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Age Of Adepts - Chapter 463


Chapter 463: 463

Chapter 463 Mutual Benefit

A problematic negotiation began with this abundance of resources.

A stable success rate was the most important consideration for a qualified esoteric adept.

After a period of consideration, Greem reported his success rate to Adept Fügen as 17% for Second Grade elementium cores, and 36% for First Grade elementium cores.

Due to unavoidable energy loss, all elementium golems and their cores would devalue by a certain degree during the crafting process. For example, it was already decent that Second Grade elementium cores could end up as First Grade peak-level after passing through Greem's hands.

Greem himself hadn't even reached Second Grade. He had no concept or idea of the real power of a Second Grade adept. Apart from knowing that any attack from a Second Grade adept could reach a terrifying number of two hundred points, Greem knew nothing about them.

That was why he couldn't possibly go beyond his grade and forge a true Second Grade golem, regardless of how talented he was!

Of course, Adept Fügen couldn't possibly be so trusting of the base success rate that Greem gave him. However, he still had basic knowledge about the professions of golem masters and puppet masters. An ordinary esoteric adept's success rate when crafting a First Grade elementium golem was roughly around 42%;that wasn't much higher compared to Greem. Not to mention that Greem's golems were all modified and improved golems. They took up less Spirit, consumed less magical power, and were more powerful!

With these merits in mind, it was understandable for Greem's success rate to be slightly lower than ordinary esoteric adepts.

Since Greem dared to present a 36% success rate for First Grade elementium cores, he had undoubtedly fiddled with the numbers a little. Still, with the baseline 42% of an ordinary esoteric adept, it wasn't too unbelievable an amount, even if he was lowering it by a little.

In truth, Adept Fügen had already mentally prepared to haggle for lower prices, even before talking to Greem. Right now, to Fügen's surprise, the success rate that Greem reported was still above his mental baseline. That undoubtedly caused Adept Fügen to be extremely satisfied at Greem's obedience.

As for Greem's claim that he was unable to craft Second Grade magical golems, Adept Fügen chose to believe it.

After all, even the Wind Dragon golem that Greem had crafted for himself had only reached First Grade peak-level, despite using a Second Grade dragon crystal. The golem's most potent attack had also barely reached a hundred and fifty-five points. That was even inferior to the Infernal Tyrant.

Of course, this had to do with the two golems' assigned positions on the battlefield.

The Infernal Tyrant had been planned as a mighty flame cannon at its inception. Add that to the fact that fire spells were known for their offensive power, and the Tyrant's most potent attacks could reach around one hundred and seventy-five points. The Wind Dragon possessed high-speed mobility, and wind spells were also known for being light and fast. Consequently, the Wind Dragon's best attack only reached a measly hundred and fifty-five points.

After figuring out each other's baseline, Fügen and Greem finally started to argue over the exchange rate of the golem crafting.

According to Adept Fügen, Greem would have to provide an elementium golem with at least First Grade elite-level strength for every three Second Grade elementium cores and supporting materials that the clan provided him with. The clan would purchase these elementium golems at a price of twenty thousand magical crystals per golem.

On the other hand, Greem leaned towards being paid with Second Grade elementium cores. He wanted the clan to provide him with four Second Grade elementium cores in exchange for not taking any payment for the elementium golems.

Both parties were unwilling to back down on this issue. After all, it concerned Second Grade elementium cores. Every single Second Grade elementium core had a base price of over fifty thousand magical crystals here on the Continent of Adepts. Moreover, they often couldn't be found on the market. Collecting these cores was troublesome.

Even the Sarubo Clan could only take out so many Second Grade elementium cores, thanks to the two lesser planes that they had been running for a long time. A small clan might not even be able to come up with more than ten Second Grade elementium cores.

After some serious haggling, both parties finally reached an initial consensus. For For every seven Second Grade elementium cores that the Sarubo Clan provided Greem with, Greem would have to produce two elite-level golems;the clan would not pay a separate fee for the golems.

They would set the time allowed for the crafting process at one year!

However, Greem had also mentioned that he needed to return to Fire Throne for this job. After all, that was his territory. The underground lava sea that helped his cultivation and energy regeneration was also there.

Adept Fügen reluctantly agreed to this condition after consulting Lady Sanazar.

However, Adept Fügen also attached a condition to it. Greem was not to leave Fire Throne without reason. If there were a need to go out, Greem would have to ask Adept Fügen for permission and be escorted by him.

This measure was actually for Greem's safety!

