tone down her caprices, had their resentment point ran through the roof.

’’Long story short, Ojou is going to make me carry numerous boxes like in the game, right?’’

’’Precisely, the more boxes are there, the more impactful it'll be.’’

’’I wonder...............’’

It's not a laughing matter for him to be the quarry who ought to lug those boxes as Addie sighed deeply;nevertheless Mary was quick to enter the next store.

Addie in the date events toted a considerable amount of packages behind Mary.

Obviously all of those were Mary's spending loots, their quantity was so many that they hindered his strides and in direct proportion expressed how whimsically egotistical she was.

Although, seeing the big picture of the event, Mary's deeds did have a significant influence nevertheless the depiction of Addie hauling those packages was merely illustrated in a single image.

But that image did hit the nail in expressing Mary's egocentricity as a lady. While Addie was bestowed with the responsibility of towering boxes, Mary hands were completely unoccupied and she overlooked his predicament whilst keeping her persona as a noble lady.

Furthermore, the massive packages were indirect insults of showing Alicia's standing as a commoner.

Therefore, I need to purchase a lot to produce that soaring boxes! Or so she assumed.

’’That's my intention...........’’

As Mary took a sip on her tea, Addie gave a nod.

They're still at the town's central area, inside a café.

They were lead to a seat on the terrace since it's a sunny day, having a taste of the manager's recommended seasonal tea and enjoying an elegant tea time..........or not, it's supposed to be a serious strategy meeting.

After all before two hours passed following her window-shopping activities, they hit upon a wall. It's an insurmountable wall that Mary had no leeway to enjoy tea. The said problem was.............

’’What a pickle, I have nothing to spend on.......’’

By her opinion, it's a grim concern.

Incidentally, there were three small boxes near Addie who was listening on her monologue while ordering another serving of tea.

Apparently the fruits of two hours shopping numbered up to a sum of meager quantities. Forget about the towering boxes, all of them could be carried in one hand.

Nonetheless it's quite farfetched describing Mary as someone with less greed. Her wishes were aplenty as girls her ages typically and as Albert's lady she did squander substantial gold on things.

Albeit a fraction of the products she's acquired couldn't be equated to ladies' necessities............well, this subject could be put aside for now -

Still and all, Mary was indeed a lady of Albert House. Wherever she craved for something, it'd be prepared for her in a matter of hours;she grew in that kind of sheltered environment.

Likewise, all her dresses and shoes were haute couture. Zilch chances that ordinary apparels sold in town could possibly catch her eyes.

Raised surrounded with first-class brands, each of her possessions was especially created for Albert's lady, of course none goods displayed in the shopping district would fascinate her.

Notwithstanding Mary right now was riddled with problems thanks to the way she's been fostered and leaked a small sigh.

She gave a slight peek to those boxes.

’’But I did buy three haven't I done my best?’’

’’Ojou, you're losing more of your motivation. And it's not three in total, two of them, which were wrapped beautifully, are somewhat pricey goods but the other one belong to me.’’

Adie cut mercilessly as he drank his freshly brewed tea.

His simple nod marked his liking to the taste;he called a nearby clerk to wrap another tea for pick up. Adding a little note to make sure they're put inside a box.

’’Now four we got,’’ He tried to convey to Mary yet a little tea-box would make no difference. None of their purchase items were big enough to be piled on. Showing her monetary strength was a pipe dream in this case.

’’But, I feel no urge to buy anything.........oh maybe a write the entire history of discourteousness of a certain person and surely a hefty amount of ink as well.’’

’’T-that's out of the idea Ojou, a pen would only produce a tiny box........’’


His slippery tongue elusively diverted the topic but trailed on as he realized something.

Noticing his blunder Mary scrutinized him. He masquerade a serious face that was at odd to his usual self.

’’Addie, don't tell me you seriously...........’’

’’Ojou, it's a box!’’


Addie blurted something incomprehensible;Mary gaped at him while worrying about another problem altogether.

She's assumed that at length the loutish servant was able to twig how close his dismissal notice is in decapitating his neck ten long years a piece of paper was dreading in -and he started to worry about his life now, however it's a huge misunderstanding on her part.

The notion brought Mary a relief and she dabbled on the idea of breaking the wicked news to him for later, hence indefinitely shelving it further;’’What do you suppose by a box?’’ she proceeded while eyeing him.

Addie, oblivious to her gaze, adjoined, ’’Listen,’’

His posture was analogous to Mary's when she's explaining ’’Dora-gaku’’ related materials but none could point this out.

’’For one thing Ojou was too preoccupied about the inside of the package.’’

’’Well, even it's to parade my influence;I won't allow a misspending on futility.’’

’’Our shopping didn't make a progress precisely, therefore I've a proposal. If contemplating about things to buy is an obstacle.........’’

’’What then?’’

Mary's gaze was urging him to continue, Addie smiled satisfyingly in return ......

’’If there's nothing to buy, buying the box only will be our solution!’’

He complacently declared.

Few hours later

Mary, the quintessence of a well-heeled lady, was waiting for the arrival of Alicia and Patrick as she stood in the center of the plaza.

Behind her, Addie carried several towering boxes piled upon each other.

Naturally these two garnered the attention of all souls presented in the area, some of them sent envious gaze toward the boxes in Addie's hands.

Everyone thought that Mary has splurged extravagantly. As Albert's lady she had personal servant that tended to her when she visited the town, normal aristocrat ladies probably had the same sentiment but there's no way for commoner girls to not show any jealousy.

Whereas the truth was cloaked deftly from the spectators' eyes, the boxes were mostly hollow vessels.

’’Addie, we've finally finished the preparation. Now everybody will think that we're a lady who has splurged a lot accompanied by her attendance.’’

’’Yes, although the shop clerk's cold stares as we bought the boxes only probably will forever be etched in my mind.’’

’’It's fine;we bought it so we're customers all the same. After all, these boxes may possibly find their uses later.’’

’’Well, they're certainly are useful.’’

’’I'll share some but you ought to use them for those mountains of obscure properties in your room.’’

’’I've tidied them out! Spic and span!! Don't put weird names on them please!’’

It can jeopardize me! Addie lamented and Mary devilishly tittered in return......then her smile deepened as she caught familiar faces.

’’Now let us commence the final report.’’

Mary muttered. Startled by it, Addie looked confuse for a moment before he scanned the whole area.

A harmonious couple was there, obviously they were Alicia and Patrick.


This comedy duo marvelously wrecked my stomach! (੭ु ´͈꒳​`͈)੭ु⁾⁾


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