After all, an esoteric adept of such strategic significance to a clan was very likely to fall into the trap of a rival clan if they went out. If Greem didn't want to die mysteriously, his best choice was to be a hermit and stay in his tower.

As for his title as the Flame Demon? That counted for nothing in the eyes of enemy Second Grade adepts.

Furthermore, Adept Fügen also agreed to send Meryl over to Fire Throne to further reinforce the tower. It was synonymous with tacitly allowing Greem to build a faction of his own.

This kind of privilege was usually only reserved for Second Grade adepts in an ordinary clan.

The fact that Greem could start a faction of his own while being at First Grade was more than enough proof the Sarubo Clan's sincerity!

Greem had his own suspicions about why the Sarubo elders were so easygoing about this matter now. It was highly likely to be an open conspiracy of theirs.

Greem had always walked on the path of a fire adept, trying his best as a combat adept.

Yet, there was a turn of events over the past few days. Greem had demonstrated tremendous potential as an esoteric adept. That aligned just right with the intentions of the Sarubo higher-ups.

Crafting two elementium golems for the clan in one year. Greem would spend would spend most of his time during this one year on the treatment of the elementium cores and the crafting of the elementium golems. It would be a massive profit for him. If he were fortunate enough, he would even obtain an extra Second Grade elementium core. However, in exchange for this wealth, he would have to pay the price of his power stagnating for prolonged periods of time.

That was torturous for a person whose ambition was to become a combat adept!

At the moment, the benefit given to Greem was just far too substantial. That was why he would passionately cast himself into the grueling grind of golem crafting. After three to five years of this tedious labor, and he would find his past ambition and passion worn away, despite obtaining plenty of resources and magical crystals.

The Sarubo Clan had a large enough resource reserve to rely on this method and chain Greem to his lab. If three to five years weren't enough, then they would make it thirty to fifty years. On the one hand, the clan would be able to convert inactive resources into active combat power. On the other, they would be able to wear away Greem's drive.

Thus, the Sarubo Clan changed their strategy of suppression after discovering Greem's talent. Instead, they became much more acquiescent and protective of him.

Greem couldn't care less about the clan's schemes and conspiracy.

With the help of the Chip, the speed and success rate at which he crafted golems was unimaginable to outsiders. That was why their idea of chaining him to the lab with this deal was an utterly mistaken one!

That instead gave him the time and opportunity to temper his Spirit legitimately.

Adept Fügen glanced at Greem with a complicated light in his eyes when they parted ways. He gave advice with certain hidden implications, "I saw something strange on the body of your subordinate apprentice. You should be more careful. Don't be deceived by a certain brat's superficial obedience."

Greem was slightly shocked. He now knew that the change to Billis hadn't managed to escape Adept Fügen's senses. He could only nod and acknowledge the advice.

Once the negotiations with the clan were complete, they signed a magical signed a magical contract that lasted for as long as twenty years. It was only then that Greem used Feidnan City's teleportation array to return to Fire Throne. Meryl and Billis returned with him in this manner. Sabrina and the other apprentices, on the other hand, would have to go back by themselves.

The base price of a single person using the long-ranged teleportation array was two thousand magical crystals. Three people together would be six thousand. If it weren't because the clan chose to exempt them from the fee, Greem would not have been willing to spend this much money to save four days journey.

In truth, it wasn't that Adept Fügen had become more generous this time. Instead, it was because he couldn't accept the possible risks that Greem would have to take on an ordinary trip back.

Apart from being a powerful combat adept, Flame Demon Greem was also an exceptional golem crafter. Such rumors had already spread throughout the central area of the continent. Letting Greem go back to Fire Throne on his own under such circumstances was an unforgivably dangerous act!

To prevent anything from happening on the way, Fügen could only consent to exempt Greem's teleportation fee!


The brilliant light from the teleportation array faded away.

Greem shook his dizzy head. When his vision finally settled down, he saw Gargamel holding a staff in one hand, a scroll in the other, and biting a potion vial between his teeth.

Greem hadn't informed Gargamel before his return. Moreover, he had used the teleportation array within Fire Throne. That was why Gargamel immediately hurried to the array after sensing the commotion in the teleportation room. He brought Eva along with him.

The frail and skinny Gargamel, with his sharp features, opened his round mousy eyes wide as he carefully evaluated the three individuals that had teleported into the tower. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw Greem's familiar silhouette. He quickly put away his equipment and called over the forest spirit that had been hiding in the shadows. Both of them greeted their master.

In all honesty, Gargamel might not have been much in terms of power, but as a butler, he did an excellent job.


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